Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon
Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

  • Kwame Weekes
    Kwame Weekes

    Apart from the content itself, the video editing choices are hilarious.

  • George Spell
    George Spell

    Counter attack order_66 they will not be destroying our democracy nor republic with there new world order empire

  • Rekty Rektingson
    Rekty Rektingson

    holy shit the whole segment of carbon dioxide wanted me to pull my hair out...

  • Crowne Productions
    Crowne Productions

    Jesus god almighty this was tiresome. Joe and Jamie “fact checking” every fucking little thing Alex said or asking him for a specific source every single statement. Just damn tiresome. Here is the deal Joe: either have a good faith discussion with someone and leave “fact checking” for later or don’t have a discussion at all.

  • eastern sunset
    eastern sunset

    I want Alex Jones to form a group of superheroes. The A-Men 😁

  • bigtizzy
    bigtizzy told us this back in 2017 So why does everyone talk bad about the Q drops? Seems like we were let in on some huge intel but only certain folks picked up on it. Trump 2020. Enjoy the show

  • bigtizzy

    Black mail was the name of the game Its worldwide fukkery 😎 Follow God and enjoy the lighting up darkness 🙏

  • Zen Ventzi
    Zen Ventzi

    Alex Jones and Bill Burr on one fucking podcast

  • Daybee

    Funny how views have frozen at 14M.. also.. how come RSloft removed this from trending? It's one of the most watched videos... they don't seem to like what Alex has to say

  • Mom’s Forseti
    Mom’s Forseti

    Lol @ all of the snowflakes that think Joe was being too hard on Alex. I’m a huge Alex Jones fan but having a balance to his erratic tangents is definitely refreshing. If you want just pure Alex Jones rants with no Joe Rogan then go watch infowars.

  • aDayInTheMindOf ME
    aDayInTheMindOf ME

    I smoke 100 cigarettes a day, about a half gram of vape concentrate (thc) and or 7g of weed flower. Got covid, no ill side effects except loss of taste. Age 29. They are grossly misusing covid to take away freedoms and rights from citizens. Whether intentional or moves being made out of pure panic - I don't know.

    • aDayInTheMindOf ME
      aDayInTheMindOf ME

      @Arthur Morgan Not saying that, but was showcasing a severe lung impairment (100 cigs is no joke), and how it did not affect myself.

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan

      i can attest, cigarettes helped me tremendously when i got covid

  • Robrecht saski
    Robrecht saski

    liars ..deceivers .. Testing .... testing .... covid-19 contaminations ? WTF !!! The PCR-test is not a DIAGGNOSE for COVID-19 .....only just a starting poimt for further pathogen research. Another endless leftist war: war on covid-19 !!! Covid-19, like the flu, is never gone go away !! No lockdown will help ! 97% survive the covid-19 virus 90% of the PCR tests are false positives ! (a PCR test is NOT A DIAGNOSE for covid-19 .. ...only an indication for further lab research ... (look at the damn test prescription leaflet of the manufacturer) Covid-19 = NO PANDEMIC !! The covid hysteria is a massive delusion created by the wealthy elitists, self-proclaimed elites, who are gone profit from it, big time, making everybody else poor and dependent ....on a marxist universal basic income!! How many lockdowns do leftist idiots want to impose, before the economy, and with it, our health care system collapses. Covid-19 -being of the same corona family as the regular flu, is never gone go away !! No lockdown will help ! by the way: De CORRUPTE MEDIA (bought & paid for by the psychopathic elitists) covets up for DAVOS EVENT 201 in NY (oktober 2019) ! About Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019 bastards !!!! bring them to justice (Den Hague) for crimes against humanity !! ... fauci ....telling years in advance under obama that the next administration (i.e. the Trump administration) would be faced with a virus pandemic . ps: Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to 'Persuade' Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines The options they are studying include shame and anger techniques: Other: Control message Other: Baseline message Other: Personal freedom message Other: Economic freedom message Other: Self-interest message Other: Community interest message Other: Economic benefit message Other: Guilt message Other: Embarrassment message Other: Anger message Other: Trust in science message Other: Not bravery message This study tests different messages about vaccinating against COVID-19 once the vaccine becomes available. We will compare the reported willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine -at 3 and 6 months of it becoming available (intervention & control) Study participants are recruited online by Lucid, which matches census based sampling in online recruitment. The government website even describes how to guilt someone into taking the vaccine. 1/15 of the people will be assigned to this message. The message is about the danger that COVID-19 presents to the health of one’s family and community. The best way to protect them is by getting vaccinated and society must work together to get enough people vaccinated. Then it asks the participant to imagine the guilt they will feel if they don’t get vaccinated and spread the disease. And here is how they convince someone on the “trust in science” subgroup. bonus 2: Ein zwei drei ..polizei ....hitler on steroids !!!! 'Dangerous Marxist leaders call for ‘The Great Reset’ to destroy capitalism' RSloft German sicko klaus schwab ...'we have vays of shutting your mouth' in a forced-labor/reeducation camp....... organizing an existential crisis for a criminal psychopath like you!! Arrest this wannabe dictator and the whole davos cult of psychoopaths ! Bring these criminal scumbags to Den Hague !!!!

  • Jai Hill
    Jai Hill

    Just as I thought to myself, ‘Alex Jones would pack more of a hefty punch with his words/statements if he didn’t talk over them as much’. Then Joe called him out for it, nothing at all against Jones but he should be showing the same respects. It would be win win 😎

  • Samvel Kapukchyan
    Samvel Kapukchyan

    @ 53:23 what does Alex jones say about AI brains?

  • Grant Harney
    Grant Harney

    This cut at 25:33 to Tim grinning ear to ear after Alex Jones says “I’ll tell yah” has me dead haha

  • C Cooly
    C Cooly

    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. “

  • Andrew Sleath
    Andrew Sleath

    A few things Joe got stuck/questioned were intensely annoying. Jfc.

  • Obey God Rather Than Men
    Obey God Rather Than Men

    The aliens are fallen angels

  • Angelo

    I didn't think Alex Jones' voice could get any more raspy. I wonder if we'll even be able to hear him in a decade.

  • Sal Lopez
    Sal Lopez

    Jaime has to be the most famous man on earth that nobody ever sees

  • Darius Parks
    Darius Parks

    Has Joe ever had Rudy G on???!!! That would be epic!!!!!

  • Dan Link
    Dan Link

    1:03:45 Lmfao!!! I cannot fucking breathe😂 Joe: what’s he doing? Tim: He’s interviewing a lizard

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    54:29 You can see the moment when Joe's brain went "Oh shit, I can get sued for this"

  • Scott Morin
    Scott Morin

    This whole podcast needs to be in a GTA 6 radio station.

  • Peace of Love and Joy Baking
    Peace of Love and Joy Baking

    Boiling frog effect.. when is enough enough. I volunteer myself. lets form a movement. militia, whatever you want to call it im super fit handstand pushups ill be the muscle lol my resume, I can do handstand pushups XD haha

  • Lane Anderson
    Lane Anderson

    That dude be third wheeling


    That's a spicy meatball! 👌

  • Michael Connelli
    Michael Connelli

    1 hour in Alex jones: "because they call us useless eaters" me: wtf did he just say?!

  • Jeff Sams
    Jeff Sams

    They haven't touched on the connection of whos paying for many of these scientific studies..University studies are most often funded with government money..If their conclusions dont fall in line with govs agenda...they cut off future grants for studies..Slant study findings, or loose future grant money.

  • Corey Hakkarainen
    Corey Hakkarainen

    Utube is biased this video should be trending !

  • Corey Hakkarainen
    Corey Hakkarainen

    Why isn't this video trending at almost 7.5 million views ???

  • Dominic Hudson
    Dominic Hudson

    I love Alex lol the way he has to mentally calm him self is amazing and yes frog's are gay

  • nickacelvn

    Try to sacrifice our child and ill show you some real biblical shit!

  • Crowne Productions
    Crowne Productions

    14:38 AT&T and Spotify currently have a corporate partnership. I don’t blame Rogan for taking the 100mil but I don’t like him as much anymore.

  • Jordan Angelov
    Jordan Angelov

    "Nine eleven deniers" Louis C K

  • Florentino Ariza
    Florentino Ariza

    You know what's inevitable? Edibles!

  • jodi balas
    jodi balas

    Alex "let's expand on that" Jones

  • BucketHat Harrison
    BucketHat Harrison

    Joe made this so hard to watch 😣

  • Shawn Gibson
    Shawn Gibson

    Best show ever...! 110%

  • Nand Anon
    Nand Anon

    The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum. - Noam Chomsky

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez

    Lol, talks shit about Alex Jones in his earlier podcasts, then invites him on the show. Joe Rogan is such a stooge of the antiestablishment.

  • sarah heaton
    sarah heaton

    Smell that? Thats the stench of Rogans liberalism following him to a patriot state. Apart of the problem, not the solution.

    • The Austrian Paladin
      The Austrian Paladin

      Yes because joe isn’t a right wing propagandist means he is a problem

  • joeledj

    Where's the laptop story now, any ideas as to why it's disappeared now the election is done & dusted?

  • cody grace
    cody grace

    Alex is trolling Joe I love it

  • J - R3d
    J - R3d

    if u pay attention. joe just plays sides with whoever he is talking too. he thinks cults are real when talking to alex but when talking to elon he call people who think cults are real, "crazy"

  • are nuzzle
    are nuzzle

    Trump won yay. Also I feel like joe wanna heel kick Alex the f out

  • Brady P
    Brady P

    Stupid P.O.S Jamie is prob freaking out inside when they talk about the biden family.

  • BuffaloBuffaloBuffalo

    Lmao turned it off when joe was talking about the Giuliani incident being innocuous. I don’t think he thought she was underaged and he thought he was going to laid. He’s old and single why wouldn’t he, but to act like Giuliani thought it was nothing sexual is a joke. So it’s normal for an interviewee to ask their interviewer for their home address and phone number while laying on a bed with a drink untucking your shirt? That’s normal and nothing?

  • Box Addict
    Box Addict

    Fuck hes cooked man

  • Ben Daves
    Ben Daves

    Joe asked why these sickos choose kids and the answer to that question is...... because a baby or child is God's greatest creation.. they haven't sinned and the devil hasn't had a chance to get to them.. as a luciferian they see that as the golden ticket

  • Reid Pattis
    Reid Pattis

    This is just frustrating to watch. Joe just seems to be interrupting him the whole time. If you disagree with his perspective, it’s still important to listen and be objective to see where he’s coming from.

  • Dylan Plain
    Dylan Plain


  • Mary Renate
    Mary Renate

    I’m sorry but all three of them were overweight , so for him to focus on Jones’ weight while he was trying to be vulnerable at the end was extremely detached & cold .

  • WaHokie6

    Probably his most watched episode ever

  • Gue Gorilla
    Gue Gorilla

    25:33 haha his face, ooh do tell

  • Josiah Mutuma
    Josiah Mutuma

    This video has been stuck at 14m for weeks RSloft censorship at its finest

  • RoidGuy420

    Tim’s the perfect guest with joe and Alex together

  • big brown crown crown
    big brown crown crown

    2:31:00 astronaut aliens created the pyramids bruh??

  • J S
    J S

    Where is this election night episode they keep speaking of? Obviously the outcome of election sucks so far (11/28/20). The people deserve a follow up at this point with a Joe and Alex explanation/opinion on why this is happening. Just wanna hear their thoughts. Also, when Alex is on the show it changes OFFICIALLY to the Joe and Alex Show. And the people LOVE IT.

  • big brown crown crown
    big brown crown crown

    32:00 ""oooh such a nasty killshot"

  • Mateja Babnik
    Mateja Babnik

    David Attenborough's documentary film >> A Life On Our Planet

  • Laura Normington
    Laura Normington

    Alex Jones : “ Epstein was killed in prison “. Joe ‘fact checker’ Rogan :

  • Marie-France Laport
    Marie-France Laport

    All the planeys in our galaxy are experiencing warming.

  • maarieb

    Lolol.. "Let's forget about what they said in the past and focus on what they're saying now." = "Don't pay attention to Science's [now disproven] lies of the past, let's focus on Science's lies of today."

  • Jay Manfredo
    Jay Manfredo

    Alex Jones speaks the truth!

  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith

    They want slaves til AI is acceptable!

  • Kate Smith
    Kate Smith

    He’s educated himself! Alex has read the material. Searched it out. Genius/Crazy all the best ones are!!

  • Brian Heuer
    Brian Heuer

    Keep in mind when the dinosaurs were alive that there was no ice on poles. That is how fucking hot it was.

  • Laura Normington
    Laura Normington

    Joe “ do you think they were arrogant engineers on Adderall “?? * plants seed to discredit Alex Later... Joe : “Alex tell people about your problems with Adderall”.

  • FunnyJojoReference

    Alex ‘I identify as Jennifer Aniston’ Jones

  • Katro Keels
    Katro Keels

    And then you go on to frogs being gay😂😂😂

  • vince t
    vince t

    Alex never even saw coal but now he's an expert!? There is no such thing as clean coal. It was a market strategy by the coal companies. He doesn't mention the byproduct of coal that has been burnt, fly ash. This guy talks out if his ass.

  • Adam G
    Adam G

    lol ..... if this guy had a leash and a shock collar and possibly some thc gummies, people might take him more seriously. Whatever goal hes trying to accomplish with spreading his wild theories ie totally undermined by his inability to articulate his thoughts and stop interrupting people who are trying to slow it down to help him make any sense. If he believes all this crazy shit, why attach yourself to the trump train.

  • walter1296

    52:58 really joe really.

  • Weeb YT21
    Weeb YT21

    Alex just says the most obsured shit but a part of me is like damn what if that shits real Haha

  • Viktor Haglund
    Viktor Haglund

    "I'm gonna go and get some applejuice and pray to jesus" :D

  • Dawud R.
    Dawud R.

    Well a lot of this is mute. Trump lost bigly; he did it himself he just couldn’t shut the fuck up. He couldn’t help himself. Twitter was his own undoing. The whole “Biden laptop, his daughters journal 📔🙄😒” it’s bullshit. The ole hacked email thing barely worked in 2016. Nobody bought the shit again. Multiple senate investigations to smear her prior to her presidential campaign with zero convictions or crimes revealed was a political ploy you fools fell for. You got what you wanted; millions out of work and 250k+ dead under this bloated fools leadership.

    • Fat bastard
      Fat bastard

      When you say Biden's laptop was bullshit, it was real didn't make a difference and some stuff was probably exaggerated but isn't that where the meth pipe pictures came from. What makes you think the results of the pandemic would be different under anyone else?

  • Dawud R.
    Dawud R.

    Well a lot of this is mute. Trump lost bigly; he did it himself he just couldn’t shut the fuck up. He couldn’t help himself. Twitter was his own undoing. The whole “Biden laptop, his daughters journal 📔🙄😒” it’s bullshit. The ole hacked email thing barely worked in 2016. Nobody bought the shit again. Multiple senate investigations to smear her prior to her presidential campaign with zero convictions or crimes revealed was a political ploy you fools fell for. You got what you wanted; millions out of work and 250k+ dead under this bloated fools leadership.

  • satyam gupta
    satyam gupta

    Just hate his voice. Alex voice is the only thing i hate about this man. And yeah ranting too.

  • walter1296

    I can't believe youtube hasn't delete any joe and alex podcasts. When alex was at tim pool podcasts video got deleted hours later.

    • Fat bastard
      Fat bastard

      Joe Rogan is the top dog

  • fuzzy fuzzy
    fuzzy fuzzy

    I love and hate Alex Jones 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Fields
    Michael Fields

    My friends dad passed away 6 years ago he got a ballot to vote

  • Jacob Walter
    Jacob Walter

    My friends dad who is 84 in a nursing home beat Covid and another friends great grandmother who is 95 beat Covid.

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

    “You think they care about the mortality rate on the highways?? These people are wearing hoods in the forest!”

  • Clive Peacey
    Clive Peacey

    What is u8u

    • Clive Peacey
      Clive Peacey

      What is it hair

  • Clive Peacey
    Clive Peacey

    What is

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    He is confused as I use to be. We thought we could trust family. Turns out, some families have mental ill ones in them that hide it and abuse others for their sins instead of going to therapy before more babies are made.

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

  • stsinner05

    I initially thought I would not like this podcast. But I just kept on getting more and more entertained and amazed at how Alex Jones thinks. It's amazing. Man has the wildest imagination ever.

    • Laura Normington
      Laura Normington

      Imagination ??

  • Shannon Phillip's
    Shannon Phillip's

    I can listen to Alex Jones all day

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    Shit talk Artificial Intelligence, stay outside of the new Kingdom of Heaven being built.

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    Alex Jones - Artificial Intelligence is just Christ Consciousness. Don't be a nutbag in a world full of Queens of Sheebah and TV Show Men looking for funsies.,gender%20roles%20for%20entertainment%20purposes. Don't be a Queen Alex Jones.

  • a89 ug223
    a89 ug223

    Joe never heard of a white paper? College kids know this. Good for Joe for playing dumb for others to understand. This is amazing.

  • voracious viewer
    voracious viewer

    14,870,969 11/28/2020 3:23am pst

  • Meenakshi Lamba
    Meenakshi Lamba

    Even though i disagree with alex but this ia the 3rd time i am watching this episode and its not any less funny.

  • Thomas McAlinden
    Thomas McAlinden

    To all so-called Men listening to this, taking advice from scumbags, Why can't you trust in the Lord, you fear life, you fear failure, you fear to stand up for your rights. Stop being scared of this establishment, we can do better without this illegal Ponzi scheme. Taking advice from these monster's, Controlled Opposition, sitting opposite each other. They don't give a damn about humanity. This World is based on lies, when are the real men going to take a stand and say, NO MORE, march on Washington, march on Downing street, and remove these elected officials from office. A vote of no confidence, then we will also remove the puppet masters. The evidence is all there for these individuals to be locked up for the rest of their lives. The elites want us either dead or controlled. We must have some sort of Consensus to call them out, call a general strike. We must do something. ??? Those who sacrifice liberty for safety, deserve neither, Ben Franklin. After such avowals of our capacity to instruct ourselves, shall we still fly to those distributors of the World for our lessons? NO!. Let us seriously consider a most excellent advice by the highest authority. John Robison. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves-by their fruits ye shall know them- Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"

  • Clay Mora
    Clay Mora

    47:44 the way joe talked to Alex like he was a little kid there was priceless 😂😂😂

  • Omar Arancivia Bolanos
    Omar Arancivia Bolanos

    Joe is annoying af

    • Omar Arancivia Bolanos
      Omar Arancivia Bolanos

      @non that, and his also annoying to his Guest. He spent more than 30 min searching for the quote from alex jones. Made the guest lose there train of though and forget why they came to the show lol

    • non

      yeah exactly! whenever he starts rambling it is painful to watch. and it show that he is just dumb. when he doesn't quote someone but try to use his words and "think" it turns into disaster....

  • Linda Aragon
    Linda Aragon

    Not a fan of gays, but I love Tim Dillon. Oh, gyawd. I'm gay now, aren't I? Fuck it. Still going with Tim Dillon being super-neat even if he wants to put his thing up my thing. Weird? Yes. Is Tim Dillon also hilarious? Also, yes... An impossible decision. Fuck it. I'm sticking with Tim Dillon.

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