Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Last Life, the Minecraft Hardcore Survival Series, Mumbo meets up with the Southerns to build a Minecraft industrial district with a bunch of simple redstone farms. A fully automatic sugar cane farm, and a simple ghast farm are built to gather gun powder and sugar cane to make TNT Minecraft traps.
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    This is the text for the intro screen that I totally didn't forget: Welcome to episode 4 of last life

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan

      Thank you so much for being careful 🤍✨

    • PurpleJaedd


    • JacksonSuggs11


    • AboveTheLimits

      @Watch And Learn Kid hit the '4' key and it will go to fourth inventory slot

  • impulseSV

    Nice job getting the farm up and running after I bailed on you! :)

    • Dakota Tuesdays
      Dakota Tuesdays


    • Wait what
      Wait what

      Why you gotta do my guy mumbo like that

    • Jaguarian

      Martin's a traitor

    • Sarah Waters
      Sarah Waters

      @Tselmuun That's the same thing I thought!

    • Phantom_

      Well it’s nice to know you’ve got his back…

  • Dream Sky
    Dream Sky

    If Mumbo goes down to his red life, the entire smp is going to be filled with land mines.

    • Michael Schroeder
      Michael Schroeder


    • Nate Rensin
      Nate Rensin

      @Ezra Saracco i- THE SERIES IS OVER

    • Ezra Saracco
      Ezra Saracco

      @Nate Rensin spoiler

    • Aprianex

      Aged well, and like milk at the same time.

    • Nate Rensin
      Nate Rensin

      RIP Mumbo. He died episode 7

  • Power2ix

    "Grian fell from a high place" ... "Objective complete: return to sender" I DIED

    • Animallover2467 8
      Animallover2467 8

      @haback lol

    • Moonstriker 2514
      Moonstriker 2514

      @Kevin Jones oh no "Haha" is Google translated to "lol"

    • Ashmit Singh
      Ashmit Singh

      Too funny

    • Aarceus

      Oh lol I realised now, when I was brought here by a comment on my video xD

    • Nomster Dude
      Nomster Dude


  • TuxMan20

    I love how Mumbo is in this Life & Death Chaos Server and he just reverts back to his redstone tutorial voice to explain a sugar cane farm :P

    • Peter Davis
      Peter Davis

      Life, Death, Chaos, and Redstone. The four horsemen of the Minecraft apocalypse.

  • L R
    L R

    *mumbo meticulously builds himself a chair and sits in it of his own accord* "THEY PUT ME IN A C H A I R"

    • Zip Playz
      Zip Playz

      😃I know LOL

    • Game Over
      Game Over

      @L R thx

    • L R
      L R

      @Game Over 9:46

    • Game Over
      Game Over

      Time stamps?

  • Ethan Manzi
    Ethan Manzi

    Grian’s death was like movie-level tragic. He then immediately comes back and says “Join me on the dark side - either by choice, or by violence”

    • 荼毘

      They'll never be able to show each other where they hid their diamonds again :(

    • AutumnWillow

      @diino🎗 LOL

    • diino🎗

      @AutumnWillow just a heads up, it's gonna take a while (several million years)

    • AutumnWillow

      @diino🎗 yesssssssss

    • diino🎗

      hey, just below average animator here. a lot of y'all in these replies want an animatic so yeah sure i can do that i guess

  • Llama Latte
    Llama Latte

    The desperation in Grian's "We could still be friends!" as he tries to make Mumbo red could make me cry hysterically if I watched it in theaters

    • Del

      @StrategicGamesEtc In the first episode, Grian explained that a Red Name is automatically Hostile and has to cut all ties and allegiances with Yellow Name+ players, however they can team up with other Red Names.

    • StrategicGamesEtc

      Why can't they be friends? Isn't the only thing that has changed is that Grian is allowed to initiate a fight with him? Nothing says he's obligated to, does it?

  • Tolumnia

    Mumbo and Grian always have to come up with an inside joke when they’re alone together. I love it 🤣 And now we’re not going to get anymore of those moments 😭😭

    • Cononsberg

      Don't lose hope! They can still be friends...

    • Ríain Galligan
      Ríain Galligan

      @MYSTIC Boi yes

    • MYSTIC Boi
      MYSTIC Boi

      @Ríain Galligan with a ghast tear with grian Definitely

    • MYSTIC Boi
      MYSTIC Boi

      Umm... Hermitcraft?

    • jake kincade
      jake kincade

      If grian kills then they will thats the only way mumbo go red he wont kill him self

  • Olen Cone
    Olen Cone

    Mumbo: "If we go really high, do you reckon--" Impulse: "We could fall to our death, yeah." Whoa... Impulse had some amazingly spot-on foreshadowing there! o.O

    • Gilad Barlev
      Gilad Barlev

      The real tragedy is that you don't actually need to build a spawning platform near the build height limit for a manual farm--if you're willing to sacrifice efficiency (read: don't actually mind having to only kill one ghast as a time), ghast farms work JUST FINE right on top of the nether roof.

    • Sairi Taikutsu
      Sairi Taikutsu


    • RisingRose

      And then theres the fact that grian made prep for when hes on his last life the same session he died AHAHA

  • RageDragon101

    “How badly do you want that pearl” that line cost Grian his life

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna

      @Mr. Cheese🧀 ik???

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Lennyopedia he said allyships

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Strawberry Soufflé he said allyships anyway

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Anuj Parajuli he said allyships

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Giorno Giovanna he said allyships

  • What The Crit
    What The Crit

    I feel like we just need a general "Adventures of Mumbo and Grian" series.

    • Tjark Schweizer
      Tjark Schweizer


  • Cameron Holland
    Cameron Holland

    I love how Grian starts chopping a tree, Martin and Impulse start chopping, and Mumbo scrolls to his axe, gets ready to chop, and then questions why he is going to chop a tree

  • JS Maddy
    JS Maddy

    honestly the way Grian came back and told Mumbo to join him and that they can still be friends it felt like a horror movie where the friend dies and asks the other to join. absolutely loved that bit

  • Blue Canary🇺🇦
    Blue Canary🇺🇦

    Everyone: You can’t spend another entire episode on a ghast farm Mumbo: Wanna see me do it again

    • shani yan
      shani yan

      Love Grian's giggle when he almost loses it coming up the pillar!!!

  • Kai

    Grian's half-assed attempts to kill Mumbo were really heartbreaking for some reason

    • Candy Queen
      Candy Queen

      So the others can't fight against the reds?

    • Stephanie Courteoreille
      Stephanie Courteoreille

      @Bob_Owusu man.. I really gotta try that some time- I always spoil it for myself :.)

    • Kai

      @Mr_Reaps Yeah

    • Mr_Reaps

      Is that the guy from star ga forces of evil for your thumbnail

    • Oliver Leung
      Oliver Leung

      Did that part feel similar to Wheatley's attempts to kill Chell in Portal 2?

  • Wholemeal Blousey
    Wholemeal Blousey

    Everyone on last life: mining, making aliances, farming sugarcane Mumbo: making redstone defences, making a full blown ghast farm and figuring out how to leave the border

    • Fritz R
      Fritz R

      @Øne8D In the Ja-har!

    • Littlewarrior 0106
      Littlewarrior 0106

      @Øne8D but you have been fooled ALL ALONGGG, because they are actually RIGHT HERE

    • Caed Blevins
      Caed Blevins

      @Øne8D Word

    • Øne8D

      @Help Incorporated see I've been hiding mine all aha-long, they're right HERE!

    • Help Incorporated
      Help Incorporated

      Well, it's funny you mentioned that because my diamonds are right here!

  • Bear's Custom Hot Wheels
    Bear's Custom Hot Wheels

    I love how mumbo just got comfy when he was kidnapped

  • HappyCrying Cat
    HappyCrying Cat

    Everyone: "Mumbo will probably be carried throughout the series because he's not good at PVP" Mumbo: "Yeah it's big brain time!"

  • Dan

    Mumbo, when you're doing a project that requires a lot of shifting, go into accessibility settings and change the sneak/crouch function from "hold" to "toggle" and you'll only have to press shift to turn the crouch on and off. It'll save your thumb!

  • Scorpion Art5
    Scorpion Art5

    Grian: "Is this a good time to tell you I'm the other boogeyman" *silence* Mumbo: "This is a terrible time, Grian" That was hilarious

    • lucasch

      it would be so good if Grian was the boogeyman and when mumbo looked at him he were with a bow and just released right click

    • Dylan B Pimentel
      Dylan B Pimentel

      I saw this comment and thought I read a spoiler. After watching, it's way funnier than I expected lol

    • Shademi


    • That One Goose
      That One Goose

      Time stamp pls

  • louis sandro
    louis sandro

    I have a feeling this is going to be a short series with the rate things are going but oh boy every episode is a banger.

  • Mr Jean
    Mr Jean

    Tip: Maybe try making a water-logged layer of a wall inside the walls so TNT and Fires wouldn't affect the walls. Im sure a lot of people were already thinking this idea but it would be a cool defense

    • Mr_Reaps


  • Irene Montejo
    Irene Montejo

    "IVE COME BACK FOR MUMBO LETS GO BUDDY" this is the funniest series ive ever watched ong

  • Puggert Power
    Puggert Power

    Have no one made the joke: we gonna build a gaHast farm.

  • Imagination Drawer
    Imagination Drawer

    Grain: We don't over do our jokes! Jimmy: *word*

  • Madison Hokstad
    Madison Hokstad

    This is so much like a story and narrative, and it’s really exciting. It actually makes me feel the same excitement that I did in the DSMP season 1. I hope people do art of it lol, i think I probably will myself

  • Bryzerse

    I just realised that daylight sensors were called detectors now, I've never noticed it until now. Apparently they were changed in 1.13 for some reason, and are still sensors in BE.

  • James Abdou
    James Abdou

    Grian: *dies* Mumbo: The ghast farm is working! That made me laugh so hard.

  • Drokles21

    I feel like mumbo is the only person who can just wander into people's bases without it being suspicious

    • Ben Stone
      Ben Stone

      @Za Ghurdo Scar is more of a danger to himself honestly

    • 46 – Shinjan Roy
      46 – Shinjan Roy

      It's the stache. Definitely the stache.

    • Moothechicken


    • The GG Floupin
      The GG Floupin


  • Ananmaya Singh
    Ananmaya Singh

    The southlands were such a happy, peaceful, hopeful and wholesome place - until Smallish Beans attacked. I will always remember the Southlands. Press F to pay respects.

    • XxWinterWolfxX


  • Lady Chris
    Lady Chris

    "It's clear who our leader is" Mumbo says about Grian, and then he dies later in this episode. Coincidence? I think not Xd

    • Lady Chris
      Lady Chris

      @Peter Davis LMFAO! We’ll have to wait and see…

    • Peter Davis
      Peter Davis

      Does that make Mumbo CEO of the Southlands? Is it Grian's fault? Again?

  • Kevin Fernando Dubón Méndez
    Kevin Fernando Dubón Méndez

    I really love how this series takes the best out of you! Being hostage was hillarious, making the farm was so into character. Really enjoyez

  • derp duck
    derp duck

    Mumbo: Oh I just remembered, piglins drop pearls. This is why Mumbo isn't a speedrunner

  • Joshey25

    The way Grian said “You can join me Mumbo” is priceless

    • Charli See Charli Du
      Charli See Charli Du

      @Stephanie Courteoreille did you have to make me so emotional over some minecraft videos😭

    • Stephanie Courteoreille
      Stephanie Courteoreille

      bro- I know it was them just laughing but it sounded like he was desperate and truly saw mumbo as his friend- I kinda wanna see an animatic ngl..

    • Charli See Charli Du
      Charli See Charli Du

      @NuclearReactor I can’t with this hahaha!!!

    • G.AkaashSamson

      Join the dark side.....

    • Candace Arvin
      Candace Arvin

      One of us

  • Josh

    Impulse needs to be the hero, and give Grian one of his lives so he can be back in the gang. Also spoilers sorry, but like if u go to the comments before watching the whole vid, then I’m not sorry.

    • Benshebibo

      Against the rules I’m pretty sure

    • Nebulous OW
      Nebulous OW

      That'd be ideal.

  • Fandhu Satya
    Fandhu Satya

    The Potat Arc in Hermitcraft is just Mumbo preparing himself for Last Life

  • Levente Borbély
    Levente Borbély

    I love how Mumbo is like "I can't do anything about it", when the literal rule of the server is that there are no rules. Mumbo you could've threatened Joel and even try to kill him if neseccary.

    • Shambhav

      I wanted to just jump of and strike Joel as I feel and knock him off but I would then fall to the ladder but Joel wouldn't because of the strike. Ahhh. I couldn't sleep for half an hour due to pondering about it.

    • Shambhav

      @DeviL He killed Grian. That's a provocation! And they aren't real rules as if the god of the SMP will come and prevent you. You can do whatever you like but there are some "social etiquettes."

    • Venatria

      @Levente Borbély I wasn’t standing against you, merely mentioning what happened - that Tango got punished for breaking a rule. Although defense is a whole another topic. Pearlescentmoon killed Joel after he killed Scott as the boogeyman despite her green name, Joel’s yellow name, and Scott’s already being dead. Mumbo could have absolutely shot Joel. But whether he was hesitant of himself going red, or in sympathy to not end Joel’s run in the series so soon is unknown. But I’m sure vengeance isn’t off the table.

    • Levente Borbély
      Levente Borbély

      @Venatria But he only got killed, and it wasn't a big deal at all. People killed eachother, justified or not. Grian had the most kills in season 1, despite not reaching red for quite a while. So why can't Mumbo kill other people while not being red/boogeyman?

    • Venatria

      @Levente Borbély Tango wore a helmet and was punished as well as Etho for not snitching lol.

  • Sublime

    Smajor: Okay we've taken Mumbo hostage. Martin & Solidarity: WE'RE HERE TO RESCUE YOU, MUMBO! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU SON-!? Mumbo Jumbo: I MADE A CHAIR! :D

    • Sublime


  • CatchPhase

    Honestly squealed when the ghast spawned behind you after Joel killed Grian, and then I couldn't stop laughing.

  • Shahol

    *"I'm sorry Grian, I love your back."* This can either be taken in a good or in a really bad way...

  • TheAdvertisement

    17:30 I love Joel and Mumbo's relationship. Joel's just like "D'oh! Foiled again!"

  • Nordlys Sørlys
    Nordlys Sørlys

    Grian died helping mumbo, such a heroic moment 😂

  • s

    Making a properly working redstone in a series that’s well this, is such a mumbo thing to do

  • Roni Ebenezer
    Roni Ebenezer

    you should also make regen potions with the ghast tears, they are probably more useful than end crystals.

  • chris turner
    chris turner

    Love Grian's giggle when he almost loses it coming up the pillar!!!

  • average YouTube enjoyer
    average YouTube enjoyer

    "we can still be friends" Grian desperately trying to be friends with you by killing you

  • JanwithBanan

    I love how everyone starts their episodes with this intense music, indicating that it's a thing of life and death, then Mumbo comes over here with his joyful music

    • Sleeviato

      the GAHAst farm.

  • Just a Nerdy Hobbit Girl
    Just a Nerdy Hobbit Girl

    The whole scene in Scott and Pearl's base really reminds me of when the dwarves invade bilbo's house in the hobbit XD

  • shani yan
    shani yan

    Mumbo and Grian always have to come up with an inside joke when they’re alone together. I love it 🤣 And now we’re not going to get anymore of those moments 😭😭

  • PixBat

    Probably a good time to mention that using a bow in your offhand with a looting 3 sword in your main hand will be useful to snipe the ghasts and also get looting 3 drops

    • PixBat

      Looting 1 i guess...better than nothing

    • Petar Malovic
      Petar Malovic

      They can not get looting 3 because they can only get level 1 enchants.

  • Umang Sheel
    Umang Sheel

    "I don't know how to make a Ghast Farm by myself" Hermitcraft Ghast Farm: Am I a joke to you? Mumbo: I'll ignore that

  • stalkyr

    Fact that Joel is just vibin and raiding other people bases without any consequences makes my day better. Also, bold move with ghast mob farm, its a big step from previous season

    • Lap Hedge
      Lap Hedge

      @Pacoh no its because red cant be attacked unless they attack first (if ur a yellow or green or dark green life)

    • Pacoh

      @Bob_Owusu Most likely they have a rule to not kill the people on red because that will be too easy and boring.

    • Bob_Owusu

      Why does nobody attack or kill Joel?

  • Maarten Keus
    Maarten Keus

    13:38 i was pretty shook by this, apparently it was renamed with The Flattening of 1.13 in November 2017 The Flattening is when every block and item got a unique id, so not stone1, stone2 and stone3 anymore but granite, diorite and andesite

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Mumbo, you're so lucky how nice everyone is being to you. The amount of easy kills people can get on you is scary.

  • Zaplee Squad
    Zaplee Squad

    This was a great idea, getting a bunch of people who don’t pvp and get them to pvp. Brilliant

  • Dinomite 72
    Dinomite 72

    "there's nothing wrong with you helping me" top ten moments before disaster strikes

  • liouy cnny
    liouy cnny

    escaping and shouting "I'm on my way!" rather than "I'm running away!" is the most posh thing ever.

  • KD

    The simple fact that if mumbo would've yelled when Joel showed up, grian would've probably made it, is REALLY good humor 😂😂

  • Lightbearer

    "If we go really high up..." "...we can fall to our deaths." Impulse, predictor of futures.

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    I love how Grian starts chopping a tree, Martin and Impulse start chopping, and Mumbo scrolls to his axe, gets ready to chop, and then questions why he is going to chop a tre

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      I really like Mumbo's casual kleptomania.

  • Anish Bhandarkar
    Anish Bhandarkar

    Guess mumbo didn't have enough chaos in HermitCraft when endcrystaling everyone , so he decided to bring it to last life. He is truely Mumbo "Kills a lot" Jumbo

    • Chirag Jangra
      Chirag Jangra

      dam i read it as end cry stalling

    • jpaugh64

      🕊️ ❤️ and ☠️!

    • pvic

      He never said the name was a lie. Hes just showing us his true power now

    • Jonathan Ramiro • 100 years ago
      Jonathan Ramiro • 100 years ago

      @Cdyhde every version has it's own zero tick farm contraption and i am sure somebody found how to make it already

    • Jonathan Ramiro • 100 years ago
      Jonathan Ramiro • 100 years ago

      @Natasha Eliot but wondering trader sometimes have them,or the could just cure the baby zombie villager in mumbo's bunker and wait for it to grow up then makes a op trade

  • Easton Richins
    Easton Richins

    In the last episode, when he said, hes gonna make the entrance difficult to use, I genuinely thought he was going to make Pearl's door all over again

  • Bradley Cross
    Bradley Cross

    The serotonin I got from this entire episode. I love it. You guys are literally so funny. 👍🏼

  • SabuSauce

    The part where Green tried to kill Mumbo was so sad, “we can still be friends” had better be made into an animatic

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu

    The desperation in Grian's "We could still be friends!" as he tries to make Mumbo red could make me cry hysterically if I watched it in theaters

  • Quentin Powell
    Quentin Powell

    The ultimate “If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you?” Your mah would be proud Mumbo

    • diino🎗

      @GamingNubs yeah i agree it was definitely hell

    • GamingNubs

      @Quentin Powell hell

    • Quentin Powell
      Quentin Powell

      What happened in this comment thread?

    • diino🎗

      @GamingNubs true

    • GamingNubs

      @diino🎗 i know its just rather annoying to do all the time.

  • not kristen
    not kristen

    28:13 the start of the most tragic death in cinematic history

  • Fadzom

    Mumbo: "It's clear who the leader is" Joel: *pulls back bowstring*

  • Tyler Fennell
    Tyler Fennell

    Y’all should weaponize the boogeyman, when one of y’all get it. All work together to securely kill someone not in the group, but in a way it appears it was a solo gig.

  • Dr. Antonius
    Dr. Antonius

    _"I messed up, but... it worked!"_ at 21:41 sums up Mumbo's plans so well :P Also, everyone else's on the server.

  • Mythical Loaf
    Mythical Loaf

    "I'm sorry Grian.. I love your back" Well that's definitely not going to be taken out of context

    • Moaxiixo

      Time stamp?

    • русский комментатор
      русский комментатор

      @This Is My Story I am ✨ traumatized✨

    • SuperYoungBoyGamer

      @This Is My Story Oh no thank you for traumatizing me

    • This Is My Story
      This Is My Story

      People are going to use that in fanfic I just know

    • SuperYoungBoyGamer

      Mumbo Jumbo out of context for 5 minutes?

  • JPachu16

    I like this over hermitcraft cause there’s more interactions with other ppl and there’s almost no chance of you just building your base alone without ever talking to anyone else

  • Hyperboid

    This session in 4 words: Hectic, chaotic, productive, and tragic.

  • TheMoldySausage

    The most heart wrenching moment of the server is happening and these two are just like "Ey we're the boogie men"

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Mumbo and Grian always have to come up with an inside joke when they’re alone together. I love it 🤣 And now we’re not going to get anymore of those moments 😭😭

  • VeroJaco

    This entire episode whenever someone died Mumbo just went "Oh no... anyways"

    • Mystic Melby
      Mystic Melby

      @snowy snail a 45yr old Indian man

    • snowy snail
      snowy snail

      @Mystic Melby It’s probably not even a girl running the account lol

    • Mystic Melby
      Mystic Melby

      @46 - Shinjan Roy I mean look at her account name… I don’t think she’d make her own comment….

    • Mystic Melby
      Mystic Melby


  • At It Again
    At It Again

    Mumbo is like the stay-at-home-wife for the group, always home to deter the burglars! XD

  • Austin Wood
    Austin Wood

    Genuinely loving this series. Fantastic guys!

  • Charlie

    this series is awesome, love these videos!