Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)
Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

  • G̸abrsja̸

    Zapełnijmy komentarze w ,, Najpopularniejsze" tym hasztagiem - #teamdubiel 🥺

  • uncle bryn
    uncle bryn

    why did i ignored this song all this time☹️😣

  • Lakshz Creation
    Lakshz Creation

    Vikar is better than you man!

  • Mr. Sneazy
    Mr. Sneazy

    Not a fan of this smurf but i can appreciate this song

  • Oliwia Szelest
    Oliwia Szelest

    Ta piosenka jest cudowna zawsze będzie, w naszych SERCACH.

  • Tarequl Islam
    Tarequl Islam

    im sorry justin 🙂👏

  • Nancy Chawang
    Nancy Chawang

    He's Married but singing for a long lost love!

  • shaden bader
    shaden bader


  • NyNeK.

    kto od marcina dubiela

  • Hanna Zaremba
    Hanna Zaremba

    Kto po tym jak Marcin wydał własną interprentację tej piosenki?

  • Princess Zoya
    Princess Zoya

    I hate him cause he hates fans he said he’s done and so are we #ihatejustinbieberbecauseheisdonewithhisfans #imdonewithhim #ifyouhateonmeiwillbesad #justinbieberrudetohisfans #ihatejustinbiber pls watch this to understand why I can’t paste it but he through an egg at his fans and he laughed at them

  • That Green
    That Green

    This song hit different

  • gogrampus

    I've been waiting for this song to be available at karaoke here in Japan. This song should be more known to anyone.

  • N B
    N B

    boys in 1st december:

  • tameshia prisk
    tameshia prisk

    Such an heartfelt song.... It just goes to show how hidden depression can really be. I mean he was constantly in front of millions of people and nobody knew...

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    With the money and fame it’s likely hard to tell who is really there for you. Your life is in a spotlight with almost no privacy. I think part of him misses having a normal life. Even surrounded by others he probably still feels alone.

    • That Guy
      That Guy

      Also drugs numb more than one kind of pain. But in the process you lose yourself.

  • Vaitu kainuku
    Vaitu kainuku

    First of all i like it second The end

  • Amelia Kowalczyk
    Amelia Kowalczyk

    pov : jesteś tu przez to że Marcin nagrał piosenkę

  • Sublime Lyrics
    Sublime Lyrics

    What Hailey Baldwin have to say about that(you being lonely)?

  • Serghaoui Youssef
    Serghaoui Youssef

    If he only used real life footages . That would hit differently 🙂

  • Serghaoui Youssef
    Serghaoui Youssef

    If he only used real life footages . That would hit differently 🙂

  • Salman Abdinasir
    Salman Abdinasir

    I'm so lo_O_O_ONELY🎶

  • ♡Billie Yuu-Ann Okami♡
    ♡Billie Yuu-Ann Okami♡

    this song made me realize that everyone has made mistakes and nad a past... and made me regret hating justin... i hated him, but yet... i just feel like he wrote this bcuz he eanted ti say what is in his mind... and for everyone who is like him... maybe, u have a past... and im sorry for hating you justin... and also... maybe we just look at his look, songs, and actions but never even TRY to see what he feels and never try to know him... im sorry...

  • Boga

    I kinda feel this way cause my parents try to spoil me and i refuse and my siblings hate me because the way my parents treat me so no one in my family listen to me and they treat me like im stupid and yet i have alot of friends but not ones that i can really talk to and some tried to use me😔

  • Dominika Gliwa
    Dominika Gliwa

    Przyszlam poczytac komentarze „team dubiel” reakcja bibera :🤡🤡

  • Akira-chan Hi
    Akira-chan Hi

    i am lonely too.. btw nice song

  • kwt.goingon

    don't forget to watch KAI FIRST SOLO "mmmh"

  • kwt.goingon

    don't forget to watch KAI FIRST SOLO "mmmh"

  • kwt.goingon

    don't forget to watch KAI FIRST SOLO "mmmh"

  • Vu Thu
    Vu Thu

    Is my is my mother goose club out.

  • Paulina Lempert
    Paulina Lempert

  • So Thea
    So Thea

    2:22 stare directly into his pass 😔✊

  • KokosiQ v2
    KokosiQ v2

    Pozdrawiam od Marcina z polski!

  • Yellowstone Insider Videos.
    Yellowstone Insider Videos.

    I like "some" of his songs. However, not him as a person. Come back to me when you grow up a little more. And get out of your "deserving" stage. Crying don't get you what you want. Nor the fans your going after. Unless you want emos huddling over you. Grow up! Move on. And keep the fans that kept with you from the beginning. Those are the fans you should be impressing. NOT the haters. And trying to change their minds.

  • syifaa rtika
    syifaa rtika


  • Vee

    🌟Hello! I made a cover of this song on my channel please check it out!!😊

  • Vee

    rsloft.info/loft/video/rJl4qqiX0WGvi6A 😊 I made a cover of this song!

  • Rosidah Bte
    Rosidah Bte

    So lonely without you mr pink panther

  • MK Huda
    MK Huda

    I am sad and listening to this sad make me worse, but I admit this song is so touching and meaningful.

  • Ewelinka Majewska
    Ewelinka Majewska

    ta piosenka kojarzy mi się tylko jedną osobą tak dobrze myślicie Marcinem

  • Ocean Dean
    Ocean Dean


  • Antonio Cortez
    Antonio Cortez

    I feel you because I am so lonely too and nobody has the time for you and that sucks even though you did nothing to no one 😢

  • ss miz
    ss miz

    It's strange a happily married man singing he's lonely 😅

  • Pepe

    Justin bieber is crazy talented man. There is a reason why hes at the top.

  • maricielo dias
    maricielo dias


  • Amit Khare
    Amit Khare

    Visit india and celebrate all our festivals with us I am damn sure you will enjoy the best of everything And you will see the most beautiful and hospitile nature of people over there 🙏

  • Anyelina palomino
    Anyelina palomino

    Soy tu comentario en español ❤

  • Edwin TV
    Edwin TV

    ❤️👉#dczfilms rsloft.info/loft/video/daeS2m2Zpl7DiIY

  • Akim boy
    Akim boy

    I feel bad for having criticized, I was a child and I only said the same thing as the others .. I'm sorry ..

  • Malditwo

    babY sorrY holY lonelY

  • Ostra Linia
    Ostra Linia

    zawsze za nim #teamdubiel

  • silvertix

    Omfg that costume hits hard :(

  • M M
    M M

    “They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid”...wow...you nailed it...such a true statement. Some would say that is the price you pay, but NO, it should not be. To all who dehumanized you and tried to tear a kid down, they should clearly see how human you are now with this vulnerable song, but that one line just sums it all up for me. Keep up the amazing work...your live performances of this song are stellar. You have earned the right to just pick your spots now and do what you seemingly love to do.

  • Swagger Sameer
    Swagger Sameer



    I'm a huge listener of rap , mostly what I listen to idk but I've latelty been enjoying justin bieber

  • Kalsom Khan
    Kalsom Khan


  • Insha Khalid
    Insha Khalid

    We feel his pain is his voice...all haters just leave Justin alone! Beliebers are there for you Justin ♡ :( ....we love you and you aren't alone ♡ There's just so much pain in his voice that I started crying : ( He did have a painful and terrible past...and people don't see that,they just see what they want to.... 0:41 just feel his pain :( I am a belieber and I stand Justin! And am against people who are against him ^

  • Beans


  • Sulav Thapa
    Sulav Thapa

    Goosebumps 💥

  • Azan Khan
    Azan Khan


  • NAYMAN 23
    NAYMAN 23

    just wanted to let you know that there is a slowed & reverb version 👇🏻 rsloft.info/loft/video/ptuSyKm5k2TEiYo Honestly, it hits harder 😞💔

    • Berik Aliev
      Berik Aliev


    • [KIDSJOY] Мультики для детей
      [KIDSJOY] Мультики для детей

      Guerta mi loso 😂

    • Erbolat Kegenbaev
      Erbolat Kegenbaev

      woah 🥺

    • Alish 23
      Alish 23

      way more deep...


      🖤 damn

  • Shreyasi Bhattacharyya
    Shreyasi Bhattacharyya


  • cute Girls
    cute Girls

    Justin and you lose selena gomez and tell now everyone nows still you love selena and Selena loves you tell now and say LONELY

  • cute Girls
    cute Girls

    Justin I must tell you where is Selena gomez hmm

  • Carly Elson
    Carly Elson

    I sobbed when I seen this I can’t even imagine how you felt making this song you are a very strong person I’m sorry you felt like that when you were younger I’m happy you’re not now you have so many people in your corner now I hope you and Haley stay together forever you deserve itKeep up the good work Justin

  • Freddy Murillo
    Freddy Murillo

    Idgaf his voice is fucking sick!

  • carley estrelles
    carley estrelles


  • Johan Mateo
    Johan Mateo

    how the fuck is dubiel?

  • Arisha Hossain
    Arisha Hossain

    Why does this song sound true tho

  • Wael Hilal
    Wael Hilal

    True people are hard to find, keep your faith up distance is there but we are praying and we are there. Bless- hug


    No se porque, pero me llego al alma esta canción 🥺

  • sherman hakimi
    sherman hakimi

    This music about justin life when he kid and i remeber that clothes purple and white classic

  • Chantale Bedard
    Chantale Bedard

    Je pleure chaque fois j'écoute la chanson J'espère pouvoir amèner mes 3 filles et 2 petites filles te voir Montréal ..J'admire ton courage jeune homme et fière que tu sois CANADIEN 👌💪 WISH LIST pour toi PÈRE NOËL 🎫🎄🎁😍🤩💯💔👍

  • Marvin Matas
    Marvin Matas

    I love this music

  • rodris perez
    rodris perez


  • Anaidy Rodriguez
    Anaidy Rodriguez

    Beautiful song, sad but beautiful 😭

  • Mónica lisette Cruz Q
    Mónica lisette Cruz Q

    Que sad :v

  • 4KT

    He’s here after the documentary?

  • GA CL
    GA CL

    I never hated JB. I love you since I was 10. I may be a silent belieber now, but you will always in my heart.


    0:38 ohhh 😮

  • Kim and Lee Costello
    Kim and Lee Costello


  • Noi Haven
    Noi Haven

    Ok, I understand that yes, Justin did some very bad things before, but did anyone take into account what he was dealing with when that happened? Like, even celebrities can deal with crap too. Everyone goes through bad points in their lives. Leave him be.. People can change.

  • Thors ❶
    Thors ❶

    subbed back thing glitched

  • senhor killua
    senhor killua

    Slk que hino do krlho

  • Zuian_EXE


  • Sammie Wooten
    Sammie Wooten

    This is how many people cried because they used to not like Justin and then he gave this beautiful...song I I I I V

  • Melany Ruby
    Melany Ruby


  • Rebellious Joker
    Rebellious Joker

    Who are listening this legendary song in December 2020❤️

  • Cristina Serrano
    Cristina Serrano

    Perfecto, un saludo de desde argentina

  • Just Nobi
    Just Nobi

    He's so talented

  • Rebecca Klug
    Rebecca Klug

    Please don't get the C coronavirus

  • X_ factor
    X_ factor


  • The 17
    The 17

    if you lonely come to islam.. u not lonely yet...

  • Ameth gueye
    Ameth gueye

    the only justsin song i like is this won

  • Eliana Lordeus
    Eliana Lordeus

    I love the song

  • Jahmal Richard
    Jahmal Richard

    Did they really shoot this in one shot?! 😯Masterpiece!🎬💯🔥

  • Joynica Singh
    Joynica Singh

    he just sang his whole autobiography ❤

  • Milena Martinez Niño
    Milena Martinez Niño

    Nadie a quien decirle todo lo q tengo guardado, solo dios sabe❤😔

  • Prathamesh


  • Thomas Truong Richardson
    Thomas Truong Richardson

    I’m still yooooodeling...... yooooodeling Sorry i had to

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