LAST LIFE: Episode 7 - OH NOOO!
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Minecraft Last Life on the Minecraft Hardcore Survival Minecraft Last Life server, Mumbo teams up with Skizzleman and a few other red names to try and kill off the green names on the Minecraft server. He then tries to trap the Southlands with SolidarityGaming, to capture Grian and InTheLittleWood which ended... Well...
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  • Seri220

    Don't mind him, guys. He's getting out all of his anger in this series because he's a pacifist in Hermitcraft.

    • Mcman

      Im the opiset of a pacifist

    • Axel Miths
      Axel Miths

      @Meemo GA if you are not at the very least capable of extreme violence, you're not a pacifist, you're harmless.

    • Spongebob's Dummy
      Spongebob's Dummy

      @✨ claire luna ✨ someone who’s really peaceful to the point of ridiculousness and doesn’t kill anything

    • ✨ claire luna ✨
      ✨ claire luna ✨

      wats a pacifist

    • David SFS
      David SFS


  • RustyTin

    Everyone: “Mumbo would be so OP in last life with all the traps he can make!” Mumbo: *E N D C R Y S T A L*

    • Eagle-brawl stars
      Eagle-brawl stars


    • chair

      @hitesh shah he would basically be able to put down an obsidian block and an end crystal in the same second, for ex. his obsidian blocks are on the 2nd hotbar slot, and his crystals are on the 6th, instead of scrolling to the crystals after placing an obsidian block, he can just press 6 and right click on the end crystal (or left, i forgot) and boom

    • hitesh shah
      hitesh shah

      @chair can you explain why he would be op with hotkeys

    • RustyTin

      @Ooga boogawell it is a trend for last life and 3rd life for traps to not work.

    • LoLickyPeePee23XDD

      we all expected elaborate traps and yet got something that was unexpected but somehow even better

  • Aidenpons

    "Etho dies tonight" "Come through my bunker" Absolutely no subtlety xD

    • Nerveus

      Ikr, xD

    • dogmanbitehurt

      @Chase Carmody EVIL DIES TONIGHT!

    • Chase Carmody
      Chase Carmody

      Halloween kills much?

    • Cinamon Toast
      Cinamon Toast

      @Mx Lenore Omg i forgot about the civil war. Tgat was so funny

    • Tumbledor & Trickster
      Tumbledor & Trickster

      @Mx Lenore OMG you are so right 🤣🤣🤣

  • ψ OmeGa ψ
    ψ OmeGa ψ

    Tip: You don't tell someone how many hearts you're on if you're in PvP.. According to Grian's video, he was about to retreat until Mumbo said I'm on 2 hearts that's when he went for him ✌️

    • bee

      actually if ur full hp u can say u r low

    • GrayPot

      oh damn....

  • Parker Harris
    Parker Harris

    Also, as mumbo was going through scar's chests he passed up an egg. An ideal detonation tool for an end crystal.

    • Sinful

      Yo wtf I looked at this comment right as he did that xD

    • James Westen
      James Westen

      An egg is an unborn life! Chicken Embryos Lives Matter

    • LoLickyPeePee23XDD

      @Cat not if ur the great gunslinger undefeated mumbo

    • Cat

      Not really using an egg gives far too much time for other people to react to a crystal

    • No geese
      No geese


  • Дat One Russian Guy
    Дat One Russian Guy

    SPOILERS AHEAD, because that's a big concern for some people apparently: One last pun to send Mumbo's series off: "This series has been aha-bsolute blast..."

    • JohnsonTheSecond

      absolute bl-aha-st is funnier

    • Travanator

      @Eric B an idiom actually

    • Travanator

      @Bummer dont press read more then

    • IceKyuubi

      @Chase Locascio nope not at all, too many people are complaining about spoilers in the comments, you're not supposed to be in the comments while watching the video, so stop crying about spoilers

    • Chase Locascio
      Chase Locascio

      @IceKyuubi god damn man wrote a whole essay

  • Lane Robertson
    Lane Robertson

    Red Name Grian to Yellow Name Mumbo: "You can join me. We can still be friends." Red Name Mumbo to Yellow Name Grian: "Peace, love, and plants was never an aha-ption."

    • PlasmaZ

      What has aha done to ahal of us

    • Lane Robertson
      Lane Robertson

      @geek 2.0 Too aha-bvious.

    • geek 2.0
      geek 2.0

      it should have been plahants

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Grian: kills timmy Mumbo: OH MY GOD! YOU KILLED HIM! Grian: HE PUNCHED ME! He needs to learn! Mumbo: attempts to blow up Grian Grian:

  • CoolCactus707

    Mumbo: "oh no guys I'm on 2 hearts", procedes to walk back to Grian getting himself killed instead of running

    • Henry_zombiekiller


    • Terra Toilet
      Terra Toilet

      Grian said come back, he actually came back. what a nice guy he is

    • EthanZ310

      Mumbo probably assumed that Grian had low HP left

    • Jan Smith
      Jan Smith

      That's what killed him.

  • Tan

    Grian: “what idiots would stand on the edge like that” also Grian a few episodes ago:

    • Lynne Smith!!! DK bongos
      Lynne Smith!!! DK bongos

      @chair is that the bee movie

    •  Basic Tutorials
      Basic Tutorials

      @QrowFeather yeah wtf

    • Joseph Helms
      Joseph Helms

      Technically Grian was standing on the edge to build, but I get yhe joke.

    • QrowFeather

      @chair what on earth did I just press read more on

    •  Basic Tutorials
      Basic Tutorials


  • Digital Grey
    Digital Grey

    You should now haunt Grian, because as he said "He needs to learn that his actions have consequences."

    • Mario Maniac
      Mario Maniac

      @RAIN ah ok 👍

    • RAIN

      @Mario Maniac oh no I think he can only chat. I watched Skizzs video and he couldn’t hear mumbo. Also if you watch Grians episode he talks to bdubs and bdubs uses the chat to talk.

    • Mario Maniac
      Mario Maniac

      @RAIN idk I just figured you could still voice chat because he went up to someone and went "oooOOOooo!"

    • RAIN

      @Mario Maniac he has spectator mode yes but you cant do anything im sure. I think you can only use the chat

    • Mario Maniac
      Mario Maniac

      @Jung Jeon he's out but he still has spectator mode. I'm pretty sure you can still voice chat in spectator mode.

  • RageDragon101

    Mumbo: Runs away from Grian Grian: Get Back Here Mumbo: Already on his way back as Grian says that

    • hamburger

      Mumbo:"dead noises"

  • Rohith Baliga
    Rohith Baliga

    Such an obedient child. Turned around when grian said " come back"

  • Devon Jameson
    Devon Jameson

    No one even gonna mention that impulse got the “whatever floats your goat” achievement

    • Devon Jameson
      Devon Jameson

      @Terra Toilet when mumbo and the other guy wanted Martin to walk on the trapped pressure plate

    • Terra Toilet
      Terra Toilet


    • Yivan


  • Iva Eeek
    Iva Eeek

    Mumbo said "I was too aggressive last episode" and immediately wanted to kill every guy he meets AGAIN

    • FireMageLayn

      After watching everyone's videos finally, Mumbo was no less aggressive than Joel. However Mumbo is better at killing people than Joel, so Mumbo teaming up with Joel and moving at Joel's pace is a recipe for death

    • alvin Ip
      alvin Ip

      @Benjamin Hammond yeah I agree what's the purpose of being red if you don't kill but I do think killing impulse infront of grain is kinda too aggressive

    • how to drive a Tardis?
      how to drive a Tardis?


    • Random Name
      Random Name

      With zero chill, too. They didn't even pick the boogeyman yet and he was already killing people :D

    • Because I'm A Potato
      Because I'm A Potato

      @JeFreeze Wrong, it stands for kills-aha-lot

  • Kazaha ツ
    Kazaha ツ

    Grian in the next season of Last Life: Note to self: Dont let Mumbo become Red

  • Pixelcraftian

    Love how Red Grian met Mumbo a few episodes ago, now the tables were turned _(plus a dead impulse)_ however instead of the talk Mumbo just straight away attempted to kill. Such a shame that this series POV is over, but you played super well, and hey, at least you weren't first out! Amazing video :)

    •  Basic Tutorials
      Basic Tutorials

      @slither skull200 he know....

    • slither skull200
      slither skull200

      have you watched anyone elses povs? like 5 people are out lol

    • Torzay

      grain ended THREE last life series summoned a wither killed like 6 times and etho dident die

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @LxnarMoon three of them are caused by Grian :D

    • LxnarMoon

      @Mr. Cheese🧀 That’s alot of dead names-

  • Ethribin

    10:00 Just Mumbo having obsidian scares people to death xD Geeze, he made such an impact with those end crystals.

    • chair

      last life members will have ptsd when they beat the ender dragon

  • wyatt darshay
    wyatt darshay

    "theyre not taking this deal seriously in the slightest" *grian falls through the ceiling* "we are!"

  • P24p1

    Mumbo: Has 2 hearts Also Mumbo: *turns 180 and faces grian* yea this is fine

    • Dylan Hilts
      Dylan Hilts

      @Mr. Cheese🧀 nope I like grian

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Dylan Hilts do u hate Grian or something😂😂

    • Dylan Hilts
      Dylan Hilts

      @Mr. Cheese🧀 ok I’m not reading all that bruh lol. Sorry. And yes grians a control freak get over it

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Dylan Hilts less fun for the viewers maybe but definitely not the players :/ all of their actions are totally justifiable.. literally the first few minutes of the episode Mumbo was already trying to kill too many people.. maybe if they didn’t push their luck too far then maybe they wouldn’t have died.. like Grian said.. actions have consequences.. Like come on.. are u trying to tell me that Mumbo doesn’t deserve to die after crystalling people any chance he gets? Or after Jimmy tries to push Grian into a trap that would’ve killed him? Or Bdubs thinking he can just betray the reds for a life? Nah.. in fact, Joel or Grian definitely needs to die right now after the chaos they’ve inflicted to the server.. it’s all in the rules and there will be no grudges among them when they are killed.. Don’t blame Grian and the others for killing red names cuz they absolutely deserved it..

    • Dylan Hilts
      Dylan Hilts

      @Mr. Cheese🧀 he killed 2 ppl in 10 seconds, now we have like 7 ppl left in the last 2 weeks bc ppl were killed too early. Mumbo tried to crystal but cmon he’s not a real pvp threat, even grian seemed like he realized he shouldn’t have done it right after. It’s just less fun for the viewers and for the players :/

  • Vatsal Goyal
    Vatsal Goyal

    "Here lies Jimmy, puncher of Grian. May his nerve and courage to do the unthinkable, Inspire other reds towards their true purpose"

  • Jon M
    Jon M

    "Oh no, I only have two and a half hearts!" ... *Runs toward danger*

  • VicTheFoxyGamer_

    Mumbo: Blows a hole in Skizz outer wall, lets himself in with a casual "Hullo!" Skizz: "I thought I heard an explosion" Mumbo: With the pride of a 3 year old accomplishing something, "Yeah. It was me!"

    • Hermenson Santana
      Hermenson Santana


  • C D G Ling
    C D G Ling

    I actually wish Skizz was part of the hermitcraft server. He matches the hermits so well and he really deserves the platform

  • Canister

    Mumbo: "I cant believe I died!" Also Mumbo: **uses End Crystal near his face** GG Mumbo

    • Snarfy McSnarfFace
      Snarfy McSnarfFace


    • Svennerdesven

      end crystals do almost to no damage if ur feet arent exposed to it without gear u lose max 2 hearts if u stand right infront of it on same y level

    • GhostMiner

      Yeah, his second Brain cell couldn't make it this week 😅

    • Sorano

      @Average Calisthenics Guy He would've still died. At least a much higher chance than he'd survive.

    • Canister

      @JossOwX yeah but he still took huge damage. Considering he doesnt have good gear.

  • Rogue Ruggie
    Rogue Ruggie

    Mumbo’s lack of aggression on HermitCraft has built up and is overflowing in last life. Mumbo is fresh out of mercy

  • Shadowmaster

    Despite being a relatively ineffective weapon, Mumbo with end crystals has now proven that the concept of a nuclear deterrent exists in minecraft and functions very well.

  • Lucas

    It was very wholesome seeing people doing fun of Mumbo's intro even though he's on his last life.

  • Boiled Bread
    Boiled Bread

    I love how the first thing he does after he dies is fly up to someone and go “ooOOooOoOOoo” 20:30

  • Blazing Obsidian Official
    Blazing Obsidian Official

    I love how dramatic this series is, regardless of the fact that it's so spontaneous

    • Celestirr

      @Bruh Bruh You can say your content is better but it *can't* be better if you don't have any~

    • Dar2vas

      @The Derpy Rock Was that supposed to be a joke? Because it didn't land. That's not what spontaneous means at all. Though, yes, the spontaneity of the series is what makes it dramatic.

    • Blazing Obsidian Official
      Blazing Obsidian Official

      @Aiden Mather lol it means not scripted, and impulsive

    • Blandy8521

      @Bruh Bruh if you say so dear

    • The Derpy Rock
      The Derpy Rock

      Spontaneous is the same thing as dramatic. You didnt watch any of this did you

  • Marco's Media
    Marco's Media

    The fact that Mumbo had no food in his hot bar, just gave us the head's-up that he was going to die

  • Aki

    Mumbo: "YOU JUST KILLED JIMMY" Grian: "HE PUNCHED ME!" *arc of married couple divorcing*

    • Yashank Singh
      Yashank Singh

      even better grian just killed mumbo instead of divorcing lmao

    • Le Bonk Sirree
      Le Bonk Sirree


    •  Basic Tutorials
      Basic Tutorials

      what the fu-

  • Mythical Loaf
    Mythical Loaf

    18:38 "if you walk through as the same time as me, then, then, then, good things will happen i reckon" *[ Speech 1000 ]* lol GG Mumbo

    • chair


  • TimberJackEB

    In hindsight, there's a real danger to a spur of the moment end crystal activation. Had you not done that, you might have survived long enough to witness the Wither ravage Etho's base.

    • RAIN

      right. I was watching all three of their episodes (mumbo grian and solidarity) and it looked like on certain hits Grians sword was doing 1 damage. Mumbo had 7 hearts and probably lost 4 to the blast and 1 to grians sword. i couldn’t really tell though

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf

    “This series has been an absolute blast” That’s what happens when you try to blow everyone up, everything becomes a blast

    • Frododoggyno2 Roblox
      Frododoggyno2 Roblox

      aha-bsolute blast


      Mumbo should have probably trained in crystal Pvp But then again he has Hermitcraft which takes up most of his time and he needs to brainstorm ideas for content :/

    • TheDyingMeme6

      Grian, eyes glowing, covered in Timmy's blood: Mumbo: ah yes, this is a good idea Grian, immediately going for the kill, murder in his eyes:

    • TaffyJD

      *finger guns*

    • Jacob Sever
      Jacob Sever

      Live by the blast, die by the blast.

  • Cairo Marte
    Cairo Marte

    Skizz and Mumbo have the same goofy and kind vibe. ♥️ I hope to see more from them together in the future!

  • CapitalistStereotype

    Mumbo: “What was I thinking?” You didn’t, Mumbo

    •  Basic Tutorials
      Basic Tutorials

      @chair last life members will have ptsd when they beat the ender dragon

    • chair

      well... you arent wrong.

  • ArgentumEmperio

    Next season, make the entire server complete mayhem with just random high quality and _functional_ traps all over the server instead? Make everyone panic about random trees they chop down, random doors being trapped, etc. Maybe try that next season since your expertise in Redstone and now brilliant plan of making farms that function even when others are online definitely can make you into a really, REALLY dangerous player to outlast everyone else xD That or join ahanother group for random funny banter? xD Was a joy to see your participation in the last life series and ... well, better luck next time! ^^

    • Ryuk Youtubes
      Ryuk Youtubes

      he is literally dead.

  • Trattore Trattore
    Trattore Trattore

    I really enjoyed this series, and how dark it got with everyone laughing about it. Anyone else noted the casual craters and burning forests in the background?

  • iGlorious

    The day when Mumbo realizes that hotkeys exist is the day Last Life server ends.

    • Logic

      @chair Adrian John Xyrus Bayungan

    • chair

      @Logic Logic

    • temp temp
      temp temp

      @Logic Your just built better

    • Biglyp

      @Logic I’m a bad way.

    • Metal Forge
      Metal Forge

      @temp temp *civil way

  • DaneDog

    "I look forward for the next season" is the best part of this episode! A promise for more Last Life with MumboJumbo!

  • Jabween

    I really love how everyone learned to accept the deaths after season 1, Great job Mumbo, you had a great run!

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley

    This whole series was wild. Makes season 6 civil war look like a playground fight.

  • HexoSword

    This was my absolute favorite series especially from Mumbo's POV. Please do MORE!

  • Timothy Estrada
    Timothy Estrada

    Grian: "Get back here!" Mumbo: "ok!"

    • amxly


    • Spidey Fan
      Spidey Fan

      Mumbo is very gulible

    • Ryleigh S
      Ryleigh S

      The damned fool lol.

  • Maxim Quantum
    Maxim Quantum

    Funny how everyone refuses to kill red names even though it’s allowe- *oh boy, I spoke too soon…*

  • PlutoIsn'tReal

    15:44 Mumbo has the audacity to not even spell Martyn's name right while trying to lure him into a lethal trap

  • Sodio Clawkus
    Sodio Clawkus

    Mumbo: “I can’t wait for the next season” That sentence right there…..

  • Aiden van Dijk
    Aiden van Dijk

    I love how mumbo shows off his end crystal to everyone "accidentally" to scare them, if they ever do this again try to somehow, idk how, be able to consistently pull of end crystals especially in stressful situations.

  • Nicolas Peters
    Nicolas Peters

    grain: he needs to know his actions has consequences mumbo: shoots grian after he has just killed his friend for a lesser crime

    • Mouse Arts
      Mouse Arts

      @stephen singh yeah but Solidarity wasn’t punching him jokingly. He was trying to push him into a trap to kill him

    • David J
      David J

      @Jug Anto No? Who is grain?

    • Bob Jenko
      Bob Jenko

      @Jug Anto r/whoosh

    • Jug Anto
      Jug Anto

      @David J its grian

  • TheSharp2500

    "you cant just end crystal every person in your near by vicinity and not expect to be killed" wise words from mumbo

  • Hot Blade
    Hot Blade

    I had a mini-heart attack when Grian suddenly dropped down at (17:26) because I was watching that part of the episode on auto-pilot. XD

  • NoEnvyNoFear1

    When Mumbo said "My friend!" just broke my heart! Their bromance is just so perfect!

  • Breakfast for One
    Breakfast for One

    It's been a great season Mumbo! superb content every week? I'm so proud! looking forward to more hermitcraft shenanigans and next last life season for sure! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  • InTheLittleWood

    But... What will I do for episode 8's intro?

    • Vinitixi


    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan

      Aaaaah That's so sad😢

    • KME OP
      KME OP

      It isn’t sad

    • KME OP
      KME OP

      Whatever you want Martin or should I call you inthelittilewood

    • KME OP
      KME OP

      Me to. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. M. LOL LOVE

  • Jaymer Fill
    Jaymer Fill

    imagine if mumbo was good at pvp, this would have turned out way way different but still amazing to watch

  • Luna432 Shorts
    Luna432 Shorts

    I cant say how much everyone’s last last life episode is just so intense. I was watching 1hour worth of last life ep.7

  • QOliver 912
    QOliver 912

    I just love the fact that no one of all the members are really good at PVP, and if this was the case, we could’ve seen an absolute blasts of fights to see who’s better and who’s not. Anyways, what an AHA-bsolutely amazing series!

  • DragonRider

    well done mumbo, this season has been so fun to watch and very funny. i really enjoyed it, i cant wait to see the next one hopefully.

  • Alex Wardlow
    Alex Wardlow

    Mumbo's last words in Last Life."This series has been AHA-bsolute blast"

    • Nathaniel

      It was A b-LAH-st u mean

    • Torzay

      it was actually: oh i'm on two hearts ooahhahah

    • Nathan Moore
      Nathan Moore

      @𝘾𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙝𝙎𝙤𝙖𝙥 I see*

    • Living Murphy's Law
      Living Murphy's Law

      @Live, Laugh, Luke Yep, and I've seen JR here, too.

  • Ashton Armstrong
    Ashton Armstrong

    5:40 I love how Grian had 12 obsidian the whole time

  • David Fuhr
    David Fuhr

    loved this series, cant wait for the next season(hopefully)

  • basebilljr07

    It was really fun to actually see you participate in this series I know you usually don't join in most of the stuff that takes place outside of the hermitcraft server.i hope you will do more in the future it was fun to watch!

  • g h o s t k i d s
    g h o s t k i d s

    I love how G and Mumbo yell each others named out like angry parents dealing with a bratty kid 😂😂😂😂

  • Basesixty

    Just like a horror movie… The protagonist is hurt and way ahead of the killer but then does a complete 180 to see if he is being followed and is killed for it.

    • theMonkeeMan

      @panorocks antagonist does not necessarily mean bad, mumbo would be the protagonist of his own story because he is the character we are seeing the story unfold from his pov, and grain would be the antagonist because grian is mumbos foil in this moment

    • Cringe

      @ChronothyHasNo Name Grian had stopped chasing but Mumbo walked into him

    • TonyKhang


    • Basesixty

      @groove man you too

    • groove man
      groove man

      You sir, have described the scene to a T, take this like and go enjoy your day.

  • Mr Macgamut
    Mr Macgamut

    This series was amazing. Definitely watching the next season. Good stuff Mumbo

  • Solei

    Great series Mumbo!!!!! Live and learn, can’t wait to see your next play in last life. Also, I loved the end crystals, just gotta be more strategic about it. ALSO I’m pretty sure you can CAREFULLY build an end crystal nuke trap, it’s like stacked mine carts but with end crystals.

  • Alpha Libre
    Alpha Libre

    It was a good run! I'm so happy to see you in a series like this. Please do the next season!

  • Tasty

    Grian with an ego the size of a barn: Ends the series' of two other people

    • moj

      "he punched me"

  • Yzkn

    Mumbo: Im on 2 hearts Mumbo: Even if he is bad at combats and he knows it. he still goes to pvp without putting shield on.

  • Ryan Lawrence
    Ryan Lawrence

    This has been the best Mumbai series I’ve seen. I like that he’s now fighting for his life and trying to murder his friends in the most dishonorable ways.

  • Hannah Whelan
    Hannah Whelan

    i cant remember the last time a video made me laugh out loud, let alone multiple times in one video! absolutely my favourite last life episode out of the whole series

  • Tolumnia

    Mumbo said “I look forward to the next season”. Is that a promise that there is going to be another season? 👀

  • Evan Koeneke
    Evan Koeneke

    This is how we thought it would've went. Mumbo: "I'm on 2 hearts! (The perfect lure into his trap) What actually happened: *everyone drops through the roof* "oh hey mumbo what's up"

  • TheLightningwinter

    I LOVED your pov! You definitely need to keep doing this kind of thing. Amazing season!!!

  • gilles quentin
    gilles quentin

    Don't mind him, guys. He's getting out all of his anger in this series because he's a pacifist in Hermitcraft.

  • Abstrac Thoughts
    Abstrac Thoughts

    GG Mumbo! What an exciting Last Life perspective you had! You played well! Aggressive, but well! Lol. Very entertaining. Can't wait for next season, hope to see you in it again!

  • dobeedeux

    You were hilarious in this, Mumbo. I didn't expect you to turn so vicious as a red, but you were extra hilarious when you did. You teaming up with Joel and Skizz especially got me giggling. Well done! Very fun series.

    • Wambo

      He also used the American "pants" when Lizzie scared him

    • Michael Kelley
      Michael Kelley

      Peace love and plants broke him. Now it’s just murder, murder, and more murder.

  • MHB

    Session starts… Mumbo:”I have no plan…” And then end up being the star of the session

  • Robmoor

    Grian: "not even close" Technoblade: "Hey that's my line!"

    • NoobPlays

      grian is secretly techno's brother

  • merlingt1

    This season has been even more fun than the first.