Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Minecraft Last Life, the Hardcore Survival Minecraft series on a Survival Multiplayer Server, Mumbo Jumbo creates the ultimate weapon in Minecraft, the end crystal. He also joins up with the southerners to make some Minecraft redstone traps, regroups with Grian, and accidentally creates a red life!
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  • oofted toofted
    oofted toofted

    The foreshadowing in this session for Scar man. He gives his boogeyman detection crystal to Mumbo and then proceeded to get killed by the boogeyman. He gives his luck crystal and then died to the trap he previously survived in. It’s poetic at this point.

    • Adrian Paùl Ochoa
      Adrian Paùl Ochoa

      @missingno miner Its as if they planned for it to happen but no, Scar is just Scar

    • Mac Mcleod
      Mac Mcleod

      The magic is real!

    • Eesha Jamil
      Eesha Jamil

      @Jack Dwyer this 100% wasn't scripted LOL That's the best part about this series

    • Jacinta Capelety
      Jacinta Capelety

      @Its Glada Yeah, but those scams worked not because he was genuinely convincing and made good points about them. It was more because he was just really persistent and annoyed them into taking the deal, and if someone didn't let the fast talking gibberish work on them, he'd start saying how people would "regret" not making the deal (example: the way he immediately considered Dogwarts enemies because they didn't accept the friendship passes). It was less a scam and more of a movie mafia deal. Everyone knew it was a bum deal, but a lot of people gave into it cause they didn't wanna deal with the alternative: "Nice place you got here. Be a shame if we tried attacking and trapping it repeatedly because you didn't give me diamond gear in exchange for a piece of paper." Scammers don't typically threaten the people they're trying to get stuff from when they think the hustle's not going their way.

    • sphere av
      sphere av


  • Jyotiraditya Shukla
    Jyotiraditya Shukla

    With his 7 lives, Scar bought this server together its almost poetic his death should split it.

    • Shreyas Kadam
      Shreyas Kadam

      @Shawn O yeah but kinda relates to AoT too

    • Shawn O
      Shawn O

      @Shreyas Kadam No its a star wars reference

    • Shreyas Kadam
      Shreyas Kadam

      AoT reference

    • polkso

      That would be a amazing storyline

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    Scars Arc is honestly kinda sad, lives alone, gets everyone to yellow, then becomes the only red after finding allyship.

    • JadenAnjara

      I feel so bad for him especially since apart from that time he killed Mumbo he seems to just be chillin and be friendly to everyone, not even mad he fell into the walkway the first time

    • Ramone Gordon
      Ramone Gordon

      scar arc is always sad, feel sorry for him most times.

    • MR melon
      MR melon


  • The angry kitty
    The angry kitty

    When you realize that mumbo didn't kill anyone in Hermitcraft to learn what and what doesn't register as a player kill, in preparation of Last Life.

    • Pale Greenwood
      Pale Greenwood

      Literally the moment he said "we're gonna go peace love and plants and not kill anything! :)" in episode one of HC, I knew for a FACT he was gonna be in 3L season 2. There was no other explanation.

    • punkin boi
      punkin boi

      @Cathie Gotuzzo the angry kitty forgot the word does after the first what

    • Monique B
      Monique B

      @Cathie Gotuzzo what and what doesn't x

    • Cathie Gotuzzo
      Cathie Gotuzzo

      "to Learn what and what" what?

  • ivoxweezy

    The fact that Scar died in the trap that he literally walked into earlier makes it even worse

    • Fredradk

      Dude spoilers

    • blu3


    • Rohan

      Some bot copied ur comment

    • Harrison Gilbert
      Harrison Gilbert

      @Aetherflame He bought the account illegally

    • yeetus_feetus

      Stolen comment

  • it's me
    it's me

    Grian: "Is this staircase safe?" The southerners: "yeah" "yes" "mhm" Mumbo: "well you're gonna have to find out mate."

    • IceyLive

      @Tangy Tim EXACTLY

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Wacky Animations which completely contradicts your “I don’t care”.. I’m not even gonna continue this argument anymore.. ur being unreasonable to a comment that is pointing out a funny part of the video.. like get tf out of the internet if you will act like this on everything hat u disagree with.. it’s literally so easy to just ignore it and you care because it’s getting likes? Just honestly, leave.

    • Wacky Animations
      Wacky Animations

      @Mr. Cheese🧀 i care because its getting a ton of likes for a low effort comment. it is not funny. if i wanted to see this event again, i'd rewatch the video again.

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Wacky Animations u obviously care since u took ur time to reply something negative in a harmless comment. Like just ignore it if you don’t like it. It’s that easy.. why are u being an @ss about it.. I don’t care if u don’t find it funny. At least put some sort of sensible and positive comment rather than just leaving something negative and unnecessary. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. No one cares.

    • Wacky Animations
      Wacky Animations

      @Mr. Cheese🧀 i dont care if you find it funny. at least put some sort of comment rather than just quoting the video. if you like it, you like it. no one cares.

  • EpsilonMask

    Grian: Any last words Mumbo? Mumbo: Well you see... this whole time I've been... HIDING MY IRON RIGHT HERE! Grian + Mumbo: *Dies of laughter*

    • Exo

      @Epsilon Mumbo: Actually ends up dying

    • Alternative_StryZze

      Its not grian lmao

    • J Rogon
      J Rogon

      Time stamp

    • Y D
      Y D

      @allison cymbaluk RSloft translates wut to fury lmao

  • Eleven Down
    Eleven Down

    The absolute joy in both Grain and Mumbos voice when they no longer are enemies just proves their bromance

    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀

      @Captain Potatord if ur an OG then you’d know what we’re talking about.. unless u forgot to specify that it’s a joke with a “/j”

    • Namia Kurenai
      Namia Kurenai

      @Captain Potatord Everybody knows his name is Groan

    • Amber Jones
      Amber Jones

      @Captain Potatord hey man i think you forgot that "/j"

    • TriforceCat

      @Captain Potatord you don’t know Grain?

  • Alex Charlton
    Alex Charlton

    Gives away “detect boogeyman” crystal, dies by boogeyman Gives away “Lucky Luck” crystal, dies in a worse trap than what he survived in before.

    • Earthblood Elf
      Earthblood Elf

      I quite honestly have the headcanon that Scar did it intentionally when no one would help him go get the enchanting table, the only option for him was to exert force in the only way he knew how, by being red, this probably isn't what happened, but it's my headcanon

    • Lulu

      Scar has the houdini escape crystal: miraculously survives the trap he stumbled into he trades away the houdini escape crystal: dies to that same exact trap ...the magic is real.

    • TheEmperor

      coincidence? I think NOT

  • LJ_Dude

    Grian's "chaos in a box" description of this server is really quite accurate.

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano

    Martin and Timmy: _Run off after the failed trust exercise_ Mumbo and Impulse: "Oh no. Anyways!"

    • Beau Richards
      Beau Richards

      @Timothy Estrada 33:00

    • Beau Richards
      Beau Richards

      @Requiem 33:00 it’s both

    • Beau Richards
      Beau Richards

      @Kia Not The Car yeah exactly if u listen to the episode close enough they all call him Timmy as well

    • Kia Not The Car
      Kia Not The Car

      @Timothy Estrada his name is Jimmy but there’s an inside joke where people call him Timmy, which is why both get used

    • Melissa Pederson
      Melissa Pederson

      His name is Jimmy, but I have a feeling the southerners will never ever call him Jim again.

  • Thomas Palazzolo
    Thomas Palazzolo

    I think Scar's luck is installed upside down. Dies twenty times on the way to breakfast, walks unscathed through a storm of lava and dynamite.

  • Christian VR
    Christian VR

    Scar was really an outstandng character in everybody's last life episode. I really love that guy, he's so wholesome

  • MegaDK47

    Every other comment section: "Mumbo and Grian wholesome friendship" Mumbo's POV, killing all of Grian's dogs: "yeah, hahah, so wholesome..."

    • AdminDestroyer1

      I thought that was Scott and Pearl who burned the dogs?

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith

    Scar: boogey Killed by Etho martin: "You know where there is another boogey?" Mumbo: Instinctively pulls end Chrystal

    • Iyxan23

      A-HAnother boogey?

  • Einnor john Solis
    Einnor john Solis

    Mumbo saying "FRIENDS" to them is the most wholesome thing ever

    • SuS Crafting and building
      SuS Crafting and building


    • SuS Crafting and building
      SuS Crafting and building


    • LadyDragon

      You said to Grian ( Oh Joel is here. ) But it did not sink in to Grian in time. :( Not your fault.

    • Fawn's dumpster fire of content
      Fawn's dumpster fire of content


    • Trenty Boi
      Trenty Boi

      *adjusts my glasses with glare* You clearly aren’t cultured in the way of wholesome

  • Sam with a Sceptile
    Sam with a Sceptile

    The fact that it took the Redstone madman on the server to finally build a trap that was actually effective...

  • Rebecca Ting
    Rebecca Ting

    Martyn saying: "Our sweet boy Grian" is rather wholesome (or as the comment suggested, rA-HAther wholesome) Edit: I changed 'Jimmy' into 'Martyn', my bad lmao

    • Rebecca Ting
      Rebecca Ting

      @HerbTheBerb You are very right on that

    • Rebecca Ting
      Rebecca Ting

      @Henry Hammarberg Oh damn it was? Oops- haha thanks for telling me

    • Henry Hammarberg
      Henry Hammarberg

      That wasn't Jimmy that was Martyn lol

    • Hattomasuta

      @HerbTheBerb my apologies dear God thanks for correcting me

    • HerbTheBerb

      I think you mean, rAHAther wholesome

  • Astra Luna
    Astra Luna

    I love the fact that the first words Mumbo and Grian spoke to each other was ‘friends’

  • Teresa Schnaider
    Teresa Schnaider

    Smajor: He had 40 wolves in there and now there should be about four. Because I burned them all alive. Impulse: Nice InTheLittleWood: Good job Mumbo: That's good, that's good.

  • gargi tripathi
    gargi tripathi

    Scar with the Luck Crystal: Survived the trap Scar without the Luck Crystal: Dies to the same trap

    • red is sus
      red is sus


  • Websoak

    I like how Mumbo Jumbo is incorporating end crystal PvP into his playstyle.

  • Og Saphire
    Og Saphire

    Fact: mobs cant jump over azalee bushes. Suround yourself with azalee bushes only 1 block high, spasn mobs outside and see that they cant jump over it. A good looking change for fences

  • IamBread77

    "and by sus I don't mean sustainable" that had me crying

  • Crabe Mane
    Crabe Mane

    Scar survives until he gives his crystals to mumbo, leaving himself crytal-less.

    • ANK Gaming
      ANK Gaming


    • gamingwith din
      gamingwith din

      holy shi-

    • Merry Gozali
      Merry Gozali

      @MegaSpecter8105 yup

    • MegaSpecter8105

      @Merry Gozali after he got rid of his crystals

  • Venky Man
    Venky Man

    Grian: "We can be friends again" Mumbo, who just killed his dogs:

  • Thomased22 Lego Yoda Gaming
    Thomased22 Lego Yoda Gaming

    "The Last Red has been Pacified, the server is at peace..." *"The Last Red has been unpacified, the server is not at peace."*

  • LivFuji

    13:26 Scar: Almost dies. Also Scar deep in a pit of his near demise: “Well it’s good that I’m here because I’m also selling tnt.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Payton Wurst
    Payton Wurst

    Scar can die at the most simplest things on Hermitcraft, but managed to evade death so easily on Last Life

  • Sahil Yadav
    Sahil Yadav

    I love how, On last life server, he can put out all the frustration of not being able to kill anything from hermitcraft..

    • It’s Just Jay
      It’s Just Jay

      @BRUH lmao

    • Amru Mubina
      Amru Mubina

      @Doofy 𖨆 id rather try to convince a can of beans to talk using morse code than watch your content

    • gamingwith din
      gamingwith din

      @Doofy 𖨆 lmao, the amount of comment he spammed on mumbo's video is perfectly 69

    • Efrem Paglinawan
      Efrem Paglinawan

      @Doofy 𖨆 bruhh

  • DragonCat621

    I love how when Scott said he burned about 40 wolves everyone is praising him and saying good job

  • Rize

    The ender pearl that flew up out of the hole the second time Scar fell in the trap was hilarious

  • Phos4us

    If the wolves teleport when hurt, imagine when being attacked you do something (redstone, telling someone at the base, etc) to do 1 damage to each at once and they all teleport to you to help.

    • Limeyhoney

      Place a dog on trapdoor above water. Through tripwire or any other means, you can activate the trapdoor, and drop wolf into water. That will cause the wolf to stop sitting and instantly teleport to you.

  • Yogurt

    Mumbo's content is so fun to watch!

    • ShellShock HK:MK78
      ShellShock HK:MK78

      @ProGamer Kid he isn’t Santa. He’s called Evil, I recognise that pfp. I reckon He changed his name for Christmas.

    • Exo

      @ᔕTY᙭ Iᑎ TᕼE ᖇIᐯEᖇ Cant wait for youtube to finally do something about this..

    • Exo

      @Santa *Get out of here*

    • Progect

      Sub botter

  • Paul Brennan
    Paul Brennan

    Scar is the ultimate door-to-door salesman, nearly getting blown up by a creeper and then surviving a door trap and still trying to push his wares on everyone

    • IceyLive

      *on fire* Would you be interested in some crystals

    • Jupiter Sparx
      Jupiter Sparx

      **really low hp, surrounded by lava** can I interest you in some crystals

  • TheAdvertisement

    Love how the episode called Mass Destruction, is the one where like 5 traps get activated, but only one works, and nearly every red name gets back to yellow.

  • eksboks148

    i just love how half this episode is just grian screaming about his house.

  • Supernova32

    Grian: leaves south lands for half a session Southlands: descends into chaos The ironic part here is that grian is the chaotic one…

  • Elsewhere

    Everyone: how did you survive? Scar: do not question the infinity stones

  • British neko
    British neko

    Mumbo: this is like witch burning Timmy: am I not actually gonno be burnt am i? mumbo: I mean yeah also mumbo: *maybe worse* **pulls out end crystal**

  • Coldtitan

    Loved every minute of this episode especially the bread puns lol it was truly as the title stated it was practically mass destruction everywhere 😂 😂

  • Humourless Jester
    Humourless Jester

    There's an irony with scar saving all the red names, but turning red himself.

  • Jake Frazier
    Jake Frazier

    Scar: is known for constantly getting into situations that end with him dieing Also Scar: survives the giant death trap

  • Space Pug Games!
    Space Pug Games!

    Did anyone notice Jimmy didn’t actually open the door? Someone shot an arrow at it😱

  • Thomas Kain
    Thomas Kain

    Ah lord, poor Scar! Gave everyone all his lives and now he's down to one! Loving the series thus far. Keep it up!

  • Whiteypants

    OK. Now I can't wait for the next episodes, and hopefully you guys get more traps in. Maybe trap the tunnels so that people can't enter easily like grian did earlier

  • Strange Stories with Phillip Carter
    Strange Stories with Phillip Carter

    I like how the one time Scar DOESN'T die is exactly when he is supposed to

  • Boot & Scats
    Boot & Scats

    The fact that instead of being mad or shocked that grian and smallishbeans blew up the base, they just insulted their redstone is just amazing.

  • James Michael Keats
    James Michael Keats

    This series is truly great. Cheers to all for the laughs and fun times. Keep it up!

  • S R
    S R

    Oh man, that pearl flying out of the little crevice with perfect aim, /right/ before the lava wins. Simultaneously the coolest and saddest thing.

  • Flamme 5.0.6
    Flamme 5.0.6

    Oi Mumbo, I recommend trying to construct the door trap differently, since the cobblestone is literally shielding the entering person from the end crystal. Perhaps try two.

  • jkid1134

    I love how much death and destruction the ghast farm has brought. Happy to see some random killing :)

  • cql.

    Everyone : Did you do it? Scar : Yes. Everyone : What did it cost? Scar : Everything.

    • Niceknowingyoubye

      @Tjark Schweizer *Captain America theme song intensifies*

    • Tjark Schweizer
      Tjark Schweizer

      @Niceknowingyoubye And I understood 'that' reference.

    • fripies

      Everyone and scar ~2021

    • Joram Noel Clet 🎀
      Joram Noel Clet 🎀

      lol yeah

    • mimipisikka

      @smoopy doopy and than became one...

  • Cian Moloney
    Cian Moloney

    Out of all of this all I could think 8s I would love to see Scott and Mumbo team up in a future season... I think it could be an interesting dynamic

  • Phos4us

    Mass destruction, AHAs, and the "know where I kept the ore" joke. I like it.

  • Densema

    For real tho, I don't feel sorry at all for Scar 😅 his antics the whole season of last life just put him in that place that nobody is ready to trust him, so him being deserted is sadly mainly his own fault 😅 BUT this whole arc of him in this episode is fairly poetic, not gonna lie! Surviving everything until he gave away that crystals and then fail to especcialy these two things the crystals should protect from... wait a second? Did he just waste these lifes to show Etho that magic works and its not all about science? 😂😂😂

    • stephen singh
      stephen singh

      @Densema I will point out however it was only partly his fault for not keeping the enchanter or giving Joel a life

    • stephen singh
      stephen singh

      @Densema ik it's not an attack I'm simply pointing out flaws in his argument, grian stole his life first, then scar stole yellow snow as revenge, Joel betrayed scar when he trapped him which he said he wouldn't kill him or hurt him when they were last talking (I think) and ofc, scar gave them a deal, they get free enchants in exchange for scar and the southerners to be at peace, which they then broke the peace treaty afterwards by killing yellow snow, scar cancelled their pre orders as revenge and honestly it was kinda satisfying seeing him burn grains ( yes, I think he's bread) crystal so I think all in all he scammed people, yes, but honestly it wasn't his fault he died, I mean if like five plus people were shouting at me I would be confused.

    • Densema

      @stephen singh how? They told Scar to not step forward, he fell for a trap TWICE and wasnt even killed first time there 😅

    • Densema

      @stephen singh Oh and also he did not steal Scars life, he was appointed to take care of it (that sadly just went downhill way too fast)

    • Densema

      @stephen singh Grian stole his life after Scar stole Yellow Snow from Grian, so also Yellow Snow wasnt even Scars horse as he mentioned himself in the first place. I dunno where Joel broke the alliance, all I know is that he cannot have any alliance with others as long as he is on red life, and even then, they live right next to each other. Then Scar sold Mumbo and Grian Preorders for lifes and cancelled it right afterwards. Also, please remember, it's all fun and games between friends and I know that, what I said in the og post was kind of in lore and not meant to be aggressive against Scar in person, I really like him as he is ^^

  • Giovanna Fransesca
    Giovanna Fransesca

    26:55 Scott desperately calling Mumbo while Mumbo just struggles with directions 🤣

  • Kiwimarauder

    If I remember correctly, Grian has to give Scar a life now, because of Ep1. Grian has more lives than Scar so he promised to give the stolen one back if that happens

  • wut

    Things you need to avoid most traps: Fire Protection, Blast Protection (and a water bucket)

  • TryNotToDie

    “That’s ok, he’ll die on his own. “ -Impulse SV

  • J

    you should trap the outside of doors. No one is going to just bash through doors at this point. If the trap is on the outside, it may be more successful

  • Benjamin Thomas
    Benjamin Thomas

    Imagine in a future season of last life if mumbo got skulk sensors. The traps would probably still … not kill anyone. Why do the traps never win😭

    • BRUH

      @Nestorix100 What are you talking about?

    • Nestorix100

      @BRUH noone said it was lmao

    • DomD Yt
      DomD Yt

      I mean he managed to kill scar

    • BRUH

      @unsolveddiamond Who are you?

  • Miscellaneous

    Hey Mumbo, I don't know if you know this, but i've been testing redstone on one of my worlds, and i discovered that you can stack one tick piston pulsers next to each other, which takes longer to activate, but still gives off a one tick pulse. I don't know if you can do anything with this... but here it is. :)

  • Sam Perrault
    Sam Perrault

    While watching this I thought of how good an idea it would be to use trapped chests when hiding (or pretending to hide) valuables. That way you could attach the output to a trap and have the person opening the chest instantly killed.


    Hey mumbo , I currently have a kidney infection so I'm not feeling too well. However, your videos cheer me up a lot! I appreciate how much work you and the crew put into these very entertaining videos

  • Something Something
    Something Something

    I'm glad to see some traps being made and actually being used!

  • Alex

    Grian looks like he's gonna shoot that crossbow at everyone lol

  • What and Who
    What and Who

    Hey man, you can make a teleport canon to ambush anybody without them knowing on any distance by building tnt canon and combining it with pearl chamber (tested in my world and it worked)

  • JellyPotatoes

    Southerners: intensely thinking Ren: *FART*

    • Sidharth V Jain
      Sidharth V Jain

      I love how he says fart randomly

  • Rake

    Grian once he realizes that the south lands’ base got absolutely wrecked sounded like an angry mother coming home to the kids painting on the walls

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King

    Grian in the first episode: green and yellow names aren't allowed to kill other players Mumbo with end crystals: peace, love, and plants time

    • stephen singh
      stephen singh

      This ain't s1

  • Figgmastah

    this the best series i have ever seen and its makes my day, thank you so much!! :)

  • Caleb Just
    Caleb Just

    Hey Mumbo! Love the videos! I had an idea for catching the boogeyman: in HermitCraft (current season) you had that hole that went below to the abyss. you had a method of falling in the abyss but you used a ender eye to automatically teleport to safety. Would that be applicable here? Im not too versed in the mechanics of that but if the BM tried to kill you, you can teleport to that area and tell the others.

  • Celestiiad

    *Watching five grown men causing chaos with hidden traps is just beautiful*

  • Da Watcher
    Da Watcher

    You know while watching this I told myself. One of them is going to die after immediately getting off red. I was kind of right

  • Avicenna Ren
    Avicenna Ren

    The “i left you alone for 5 minutes!!” And the base being filled to the brim with traps and seeing them getting set off in front of grian is priceless

    • Braedyn Howard
      Braedyn Howard

      and being st off by their own returning southerners. A COMPLETE MESS!

    • ecsj

      Things that happen when you leave Mumbo and Impulse alone with TNT…

  • Ethan Weimer-Kopf
    Ethan Weimer-Kopf

    Mumbo: Im not going to tell anyone about the end crystals Mumbo: Tells everyone about the end crystals

  • Xathonn

    I watched Grian's video first and I gotta say. That ending feels even crazier now knowing that Scar had actually already fallen into that same trap once before.

  • MonthlyMash

    If I had this man as a engineering and tech teacher, then my IQ would go up by 200%

    • Niek_Tsunami

      Jk joure rite :)

  • Gabriel Long
    Gabriel Long

    Can we appreciate how he uses one of the 9 most valuable item spots in the game and gives it to his spyglass. What a legend.