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Last Life is a sequel to the Minecraft 3rd life series, a Minecraft Hardcore series featuring many Minecraft RSloftrs from the Minecraft Hermitcraft server and many other places. In this Minecraft Survival Multiplayer series named Minecraft Last Life, each Minecraft player is assigned a random number of lifes, with people on 1 life being hostile. There is also an Among Us style Boogeyman element, so anyone acting suspicious could be the killer! In this episode Mumbo builds a Minecraft survival bunker, and plays with friends.
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  • Vincent Xiong
    Vincent Xiong

    Everyone is so friendly. Can't wait to see this go downhill

    • Kj Lord
      Kj Lord

      Can’t wait for it to go bahad

    • 4thOps


    • Paleocrastination

      What a foreshadowing...

    • The Wind Waking Hero
      The Wind Waking Hero

      It went downhill fast

    • Killer kun
      Killer kun

      Mumbo is gone from the series now lol

  • JoeTheGamer

    Mumbo: *gets rarest chest drop (a bell) from ruined portal* Also Mumbo: "Is this good?"

    • B4cate Guerreiro
      B4cate Guerreiro

      @M A AHA

    • Daan w
      Daan w


    • M A
      M A

      Just because it's one of the three rarest does not mean it is the best. An enchanted golden apple and a gold block are just as rare and are definitely better

  • Evan Gonzalez
    Evan Gonzalez

    Mumbo: I don't see myself mining anytime soon. *Immediately cuts to him making a pickaxe*

  • SoulNylium

    Mumbo: What ended your channels? The others: Well, I think we simply raised the bAHAr too high...

    • YeeticusTD

      @Shahid Mustafa true

    • Shahid Mustafa
      Shahid Mustafa

      underrated comment

  • Doctor Dumpy
    Doctor Dumpy

    For anyone curious btw, for PVP, axes are better for attacking! You'll deal more damage and can knock down shields using an axe. You can also jump and hit on the downfall to hit criticals so chew down people's health even quicker.

  • impulseSV

    It's going to be aha-mazing having you part of this series! 😂

    • Coles Trikz
      Coles Trikz


    • YouTube shorts 2020
      YouTube shorts 2020


    • Donut _Loafs
      Donut _Loafs

      Yes perfect

    • Melissa Sawicki-Mallien
      Melissa Sawicki-Mallien


    • Natalia Edwards
      Natalia Edwards

      H aha

  • F0X TA1L
    F0X TA1L

    Another cool idea would be hardcore but you can find lifes in dungeons and mineshaft lootables which you can use to gain a life. This could make a new stable currency for hermitcraft aswell.

  • PyromaniacPersonified

    When you can, you should switch the campfire with a beacon and a key would be like: Red: danger Blue: meeting requested Yellow: keep watch Green: coast is clear Etc.

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    Oh. My. Word. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Mumbo, this was an ahamazing video!!!

  • Banana Animations
    Banana Animations

    I love how Mumbo immediately went to Redstone instead of a simple and easy to use trapdoor

  • Zackerie Fairfax
    Zackerie Fairfax

    The proximity chat mod has revolutionized Minecraft content. This episode was hilarious

    • Cypriot Mappers
      Cypriot Mappers

      You forgot about wandering traders

    • ResetmeTomu

      Unfortunately they can't hear each other from ah-far

    • 3173 Δ
      3173 Δ


    • Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam
      Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam

      @John the herbalist G especially cursing to your enemies.

  • Striz

    Mumbo: I'm going to need to build my tower taller than everyone else's Also Mumbo: *builds the shortest tower*

  • Jessa Davis
    Jessa Davis

    This episode is really a serotonin releases for me! I love watching all the views of this episode just for the Aha's

  • Brian Scaramella
    Brian Scaramella

    Scar is doing his best impression of an NPC, literally selling you redstone for an emerald

  • LisaFT769

    This is my most favorite episode ever...I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. No matter how many times I watch it, I can't help but die laughing each time.

  • ButterJaffa

    Ohhhhh always keen to see how someone as creative as Mumbo will do in a 3rd Life series 👀

    • # Brickie
      # Brickie


    • clpgiroro9

      Hi troy

    • Wilson Faulkner
      Wilson Faulkner

      Hey troy

    • NASUE gaming
      NASUE gaming

      Nice one, Jaff-aha!

  • Names_is_live

    I just like how in the intro video the creators life are a perfect match for how much lives they got

  • Doge_King

    even though iv'e watched Mumbo for a while now, it still surprises me when him and all his friends get diamond gear, and some get it enchanted in one episode!

    • Maisie

      Same its ahamazing

  • D' Gamer
    D' Gamer

    Her: "he must be texting other girls right now" Me n the boys: 24:49

  • Salma Bassiony
    Salma Bassiony

    I wish playing with my friends was as fun as this biz-aha-arre episode.

  • Wilbert Marcello
    Wilbert Marcello

    We all know Mumbo has been dying to show off his bunker stuffs to other people so it's the perfect chance for him to do so, 10/10 addition to the server

    • MD. Abul Kalam Azad
      MD. Abul Kalam Azad

      10/10 ahadition

    • Joshua Fearon
      Joshua Fearon

      Literally, all his training creating unbreakable bunkers will be put to use

    • steelmasters playz
      steelmasters playz

      U mean his bunkAHAR

    • Slifer Streaming
      Slifer Streaming

      And to make traps, lol.

    • BruceToons

      @The Last Fry In The Bag I see you're the last fry in the B-aha-g

  • Tommy K
    Tommy K

    I was so stressed when they were starting on the towers. Mumbo's hunger bar got so low I was afraid he was going to sta-harve.

  • Emma Mimmo
    Emma Mimmo

    Mumbai seems so happy and fun with everyone, I really miss everyone working together and hanging out on hermitcraft (Originally I was going to fix my misspelling but it sounds like people enjoy it so I’m just gonna let it be. But for the record I know that it’s Mumbo not Mumbai lol)

    • A random raccoon
      A random raccoon

      Who is this mumbai character?

    • Ayush Srivastava
      Ayush Srivastava

      *mumbo Mumbai is a city in india🥲

  • Tic Tac Attk
    Tic Tac Attk

    The whole time scar was threatening mumbo, I was screaming for him to just place the lava at scar's feet.

  • David Parker
    David Parker

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series! 😄

  • Elijah Kaehler
    Elijah Kaehler

    Calling it now, Mumbo is gonna forget when he gets on hermitcraft and he's gonna start killing stuff again.

    • Myles Klapatiuk
      Myles Klapatiuk

      Ok bet

    • LegoSpiff

      the fact that this is 2nd to top comment makes it unlikely to happen, though

    • Spoon

      This wont age well lmao

    • Neo Dong
      Neo Dong

      @OneNbKing 2 very powerful cells are still 2 cells, and cells can only bounce signals around so fast my dude.

    • Vincent Kroeker
      Vincent Kroeker


  • ChromeCable

    This season was definitely off to a great st-aha-rt!

  • Awess29 Gaming
    Awess29 Gaming

    When he’s going down that set of stairs for the mines he made, I would’ve never been able to figure out if he was going up or down if it wasn’t for the torches.

  • DotsPlots

    "We are really paying attention" probably one of the best lines in a series of great lines. Super funny and many real laughs out loud.

  • Paul Pickett
    Paul Pickett

    Well, it's not just you. I'm dying laughing over here! xD Maybe you guys could weaponize this somehow....release it upon your enemies as a battle cry. ...or more likely...infest them with it like a productivity-killing pestilence...

  • Eins

    I'm really hopeful that Mumbo would make an actual safe house in this series. All those safe house videos finally serving it's purpose!

    • Trqhxrd


    • It'zClarkGamer

      Everyone gangsta' till he needs 1000 netherite blocks

    • Ronin Jax
      Ronin Jax

      rip not having immersive portals and creative mode

    • 乙乇尺口


  • AlterCody

    this has got to be the one episode that made me choke on my drink and made me scared to take another sip due to the fits of laughter i kept getting from ah harrr jokes

  • Awess29 Gaming
    Awess29 Gaming

    I love how this is on Mumbos channel but Grian is explaining the series

  • 1

    The last time I've watched an mc series was when I was a kid, the times of popularmmos and ssundee etc. Watching this one episode just gave me so much nostalgic feelings that I couldn't help myself to commenting my feelings on the matter, this is nice.

  • Abinaya Arjun
    Abinaya Arjun

    This series and Mumbo's channel in whole brings be back to the good old times. The Crazy Craft series with DanTDM, Thinknoodles and Thnxcya. Just wow

  • fly

    Mumbo: We have to be weary of over-friendly people Mumbo 1 minute later: Hey Impulse, here is my base

    • Lightning Gaming
      Lightning Gaming


    • AdmScoo


    • Pandalla

      @Probablyonline yeaha

    • Probablyonline

      It’s over thahar

  • Talley frus
    Talley frus

    i'm in TEARSSSSS right now 😭😭😭 my throat hurts from wheeze laughing thru the whole "aha" part

  • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
    Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

    time for Mumbo to release himself from peace, love and plants

  • Nelly

    I think you should try and make your unbreakable cobble wall into a four sided panic room, for when things really hit the fan

  • TheMoldySausage

    Love that everyone just default gives Mumbo redstone

  • VoidSignal

    I like how multiple members of this series's solution to upsetting Mumbo is to give him redstone like it is a child's stuffed animal.

    • Amokra

      @Fox4Dayz I don't think he ca-har-es

    • mizuki !
      mizuki !

      LOL ikr, it’s so funny 🤣

    • Eesha Jamil
      Eesha Jamil

      more like little red candy, but yeah, absolutely! xDD

    • Priceless Sword
      Priceless Sword

      @Earthblood Elf okay

    • Earthblood Elf
      Earthblood Elf

      @Priceless Sword They were last season, so I can't think of any reason that it would be different this season

  • Polar_bear_Creates

    This is hilarious I love all the Ahha that happens😂 I laughed so freaking hard.

  • Joey Lynch
    Joey Lynch

    Dude I saw another video from 8 years ago amazing 🤩 I gotta binge watch this guy.

  • ElEscorpion Plays
    ElEscorpion Plays

    From the start of the AHAA's it got me laughing, but when it got carried away, I was stuck laughing my bunbun's off.

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    12:28 I was so expecting Joel to say "Don't make your roof flammable" lmao if only

  • Dakota Devons
    Dakota Devons

    I feel like this series is giving Mumbo the opportunity to finally put to use all of the redstone security contraptions he's made videos on throughout the past years 😂 he was made for this

    • Sidney Woodall
      Sidney Woodall

      I see incoming arrow Gatling guns firing through walls of fire with timed explosive charges being launched in Mumbo's future 👍

    • Josh C
      Josh C

      Sadly it might not prove to be useful if he does because people can break blocks to go around it

    • Adam Jacks
      Adam Jacks


    • Jose Agustin
      Jose Agustin

      282likes 1reply

    • Vincent Bissacco
      Vincent Bissacco


  • Trevor Davis
    Trevor Davis

    Just gonna say, by 34:25 I was laughing so hard I was crying 🤣🤣🤣 ooooh my gosh y'all are awesome!!!!

  • Demoblo

    Game: ‘NOT the boogeyman’ Me: instantly covers NOT

  • Anne Thornton
    Anne Thornton

    I know I'm late to the paHarty... but I was laughing my aha-ss off, tears coming out of my eheys... :D Can't wait to watch the rest of the series....


    Mumbo just has to say what he want, and the generation mechanics will take care of him :)

  • Boysenberries

    After all these years, mumbo finally gets to use his minecraft safety bunker designs

    • Boysenberries

      @Exploding Serums uh hi, but i'm just "Boysenberries" they're a large 8-gram aggregate fruit.

    • Exploding Serums
      Exploding Serums

      Hi boys on berries

    • Scentoshi

      332 likes I slept yesterday

    • Alaca Aaaa
      Alaca Aaaa

      331 likes and i love cats idk

    • Amir Hare
      Amir Hare

      326 likes (I gave one of them), and I’m somehow the seventh responder

  • SpicyMelon

    It's been a few months since I have laughed this hard!!!

  • Kase - Alt
    Kase - Alt

    Mumbo: *decides to stay away from other players* Also Mumbo: *shows smallishbeans, lizzy, and scar his base*

  • PlayrR3D

    33:05 The moment you're looking for. You're welcome.

  • Mr. Kid100
    Mr. Kid100

    The AHA puns made me start laughing so hard I was crying.

  • DeathSquid

    “He couldn’t kill him without breaking the rules” Reminder: There are no rules. Grian had the highest kill count in third life.

    • Ella Stevenson
      Ella Stevenson

      @Andreea Cat well grian did mention that smallishbean (first red) still had a chance if he can finess someone in giving him a life. so yup you can give a life to red people. their rule is green people cannot kill if not boogey, traps can be set for protection or in general. but only red ppl can attack anytime. green ppl can defend themselves if the boogeyman attacks them first. grian explained this in his prev vid

    • Andreea Cat
      Andreea Cat

      this raises further questions: can you give a red player one of your lives to save them from destroying their friends?

    • My Usual Name was Taken and I Don't Like it
      My Usual Name was Taken and I Don't Like it

      @konkey but it WASN'T in a Video yet so...

    • Ella Stevenson
      Ella Stevenson

      @jbs_mullet yup exactly they can't actively pvp if they are green

    • jbs_mullet

      @Ella Stevenson by hand that is, you can't actively start a fight but you can kill in self defense, or by traps (like grian)

  • Leah belle
    Leah belle

    Most of this video is about fully grown adult men laughing their brains out at "AHA" jokes AND I LOVE IT

  • Awess29 Gaming
    Awess29 Gaming

    That 8-vein is really lucky man. The largest that a single vein can actually get is a 2 by 2 by 2, and that 8-vein was actually 3 blocks tall. That means that you had a 1-vein spawn directly on top of a 7-vein, which is far more lucky than just a single 8-vein. What are the odds of that?

  • Bug2246

    The best strategy would be to go down to bedrock and up against a border corner

  • Spectre

    Others won't find that funny? I was crying with more!

  • Rylan Brosh
    Rylan Brosh

    Mumbo: "a spyglass is literally the most useless thing" 5 min and one diamond later: "AHAAA!"

    • KIY0KO -_-
      KIY0KO -_-

      @muhammed muha agree*

    • Amaya11

      @Aleczander Marleau AHA!!

    • Aleczander Marleau
      Aleczander Marleau


    • Holden Anderson
      Holden Anderson


  • nupagagyi

    I played Minecraft 10 years ago once. RSloft recommended me this. This is the best thing. :-D I'm laughing and having a good time.

  • Christos Liontis
    Christos Liontis

    heres a tip use a wooden axe it does the same damage as a diamond sword

  • Two Three
    Two Three

    I love that when he proposed the ahadeaia to make everyone say aha he uttered 'hermit'.

  • Ulrik Strand
    Ulrik Strand

    You should make people choose. Make them pay a fee to either get taken to a treasure room to pick one of many chests full of goodies or dropped down a lava trap by minecart railway.

  • Avelardo Noriega
    Avelardo Noriega

    All of Mumbo's "Most Secure Houses" have prepared him for this series

    • hafiz sehbaan abbasi
      hafiz sehbaan abbasi

      but that's the problem they're NO THE INTERNET which isn't the optimal place for SECRETS

    • AbasisC


  • jemand kommentiert
    jemand kommentiert

    i love how wholesome this is AHAAAAA

  • Taylor Tambe
    Taylor Tambe

    I'm watching in the waiting room at the Dr and I had to pause the video to contain my laughing 🤣💛

  • TheCasualHazeFox

    I didn't think it was funny at all, until you got to the "Ajar" part. I spit laughed at that and kept laughing on after that. The "ajar" one just hit me right in the gut. I laughed at every one after that too. Awesome vid!

  • Crokobos

    Grian has decided to keep the most exiting feature for last. Mumbo is joining this season!

  • Thunderwolf049

    Most of this video is about fully grown adult men laughing their brains out at "AHA" jokes AND I LOVE IT

    • mrkittylover

      I found ur comment informahative

    • #Hashtag


    • Candy Queen
      Candy Queen


    • Mirza Uzair Ullah Baig
      Mirza Uzair Ullah Baig


    • JzproYT


  • Aphrodite

    Lmao im dead that joel had 5 lives, full enchant diamond armor and was still first to go to red😂

  • sky peters
    sky peters

    I love how some people are getting diamonds super quickly (Joel) and some people….aren’t

  • Zaavo

    Mumbo is one of the only people that get excited after finding redstone

  • Tim Bomb
    Tim Bomb

    You could send a secret message by putting a sigh in a little tunnel pointed at the target's location. Then it could only be seen by that specific direction using a telescope

  • Milky Joe
    Milky Joe

    Hey mumbo, just a friendly reminder that hitting someone holding their shield up with an axe temporarily disables their shield for a few seconds. Very good for pvp:)

    • Piter

      @StarNight lmao bro replies after 7 months

    • StarNight

      @Piter no

    • Royal Silk
      Royal Silk

      @nickalt Sprint+hit has a 100% chance of disabling a shield. Just a axe hit is a 25% chance.

    • The Soup Hour
      The Soup Hour

      Ok idk why I thought that

    • nickalt

      @Royal Silk no

  • That guy
    That guy

    This exactly what I needed🤣

  • Lisa Henry
    Lisa Henry

    They could have mixed the two communication methods. Write something on a sign then open the smoke signal to tell people that there's something to read

  • Malachi Maxwell
    Malachi Maxwell

    mumbo: iv only got two brain cells also mumbo: is one of the most highly esteemed and popular redstone engineers on the entire internet

  • AlphaUnknownGamer

    Mumbo:- i have only 2 brain cells Also mumbo:- builds a walking house using REDSTONE