Khabib talks Chimaev callout, EFC big signings and Oliveira's future as UFC lightweight champion
"You won't be disappointed if you have no expectations" - Khabib dots the "I"s in Khamzat Chimaev situation, teases EFC big signings and reflects on Oliveira becoming UFC lightweight champion

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  • Aamir Ahmed
    Aamir Ahmed

    All the kudos to his dad....boy did he raise him good and engrained clarity, vision and behavior. RIP late AbdulManap. If I was ever a king, he'd be a knight commander I bet on to save my

  • Mradul

    Talks about charles at 14:05

  • Clijano

    8:50 😆😆

  • Rain

    15:20 It has been said. Dustin will win vs Oliveira and become champion!

  • Gary Gwinn
    Gary Gwinn

    KHABIB is the next Dana

  • Akruti Kar
    Akruti Kar

    khabib shivering after hearing chimaev name, changing the topic. He knows wrestling wont work on Chimaev

  • Aaron Bonanno Sydney
    Aaron Bonanno Sydney

    He looks more and more like his father as time goes on

  • Oksh YT
    Oksh YT

    Media people are so shitty they want Khabib to say something bad to headline it in their articles

  • ihsaan husain
    ihsaan husain

    Habeeb Noormuhammad ibn Abdul Manap❤

  • Nasir Osman
    Nasir Osman

    The press trying their very best to provoke him and all sorts of questions.But he tells them to give him space they listens just like a father instruct his son...To those interviewers and reporters please be very careful to what comments or questions you guys asking him..Dont poke the bear too much....Beware

  • Zakaria Soldier
    Zakaria Soldier

    Thanks for translating guys

  • Myles Quinn
    Myles Quinn

    Where could we watch these.. Fight pass ?

  • Noor

    This is going to be the best company in the future. Khabib deserve to have his own thing because he is a rightful person and will pay fighters good. I love Khabib he is very humble and a good guy. Salam Aleykum to all of you. Respect to Dagestan from Kosovo-Albania.

  • YYStudio

    khabib have a very good memory. He remembered every details...

  • Frank Montecristo
    Frank Montecristo

    Kabil is a very good person. ✊

  • Libra66

    We gonna miss khabib that for sure No any fighter like him in mma he is a rare dagestan mountain bear who mauled all his opponents and still stay and retired as a lw undisputed undefeated champion for all time 👌

  • StrangerPeace

    get a belt first before talking about ripping one of the best fighters in UFC history. Pathetic moron = Chimaev. this guy literally lost thousands of fans after this stupid comment.

  • Safraz Tabrez
    Safraz Tabrez

    The man is a living embodiment for competition.

  • osama bin laden
    osama bin laden

    khabib vs khamzat streetfight would be the most interesting thing ever

  • Dominic Cabrera
    Dominic Cabrera

    They are all over Khabib. And be calmly asks 2 steps back. Class

  • Keo sae
    Keo sae


  • Khamzib Chimagomedov
    Khamzib Chimagomedov

    Khabib is a pure class act. A true legend and role model

  • Urim Tefiki
    Urim Tefiki

    Chimaev has started to replace McGregor.

  • Noe egel
    Noe egel

    Kamzat is bigger stronger taller version of khabib!! ofc Khabib would afraid of him.

  • positive thoughts
    positive thoughts

    I didn't know that Ariel has Russian clones for instigate fights

  • Lamarle Dennis
    Lamarle Dennis

    8:54 first time ever Khabib not pushing forward

  • Rechtse Schuur
    Rechtse Schuur

    Khamzat, don't use the McGregor method of calling out a Muslim brother to fight you. that's beneath you. give it some thought before you call out a Muslim fighter. Khabib is a warrior and so are you, treat each other as such. Peace ✌

  • Jastip Sambarata
    Jastip Sambarata

    This guy is unbeatable by pro fighters or by pro reporters.

  • tony rollins
    tony rollins

    The goat of boring

  • Tuhin99

    kadyrov part at 10:48

  • furkan Alparslan mert
    furkan Alparslan mert

    Khabib Nurmagomedov “The guy that turned down 100million dollars”

  • Kelli King
    Kelli King

    Interesting business plan...usually the fans say what fights are big...not the promoter😂

  • Victius

    Intellect, you can see it clearly. Btw how many other fighters can be "grilled" like this by media for this long? Very few.

  • temp user
    temp user

    Lost my respect for chimaev

    • Idris

      I don't think what he said was that bad. Just remember what Colby says and compare

  • M Azam1998
    M Azam1998

    Khabib and Khamzat both 2 guys are muslims,so all Muslims are brothers..maybe you'll be mad and get angry now, but Ukhuwah Islamiyah is number 1 and more important thing then anything..🇷🇺🇷🇺🇸🇦🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    man these reporters are really pushing with their crappy/political agendas, really trying to get a reaction/comment from khabib. the way khabib handles himself shows he is not only a great fighter but also a great thinker/speaker, guy is the whole package!.

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    that reporter at the 11 minuteish mark really tries to get something out of khabib but as khabib said and proved here he does indeed have life experience and wont fall into their bllshit.

  • SRAli

    15:25 for the Khamzat Chimaev talk,

  • Dnc Drenic
    Dnc Drenic

    Which minute he talks about chimaev

  • Raza Zaidi
    Raza Zaidi

    He's still our Champion

  • Aldriel

    This is all about war politics ancient hate between the Chechens and The Russians. Khamzat needs to put all of that aside it serves him no good.

  • Jacas MMA
    Jacas MMA

    boy is scared of Khamzat

    • Boxer786

      @Jacas MMA I can say I'll fight mike Tyson but would i tho the answer is no. He says that to sell tickets. he'll get destroyed by usman and adesanya I know that for a fact.

    • Jacas MMA
      Jacas MMA

      @Boxer786 scared? himself said he fight everybody even Brock Lesnar.

    • Boxer786

      @Jacas MMAkhamzat will get destroyed by usman and adesanya he's ducking them because khamzat is scared of them

    • Jacas MMA
      Jacas MMA

      @Adam Burling so because hes 29-0 he cant get scared? man you on DMT or smth. Khamzat is an 185lbs animal who throws around heavyweights i seen him spar, believe me.

    • Adam Burling
      Adam Burling

      Besides I don't know what a man who's 29 and 0 with no rounds lost and more 10 - 8's than anyone in the history of the sport, who's never been cut or bruised or nicked in a fight, and that has been a force of Dominanicne, and who's earned the respect and admiration that he has.. and who is tried and true and proven as a fighter,. who happens to be a champion, who is retired *of his own volition* Who is responding to a report by a reporter about something Khamzat said literally one month ago, probably longer now in a little nstagram live video by Kadyrov; has to be afraid of.. absolutely nothing. Because you know something... it's not about Khamzat. You're reacting like Khabib is reacting; to a random story that the media beefed up. Khamzat more than 2 weeks ago deleted all of his posts on the subject and made his point clear about what he thought of Khabib. The idea that you're claiming he's scared is below the champ and legend who's retired.

  • Mranao Channel
    Mranao Channel

    His responses are very responsive.

  • Jack The Ripper
    Jack The Ripper

    Dana - "Khabib is a smart kid, a very smart kid"

  • Fedor Emelianenko
    Fedor Emelianenko

    Magomed Ankalaev will smear Khamzat Chimaev

  • Rothaar Shanks
    Rothaar Shanks

    just for understanding is khabib part of the EFC organisation? or hes just invited to bring a bit more attention to the EFC ?

    • DVRKMVZTXR 963
      DVRKMVZTXR 963

      the owner

    • Summer Breeze
      Summer Breeze

      He's the owner of EFC

  • goo od
    goo od

    Khabib can't beat chimaev

    • Adam Burling
      Adam Burling

      Khabib is a retired undefeated champion who is tried and true. It's more like. Khamzat has yet to show he's on Khabib level. I disagree with you by the way. As you have zero proof.

  • arafat hamass
    arafat hamass

    khabib will smash him

  • Andrew Slatcki
    Andrew Slatcki

    Why’d they audibly censor киска lol

  • Romeo Santiago
    Romeo Santiago

    Khabib handled these reporters like a true boss and champ

  • Heaven Can Wait
    Heaven Can Wait

    Why is he lingering? Retire away

  • Not your Dinner
    Not your Dinner

    Chimaev needs to think about what he's saying and who he's saying it to. Firstly Khabib is his muslim brother, its haram to fight each other, secondly - why would he call him out when he's retired and also when Khamzat went all the way to Ireland to belt mcTapper.. for him to then want to fight Khabib? Like, bro make up your mind. You should all be sticking together as you're from the same part of the world and you're Muslim! It should be a dagestani/Chechen take over of the UFC Humble yourself Khamzat! Khabib paved the way for people like you.

  • mario sellet
    mario sellet

    I really admire this man. 100% real and tough in every aspect. A true champion of this lifetime.

  • Glenda Galeano
    Glenda Galeano

    What a guy! On point 🔥🐐

  • Vlad Shusharin
    Vlad Shusharin

    Omg RT Sport thank you so much for translating all that

  • one foot out the door
    one foot out the door

    Covid protocols of zion

  • Matous

    I never enjoyed Khabib fighting style but his personality is awesome.

  • Imran Anees
    Imran Anees

    Very well handled by Khabib.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis
    Sic Semper Tyrannis

    Khabib out there doing Dana White things

  • Addu 4u(habibi)
    Addu 4u(habibi)

    khabib champion

  • Ahmad Dzahir
    Ahmad Dzahir

    Careful of the prayer of a person that's being slandered. They are very powerful, that's why Khabib didn't react much to negative comments, because it is slander. But if it is insults to his family and religion... the roof will be on fire.

    • Gon Freeces
      Gon Freeces

      Khamzat insulted several other fighters and then he nearly died of covid... Perhaps that was a lesson in order to humble him. I hope his personality improves regardless. Respect is number 1.

  • Rooben Arnagherry
    Rooben Arnagherry

    Class act... Khabib the champ forever... Undisputed and undefeated

  • Nasib Bista
    Nasib Bista

    Although Khabib wrestles with Bear, he knows better than to mess with the Wolf. The Wolf will rip him apart.

  • Samuel Leong SL BUILDERS
    Samuel Leong SL BUILDERS

    Khabib is a legend. His answers are so well thought. He is calm and intelligent. He is like a walking encyclopedia with his knowledge of stats and figures, dates, etc... brilliant. He does not go into the rubbish that other low life like Ramzat & Khamzat is trying to drag him into

  • burningknuckle26

    lighting is definetly important. look at how bright the lights are in UFC and look at ONEfc. I love one but they need to up the lighting.

  • Geno Batchelor (All Rights Matter)
    Geno Batchelor (All Rights Matter)

    8:50 He they all backed off lolll

  • Kader Terki
    Kader Terki

    Habib next Dana weah

  • Steve Wyrda
    Steve Wyrda

    I can respect Khabib that he wants to sign Adriano Martins, the first and only fighter that beat Islam.

  • c C4
    c C4

    khabib is very smart and has the mentality of a man in his seventies and eighties, similar to the mentality of philosophers. I reviewed many of his statements and his answers over the past years and they were amazing Many people are ignorant of this

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    Used to support and like Kamzat , not now, being disrespectful to Khabib and his team.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Khabib is level-headed and honorable. May Allah bless him and his family. Kadyrov is a Russian agent that backstabbed his own people during the Chechen war and is a puppet through which Putin still controls Chechnya.

  • Caroline Davitt
    Caroline Davitt

    KHABIB .. WHAT a gentleman ... love and respect

  • Starja

    I love how Khabib does interviews. He manages to be somewhat confrontational but still lighthearted and friendly. It's fun to watch

  • taekwondoist

    Khabib is spitting fire! Masterfully answers every trap question with ease.

  • abdulaziz yalahow
    abdulaziz yalahow

    Maa Shaa Allah

  • TheEAFOS

    so 'pussy' is insulting but saying 'I'll tear you up' isn't???? ok got it!!

    • DVRKMVZTXR 963
      DVRKMVZTXR 963

      it isnt rly insulting especially for a fighter, as a fighter you should believe that you could tear up anybody, while calling him a pussy disrespects his manhood

  • Thithesh Varma
    Thithesh Varma

    "If someone needs to, they can come up to me" damn

  • Designer Dude
    Designer Dude

    Dagestani and Chechen people are kind of different, Dagestanis seem more humble, Chechens have a bit of a big head. No idea why.

  • Ahmed Artist
    Ahmed Artist

    Where are you, man? We miss Khabib savage moments

  • Daniel Ferreira
    Daniel Ferreira

    Chimaev made a big mistake talking shit about Khabib, he probably lost a lot of fans and the opportunity to train with Khabib's Team in the future, really bad move.

    • Idris

      "... when cage door close I have to smash my opponents" -Khabib's words. Do you think Khabib was talking shit by this saying?

  • mohaimen khan
    mohaimen khan

    every single time his interviews takes me to a whole new level of a high standard speech, how to reply to tricky questions and how to silence irrelevant topics.

  • Alex Jem
    Alex Jem

    Why is taking about Kadirov so important ?? .... i do prise Khabib for being polite and having a prefect interview.

  • The Unknown Guy
    The Unknown Guy

    I lost all respect for khamzat

  • Jacob Sælø
    Jacob Sælø

    Can someone tell me where in the video Khabib addresses Chimaev?

  • Lockdown335

    These are some toxic as fuck journos hahaha

  • Ivan Galucho
    Ivan Galucho

    At one point everyone forgot they where having an interview they seem like a couple of friends talking about mma... Simply beautiful

  • Shantanu Sengupta
    Shantanu Sengupta

    Any update on Lesnar vs Fedor?

  • Hercules Vournelis
    Hercules Vournelis

    I never was a fan watching Khabib fighting but...I respect him like a fighter and as a person.I wish only the best.New fighters can learn from him!

  • Faisal Alharthi
    Faisal Alharthi

    Khamzat must respect this guy. He did so much for fighter from that region. Another thing Khabib is not your weight class, to go for someone smaller this is not real men act. Maybe try to talk about beating Ankalaev.

  • Faisal Alharthi
    Faisal Alharthi

    Khabib was never asked like this in English. But he did very well. Mashallah Champion in the cage and outside the cage.


    Next Dana White , Russian version

  • Namia Revery
    Namia Revery

    Khabib is the definition of *Mental Toughness* . The more they try to trap him, the more impressive he goes. He handles the questions professionally. Brilliant

  • Ashish Akteri
    Ashish Akteri


  • Bojan Mukhim
    Bojan Mukhim

    Bla bla bla bla bla boring

  • Keramatir Raja
    Keramatir Raja

    Khabib persisting with his opinion about Dustin Porier being the lightweight champion. It would be good to see whether Dustin becomes champion.

  • Scott Bagan
    Scott Bagan

    Khabib trains at AKA in San jose right down the street from me. I hope i can see him one day!

  • Shortone

    all he need now is shaving his head. 😂

  • slow burn
    slow burn

    He don't want non of that khamzat smoke 😂

  • Kaali Surfer
    Kaali Surfer

    Khabib is apsolute class

  • Sami ag
    Sami ag

    I litterally have so much respect for this man. Greatest mma fighter, yet so humble... were truly blessed that we got to watch him during our lifetime.

2,7 мил
2,7 мил