LADA Niva v Suzuki Jimny Dacia Duster: OFF-ROAD RACE & BATTLE!
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It’s time for an awesome three-way budget off-roader showdown!
We’ve brought together the new Dacia Duster, the LADA Niva & the Suzuki Jimny Commercial to see which is the best off-roader you can buy for £20,000 or under.
So let’s see how their stats compare. Starting off with the Niva, it’s powered by a 1.7-litre engine that can put down just 85hp & 130Nm. So it’s clearly not that powerful, but it does come with a low-range gearbox and a central locking differential!
Next up we have the Suzuki Jimny Commercial. It’s got a smaller engine than the LADA, powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine, but its power output is bigger, at 101hp and 130Nm of torque. It also comes with the ability to put it into four-wheel-drive lock or low-range four-wheel-drive.
Then finally we have the Dacia Duster. It’s powered by a 1.5-litre that can deliver 115hp & 260Nm - so easily the most power out of the three! However, unlike the other two cars, it doesn’t have a central locking diff!
So what do you think, could the Russian export snatch the win? Or will the Jimny or Duster stroll to victory? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
Mat's off-roading SUV choice:
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  • carwow

    LADA Niva v Suzuki Jimny v Dacia Duster - which are you choosing? VOTE BELOW!

    • Eduards SA
      Eduards SA

      In Russia, Blarusia, Kazakhstan, etc you can buy brand new Lada Niva for 9.990£, and for this car price is great, and spare parts for this vehicle are very cheap.

    • Genesis23OPB

      @Петр Врангель russian quality lol

    • Петр Врангель
      Петр Врангель

      Only Lada Niva, Russian quality and engienering are best 💪🏻🇷🇺

    • Genesis23OPB

      Would be the Dacia for me as the jimny is 1. very rare 2. extremely overpriced and 3. got reclassified as work vehicle and thus reduced to two seats where i live.

    • Waps Wall
      Waps Wall

      Vote: Lada Niva. Please bring it to India

  • ABN Falcon
    ABN Falcon

    I think the Jimny would have won the second challenge if the driver had taken a more aggressive approach.

    • Stephanie Theophilus
      Stephanie Theophilus

      jimny will win for sure

    • Vasili Pupkin
      Vasili Pupkin

      Yes, it was pretty slow! 🤦🏻‍♂️


      U are right

    • Aldeen

      @J73xt Bot cute the botter cuter the bottest the cutest

    • Accelerator

      @Damar Fadlan ok

  • Niklas

    Would have been more fair to compare the Lada Niva Bronto, wich should be around the same price point as the Jimny and Duster. With it's 2 self locking diffs, bigger off-road tires and it’s lifted / reinforced suspension it would probably outperformed all of them off-road (let’s not talk on road).

    • Roger Hudson
      Roger Hudson

      As the Niva is has a big fan called Putin I don't think we'll be seeing Niva imports for some time. Putin appears in a couple of Niva RSloft videos.

    • Kokain Gott
      Kokain Gott

      @Valaky Itten as long as you keep an eye on rust, it is a really great Car.

    • Valaky Itten
      Valaky Itten

      @Kokain Gott well, my brother has one 1600ccm from 1991 with 260000km, daily driver. Yes, it had rust, but was repaired

    • waimser

      @shmadmanuts The Lada is actually really nice on the highway, as long as you dont need to overtake anyone. Ride quality and handling are both great.

    • shmadmanuts

      @Леша someone was laughing above saying Jimny and Lada are not real 4x4 it's a really good fishing/hunting car (if you don't have to drive a long way there :) ) but for the price it costs in Russia, in UK, for 17k pounds.... not so much.

  • Beariam24

    Love this, personally I’d have the duster as a daily out of the 3. What would be good is if you could test all the cars on the same tyres that would make the results more accurate.

    • Florin Arjocu
      Florin Arjocu

      Plus very equal drivers and tracks.

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  • Hristo Plamenov
    Hristo Plamenov

    I love the Lada. All parts are between 2$ and 200$ and easy to swap

    • Gleb Yarmolenko
      Gleb Yarmolenko

      U would have to swap them once a week

    • Mr. Robocall
      Mr. Robocall

      @Royal Zak I felt the same way about the Lada sedan tested by another driver. If there was a time machine to take the Lada back to the 1980s, no one would notice the difference. I think the Lada would be a great UTE if built by Honda and modified enough to be a top performer. It's cute, cheap and dated.

    • Ded Sur
      Ded Sur

      People are talking about how 17k is overpriced, just so you know, it's that much when you get it brand new. Most of the Russians that buy niva get them from hands and it's usually around 3k

    • Perry d'Accard
      Perry d'Accard

      @Леша As I said, I have Russian neighbours and at least one Russian coworker. None of them strikes me as 'evil' or drunk all the time. But they generally have a very relaxed attitude towards the common stereotypes. Alcoholism might have been a big problem in the past, but so it was here. We (or at least I) know that the Russian people is generally recourceful and tough. We might be a little jealous actually.... Most people here have no concept how vast Russia really is and how little impact our sanctions and threats have, especially these days. If my comment hurt you, I would like to apologize. As for the Lada, it sure has its place even today. In the Swiss mountains you'll still find them as farm trucks. In a rough off road environment, 150'000kms is good, on road notnso much. Just never expect any western (especially German) car media to like it. A squeaky dashboard diqualifys any vehicle for them.

    • Леша

      @Perry d'Accard а по поводу качества автомобиля, в частности производства завода "АвтоВАЗ" который производит Ладу Ниву, то с ней все не так плохо, как ты говоришь. Среди автолюбителей есть пословица, все зависит от "прокладки между сидением и рулём". Под словом прокладка подразумевается водитель, то есть - человек. В России Лада Нива без проблем может проехать 120.000-150.000 км, без капитального ремонта. Повторяюсь, все зависит от "прокладки"

  • Pablo Moreno
    Pablo Moreno

    I'd go for the duster, it's good enough offroad and better onroad than the other 2...btw i believe the duster does have a center locking diff, in fact is a true mechanical locker unlike most SUVS...

    • JMVvideosByDjMarty

      Duster has less gasoline use too... I have one and he needs only 6L100km 👍

    • Aatrox

      We had duster as a company car. Finishing quality is like in Lada, awful! Cheap, weak, lots of rust.

    • Pablo Moreno
      Pablo Moreno

      @Mike Cochrane true that actually, it does disengage at speeds, but i meant that it works like a real 50/50 mechanic locker once connected. it is not like that hydraulic pump stuff that just applies more pressure

    • Mike Cochrane
      Mike Cochrane

      I believe it is an e-locker and only on some models. It is manually selected but automatically disengages electronically when speed is above 30km/h. So it's not a true locker but a sort of half way locker. Axles are still open diffs but the traction control seems decent.

  • Mateo Roksandić
    Mateo Roksandić

    You know Mat, in a Niva there's a brake in the middle of pedals. If you push it, a car won't move when you push a clutch.

    • Shreyan’s vlogs
      Shreyan’s vlogs

      Yes it’s called heel and toe

    • Vova Volk
      Vova Volk

      Откуда вы знаете она дальше России не куда не уходит я про ниву

    • Greatlatius

      @Bajszos József I’m definitely not saying it’s impossible. I’m defending the point that Matt made. Trying to race on a 25° hill with a car with such low torque without a handbrake or hill assist against cars which have the option, is a clear advantage for those who have it.

    • Bajszos József
      Bajszos József

      @Greatlatius I'm not comparing it to the Lada. But people here - including you - have been making stupid statements about starting a car on an uphill and how impossible that is without hill assist or handbrake. Which is not true. It's not impossible at all. It's tricky and can cause some extra wear on the clutch but can be done easily once you get used to it

    • Greatlatius

      @Bajszos József I don’t think you get the issue here. Your Ford Fusion weights 100kg less than the Lada and has 25% more torque (160Nm vs 130Nm). While the Lada requires 80% of max torque to hold itself stationary, your Fusion would require 60% (that’s twice the overhead compared to the Lada). And I’m sure you are not trying to race on a 25° inclination when you start on an uphill on your Fusion. Your comparison is completely meaningless.

  • Rareș Pasăre
    Rareș Pasăre

    The fact that the Duster can be used as a family or everyday car just ends the comparison

    • shmadmanuts

      @Paul Jansen Yeah, a Land Rover Discovery is better, others too, but what about the cost? not many have the budget to buy one, even less to maintain one for offroad challenges. PS: a Niva would make sense if it cost say 7kE, but 17k pounds for this old tech, with such abysmal on-road capability and being crash-worthless.... PPS: Funny thing, in Russia, a Niva starts at 6500 Euros, while the new Duster at 11000 Euros - there it makes sense as a fun-to-drive cheap off-roader, but at the same price? Only as a quite a bit expensive third car in the family just for hobby one. Better get any other second hand offroader.

    • Paul Jansen
      Paul Jansen

      It's not a family car + offroad challenge though

    • Zander Bulgaria
      Zander Bulgaria

      Duster is MUCH better on-road especially compared to the Niva...

  • DeMoniserer

    Technically, Duster (as well as tons of modern SUVs) has part-time AWD with lock between axles by dedicated clutch when rear wheels connected and no lock when disconnected. And it happens many times per second if needed. 😀 So it has no cental locking diff because there is no central diff at all.

  • Peter G
    Peter G

    Being a car from 1977 the Niva is doing a great job with a 40+ year old 4x4 system. The Duster shows how good a car Renault can build ( in some countries the Duster is a Renault) just being a road car with the optional 4 wheel drive and is really impressive. The Jimmy is just on a different level.

    • Александр Коновалов
      Александр Коновалов

      Ниву можно утопить по крышу. Высушить и поехать дальше. В принцепе в России так и делают😂

  • Richard S
    Richard S

    Couldn’t count the amount of 4x4 dusters I seen in Switzerland the last time I was there in winter. Seemed everyone parked their expensive cars because of the snow and drove dusters 😂

    • pr3d8t0r33s channel
      pr3d8t0r33s channel

      Expensive car? 90 percent of us are not rich. We may have a bigger paycheck but everything in switzerland is so expensiv that there is not much left at the end of the month. And most cars in switzerland a property of a bank. Leasing is the key word.

  • Oliver Tate
    Oliver Tate

    I'm pretty impressed by the Duster, considering it's not generally bought to go offroad

    • B-263-54

      @V for Vendetta What? It's got rave reviews for the price v quality. What are you talking about?

    • Vinsu Karma
      Vinsu Karma

      Best engine of the contest. Put that diesel inside the jimny and will be unstoppable

    • Mart In
      Mart In

      @V for Vendetta not a single review is "smashing it to pieces" lol. You're wrong.

    • Martin Gouka
      Martin Gouka

      @corvo ,Yes to all countries!!

    • lefizz55

      @corvo See plenty of them used by local authorities and even the police in some places in Spain.

  • globuloagro

    I'd say the Duster is the better overall car: it's a family SUV that can do offroading brilliantly. Also, next time fit proper tyres to offroad cars you are gonna test, so you can see them at their best. Nice test, enjoyed this one a lot. Cheers!

  • VanDerZ 101
    VanDerZ 101

    Loved the vid! If we're talking budget offroaders might I suggest testing the Pajero/Shogun the price is really good and it's very offroad capable

  • JB

    I mean, I feel like the Duster was compromised with Matt driving it 😂

  • Dimitar Balchov
    Dimitar Balchov

    I recently tried my luck through a muddy field with a Volvo XC70 and it did a stellar job, I wonder if the Duster would really be up. The Jimny would manage no problem, probably the Lada too but the Duster seems a bit too low and there were some deep puddles and tracks made by bigger SUV's or even tracktors, I'd be too afraid it would bottom out and get myself stuck

  • マジで・追い越す

    The three are inexpensive, highly functional and fun. Thanks to the company that made this.

    • Genesis23OPB

      inexpensive? the jimny is insanely overpriced where i live due to high demand while suzuki can barely deliver

    • A.Z.E music
      A.Z.E music

      @Avt Avt I would love to own a lada but in Albania lada is rare

    • The Doc
      The Doc

      It depends where you live, for an honest eastern european, they’re all expensive.

    • Avt Avt
      Avt Avt

      And u can buy used niva in good conditions for $700 in Russia so it’s super fun, cheaper than ATV

    • Sai

      @マジで・追い越す these bots are out of control man

  • The Doc
    The Doc

    I’d go with the Duster, if I could afford one.

  • Bho

    Definitely one of your best videos in a long time. Thank you. Really enjoyed this.

  • Liviu Jivan
    Liviu Jivan

    The Duster with 150 HP and 4WD smokes a lot of the more expensive competition.

  • Κωνσταντίνος Τυλιπάκης
    Κωνσταντίνος Τυλιπάκης

    @Matt on incline with potholes where duster was struggling , as a duster owner i must say that if you switch off esp and put 4wd to lock mode that should be much more easy for the duster. I am sure it would come 2nd on this challenge after unbeatable suzuki.

    • whatsapp me 👉+①④⑧⓪⑦⑧⓪⑧⑦①⓪
      whatsapp me 👉+①④⑧⓪⑦⑧⓪⑧⑦①⓪

      A direct message ☝️ • • 🔝🔝☝️☝️🔝🔝☝️☝️

  • AnEejit

    Would be really interesting to see how an Ignis or a Vitara go round the 4x4 test track.

    • Eldar Panther
      Eldar Panther

      @BloodRaven Also have the 2019 1.4 AllGrip, not a dedicated off roader like the previous generations, however it is a true beast. I literally live in a village in the Balkans located on 1300m above sea level where 6 months of the year are covered in snow. I have literally gone EVERYWHERE with it. It's a brilliant car, I can't count how many times I passed slippery and rough roads where bigger SUVs couldn't do it. The AllGrip system+light weight+good tyres= a beast of car

    • BloodRaven

      @Jan have the 2020 vitara with the 1,3tci. Its not a dedicated offroader but it gets you places. I use it for hunting on the regular. managed to climb some steep grassy hills in it. It also has a diff lock.

    • Franco Petre
      Franco Petre

      Isuzu rodeo vs jimny

    • gabriel gherasim
      gabriel gherasim

      Current ignis and vitara have different type of 4x4 (electronic, vw4motion like) than the jimny

    • Damar Fadlan
      Damar Fadlan

      @Purwanti Allan carwow enjoyed themselves spreading those lesbian bots.

  • HondaCRX

    I do personally love the niva cause it’s a 45yr old chassis doing it’s awesome thing, still being produced and everything, while the Jimny reminds me of the true off roaders like the Suzuki Samurai, those 2 cars are great!! If lada brought a 1.6 twin cam on this baby, she would be the one of the best new 4X4s I’d love

    • Саша Суральмаша
      Саша Суральмаша

      We have this mod with 16v 123hp engine. And its engine got stage 1/2/3 aftermarket turbokits up to 300hp🤦‍♂️

  • Boris Gaganelov
    Boris Gaganelov

    Not much seems to have changed in the Niva since I was a kid. Love the Jimny it's so much fun and it's body on frame - a legit off-roaded imo.

  • Graeme F
    Graeme F

    New Duster is so miles ahead of the old one. Actually a pretty nice looking SUV.

  • The F
    The F

    Should've given them all the same tyres. Always love to see the niva in it's element

  • Flaviu

    Lada is an old car, and Duster is kinda a family car... they did really great considering that !!!

    • Stepan Bandera
      Stepan Bandera

      yeah, lada is old car built in 1970- th! Do you hear about the progress, evolution, 21st centure? Nope. Yet, do you like money? OF COURSE. 17.000 for this piece of shit, seriously

    • Daniel

      Lada is not old car, is old technology, lada is made even as we sepeak. Is not out of production.

    • Skx5

      @Robertas R Niva haven't really changed from first introduction in 1975, it's rivals here are modern cars so it's impressive how good this old car is

    • Flaviu

      @Róbert Balázs Lőrincz that's when they came out, I'm talking about this models !

    • Róbert Balázs Lőrincz
      Róbert Balázs Lőrincz

      Just checked... the Jimny is 7 years older than the Lada

  • Jim-Bob's Adventures & Kit.
    Jim-Bob's Adventures & Kit.

    Would be interesting to see them do it again after 20 years of hard use. The Niva will last for ever if serviced and has no fancy electrics to go wrong.

    • shmadmanuts

      @Daniel but you'll have 20 years of acceptable comfort on good roads and quite capable offroad. Also, it's not sold a "true" 4x4, it's an SUV. Niva will last, but won't have many km on the odometer, the reason being with Niva you'll soon get another car for longer trips.

    • FFM0594

      Same with the Suzuki.

    • MaxCRISTI

      @DanielIf you're talking bout features of course the Jimny is better since even its oldest model is 21 years newer than the Niva and the Niva being a communist car that remained unchanged for 55 years but the niva is overall better for being cheaper, simpler and easier to fix.

    • Kokain Gott
      Kokain Gott

      @Aatrox they are very impressive off road

    • Daniel

      @MaxCRISTI jimny is far more better than niva, even previews 2 models of jimny are far more better than niva

  • msul78

    Things that I thought I'd never say.. "That Lada looks cool"

    • Алексей Рыков
      Алексей Рыков

      Братан это они ещё не правильно ездят на ниве

  • John on a Bike
    John on a Bike

    I had two Nivas and they were brilliant both off road and in snow

  • James Potts
    James Potts

    Remember.. ground clearance on solid axle vehicles is always the same. On independent suspension vehicles ground clearance is reduced whenever the suspension compresses.

  • Actar

    i mean considering the duster is more of compact family suv than a proper 4x4, it did great imo

    • shmadmanuts

      @george porteous Indeed, Niva is sold as a proper 4x4, with locking differencials and lower gears and shit long commute capabilities. Jimny is sold as a fun 4x4. It's compact and light with offroading design and gimmicks. Otherwise, the old Defender was one of the last proper 4x4's - the luxury ones, although with superb traction, are for the good roads, who in his right mind will take a Velar, a Q8 or a X7 to run through mud, other than reviewers or vloggers?

    • george porteous
      george porteous

      So, are you saying that a Suzuki Jimny & a Lada Niva are proper 4x4's ya clown!

    • Actar

      @Echo Game except if you go to the mountains or in the true countryside

    • Actar

      @Echo Game not here in italy

    • Echo Game
      Echo Game

      Nah mate, its used especially for offroading

  • Mladen Matosevic
    Mladen Matosevic

    I am amazed that 50 year old design which is Lada still can compete with modern cars.

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson

    I'd have liked to see the 4x4 Panda included, Dacia is impressive for the price.

  • Andrei Iepure
    Andrei Iepure

    love how far matt’s ability to pronounce dacia has come 😍

    • Neuro

      Yeah, now he should continue with Porsche. :D

    • Whatsàpp †⓵⓼⓪⓹⓹⓹⓶⓺⓶⓹⓷
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  • goodiezgrigis

    When the going gets tough, Lada Niva would be my choice. Others may be quicker, but whoever was driving the Lada wasn't using diff lock and brakes as they should be used. Relying on assists is like riding a bicycle with learning wheels. That Russian tank is made for daily abuse with easy and cheap maintenance.

    • Леша

      Согласен мой английский друг, нива очень проходимая из-за своего малого веса и короткой базы. Я из России и у нас лучшего внедорожника нету из авто, хотя нива себя не позиционирует как внедорожник. В России есть УАЗ Патриот и Хантер, но они тяжёлые и не такие проходимые


    i never thought much of the Duster, not a SUV guy anyways ... then I drove one for Safari in Africa for 100s of miles and it was REALLY GOOD. i was geniunely impressed by the bang for your buck, not even kidding. it looks rather good as well. i love the jimmny but as a rental in africa or iceland, the duster is MUCH cheaper yet bigger and drives really really well offroad. it lacks a bit in the power department onroad but so does the jimmny i became a fan of the duster, help 😞

    • AlexanderPenny

      I got on the duster hype in Morocco, I too have become an unironic fan. Send a rescue party! Whole reason I watched this video, it was unfair having a steeper hillclimb. ❤️

  • Seb_Loeb_09 Cars
    Seb_Loeb_09 Cars

    As always MAT DID IT PERFECTLY 🤩 So nice to watch this type of video’s 😊 At the and it would be nice to see and watch the drag race between these cars 😃

    • Whatsàpp †⓵⓼⓪⓹⓹⓹⓶⓺⓶⓹⓷
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  • 93 mb
    93 mb

    I never thought I'd want a Dacia duster 😅

    • Whatsàpp †⓵⓼⓪⓹⓹⓹⓶⓺⓶⓹⓷
      Whatsàpp †⓵⓼⓪⓹⓹⓹⓶⓺⓶⓹⓷

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  • Олег Надысев
    Олег Надысев

    Just a few points. Duster as the multipurpose car beats both Jimny and Lada (I'd love to look at you doing 700 miles per day in Jimny as I used to in Duster :)) However Lada would beat Jimny or at least be very much at par if you handled it right way. It needs a very dynamic and aggressive offroad style, it was designed that way. No crawling, just pedal to the metall.

  • STI828

    The best off roader is a Jimny. I have a 2017 one that went from stock to a mini monster state. It does everything the big guys are doing. The best advice for a beginnner I can do is (I wish someone would have written this before to me lol): 1. Protect transfer case, radius arms, front/rear axle housing. 2. Rock sliders 3. 2" lift (I got EFS, its great) 4. M/T tires, stock size 5. Rear electric locker. I also disconnected the front sway bar and cut the front bumper for more clearence. Thats the best in my opinion. If you wanna go more crazy so go for a 3" lift, even 4", but have a negative offset rims and/or wheel spacers for a wider stance, the jimny is tall already. Also add longer brake lines. Front locker, and bigger (I'd say no more than 215 on stock internals). That will take you even more anywhere than before :D Enjoy and drive safe!

    • STI828

      @tinatpasselepoivre The Jimny does not have a rear lsd but it does have traction control that works in Low gear (even when it is disabled, it engages and stop the spinning wheels, I know its weird, but this is how it works). I don't like having lsd\traction control system\bld and other electronic stuff because sometimes you just need the car locked and moving. Not once I've been in situation where I was rear locked, and climbed up. If, for this split second where the wheels are spinning freely instead of working together with the moment to climb up I would have just slipped sideways and flip over. So if you plan on relaying on an electronic system to engage in a couple of seconds, be careful since you might get yourself in a big trouble. Now, for front vs rear locker first, I'd say the opposite, based on my own experience and others I met off-road (also in my country both are same price): Because when climbing most of the car's weight is on the rear wheels, and this is what pushing you, you have better chance of using the traction (because before you climb, you push with mostly rear wheels up), with a small bump of moment to overcome the obstacle. Front locker is essential for far more difficult climbs where a bump will cause a breakage and you must be careful and drive very slowly - this is where front locker helps you in addition to a rear locker. I would not say that a double locker is not for a brand new car. I can't see why not, if you have good practice and money, it can only benefit you going over more difficult obstacles. Just remember that an offroad vehicle is meant to be driven offroad, so brand new, old, you will get scratched, rock chips, bumps...its okay, just be careful and enjoy :)

    • tinatpasselepoivre

      actually if you are on a tight budget and climb a lot, a front locker first is better to pull the car up (see tests available on youtube). A lsd in the rear will do the trick in complement ... Double locker is if you are really beating on it imo and not for a brand new car that you don't want to smash...

  • far num
    far num

    Jimny is by far the most capable offroader there, regardless of any results with amateur drivers. See the slow driver ruining the score on the turn circle.

  • ConnorY67

    Out of all these cars for a every day vehicle I’d get a duster as u have enough space for people, luggage and with the right driver + mods can be as capable as the Jimny. I believe the earlier duster had a lock diff + 4wd. Or at least it had a switch for it to turn into 4wd. If I was a solo person tho I’d get a Jimny.

    • Enache Mihai-Liviu
      Enache Mihai-Liviu

      The duster has 4wd Lock that locks the central diff ( that is actually located in the back diff housing) with 50/50 torque and it disinguages when u go over 50 Miles/h


    Have to admit I still have a soft spot for a Niva - brilliant vehicle

  • Sebastian Zetterberg
    Sebastian Zetterberg

    Mat just gets more and more nice to people, I have heard that comes with age...

  • BenZ

    I'm driving duster and it's actually amazing, I didn't expect it would be fun to drive and good off-roader at the same time time

  • Matthew Gray
    Matthew Gray

    Best review of a duster I have seen yet, never seen a real one yet 🤔😎

  • Where to Next Family Adventures
    Where to Next Family Adventures

    By the way The Duster does have Center 4WD diff lock. Works very well.

  • MrFatum495

    That was fun, thanks! The only thing I'd add, is the fact that you can easyly bye and install a set of rear and front self-locking differentials on Lada. They are dirt-cheap as well, at list here in Russia.

    • MrFatum495

      @shmadmanuts Oh, I wasn't trying to excuse those results. Sorry if it looks like this. Either I don't know prices for such things in the UK. But i know, that you can make this lada a capable offroader and I suppose that even with taxes and customs those purt will be much cheaper then analogs for oher trucks. Besides, Niva is has aincient tecknologies and you easily can install anything by yourself. And those who by such cars usually want to do this.

    • shmadmanuts

      You're funny, indeed :) Why won't you say that the Niva in Russia is 1/3 the price Matt says it costs in UK? Diadia Vasia will install them quite cheaply in Russia, too :) In UK one has to get them first, and then install them for quite a hefty price, in comparison.

  • Onely one
    Onely one

    The Dacia should have a 4x4 lock mode, at least the previous generation has 2wd mode, 4wd auto and 4wd lock. The 4wd manuals also have a low 1st gear


    With some proper offroad wheels the Niva would have been a real offroad monster.

  • Luis Carlos Rojas Meneghel
    Luis Carlos Rojas Meneghel

    Para la 2da pasada de la 1er prueba, deberian cambiar de lugares suzuki a la izquierda niva medio y duster derecha

  • Lacika Fekete
    Lacika Fekete

    To be honest it looks like a shame for the Jimny and for the Duster. The Lada was not far behind on a 40 years old design and 15% cheaper configuration. I would expect bigger difference with high tech electronic driving aids.

  • KockOlLyno

    To me Duster, as an end user seems the best...if Mat would have know how to actually drive offroad 😁, Duster would have been 1st or equal to Jimmny in this challenge. PS: Don't forget about the confort ,HP and torque😁 None of then are cheap...anymore

    • Chamieiniibet

      Are you going to just ignore how they intentionally put Jimny last in the second challenge? Like, slowing down for no reason at all?

    • Darius

      Agreed 😁

  • Ko

    I have to tell you duster is one hell of a beauty 😍

  • The Leon
    The Leon

    Duster Really Impressed Me 👌❤️

  • Joseppe1971

    Jimny all the way. The best looks of all 👍

  • Nathan Polselli
    Nathan Polselli

    You've gotta give that Lada props! It's a 45 year old design going toe-to-toe with modern SUVs and only doing marginally worse. Quality Russian engineering, right there!

    • Daniel

      Even jimny is better capabilities, i like lada niva more, has a more pretty design :)

    • Дмитрий Демидов
      Дмитрий Демидов

      @Defenestrated Window they are not going to take them out of production yet, there has been a stable demand for them in Russia for 45 years. We have it much cheaper than competitors. But I don't know how to import it into your country. A car as an investment? Seriously?

    • Анатан Романенко
      Анатан Романенко

      @Дмитрий Демидов Я владелец NIVA, машина просто зверь, я способна на гораздо большее, чем показано на видео. Это рабочая лошадка, которая из любого дерьма вытащит. У DUSTER вискомуфта, если долго по тяжелому бездорожью ехать, то она закипит, и надо ждать пока она не остынет, в этом видео забыли сказать про это. А JIMNY просто дорогой для такого класса автомобилей.

    • Борис Ганкин
      Борис Ганкин

      To be true Niva is work result of Soviet engineers.

  • issa owaga
    issa owaga

    Hey Mat, would love to see how the land cruiser 300 stacks up against the other cars in an off road race. PS: love the content

  • lonetrader1

    I don't care I love how that nevia looks! Old school lifted lookin badass!!

  • 1980’VINZ

    Ah the Jimny....... Such an adorable BEAST. I love it. Btw very very impressed by the Duster!!! Well done Renault. Oh sorry, "Dacia".

  • Marc Coker
    Marc Coker

    Really interested to see this. I had a 1978 Niva and a 1984 SJ413, also Diahatsu F50, series landies, Range Rover Classis and driven Disco 1,2 and 3 and a Toyota Hi Lux, Shogun. I was really impressed by the old Niva, SJ and F50 considering the others I have driven. Also had a gen 1 Toyota Tercel estate, that was awesome off-road considering it was a car.

  • Captain Yesterday
    Captain Yesterday

    Interesting... I do such and harder roads with my 2wd Duster 2021 lpg, thats 100 HP @4750 rpm. I don't understand how this guy failed so miserably on the slope. Inexperienced off road driver?

  • Who's your mate?
    Who's your mate?

    I am loving this! What an awesome test! I'd take the Lada, every day 👌

    • Леша

      @TeamT5 CPM приезжай в Россию, покупай ниву за 4000$ и перегоняй самостоятельно до своей страны, тебе выйдет дешевле

    • Тимофей Алексеюк
      Тимофей Алексеюк

      @Kriso Sborshik Была у нас Нива. Что могу сказать... Вполне хороший автомобиль. Единственный минус- цена. И не надо потом начинать, что она гниёт и сыпется. За машиной надо следить!!! Конечно, если не жалеть машину и не следить за ней, то она начнет сыпаться. Если сравнить Солярис у человека, который следил за ней и Солярис из Яндекс такси то на одинаковом количестве пробега состояние машин будет разное. Хочу сказать вот что. Нива проедет там, где ваши Крузеры зассут проехать. Проверено.

    • Kriso Sborshik
      Kriso Sborshik

      @Гуд Дизайн но объективно этот кусок кала недопустимо выпускать и продавать в 2022 году,пусть он и дешевле всех. пусть уж тогда телеги выпускают с лошадью в комплекте.

    • Гуд Дизайн
      Гуд Дизайн

      @Killuminati этот Русский лучший по бездорожью среди этих машин, а самое главное надёжнее. Посмотри нормальные видео с Российского youtube. Поверь тем кто на ниве проезжает там, где крузак отдыхает😁

    • WTD ist GEIL
      WTD ist GEIL

      I have one, and i Love it😍

  • Drive4fun

    Drivers ability to perform here are very important and so the video proofs nothing but was fun to watch. Thanks for entertaining guys ✅

    • whatsapp me 👉+①④⑧⓪⑦⑧⓪⑧⑦①⓪
      whatsapp me 👉+①④⑧⓪⑦⑧⓪⑧⑦①⓪

      A direct message ☝️ • • 💌💌☝️☝️📌📌🔝

  • Not Now Kato
    Not Now Kato

    Just bought a jimny. Love it, the interior is so basic but it's so much better looking than the competition and it just puts a smile on your face. Love it.

  • Pavel Bazin
    Pavel Bazin

    One overlooked feature of Ladas, Niva in particular, is easy of maintenance and survivability with the lack of. Simple and robust design. When I was a kid I was so fascinated by Niva, it was hopping over ditches and holes in a wet dirt country road!

  • TheSae24

    In NIVA, before testing, it was necessary to change one part between the steering wheel and the driver's seat. This part is the main problem, talks too much and can't drive.

    • Мойша


  • superlupo16armin

    I'm way more excited for this competition than any Mercedes - Audi - Tesla and whatever other expensive car offroad-race

  • Samuil Ilas
    Samuil Ilas

    DACIA Duster. Made in România 🇷🇴✌👏good job carwow

  • Viktor Georgiev
    Viktor Georgiev

    On the very first challenge it is clear that the terrain under the Duster is a lot worse and difficult then for the other two vehicles

    • Whatsàpp †⓵⓼⓪⓹⓹⓹⓶⓺⓶⓹⓷
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      Send a message 👆👆 to claim your prize you have been selected as one of our lucky winners. Thanks for been an esteem subscriber. Carwow Cares..

  • Kappa

    You guys should create a leaderboard for all participants in this off road challenge on the channel. Kinda like what Doug does with Dougscore

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    You know this only works if they all have the same tires. With good winter treads I could walk a minivan over half of the challenges.

  • Dave D'Video Maker
    Dave D'Video Maker

    The Jimny is an inexpensive way of going off-road. It’s the coolest car Americans and Canadians are missing out on.

    • LinuxStyle

      @Dave D'Video Maker i do and I'm fine too :)))

    • Dave D'Video Maker
      Dave D'Video Maker

      @LinuxStyle I don’t live in Russia, so I’m fine.

    • Dave D'Video Maker
      Dave D'Video Maker

      @Winand D We still get it here in the UK but as a commercial version of it. Is the commercial version of the Jimny sold in the Netherlands though?

    • Winand D
      Winand D

      Ok, hold on to your head; Due to the too high emissions of the Suzuki Jimny, it's not for sale in the Netherlands. However you can import a new one one yourself from Germany or Belgium, but it will set you back 40,000 to 45,000 euros including the rediculous dutch taxes.. Those Jimnys are a very rare sight in the NL. (BTW; The Lada Niva is also banned as a new car from NL due to its high emissions)

    • LinuxStyle

      Well... In Russia Jimny costs 2 times more than Niva

  • Bogdan Mihai
    Bogdan Mihai

    Duster, all day long! It gives you so much more than Suzuki or Lada. Space, fuel economy, comfort, and good off road capabilities.

  • David Clark
    David Clark

    As a Canadian, I am surprised at how expensive the Lada is, given the interior of it. I am touring Ecuador at the moment, and there are a lot of Suzukis in the Andes. Mostly Vitaras.

    • Ivan Sychevainen
      Ivan Sychevainen

      It's so expensive only because of import taxes. Their price starts with 7000 GBP/9400 USD here in Russia. It sounds as much insane to me as it is to you how expensive an imported Niva is in the UK

  • The Wilk
    The Wilk

    The Niva is an absolute legend of a car up there with the Fiat Panda 4x4. Really impressed with the Dacia though.

    • shmadmanuts

      Yeah, because it's a living legend. in the '80s - not so much as there were many better off-road and much more reliable Japanese 4x4, even the Merc G was not a luxury car then.

  • Mr D
    Mr D

    The Duster had the most difficult road

  • Maxx B.
    Maxx B.

    The Lada did very well; I mean its tech and design is decades old.

  • Lord Gato
    Lord Gato

    Injusto colocar um Niva, projeto antiquado, pra concorrer com um Duster. Porém, dos três, só o Niva e o Jimmy conseguem vencer as estradas do pantanal brasileiro. Eu não confiaria no Duster pra andar pelo interior do Brasil.