Mumbo Jumbo
Welcome to the Last Life Minecraft Hardcore Survival Series. In this Minecraft survival episode, Mumbo engages in some End Crystal PvP, becomes the imposter, and makes new friends with GoodTimesWithScar and SmallishBeans.
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  • ivoxweezy

    I like how in hermitcraft mumbo doesnt kill a single living thing, and then in last life he slaughters everyone.

    • ꧁xᴇʀᴋᴀᴢ꧂

      If I remember correctly, he killed a single blaze in hermitcraft

    • Thecoolcomputer


    • The Mayday Man
      The Mayday Man

      Peace love and plants baby

    • The Brick.
      The Brick.

      not "everyone" he was pretty bad at that

  • Celestirr

    Mumbo is obviously terrible at PvP but seems to be a terrifying force that everyone is scared of! So much unpredictability tightly bundled into one being! Grian would be proud!

    • Derpman Average Gamer
      Derpman Average Gamer

      Everyone: i fear no man, but that .....thing *Mumbo* Everyone: it scares me.

    • Amokra

      I say FitMC would still be proud of Mumbo's style :)

    • Capt Almighty-OG
      Capt Almighty-OG

      What you felt like writing this 🐶👺

    • Dodolars

      Dont hate on him

    • cocopuffmonkey


  • Zyon

    Tango: "NO LONGER RED" Mumbo: *_"I'm about to end this man's whole career"_*

    • teamok1025


  • //Karma

    I would like to point out that nearly every time Tango says "smells like Boogey," the Boogey man is actually in the vicinity. I am convinced.

    • CatmintTCGU

      Maybe it DOES smell like boogie

    • Ronald McDonald
      Ronald McDonald

      Three boogie men*

  • Spirit 0502
    Spirit 0502

    All other red names: “I should make a deal with my alliances to get another life!” Mumbo: “Die! Die! Die! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

    • teamok1025


  • Junglmao

    Mumbo immediately going ham on everyone the moment he turned red is the funniest thing. I bet he is using the pent up rage from not killing anything in hermitcraft.

    • ogen

      @Vulpix yea it just kinda happens

    • RP Stephen
      RP Stephen

      Mumbo K. Jumbo stands to his name

    • ImagineFeelinGood

      @ogen its all about the stats

    • Gaetano

      @Vulpix you forgot implode

    • Michael Kelley
      Michael Kelley

      Man he went ballistic as soon as he went boogey. He immediately started moving the obsidian and end crystals in his inventory going for an Among Us stacked kill 😂

  • Mouse Arts
    Mouse Arts

    Anyone else seriously hoping Mumbo comes back with a red suit next session?

    • Meghead (best character)
      Meghead (best character)

      Next season Ahh

    • Living Murphy's Law
      Living Murphy's Law


    • El Paillou
      El Paillou

      red mustache

    • mc random yt
      mc random yt


  • StupidGenius

    Mumbo in the beginning silently equipping the obsidian and end crystals was honestly one of the most tense things I've seen on RSloft. The rest of the episode did not disappoint.

    • Juno

      it was so cool

  • RudeGuyChase

    When Mumbo turned red, everyone went to a killing spree, Mumbo is really a catalyst

    • Asia

      @AlienMusic basically in the Civilization games there was this bug that caused Gandhi to turn from a pacifist with 0 aggression(the lowest) into a bloodthirsty warmonger, which meant that as soon as nukes where available he'd just go ham on the world

    • AlienMusic

      @DisKorruptd oo gotta check that out

    • DisKorruptd

      @AlienMusic I was referencing the Civilization games

    • AlienMusic

      @DisKorruptd line from Eminem's Venom. Gandhi was a freedom fighter btw. He believed in peace and nonviolence

    • The one who has a bad name
      The one who has a bad name

      My -words- actions are -backed with nuclear weapons- ender crystals!

  • Digital Fantasies
    Digital Fantasies

    If that poison potion wasnt thrown down then Mumbo would of gotten like 5 kills minimum at the start, imagine the chaos in chat at 5 kills all at once, plus the two other boogies would still have to go hunt afterwards and thered be so much more red lifes and chaos.

    • Amokra

      It would have been BOOOgie time Ah-ha

  • hailzmarie1

    Red Life Mumbo is the definition of an Opportunist, like no plans, mans is just winging it and blowing shit up and it's fantastic

    • Immunity

      @kisamada understandable, have a great day✌️

    • maxxy sitlhou
      maxxy sitlhou


    • Memeinator UN-official
      Memeinator UN-official

      Sort of like an oposite to grian’s last life strats

    • kisamada

      @Immunity i haven't seen doctor who

    • kisamada

      ​@Daniel Hepplestone i haven't seen doctor who

  • Craytherlaygaming

    Gotta love how Mumbo as the boogieman when asked who he'd kill. Outright declares his plan knowing people don't actually think he's the boogieman

  • Mono

    The sheer quantity of people who died, became red, and were boogeymen this session it quite insane to be honest

  • RedHeart Studios
    RedHeart Studios

    "Ren is always an easy target" _~Someone who clearly hasn't seen Season 1_

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Drylion I watched Ren’s POV as well and yeah.. they still seemed like the villain to me.. murder of pizza, intending to take over the hobbits, their whole kingdom maneuver treating Ren like a king and forcefully recruiting people otherwise they’ll commit murder.. he’s kinda like Voldemort basically while Scar is Harry who’s just trying to get freinds until dogwarts took away some of his “friends” like Etho, Skizzle and BigB..

    • xpscrazykiller2

      Dogwarts intensifies

    • Anachronic X
      Anachronic X

      Ren was such a chad in 3rd Life

    • FrostySkeletons

      @Drylion true, although the murder of pizza definitely framed Ren’s group as the baddies for me

    • Hydra

      @Drylion yeah he was like thanos if you were in thanos/ren pov you think he is the protagonist

  • Eomer Simbajon
    Eomer Simbajon

    Mumbo is LITERALLY the last person i had in mind who would go on a killing spree that it was such a huge turnaround for him maybe the stress of NOT killing from Hermitcraft just lets loose

  • Lane Robertson
    Lane Robertson

    I was genuinely scared for Mumbo when Cleo started going after him.

    • gummytini


    • gummytini

      We all are

    • mc random yt
      mc random yt


  • human being
    human being

    listen, Mumbo can’t kill anything on Hermitcraft, so he’s taking out his killing spree on Last Life 😂

  • Alchemyst

    There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in a storm, a night with no moon, and the wrath of a gentle man. Who is also a genius redstone engineer.

  • Ashton Armstrong
    Ashton Armstrong

    love how mumbo is just kinda always dragged into things and normally doesn't start the stuff. Like in this episode he was killed and had too p'ahart ways with the south lands and he just kinda rolled with it

    • KABPronicaun Studios
      KABPronicaun Studios

      I think I'm in la'hove

  • Hot Blade
    Hot Blade

    Etho: Which one of you is the Boogeyman? Mumbo for the next 2 minutes: *_[Nervous sweating.]_*

    • teamok1025


    • Smit Shilpatul
      Smit Shilpatul

      That scene is more funny when you realise that Etho was the Boogey and probably didn't expect anyone there to actually be a boogeyman.

    • Your comment got a 💔 from Candice
      Your comment got a 💔 from Candice

      His silence for almost the entire time is also a perfect addition

    • Manta alfredi
      Manta alfredi

      6 boogeymen this time

    • ow ye men
      ow ye men

      @duon44 oh I should've checked the video than, damnit

  • Manuel Stampfer
    Manuel Stampfer

    I love how mumbo doesn’t even carry a sword in his main hand most of the time

    • Amokra

      Walk softly and carry obsidian and end crystal :)

    • Aurora Paisley
      Aurora Paisley

      That would be sus

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C

    Grian when he was Red: Jokingly messes with Mumbo Mumbo while he was Red: Tries to kill Grian 3 times and fails

    • teamok1025

      @-Random user- day7 CHAOS UNLEASHED and more mess

    • -Random user-
      -Random user-

      @teamok1025 i don't think so...?

    • teamok1025

      Its mess

  • Amaya11

    Mumbo on episode one: I suck at PVP Mumbo on episode six: Recklessly attacks everyone

    • Amaya11

      @Orion Thanks for pointing it out, reclessly

    • Orion


    • ZwatchxD

      @Bozidar Stojanov pvp stands for player v player. melee (hand, sword, and axe) ranged (bow, and crossbow) using explosives, and fire also count as pvp. So technically hes good with explosives in pvp

    • Amaya11

      @Bozidar Stojanov I suppose you have a point their! But still, you gotta admit, It was a good joke

    • Bozidar Stojanov
      Bozidar Stojanov

      To be fair he did use end crystals and traps to at least lower their hp before going in melee

  • Cliona B
    Cliona B

    Mumbos and Joel’s killing adventures every-time: “RUN RUN, IT DIDN’T WORK RUUUUN” XDDD

  • ClonedGamer001

    Bdubs: "We kind of walked out of that best case scenario" Mumbo: "We both died"

    • Mutton

      @Rudrodeep Chatterjee .....ik. the plug-in theyre using doesn't recognize indirect kills as boogie man kills. One of them has a command which they use to cure boogie men who kill indirectly. But what this means is they don't get the regeneration and resistance status which is what I was referring to in my comment. 🤦

    • Ashley Yu
      Ashley Yu

      @Mutton my bad I thought you meant that they don't get cured if it doesn't count as player kill

    • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
      Rudrodeep Chatterjee

      @Mutton I don't think direct kills are the only way to cure yourself. Ren blew the floor, and Skizzle fell to his death, yet Ren was cured. I think the Members of Last Life discuss the kills after the session to clarify cures. So Mumbo was cured.

    • Mutton

      @Ashley Yu I know. My comment just explained why he died so easily after he got a kill.

    • Ashley Yu
      Ashley Yu

      @Mutton the boogeymen get cured if it's shown that they killed in the video. It could be a trap or pvp kill etc as long as it's a kill

  • EPM

    6:38 I can't stop laughing at the PERFECT cut-off of Bdubs screaming while being blown up.

    • Block Maniac48
      Block Maniac48

      That is hilarious! XD

  • ShellShock HK:MK78
    ShellShock HK:MK78

    Tango:”no more reds!!” Mumbo: “I beg to differ.”

    • Amokra

      He's chuff to bits :)

  • Mahadevan Sreekantan
    Mahadevan Sreekantan

    The fact that Martin has been along with 5 of the 6 boogeymen (except Joel) at any point of the time in this episode and not getting killed, scares me....

  • Zendien

    Was not expecting Mumbo to be the one that went on a rampage :) .... loving the Mumbo, Scar and SmallishBeans teamup!

    • Amokra

      like Larry, Moe, and Curly came to last life :)

  • CapitalistStereotype

    They interrupted his intro, now he interrupts their entire game. Seriously, Mumbo is such a loose cannon as soon as he gets the go-ahead to start killing

    • Avymmm Plays
      Avymmm Plays

      He's pent up from Hermitcraft, somewhat.

    • Skywalker8510

      as is grian i want to see mumbo and grain together as red names

    • Michael Kelley
      Michael Kelley

      Peace love and plants broke him. Now it’s just murder, murder, and more murder.

    • Nothings Here
      Nothings Here

      I'm your 1k like

    • Xenon_24

      this year he is the peaceful man turned murdering convict, last year was scar

  • FaithfulMC

    8:05 Mumbo: "Bdubs were you a boogey ?" Bdubs: " No, I was not" Plot twist.... He was

  • Juju le Toilet
    Juju le Toilet

    watching Mumbo watch Joel and Scar trying to do redstone was hilarious XD "this is painful" he said XDD

  • ArtMasterFrylock

    Mumbo in previous sessions: Peace, love, and giving spyglasses. Mumbo in this session: the most opportunistic killer. It feels like Mumbo needed to become red/boogeyman sooner just due to him being an absolute madlad. Its just Mr. Killsalot now.

  • Rakali07

    Mumbo! Here’s a tip you can push end crystals with a piston so you could make flying machine and fly them into peoples bases!

    • ST4LK 2
      ST4LK 2

      Milk delivery!!

  • asteroidnix

    Mumbo on red is the best! Not only can he now unleash the “Killsalot”, but we also get to see him interact with other red names like Joel and bdubs (however briefly) more! Really really hope he survives the next few episodes!! 😂

    • YarnDuckGet

      @Kyletopfragz yeah idk why he did that :/

    • Kyletopfragz

      spoiled the vid :|

    • asteroidnix

      @YarnDuckGet word.

    • YarnDuckGet

      I'm like 90% sure he won't die in episode 8

    • Mystic Melby
      Mystic Melby

      @ALI 1 let’s be real, this season ain’t gonna last more than a few more episodes

  • Fail fleet2
    Fail fleet2

    I love how Last Life devolved into Lord of the Flies/just straight up war within like 3 episodes.

    • L. G.
      L. G.

      Eh the boogeyman mechanics is quite the catalyst for that.

  • Alice Chapman
    Alice Chapman

    the slightly unhinged laughter is what really makes this episode for me

  • Zero Salacup
    Zero Salacup

    I can honestly feel the pain Mumbo was experiencing when he saw Scar and Joel working on the trap in Scott, Pearl, and Cleo's base😂 Can I also just say how cute it was when he complimented Scott even though he was trying to kill him but failed😂 But, honestly love this series! I cannot wait for next week's episode!

  • dare_n

    I love how nervous mumbo seemed when team best accused him of being the boogieman

  • Sun Leaf8357
    Sun Leaf8357

    It's nice that for Grian you going red and leaving literally means "The Fall of the Southlands."

  • OmegaTheUnwilling

    Mumbo missed the BEST CHANCE to make almost half of the server red

    • Amokra

      still good times :) for us anyway :)

  • cloudcicleyt

    Alternate title: Mumbo breaks all bonds while still staying a red life

    • teamok1025

      alternatee title be like:END CRYSTAL WAR

  • Smoogles

    I REALLY enjoy watching Mumbo, Joel and Scar interact as reds. It's like the 3 stooges.

  • CosmicBrambleclawV2

    I was a little disappointed that you didn't turn Grian's line against him Mumbo 🤣 "Grian.. we could still be friends!"

  • dexall

    Don't lie, you wanted to see Grian surprise murder everyone if he was the boogeyman. I would've hoped so too.

  • Disgruntled Wookie
    Disgruntled Wookie

    "Bdubs were you the boogie" "uhh... no... I was not..." So suspicious in retrospect lmao

  • Ice dragon
    Ice dragon

    I love how mumbo is obsessed with his end crystals in both hermitcraft and last life

  • GameBoyKid

    I love how Mumbo thinks to silently nod "no" to the others immediately when it shows he's the boogeyman. Like his composure as a cold blooded killer during this episode was super unexpected for me. He's really living up to his middle name.

    • GEWPOO

      @Rainshadow & Co. hii just wanted to say I’m so so sorry for your loss and I hope that you will be able to recover from that!! It was an interesting read as well and thanks for teaching me something new! Cheers

    • Meesks

      @Rainshadow & Co. I'm sorry to hear that ma'am, my deepest condolences to you and your family, I hope that this loss will be your strength, that baby will always be remembered and loved.

    • Meesks

      @Rainshadow & Co. get well soon ma'am, rest a lot.

    • Cks X2
      Cks X2

      That part was hilarious

    • GEWPOO

      @Rainshadow & Co. affect*

  • Elemental Creeper
    Elemental Creeper

    once Mumbo lost the crystals everyone started dropping like flies.

  • Magnus Blitz
    Magnus Blitz

    This series is going to always need someone to be absolute chaos and cause the conflict and the resolution for the series. Scar was a fantastic start in 3rd life. Mumbo is killing it right now. Literally.

  • JS Maddy
    JS Maddy

    how poetic of both Grian and Mumbo's episodes to have ended with a set up of a huge weapon. Grian ends his with a wither skull on and Mumbo with a fully primed trap

  • Socks_ofDoom

    The Endcrystals are the weapon of choice for a mustached gentleman. I love how mumbo embraces the chaos of being red. You go Mumbo!

  • rip dippy
    rip dippy

    When Mumbo says he sucks at pvp I didn’t fully understand how bad he was until this episode

    • Child Kicker
      Child Kicker

      average pvp watcher

    • stephen Singh
      stephen Singh

      @Arya my g he couldve killed everyone.

    • Avedis D'souza
      Avedis D'souza

      I thought Mumbo had the Secret superpower like Grian, Before MCC I thought Grian was bad at PvP, but in MCC he earned the title 'Grian the Dream Slayer'. I was actually expecting Mumbo to have a similar hidden power that would unleash bloodshed across the server. BUT, on the other hand I actually enjoy peaceful Mumbo, Wholesome Mumbo is still waaay better than him trying to be someone he isn't, Mumbo's only enemy is the server, as it's very unoptimized for large Multiplayer servers, running a lot of redstone contraptions and farms.

    • Kazaha ツ
      Kazaha ツ

      Peace, Love and Plants

    • Andrew Wiltshire
      Andrew Wiltshire

      @CYBERSE AI and building. He’s a pretty good builder despite what he says

  • Mikoto Suoh
    Mikoto Suoh

    Considering how many red names there are right now, I am expecting the next episode to be called, "Red Wedding".

  • Gaura

    "should we just- just stare at each other for the whole session and just really really admire one another"

  • JS Maddy
    JS Maddy

    Mumbo's totally lost all his mind since he's become red. kill everything, take everything. beautiful

  • Victor Pans
    Victor Pans

    I like the fact that mumbo who kills everything with end crystals on HC tries to kill someone with an end crystal even though the only reason he uses end crystals is because it isn't a player kill and for that reason he wouldn't be cured

  • someone

    "Pearl, why are you scared of me?" 4 seconds later: immediately starts murdering her.

    • teamok1025


    • Romin Kivela
      Romin Kivela

      well you need to make sure that someones afraid of you for the right reason

    • someone

      @ShellShock HK:MK78 After comparing them I agree. I still believe my proportions and placement are better.

    • ShellShock HK:MK78
      ShellShock HK:MK78

      @someone incorrect. Yours is blurrier. His is higher definition.

    • someone

      @ShellShock HK:MK78 Yes, but mine are more defined, and more centered, don't you agree?

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine

    the way mumbo just went in to kill pearl was so funny and i didn’t expect it😂the series is getting tense. can’t wait for more seasons of this!

  • Lana Harris
    Lana Harris

    The fact that Scott was just chatting away and just didn’t realise he was on mute the whole time lmao

  • somegal

    The instant thought to shake your head "no" silently after finding out you were the boogeyman was terrifying tbh

  • Shweta K
    Shweta K

    Mumbo is the most fastest person to have so many kills in 3td life after being a red name that's just POG

    • Michael Cherokee
      Michael Cherokee

      Yeah I thought he might be. Did you actually verify? Im not going back through all the footage to check.

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley

    Grian becomes red life: Mumbo: lets try to be peaceful Mumbo becomes red life: Mumbo: *haha end crystals go brrr*

    • Amokra

      you mean Ah-Ha end crystals go bbbrrrrrr

    • Bananas Are Blue!
      Bananas Are Blue!

      @Arissa Pandeirot ohh okk But they said it's a joke, so idk anymore

    • Arissa Pandeirot
      Arissa Pandeirot

      @Bananas Are Blue! They're just expressing their feelings about the thing as an audience. It's like when you're reacting to what you would've felt if you're in that situation, it doesn't have to be taken literally.

    • Random Stuff with Ryan
      Random Stuff with Ryan

      @Bananas Are Blue! it’s just a personality thing I have where I use emojis or text faces when I’m joking. If I were being serious I wouldn’t have used the face.

    • Bananas Are Blue!
      Bananas Are Blue!

      @Random Stuff with Ryan oh okkk But may I ask how that was a joke? You set a vibe with the :/ thingy so it didn't sound like a joke But yeah I guess punctuations shouldn't ruin a joke, you just sounded serious

  • Mouse Arts
    Mouse Arts

    Mumbo wanted to destroy the south lands from the very beginning. All so that he can record his gosh darned intro in peace

  • Kavin Bharathi
    Kavin Bharathi

    I would love to see Mumbo single handedly wipe the entire server, all the rage...the power Mumbo *Killsalot* Jumbo

  • Lamp I am
    Lamp I am

    i love how mumbo just keeps complementing people even of he just tried to kill somone

  • Fikri

    Grian going red: i'm just gonna deal with the people who had problems with me, help joel tnt-ing scott and pearl, and then find a way to be yellow Mumbo going red: imma just go ham and get as many kills as possible

  • ThatMarchingBunny

    Ok, I can say right now, Mumbo is likely the most dangerous person to have become a red name. Not because he is particularly "good" at killing people but this guy doesn't hesitate to try and take people out at all lol. He sees a chance and just takes it without hesitation. Though, I do think it's going to paint a pretty large target on his back eventually.

    • Fangy Does Art
      Fangy Does Art

      I love Killsalot Jumbo's energy so much, but I'm sooo stressed out now that his series will end just like that :') Maybe it's been his plan all along

    • ThatMarchingBunny

      @Kristopher Tope Oh ya, I agree. I don't know if he will be first, but I do think he is going to be one of the first red names actually seriously targeted to kill.

    • Kristopher Tope
      Kristopher Tope

      I think the large target on his back has already been painted…virtually every yellow and green left are lobbing arrows at him on sight already. As much as I want him to ride this out, I would put my money on him exiting the stage first.

    • UNRΞAL Tyrannical
      UNRΞAL Tyrannical

      @ShiP wReCk I mean that's what a haiku is.

    • Snuwu

      I think Mumbo can't do end crystals efficiently, he takes a bit to place the obsidian and then place the end crystal, it takes 3 seconds to place both things and then explode them. Being more quicker can make him use the end crystals more efficiently having more chance to kill them

  • SVG Jose
    SVG Jose

    It would be a huge undertaking but god I hope someone does a super cut of everyone’s perspectives. I’d sit and watch that for however many hours it was

  • Duc vuong
    Duc vuong

    I love how calm mumbo is in his intro “welcome back to last life”

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human

    I feel like Etho will regret killing Mumbo with all the destruction he’s causing

    • teamok1025


  • Mythical Loaf
    Mythical Loaf

    "It feels strange to be out here with no friends" you'll get used to it, mumbo

  • misterscottintheway

    This episode made me happy. Makes me miss playing with a bunch of peeps on the realm during lockdown

  • George

    I love how when they were talking about who have scar the life a zombie ignored groan, walked past him and attacked everyone else

  • Alright

    Last episode: No reds except scar at the end This episode: *nearly half the server is red*

  • Parker Moran
    Parker Moran

    Knowing now that this was on easy mode makes the failure of traps so much more frustrating

  • Sir Yak
    Sir Yak

    If Mumbo had got the end crystal out a few moments before, he would’ve gotten more people than grian did last season with that enchanting table trap

    • Maverick1205

      If he would have swung at them a few times they would have all been dead

  • Kublai LA
    Kublai LA

    This is gold. Love the murder with end crystals

  • Grace Gittinger
    Grace Gittinger

    Never thought I would see Mumbo being a menace and predictably, it is the funniest thing ever 😂

  • Adrian W.
    Adrian W.

    “So Mumbo, are you interested in murder?” only scar could make that sentence so inviting