League of Legends Fans Part 13
This might be the last one.
SONG: The Powerpuff Girls | Theme Song | Cartoon Network
CLIPS USED (In no particular order)

  • Hristo Parashkevov
    Hristo Parashkevov

    Kayn mains after getting assasin vs 4 tanks

  • Sf17 -
    Sf17 -

    If my jungler at least gives an emote I accept that as thanks because I do the same and kiting takes two hands depending on champ. Edit: typo

  • Luka Kpo
    Luka Kpo

    first one hits different

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly

    Yea thresh has a spicy hitbox on his q, but compare that to naut, blitz or Morg and your argument starts to crumble.

  • Soul 303 ツ
    Soul 303 ツ

    yep thats me, in the end xd

  • SwiftEye

    Rengar Mains leaping on a ward instead of 0/12 enemy adc

  • Kohaku Alchemist
    Kohaku Alchemist

    Day 2 waiting for katarina mains

  • Amato Yoichi
    Amato Yoichi

    Can you like make other kind of content. The meme dead already

  • Jeph Kaplan
    Jeph Kaplan

    Irelia mains when they hit their powerspike: *announcer saying minions have spawned*

  • Ace

    yasuo mains when their q r "combo" doesnt fully oneshot

  • shinigami

    Xearth mains when they miss every or when they hit everything

  • Κυριάκος Βερτζαγιας
    Κυριάκος Βερτζαγιας

    Anybody else which can't read this fucking fast the video and the memes are nice but I have to pause and then the music stops it ruins everything plz make it slower or give more time to read

  • changeuphitter5678

    This man is really just trying to manifest positive change in the league of legends community with the last caption in every video, i salute you

    • Jeph Kaplan
      Jeph Kaplan

      Meanwhile ppl in the comments are arguing over how thresh "is not broken" lol

  • The_Great_Rasputin

    Taric mains when they go top and beat the shit out of Irelia.

  • Lord Of Theories
    Lord Of Theories

    Galio Mains ulting on the fed allied irelia facing the 0/10 botlane

  • Shawn Osit
    Shawn Osit

    Cho gath mains explaining why his ult and nunu's Q with smite is actually legal and unbannable

  • UnheardOregon

    Warwick mains enjoying their 167% AD scaling ult that heals for 100% of damage dealt and applies on-hit and on-attack effects 3 times at 100% effectiveness and the fact they heal for up to 250% more with how much lower they are, knowing nobody other than this one person actually checks the wiki, so they can’t accuse him of being broken.

  • F B I
    F B I

    Irelia mains after using q on a minion and it doesnt die

  • Halim Yolcu
    Halim Yolcu

    Can you do sylas and talon 😂

  • Not Potato
    Not Potato

    Heimer mains when the new Diary of a wimpy kid comes out:

  • GarRusLan Gaming
    GarRusLan Gaming

    Darius when he gets 5 stacks in a teamfight

  • Ariel Acevedo
    Ariel Acevedo

    Who is the man at the end of each video? He looks very strange

  • Jasper Hahn
    Jasper Hahn

    ADC's on their way to feed the enemy lane while their support is roaming

  • Make Out Hill
    Make Out Hill

    Sett mains when they press a button

  • Steven Emil
    Steven Emil

    Add : when morde save a temmate by his r to save him

  • Nightbot

    Twisted Fate mains explaining why enemy Yasuo roamed more than them

  • actuallyScrap

    Tahm mains after finally getting a rework

  • Steven Emil
    Steven Emil

    Plz bro back to champions exe 🥲

  • FrenZy

    0:14 it isn't tho ur just bad

  • Sebastian G
    Sebastian G

    Fiora mains explaining why their champion is skilled after they deal 105% hp true damage.

  • Bartosz Pastuszak
    Bartosz Pastuszak

    Thresh talking about his hook hitbox, me an nautillus main: *laughs in anchor*

    • Jeph Kaplan
      Jeph Kaplan

      Fun fact both of their hitboxes are bigger than the map so its impossible to say which one is bigger

  • Martin Szopieray
    Martin Szopieray

    Dude true aatrox mains never wanted the revive back. They either want a revert or a nerf to antiheal

  • RussMig

    0:20 as a kled main since season 9 i can confirm

  • InstantMax

    Zilean mains when they finally see a fan art showing up in LoL home page.

  • Lord Popo
    Lord Popo

    I'm not a Voli main but man was I sad when they removed his ushanka

  • Professor Y'shtola
    Professor Y'shtola

    Yay! I am one of those junglers that always thanks others who gives me a leash and now I can feel really good about it!

  • Decent Cap
    Decent Cap

    Still no viktor

  • AGreekFreak

    talon mains when they arent the onces getting first blood

  • Horologium

    Leona mains when they can't be under the turret for more than 10 minutes

  • Staubsauger

    do something with xayah

  • AssassinsCAT

    *nautilus mains explaining why their hitbox isnt broken

  • Horrendous

    Players who actually listens to their jungler : Chad

  • Lynch

    0:22 I totally enjoy this game wdym

  • Tvrdej Voříšek
    Tvrdej Voříšek

    Me after watching the end : unlimited power

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander Martinez

    Lol players when they say gg after losing a match

  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos

    Junglers who prefers their lane to win rather than being up cs

  • rxtrospxct

    I'm new to league and aatrox so I didnt even know a self heal was a thing


    Red kayn low hp ulting the enemy's tank

  • yourIjika

    master yi mains when they press 1 button and get a penta

    • Jeph Kaplan
      Jeph Kaplan

      "Mechanically difficult champion"

  • Koray Beyy
    Koray Beyy

    Zyra mains when they see a flower in their garden.

  • j'ai pas d'idée donc
    j'ai pas d'idée donc

    The last 2 were accurate af

  • User Lost
    User Lost

    Darius Support is Broken

  • Ban ana
    Ban ana

    Tryndamere mains when they get cc'd for the rest of their ult

  • tristan

    I dream of a day when I could finally met a fellow kled main

  • Мехти Иманов
    Мехти Иманов

    As Kled main I understand this(

  • Alio 26
    Alio 26

    katarina mains when they fail ignite to kill

  • AddictedRyn

    One more ? (:

  • LunarSkyWolf7

    I love how the last part of this meme is almost always wholesome.

  • mr bruh
    mr bruh

    ivern players when bot tries to leash them

  • Patirnuss

    Jungle mains who get outjungled and say gg i got jungle diffed

  • Hristo0129 Playz
    Hristo0129 Playz

    heimer players when they pull their pants down hmm its smaller than the diagram

  • zileeen

    where zilean

  • Totally useless Guy
    Totally useless Guy

    As an aatrox main i can conflict

  • Cannon Minion gaming
    Cannon Minion gaming

    Vladimir players when they can’t W out the situation

  • InFecta

    What aatrox mains ask for his revive back lol ?

  • SCP 049
    SCP 049

    As a Kled player, nothing pisses me off more than losing Skaarl's life after remounting.

  • Augusto B.S
    Augusto B.S

    Zed mains when all of enemy's team buy zhonyas

  • MGT Letsplay
    MGT Letsplay

    Tahm Kench Mains after Swallowing The Red buff to steal

  • uni #EMT
    uni #EMT

    adc mains when their support roams so you have to 2v1

  • bts member
    bts member

    As a thresh main I can say the hitbox isnt broken

  • sanay K
    sanay K

    shen mains after ulting on a team mate but then that guy dies before the ult gets completed: screaming tyler1

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    0:25 top laners when they get all the minions on the first wave

  • mocabe gamer
    mocabe gamer

    00:22 I'm gonna be this guy very soon! ^_^ There is just too much AFK and unfair matching in this game, that I worry more about my allies than my enemies. When you do win, it was at the cost of so much ranting, cursing and flaming leaving you feeling guilty and empty afterwards. This game is not worth my time.

  • mark 102
    mark 102

    Fizz mains when they miss their Ult

  • Loaded Glock
    Loaded Glock

    Yes accurate as ever Kled main.

  • spaghet

    Shyvana mains when there’s a fight but their r is down

    • Ka Phity
      Ka Phity

      I dont think „flashing away“ could be called a fight ;)

  • Jayron

    As a Jungle Main I Can Confirm That This Is True

  • Senna Gaming
    Senna Gaming

    Senna mains when stacked over 200 souls

  • Some Random Gamer
    Some Random Gamer

    The Kled one is painful accurate, as a Kled main. I see that damn lizard running towards me, jump... Aaaand I'm dead.

  • 10years

    Talon mains going bot for the 5th time.

  • Klint Dino
    Klint Dino

    Kayle whe she hits lv 16 powerspike

  • Crippling Depression
    Crippling Depression

    As a QQQtrox main i confirm the first one, we really need his revive back

  • Szymon kempiński
    Szymon kempiński

    darius mains after hitting 5 stacks

  • RySL66

    The suggestion bubbles blocks the text

  • O wen
    O wen

    Lee sin mains when they see

  • Simple StickLand
    Simple StickLand

    0:22 most of them just comeback after a week.

  • Motivation

    yone mains explaining why yone isn't broken because he doesn't have 100% winrate

    • Jeph Kaplan
      Jeph Kaplan

      Way too accurate

  • Lucas Ramos
    Lucas Ramos

    Urgot mains when they snipe someone with R, Day 3

  • Order And Discord
    Order And Discord

    Diana mains when they fail to 1shot the enemy ADC

  • Armaleon

    0:22 One does not simply quit League. Only a hiatus from league

  • Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions
    Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions

    0:19 lvl 5 on wild rift

  • Vasilije Petrović
    Vasilije Petrović

    Can you make some joke about heimer players or something cuz I main him

  • Tigrex Hunter
    Tigrex Hunter

    As a jungler main who say thank you every leash I can confirm this clip

  • Ο γυριστης της μπιφτεκας
    Ο γυριστης της μπιφτεκας

    League players who say sorry when they feed/ performing bad : chad face

  • Monchy :D
    Monchy :D

    dude this isnt ur last one u still need to do one with darius mains like : darius mains when hitting 5 stacks in teamfights *insert basketball dunking compilation

  • Think Crimson
    Think Crimson

    Top laner when they use their tp to gank but dont even get a kill

  • Egzekucja

    As an Ivern main i say "F**k you" after receiving a leash

  • gama tastica
    gama tastica

    Sona mains when the enemy has their volume on 0%

  • Skelet0 Ic3
    Skelet0 Ic3

    Dude if thresh is broken wtf is nautilus

  • Fat Chungi
    Fat Chungi

    "just sign here to help us bring back aatrox revive" "sir this is a wendys"

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