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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

  • Gray

    This never gets old!

  • Tony Wakim
    Tony Wakim

    watched all 3 Alex Jones podcasts on JRE in a row, by far this is the most disappointing because Joe was not high, you know he's being a dick when Alex is asking him to stop being mean

    • Madvertiser

      Joe's worried about utoob censorship. If I were Rogan I'd tell utoob to kiss my buttocks.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I just want to know like I have a guy that says that Alex Jones is a lier and the guy is a complete atheist what do I say to this man I want him to at least think of it as a possibility he doesn't even budge

    • Madvertiser

      It's easy to fact check anyone. Your friend is an atheist, he's automatically engulfed in ignorance. But never give up on him.

  • Red

    9:15 For Future Reference.

  • Kristian Simone
    Kristian Simone


  • Asta Is A Beast!
    Asta Is A Beast!


    • Madvertiser

      Utoob blows. That's what happened. I wish all the utoob creators would simultaneously leave and go to another platform.

  • Jeremy Shand
    Jeremy Shand

    Guezz lane.....get it.......drop the mic

  • Andy Burns
    Andy Burns

    The next power move will be the hacking of the world’s electricity. This was the latest Davos simulation on July 9th at the world economic forum. Paid for by Klaus schwab and the bill and Melinda gates foundation.

    • Madvertiser

      Honestly I'm surprised it's not happened already.

  • BunyaBunya TV
    BunyaBunya TV

    27 million views down to 19 million...isnt censorship fun..

    • Madvertiser

      Proof THEY are scared.

  • yep

    Fuc*in noo he says!!

  • Andy Burns
    Andy Burns

    The gates foundation was one of the main participants in the pandemic simulations of 2018 and 2019. The last of which was in October 2 months before the virus hit

    • Madvertiser

      It's a shame only a small minority of people knows this. It's sad how ignorant the average person is considering all the information literally in our hands, but Vines, TicToc, Twatter, and Fakebook are more important.

  • Jaison P
    Jaison P

    You can listen Alex to every day on

    • Madvertiser

      And Infowars app as well.

  • Andy Burns
    Andy Burns

    The global government is planning on a worldwide power outage to finish taking over. Look up Klaus schwab on sociable

  • Andy Burns
    Andy Burns

    The world economic forum has the biggest hand in it. Klaus schwab is the mastermind

  • Amro Sameh
    Amro Sameh


  • gavintoussaint

    Joe was a buzzkill this episode

  • Aidan McCluskey
    Aidan McCluskey


  • roush 07
    roush 07

    E85 at the pump is the best thing ever and it's made from corn and and it runs cleaner and I could put it in my truck all the way to my race car

    • Madvertiser

      My neighbor behind me has corn liquor and it's by far the best.

  • Jack Hulio
    Jack Hulio

    29:55 “Are you a carbon dioxide salesman?” 😂😂😂😂

  • Tina Foster
    Tina Foster

    Okay now I know, Alex Jones doesn't fake that voice, he actually overdid it and his own voice is rebelling against him LOL his own voice doesn't want to go along with what he's doing LOL

  • Nick James
    Nick James

    Fan of AJ since terrestrial radio in Texas. Nowadays, us long-time Infowars Fans wrote Alex off as Gov Operative; but so many ppl can learn from AJ. He really does speak truth.


    Never fact check with an cnn article

  • DB Giles
    DB Giles

    Why isn't Alex this good on his own show lol. It is so entertaining on JRE.

    • Madvertiser

      He's more relaxed.

  • Geoffrey Park
    Geoffrey Park

    The Alex Jones Experience

    • Madvertiser

      Nice. We need a weekly vid like this.

  • Tony Flamingos
    Tony Flamingos

    Alex in year 3042

  • SunshineState


  • Jesse Peele
    Jesse Peele

    Joe is annoying as hell in this one he literally argues everything alex says lol like damn Joe chill out guy

  • Daniel Cassidy
    Daniel Cassidy

    Let homie talk!!!! Joe was bad in this one 🤪

  • Great Dragon
    Great Dragon

    some guy... told me.... that uh... he "found" tim dillon on joe rogans podcast... he said, and i quote "im so happy I FOUND YOU.... but lets think about that for a minute... lets embrace it... and I want all of the scholars and einsteins out there to figure this one out for themselves because im tired of giving it away.... but basically in a nutshell... *clears throat*... if joe rogan invited tim dillon onto his podcast or tim dillon applied and got accepted to come on.... And tim dillon showed up... traveled hundreds/thousands of miles... And joe rogan recorded, rendered, and uploaded the video to youtube, And after the video was done processing, RSloft published his content.... And THEN RSloft then made said content available to the world..... And all you did was click a video from the comfort of your home.... Did you REALLY find him? Or did he find you. THINK ABOUT IT

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz

    I went from tiger belly to this lol what a 180

  • Philip J Fry
    Philip J Fry

    waiting for alex jones ./ donald trump ep

    • Madvertiser

      @Amro Sameh I wouldn't rule it out.

    • Amro Sameh
      Amro Sameh

      sadly not happening

  • notsure ifsrs
    notsure ifsrs

    Its been long enough Joe, bring Alex back... we need it

    • Madvertiser

      Should be a weekly or biweekly event.

  • Cody Porche
    Cody Porche

    Joe Rogan needs God

    • Madvertiser

      We all do.

  • J. Pinto
    J. Pinto

    "I'll make fart jokes all night. I'll go sit in Tim's lap" - Alex Jones

  • army vet
    army vet

    What if high CO2 is the secret to longer life and over all health? What if keeping the levels low is the key to global depopulation?

    • Madvertiser

      Think about what AJ said, high CO² makes plants flourish, plants give off oxygen, so oxygen would flourish. BTW if you don't already get houseplants, you'll notice a difference almost immediately.

  • FuckGoogle+

    Alex is the best guest of all time on the show.

  • Born On The Water
    Born On The Water

    Joe we are ready to hear more from you and Alex. Please don’t be so hard on him damg

  • Nick Somebody
    Nick Somebody

    2:43:35 this is how we explore the dimensional universe. My theory is that Aliens are us from the future, but they somehow loss the human side like feelings, sadness, love. They are here to find out when, what, how, why this took place. Right about now is kinda the point of no return in human evolution.Technology will one day kill our human side.

    • Madvertiser

      Aliens are the fallen angels, they've been here all along. The only "aliens" out there in space is God and two thirds of angels and all those that died before Christ died.

  • Thomas Mc Laughlin
    Thomas Mc Laughlin

    The worst comedian on planet earth and probably the universe that's probably why he wants the neuralink chip to improve his comedy perhaps it might even stimulate growth hormone and he might end up 5'8 after all

  • babarenz

    This is the source of me discovering Tim. His episodes on c#m town are some of the best

  • Nick Somebody
    Nick Somebody

    Layers upon layers of corruption

  • Perspex Savant
    Perspex Savant

    Our company neutralizes and stabilizes nuclear waste and leaks - cleans soil, water and air. The DOE could give a shit.

  • Perspex Savant
    Perspex Savant

    I’ve read some of the negative comments about Rogan’s method of interviewing this guy. I think you have to interview him this way and it’s MUCH more comprehensible.

    • Madvertiser

      True. AJ needs a bridle, unfortunately.

  • Perspex Savant
    Perspex Savant

    Who do you think Greenpeace is? Basically, environmental mercenaries that get paid to harass companies.

  • Perspex Savant
    Perspex Savant

    We actually have an “Administrative” Branch in our government. There is your deep state.

  • Perspex Savant
    Perspex Savant

    Finally grew some balls to bring him you are getting LOADS shit for bringing him back by your backers.😂😂


    What’s going on with Alex? He was right since I’ve been listening to him in 2009 on my xm headphones

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Joe Devils Advocate Rogan

  • Biden Phedo
    Biden Phedo

    For being celled a nut job, Alex is right aproxamatley 75 percent of the time.

    • Madvertiser

      I'd say more than that.

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia

    Smart people look like crazy people to dumb people.

  • Ian Blumberg
    Ian Blumberg

    At some point jones and the other guy start referring to themselves as we in opposition to Joe

  • 4R Reel
    4R Reel

    Holy shit, Alex was 46 when this was filmed.

  • Antonio Manaserian
    Antonio Manaserian

    The animated peace pathologically greet because loss psychologically fasten apropos a historical precipitation. legal, towering arch

  • julerylive

    really hope for alex to be able to improve his health

  • Max Power
    Max Power

    Rogan always has to work double time to keep up when he has Alex Jones on.

  • directingbydana

    Some kid on Christmas: "What did you get me?" Alex Jones: "Here's a document... Take it."

  • Sandy Lane
    Sandy Lane

    It’s really nice to see and hear Alex Jones !

  • baked potato
    baked potato

    I'm not even playing Alex Jones is really fucking smart

    • Madvertiser

      He really is, a shame how he got censored. Proof that evil controls the world, at the moment.

  • fenixphire84

    I can’t wait for them to stop running in circles. Like ferrets on crack

  • Nicest Evil
    Nicest Evil

    the simpson said this lol

  • David Esco
    David Esco

    I am still listening....👽

  • Nicest Evil
    Nicest Evil

    which one is the one where he says on why billionaires were saying we are in a simulation etc please

  • TwisTProGaming

    The elite are trying to demonize the very thing you are made of. CARBON Think about it.

  • Pasquale Eduardo
    Pasquale Eduardo

    At 2:47:02 I gave up I couldn’t listen to his drunk speech

  • Keven orr
    Keven orr

    Lol it’s funny how Joe how to keep steering the ship. It kills me. I’m glad Alex doesn’t let it bother him and stays on track.

  • Surf Science
    Surf Science

    Also right on the electric car one of the greatest things I ever heard come out of a supervisors mouth on this subject, is “I hope and pray everyone switches to electric cars because we will have 10x as much work” it could potentially cut emissions he said but he also said that it could be even more because of the amount of plants that would have to pop up nation wide or because the amount of fossil fuels we would have to burn to meet those requirements factoring in loss of electricity. It basic science really you loose more electricity the greater distance you have to transport it.

    • Jeff French
      Jeff French

      @A Morgan And yet, in 2030 it will be illegal to purchase a fossil fuel car in California. Perhaps they know something we don't.... (pssst.... "va...c.seen.... pssst.... d.e.p o.p

    • A Morgan
      A Morgan

      My worry is our current power grid systems cant handle all the charging. California just yesterday asked people to limit or not charge their electric vehicles to help not strain the power grids.

  • Surf Science
    Surf Science

    So I will say on the power plants as someone that has worked on them and in them, the scrubbers on most of not all in the US are pretty fuckin great like top of the line and the only reason for that is because Congress pushed and then big coal found a byproduct and pushed it for resale like acids and plastics and tar. So yes coal burning was bad but now it’s in such great interest for the for “big coal” to restrict emissions via, tax, production of new products and resale of otherwise wasted material that it’s absolutely necessary for them as a company to make it clean as a company, it’s just like recycling there would be no recycling unless there was money in it like anything else in the world.

  • John 7799
    John 7799

    19 MILLION People watched this and cnn can't come anywhere close to a million ! Where do I get my news ? Joe Rogan.

  • Zncv Mxbv
    Zncv Mxbv

    C4 cycle or Kreb cycle. Sum up 20 minutes of this.

  • Marshall Derriek
    Marshall Derriek

    Alex jones gets a voice box .. nobody would ever know

  • krwhereje

    Turn your bass down...otherwise Alex would sound like a i get it, he works for the reptilians and he is hypnotizing us with high frequency tones so we buy his bio enhancement parafernalia. Yet makes more sense than Biden ruling a country, any country, not even a not a family

  • Jonny C
    Jonny C

    Alex Jones is the very dictionary definition of the phrase, ‘Chuck enough shit at the wall and some of it will stick’. He chats a world of shit, 99% is utter claptrap. Then he slightly gets something slightly in the ballpark and people think he’s the fucking messiah. He’s not the messiah, he’s a fat fucking liar and a naughty boy

    • Madvertiser

      Your whole comment is incorrect, I'd call you a CIA/FBI shill but I don't think you're THAT stupid. But you're close.


    man this was great

  • devildon21

    Is this the "turns the freaking frogs gay" guy?

    • Madvertiser

      Yes and it turns out he was right. Look it up.

    • Vincenzo Costa
      Vincenzo Costa

      Yes and as funny as that sounds, it's true lol

  • Miranda

    joe go 2 minutes without crying about a f***** fact check. My god. you sound like a blue check democrat

  • swollen COLON
    swollen COLON

    Alex: "we WANT carbon dioxide to warm the planet" Joe: "wait...wait...what?"

  • Pharaoh

    Joe must learn that sometimes reality simply isn't reasonable.

  • BrutallyHonestGamer

    there's human ruins under water, so the sea levels were lower thousands of years ago, that's fact, and humans were around. I'm not an Alex Jone fan at all, but he's right.

  • BrutallyHonestGamer

    when it's hot in the summer, you don't hear on the news "all that carbon dioxide out there is making the heat index feel like xx amount" it's water vapor, humidity that does that. Climate change is not a world phenomenon that can be easily proven by localized temperature records, you can see that in many places in the US, it was warmer in the 90's than now, if the earth was warming, it should be warming all over the place not just where certain people pick and choose it to be, some places it's higher some places it's cooler. Do you also not think that 9 billion people all breathing out co2. You know, cars, and factories do not expel co2 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but do you know who does? Humans, until they die. You can't control CO2 output when every living thing on the planet not a plant, expels CO2. The second thing is about sea levels, i love this argument. Water and liquid in general have this pesky property called displacement, and liquid displaces evenly over any given surface. You can't have the sea level rise in one part of the planet and not somewhere else, if it is, it's temporary because of a typhoon, hurricane, or some other phenomenon.

    • Madvertiser

      We need more plant life and it's funny how MSM stopped talking about the destruction of the rainforests.

  • Zoubeir Faouzi
    Zoubeir Faouzi

    You should bring Alex more often. This guy has learned me more in two conversations than youtube did my entire life. 😂

  • LowJack

    This whole podcast is so chaotic😂 I love it.

  • THE AMAZING josh
    THE AMAZING josh

    Bro how did two years go by so quick…

    • THE AMAZING josh
      THE AMAZING josh

      Meaning the 2nd Alex Jones review

  • Samantha Leigh
    Samantha Leigh

    “Tim is the only one here who’s probably smoked crack” 😂😂🤣

  • AmadMarketer

    This podcast made me realize how dark evil and twisted this world is

    • Gray

      Lol your a grown man, where you been?

  • david fusani
    david fusani

    Anyone else think since joe went over to Spotify he's kind of sold out? I could be wrong but I don't think he was like this with Alex the last time he was on.

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler Martin

    Joe is annoying

  • Vishal Praveen
    Vishal Praveen

    47:30 no Alex. You shouldn't be proud of Electric Cars more than Regular Cars. Why? Because of the lithium mining on our planet. Jeez its so much worse than pumping crude oil out. The chemicals that leech into the soil when you do that mining is horrendous. Plus you're also supporting child labour, slavery, etc. Unless we find a way to mine lithium from space, electric cars might be worse for us

  • The other guy Max
    The other guy Max

    Democrats are screaming every night on tv about the virus while they leave the southern border wide open and packing families into facilities and kids in cages and flying them all over the country and dropping them off in cities without testing them and now all the sudden Democrats are ok with kids in cages when the problem is 10 times worse ?, something is off here, both Republicans and Democrats in our government are crooked, wake up brothers and sisters

  • The other guy Max
    The other guy Max

    Democrats are screaming every night on tv about the virus while they leave the southern border wide open and packing families into facilities and kids in cages and flying them all over the country and dropping them off in cities without testing them and now all the sudden Democrats are ok with kids in cages when the problem is 10 times worse ?, something is off here, both Republicans and Democrats in our government are crooked, wake up brothers and sisters

  • Jake Stogner
    Jake Stogner

    Alex Jones is right. That being said, he could chill a lil

  • Ryan Ayton
    Ryan Ayton

    Yes I understand they're trying to take over the world and tax us, but what the scientist are saying global warming is real W.T.F really?

  • Carnage Records
    Carnage Records

    55:08 that caught Joe's attention more than anything alex has said so far 😆

  • Tricia Somogyi
    Tricia Somogyi

    ‘ LOCKDOWN ‘ is a Prison Term

    • Tricia Somogyi
      Tricia Somogyi

      Madvertiser - He knows what’s up.

    • Madvertiser

      Ironic considering AJ calls Earth a prison planet.

  • John Cerisola
    John Cerisola

    Crazy that Alex Jones has been right about almost everything about COVID-19

  • Cole Mckittrick
    Cole Mckittrick


  • Isaiah DeLuna
    Isaiah DeLuna

    Yo im here because I just started watching Rogan. This shit is fucked up.

  • Colt Hagan
    Colt Hagan

    Me. Joe Rogan, I hope you read this so much. I love your show it’s awesome but a lot of what you talk about just done apply to blue collar people like me. Some does but a lot of it don’t. We don’t have the time or money to worry about big tech and being turned into a robot

  • Vincent Snow
    Vincent Snow

    Joe , we’re gettin’ the band back together - come back to RSloft Dude .

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