Lakers vs Nuggets HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA February 14
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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Nuggets beat the Lakers 122 - 105
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  • David Helgod Pardede
    David Helgod Pardede


  • Jan Rei Magtoto
    Jan Rei Magtoto

    Mga inutil plaers ni lebron.

  • Vuk S.
    Vuk S.

    Why are Lakers comentators never sync with the video. Shame for NBA

  • Wilson Theodore
    Wilson Theodore

    Is CH jerseys authentic? Can anyone answer me?

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


  • Aasar Ptah
    Aasar Ptah

    Nuggets despatch the Lakers whom had no defence once AD limp off......

  • Edward Herrera
    Edward Herrera

    Lakers need a center !!!

  • Alessandro Farnè
    Alessandro Farnè

    Gasol is too slow, and in my opinion is at the end of carreer, what a pity.

  • MKS Highlight Sports
    MKS Highlight Sports

    AD 🔥🔥

  • ikano24

    without AD lakers he is not a champion...

  • Steve White
    Steve White

    I really think Denver Nuggets can beat The Lakers.

  • mattmatt mattmatt
    mattmatt mattmatt

    king of cooking show lebron james

  • Romolo Carrieri
    Romolo Carrieri

    the ad on CH Jerseys I suspect is scam

  • John L
    John L

    Lebron's attitude stinks when his team is losing. Just looks so pissed off with his team mates and I'm sure in turn that will knock their confidence. Not the way to bring the best out of someone in my opinion.

    • Kai R
      Kai R

      he admits himself his body language has always been kinda trash. seems a lil' petulant at times but I dunno how I'd be spending quite literally 25 or so years always taking to the court never having teammates be at your level

  • Glen Esperen
    Glen Esperen

    Lakers 2020 team batch are the best

  • Glen Esperen
    Glen Esperen

    Lakers need McGee',howard

  • Mohamed Abdallah
    Mohamed Abdallah

    there only one king jokic

  • El Cocolo
    El Cocolo


  • Daily Works TV
    Daily Works TV


  • John Kenneth Muni
    John Kenneth Muni

    Welp looks like Lebron's gonna cry again this year. For sad reasons hahaha

  • Carl Kelly
    Carl Kelly

    Campazzo Stockton

  • Ian Azura
    Ian Azura

    Lebruin will need to play more minutes now that AD is out.. The last time he played more minutes he got injured too..his groin gave up.m

  • Ian Azura
    Ian Azura

    Howard and javale is badly needed here

  • 빛이유

    AD 큰부상 아니길..

  • bronzefighta

    Blastin' Delta Parole to this right of this time

  • 666 Chen
    666 Chen

    OMG 04:38

  • Gen Rip
    Gen Rip

    With out Ad. Lebron cant win the game... 😂😂😂

    • Christoph Kießig
      Christoph Kießig

      Lol they were down by 15 with AD on the court you dogshit nothing

  • Rohmz Sol
    Rohmz Sol

    Useless Gasol

  • Anderson Landon
    Anderson Landon

    Pls get gasol out he need to retire common he is hurting the team

  • Tasos papadopoulos
    Tasos papadopoulos

    Anotehr proof that Lakers without AD is an average team and definetely Lebron can not cap the games

  • Ernest Muric
    Ernest Muric

    Lakers fans love talking about trades more than lebron does.hahaha......KUZMA first head to roll.

  • theStepBack

    This team wouldn't make playoffs without AD.

  • Tand_Tube

    Thank you.

  • Dead Giveaway
    Dead Giveaway

    Without AD, Lakers will lose a lot of games. Where the 'GOAT' at ?

    • Le Jayden
      Le Jayden

      @Allan Houston 36* halfway 37

    • Allan Houston
      Allan Houston

      @Le Jayden 37 ? ? ( LOL ).

    • Le Jayden
      Le Jayden

      @Dead Giveaway he's 37 and we all know what he did in clutch moments the last game, don't talk smack and wait for the upcoming games dumb ass

    • Dead Giveaway
      Dead Giveaway

      @Manuel Noriega A lot of teams are battling with injuries but they pick up on defense. Lakers did not and Lebron was moaning when he was the bad defense lol

    • Manuel Noriega
      Manuel Noriega

      Happy right ?

  • Fabio Monteiro
    Fabio Monteiro

    Anyone knows what happened to Bol bol from the nuggets? He doesnt play for a while and i cant find any info on in he’s injury or just not an option for the coach

    • Jeremy


  • Taylor Lovenkramds
    Taylor Lovenkramds

    Lakers need three point shooters.....

  • Richard Prado
    Richard Prado

    No AD, no Howard, no Javale, and Gasol playing nothing in both sides of the floor, it will be a great test.....

  • Chan -X
    Chan -X


  • Truth Talker
    Truth Talker

    Lebron’s defence is atrocious and yet he moans each time the nuggets hit a three that he doesn’t close out on. He is a legend, but quit the moaning when you are the culprit. Talk about lack of defensive accountability.

    • Allan Houston
      Allan Houston


  • Marvin Armado
    Marvin Armado

    Get Andre Drummond so Lakers have 2 AD's

  • Ken Vivares
    Ken Vivares

    This is were LA missed Howard defense against the Joker

    • Ken Vivares
      Ken Vivares

      @Real Deal The lakers defense will be exposed in the playoffs

    • Real Deal
      Real Deal

      Of course but they let Howard go for Montrez and Gasol who can’t defend a parked car furthermore the Joker. And the so called nba analysts say the team got better right?

  • Randy Sunga
    Randy Sunga

    Lakas ng players ng Lakers bakit hirap manalo kahit sa mahinang team..

    • Vic Espina
      Vic Espina

      nuggets mahinang team? ok ka lang bro? hahaha

  • tubeathrun

    Injury sucks, again Injury sucks

  • Donnie Cornwell
    Donnie Cornwell

    But y’all said Lebron would go to finals without AD 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Manuel Noriega
      Manuel Noriega

      No team would how you think Steph gonna do without Klay

    • uchman00

      No one said so , maybe you did

  • 71328康博雲

    I hope AD will be fine

  • Hreidmar

    James ? MVP ? Look at what happens when AD isn't around. James may have deserved MVP awards in the past (not only the ones he got, but the ones others who didn't deserve it over him got), but he doesn't deserve it this year.

    • Le Jayden
      Le Jayden

      i kinda agree but it's only 30 games in the season lets wait til its over?

  • Shukhrat Raimov
    Shukhrat Raimov

    it is hard to watch this highlights, as you short time for plays and showing only 1-2 sec when the team get bucket

    • Tand_Tube

      Yeah another one second or two would be nice before the bucket.

  • MrJ9191

    Watch "MJ vs Lebron: the BEST Goat comparison" by DANGERProduction. By far the best and most comprehensive comparison that accounts for different eras and positions MJ and LBJ played. You will find MJ is way ahead of LBJ overall, he beats him in personal accolades/statistics/winning/clutchness/eye tests. MJ does not need to jump ships to join with other star players to win chip, he stayed in one team and persevered, unlike LBJ who joined Wade/Bosh/Kyrie/Love/AD etc, not mentioning how many times he needs his teammates to bail him out in the finals (Irving, Allen, etc) In MJ's 13 seasons vs LBJ's 17 seasons, MJ not only had more rings, but he was: 10 times scoring champ (LBJ 1), 9 times all defence 1st team (LBJ 5), 1 time DPOY (LBJ none), 6 times NBA Champ (LBJ 4), 6 times FMVP (LBJ 4), 5 times MVP (LBJ 4), 3 times steals leader (LBJ none), 2 times slamdunk champ (LBJ none), not mentioning his rebounds (in contrary to public belief, MJ's ranking is higher amongst SGs than LBJ's ranking amongst SFs), win shares (MJ number 1), player efficiecny rating (MJ number 1), shooting percentage in clutch time (MJ 50% vs LBJ abysmal 20%) etc, way ahead of LBJ. The differences go on and on. The number of differences here speaks for itself. Oh yes, since some dumb TV personalities such as N Wright, S Sharpe and C Cowherd like to use cumulative stats to push for LBJ's unworthy case (MJ joined NBA at 21 yo while LBJ joined at 18 yo), it would be fairer to include MJ's college accolades including: 1 x NCAA champ, 1 x freshman of the year, 2 x players of the year Dumbass such as N Wright and S Sharpe who do not even play baseketball but look at numbers superficially would use cumulative stats. You need to look at PER GAME stats, and you will find MJ beats LBJ in ALMOST ALL categories while ACHIEVING MUCH MORE in FEWER seasons, way superior player than LBJ.

    • Le Jayden
      Le Jayden

      ur stats are wrong i really dont get how people get fooled by this just bc he typed alot it's not all true it's mostly wrong and not important bro also i've seen u in every lebron highlight video like get over it stop hating dumb ass. lebron will always be my goat. he's the most clutch player EVER. in terms of stats or whatever u wanna do it he's the most clutch player the nba has ever seen.

  • MrJ9191

    Again without AD, LBJ and Lakers cannot win much at all. Remember before AD's arrival, they could not even reach the playoff. AD clearly is the MVP on Lakers, not LBJ.

    • Anıl Can Özgök
      Anıl Can Özgök

      @MrJ9191 I guess you don't remember Lakers still winning without AD. This is just one game dont underestimate Lakers man. They just lost one game to the pistons and they won the other game dont make it big deal. Pistons beat the Nets too a couple days ago.

    • MrJ9191

      @Anıl Can Özgök You do remember without AD Lakers recently cannot even win against Piston, dont you?

    • Anıl Can Özgök
      Anıl Can Özgök

      Dude are you serious? LeBron was injured before AD's arrival that's why Lakers didn't make the playoffs. After AD they did make the playoffs and became champion but the MVP of the team was LBJ and always will remain LBJ. If AD stays healthy he might be MVP for next year but it doesn't seem likely to happen.

    • Nicholas Baldwin
      Nicholas Baldwin

      But A.D. played tonight an they lost tho😒

  • Daisbin Arendain
    Daisbin Arendain

    No bayan..... Kung wala si AD hindi pala kaya ipanalo.. Ang Lakers.... LBJ.. AD lang pala... Ang.... Dahilan kung bakit... Malakas ang Lakers

    • Patrick Reyes
      Patrick Reyes

      English only please. 🤪

    • Randy Sunga
      Randy Sunga

      Bulok na Lakers hirap manalo kahit mahinang team ang kalaban..

  • blisstits

    Lebron bout to trade everyone cause he can’t win without AD.

  • Adah Daniela
    Adah Daniela

    Yahoo sports will be quiet about this game. Didn't certain brontards say this season will be easy? Easy to make excuses and find blame once again? Your goat needs the help of the refs to win.

    • Tui luafitu
      Tui luafitu


  • Hurelulga Enkhtur
    Hurelulga Enkhtur

    Its onlye one game guys the young guys just lucky 3 point shots made it lol next game will win for sure

  • Kobt Đặng
    Kobt Đặng


  • jhun apostol
    jhun apostol

    better that the coach must find ways if AD wont be available like montrezl ..or othe player that may help the team

  • Ira Bonta
    Ira Bonta

    Martell n kcp denis not their best tonite

  • Abc De
    Abc De

    Lebron tae pag wala si davis

  • Nature King
    Nature King

    Lakers missed quite a lot of 3's,oh well next time they be a play-off mode

  • Set

    C H Jerseys is a SCAM...

  • Pain beats
    Pain beats


  • Y. Beh
    Y. Beh

    As expected, without durable center camping in the box, AD had to charge in and out. He worn out pretty fast and couldn't finish the season healthily.

    • paul roberts
      paul roberts

      When God made those 2, he gave AD's +Resilience points to Lebron by mistake.

    • Real Deal
      Real Deal

      Predictably to everyone besides the dumb Lakers fans and the media who tells them that the team got better. The guy literally said when he signed that he did not want to play center to avoid injuries, so they brought in Dwight and Javale.

  • Đệ Ba Gà
    Đệ Ba Gà

    Gasol defensive just like tango dance in front of Jokic :D

    • Omaro Idrissa
      Omaro Idrissa


  • California Breeze
    California Breeze

    AD will be fine and need more rest for playoffs. Get Pau Gasol!!!

    • Tona Jensen
      Tona Jensen

      Pau?? Clown🤡

    • Anonymous Gregor
      Anonymous Gregor

      Se need an athletic big not 40 year old pau

  • Chinchun Chang
    Chinchun Chang

    gasol defence in the paint and no offensive rebound...=.=

  • Dean Ambrose Gozun
    Dean Ambrose Gozun

    Again and again trade KCP+gasol for jarret allen and give AD the rest he need.championship>>>>>>>>high seed


      No way they should trade kcp.

    • Anonymous Gregor
      Anonymous Gregor

      KCP is our best sniper no way

  • Mauricio Flores Olivares
    Mauricio Flores Olivares

    LeBron should get his 5th MVP title. Honestly the guy is the Lakers himself. And even more now. The other guys have some good players around but LBJ is a play maker and hustles so hard on defense game after game. He should get it IMO

    • Rosano Arandila
      Rosano Arandila

      Lebron is a good player i agree but your blind enough not to see the talents of his team mates. Every nba player is not selected by guts and looks it all comes with talent and hard work. It just normal that they are not in chemistry as a team or they are being outplayed by the opposing team. Anyway there is no draw in basketball so stop criticizing and just enjoy the game cause every team is trying there best to entertain everybody here. That's is why your in the comment in the first place.

    • Arebahoona Emmanuel
      Arebahoona Emmanuel

      I don't think Lebron is the best MVP candidate right now, the Lakers are stashed up, the team is Loaded compared to other teams around it. And boy oh boy, I like them these Nuggets boys, they can bring the physical if thats what you want to play and if its pass ball, they shall still give you that. I like their rotation aswell. Nuggets and Jazz are making a case.

    • George Kalogerakis
      George Kalogerakis

      Why? This game again proves LBJ is not even the best player in the team. AD went out and Lakers collapsed.

  • Sam Lu
    Sam Lu

    start at 0:27

  • Jeffrey Littawa
    Jeffrey Littawa

    May rason na naman ang lakers fans kasi nainjured si AD ganyan nmn sila pag malakas kalaban kung hindi si lebron si AD palusot lng yan hahaha

    • Super Mario
      Super Mario

      Bakit galit na galit ka ky lebron di nyo maamin na magaling talaga sya. Kung ayaw nyo ky lebron respeto nyo naman yung talento nya sa laro..

    • Adrian Concha
      Adrian Concha

      tanga mg pakasaya k. ka umay din lagi panalo. sumasakit dibdib ng kagaya mo haha

  • MY Studio
    MY Studio

    0:03 cavaliers vs clippers???

  • Claudio Barahona
    Claudio Barahona

    Vayan a casa lakers🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  • Benjamin Gines
    Benjamin Gines

    Campazzo making Ginobili proud!😎

  • 夜無常

    AD... Gasol. wtf . better win rates without 2 of em

  • Angelito Dumogho
    Angelito Dumogho

    It’s hard to win w/o devis



  • Jackson Lam
    Jackson Lam

    DH would have provided a lot more cover to the team in terms of defence...

    • Nicholas Baldwin
      Nicholas Baldwin

      @Jackson Lam but what's the point

    • Jackson Lam
      Jackson Lam

      @Nicholas Baldwin but I can still make comments about the transfers... right? Pretty sure that’s my freedom of doing so, no? Though the world will move on anyway whether I like it or not... so I actually get what you mean The problem is That comeback story won’t happen every game as proved by this game and unless someone else step up and fill the void, this will be a more difficult season comparing to the last, not to mention they’ve had the shortest break (if that excuse still applies) Still there are positives (like Kuzma’s improvement in his game) and the changing dynamics in the team may bring surprises by the end of the season

    • Nicholas Baldwin
      Nicholas Baldwin

      @Jackson Lam so was Rodman...point being one can only deal with the chips one has,stop bitching about who left

    • Jackson Lam
      Jackson Lam

      @Nicholas Baldwin Not expecting the superman edition who can throw the ball into the hoop But old DH is still better than Gasol under the rim...

    • Nicholas Baldwin
      Nicholas Baldwin

      He's not there anymore..get over it

  • taio taRIQ
    taio taRIQ

    Mark = losing a championship ring / get rid of him and Dudley and get better players in defence

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star

    lebron walk out🤣🤣🤣

    • zaid zainuri
      zaid zainuri

      @uchman00 Yup. le-need-help is bad bad champion. lmao

    • uchman00

      King James is the defending champion, yes or no ?

    • zaid zainuri
      zaid zainuri

      @uchman00 4-6.

    • uchman00

      You mean King James, the final MVP , the defending champion

    • zaid zainuri
      zaid zainuri

      typical lefraud. lmao

  • photographerjonathan

    AD's injury does not look good for the Lakers, because it looks like the type of problem that can come back at anytime during the season or during the playoffs. and I just have the feeling like AD is not going to be there when we need him the most. but I hope I am wrong and he gets past whatever is happening to him.. . . . . . . . . . . Go Lakers

    • James Mckellar
      James Mckellar

      @Kin Gin Lebron without AD is not much of a threat to be honest.

    • 26southpaw

      Let’s go 76ers!

    • Kin Gin
      Kin Gin

      @26southpaw your nuggets is trash lil kid, lakers are guaranteed in the finals, no team in the west has a massive threat to lebron,

    • 26southpaw

      Yes you are definitely right he will be out this season, go Nuggets

    • Kin Gin
      Kin Gin

      ad should've rest until playoffs, lakers are guaranteed in the playoffs anyway. lebron lost motivation to go all out in this game .

  • cheat code
    cheat code

    lakers haters incomingggggg

    • cocolily

      @George Kalogerakis lol you pretty trash mehn.. you hate greatness, gotta change your ways yo, it finna affect your life but obviously you won't see it until it's too late so whatever, goodluck

    • Ethan Wang
      Ethan Wang

      @George Kalogerakis he’s 4 times mvp and fmvp 😑

    • George Kalogerakis
      George Kalogerakis

      I don't hate the Lakers, I hate LBJ. He is nothing without AD and all the players he plays with but he always gets the credit for the wins. I think he is everything I hate in an athlete.

  • Jesus Is Our Savior
    Jesus Is Our Savior

    howard rondo green please comeback and remove gasol

  • hongji hu
    hongji hu

    Gasol is too slow to guard anyone.

    • WGGames 14
      WGGames 14

      Yes he is trash man, we need druman from the cavs

  • Jepon Canete
    Jepon Canete

    Old lebron its time to quit.

    • Shonix L
      Shonix L

      Grandpa juice was better!!

    • Claudio Barahona
      Claudio Barahona

      36 years

    • Joaquin Grande
      Joaquin Grande

      He’s got a couple more years in him to play at an mvp candidate level

  • Conrado Ferrer
    Conrado Ferrer

    Now you are paying the price for letting changing your last year's champion roster. Bring it back!

  • Nathaniel Edward Lovino
    Nathaniel Edward Lovino

    AD is older than LeBron? He looks so much older than Bron, getting injuries.

    • Jiangcheng Li
      Jiangcheng Li

      @권가람 oh well, you better change the google result for that, obviously you know it better than google experts

    • 권가람

      @Jiangcheng Li 206 211

    • Jiangcheng Li
      Jiangcheng Li

      @Joaquin Grande really? AD 208cm while LBJ 206, you really talking about that 2 cm diff?

    • Joaquin Grande
      Joaquin Grande

      He’s really tall, you’re going to be injury prone just because of that

  • 蔡蔡徐坤儿


    • Julio Jakes
      Julio Jakes


  • tu nguyenvan
    tu nguyenvan

    Lake this year is weaker than lats year

    • Korie Campbell
      Korie Campbell

      Lake can’t get weak made of water 🤣

  • 張明杰




  • Tayfun Loukal
    Tayfun Loukal

    AD problem

  • Vincent Minott
    Vincent Minott

    What happen to AD


    iyak yung mga kapatid ng unggoy..asan n yung best actor..iyak hahaahhaha

    • Journey Omargrande
      Journey Omargrande

      Makaunggoy oh! Dika kaya kapatid din nila?😂

  • Eduardo Ponce
    Eduardo Ponce


  • 이솔SOL

    Why does this channel get recommended so much for foreigners I just noticed lol .

    • 이솔SOL

      @The Mus1ciaN I live in the US but im korean and you can see many foreign languages in the comment section you dont see this many in other channels

    • The Mus1ciaN
      The Mus1ciaN

      recommended? I searched for it, and it has 200.000 subs if you like basketball it should basically pop up.

    • Addison Daniel
      Addison Daniel

      For real


    howard mcgee danyy rondo back to lakers because this great teamate gasol very lazy and very slow moves hahahha big egg hahhahahha

    • sanin kontron
      sanin kontron

      @uchman00 You deflect ! We are not talking about winning or loosing... We are talking about lakers defense : Gasol is a problem...You did not adrdress that.

    • uchman00

      Just one game after winning seven straight , you guys are tripping, Lakers are ok, last year playoff Lakers lost some games , I hope you guys don’t expect the Lakers to win every game, that will be stupid, win some lose some

    • sanin kontron
      sanin kontron

      Gasol : too heavy, too slow, can't jump, can't block... I miss Lakers block party... They need another big !!!

  • Paco Freiberger
    Paco Freiberger

    Facuuuuu 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • Junior Feliz
    Junior Feliz

    Desde republica dominicana bendiciones 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Junior Feliz
    Junior Feliz

    Ático 🖐