Is the Rimac C_Two the fastest accelerating production car?
Straight line performance is by far not everything, but still quite important for a hypercar. We have designed the C_Two to impress with technology, usability, design, features, road manners and track performance. Lateral dynamics and driving fun was always super important for us. Today, we have focus on straight line performance but soon we’ll cover the other interesting aspects as well - like our new generation Torque Vectoring and drift mode.

  • Alon ליבנה
    Alon ליבנה

    Im not a hater it’s actually one of my favorite cars but The fact that u give excuses for everything and why it shouldn’t be the best condition for acceleration test just makes it look like ur not sure about ur product which doesn’t guve the best look to rimac as a company Its my opinion so i think u should not give excuses and be sure ab the car say it like its the best thing ever built like it a piece of art

  • noname

    Don't let Hammond drive it

  • Bagus Setyawan
    Bagus Setyawan

    Fantastic...super job Rimac

  • Daki

    Svaka cast majstore

  • zipekanama

    OMG. Yes it is.

  • Iago Monroy
    Iago Monroy

    Rimac, you are doing the things perfectly. Keep going!

  • Kylmore Voss
    Kylmore Voss

    Normal gasoline cars have a good sound. These electric cars fastest but without sound its like a 2m tall gladiator guy with a female voice....

  • Kylmore Voss
    Kylmore Voss

    These cars without sound :DDDD No thx!!!

  • G. B.
    G. B.

    Maybe im spoiled, but this is boring to my bones. We dont need faster cars as humanity, how is this improving the lives of people in africa? Its just a project toy that a bunch of university educated White people created for the 1%. Yea, you guys proved you can flex your brain, now do soemthing useful with it. Hammond proved to us, by wrecking one of these overpriced toys, that its too much, its completely useless as a car on a public road. The end.

  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim

    As Jezzer would've said... "That Rimac just f***ed off."

  • Tim the Lindroos
    Tim the Lindroos

    What a car! Koenigsegg will have a problem here!

  • Construction King
    Construction King

    Do you plan on letting Richard Hammond drive one of them??

  • Dejan Bencic
    Dejan Bencic

    Evropski Ilon Mask.

  • Pierre Villeneuve
    Pierre Villeneuve

    Beautiful package, upscale material, original engineering. Kudos to the small team who develop this magnificent machinery. They will need to work on the clicking sound of these rotating knobs. It doesn't sound refined enough. Now I need to move to Croatia and be part of this! :-)

  • William Russell
    William Russell

    Filthy generic tarmac, road tyres and only 85-90% power yet it's still a 9 second car!? Fair play, well done 👏👏👏

  • TrMark

    God damn, I'd give my right nut to test drive the C2

  • Xavier RENAUDON
    Xavier RENAUDON

    Fastest but tasteless 😙

  • Max Breit
    Max Breit

    geil ich hasse eigentlich elektro fahrzeuge aber ich finds krass was du auf die beine gestellt hast und nicht wie elon musk nur scheiße laberst !

  • etravix

    Cool and geeking out is acceptable. Geeks will rule the world. Coming from a bonafide geek of 60 years.

  • markqqq

    4:52 "1988 Toyota Camry" lmao

  • Buhiire Keneth
    Buhiire Keneth

    When the CEO also doubles as the test driver.

  • Vegvari Adam
    Vegvari Adam

    jel ovaj hrvat direktor ove kompanije?

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T

    From the first time I saw the Concept One in action a few years back, I can't stop talking about Rimac. In fact, I hope one day I have the chance just to sit in one.

  • Goran Novakovic
    Goran Novakovic

    Lele majko

  • Matthias Rother
    Matthias Rother

    Du unfassbar coole Socke!!!

  • Adam

    please invest in a directional mic, as I can hear the camera guy breathing throughout the video, which isnt so nice ;)

  • lightconstruct

    I'm so happy for your success Mate! Amazing job man.

  • Miksu Hinz
    Miksu Hinz

    Those driving mode buttons sound very low quality

  • goofy dood
    goofy dood

    0 - 60 is quite bad... BRUH

  • Cj James
    Cj James

    and the doug score is

  • toni simic
    toni simic

    Du machst mich sprachlos mateeee

  • Evan Turnau
    Evan Turnau


  • Kornél

    Bravo! Good to see that a so-called post communist country (similar to my one) now can create a great car like this! I have been watching Rimac since the Rimac Concept One car came out. Keep up with the good work! Greetings from Hungary!

  • Lucifer

    I want a @carwow review of this beast.

  • Whydisable

    shut up and take my money! :D

  • srinitaaigaura

    Richard Hammond : Hi Mate...

  • srinitaaigaura

    You should see Motor Trend's article on the acceleration of the P100D ludicrous. 1.41G off the line to 10 mph, 1.1G to 30 mph and after 50 mph it starts to drop for 2.4 sec to 60 mph. I wonder what this will do when it gets proper launch control.

  • Matija Miskovic
    Matija Miskovic

    Super Mate 👍💪

  • Vilmer Zander
    Vilmer Zander

    This vs the roadster will be amazing.

  • Cihangir Dağı
    Cihangir Dağı

    This one is getting the highest DougScore I'm tellin ya.

  • Like a PRO
    Like a PRO

  • Leonard G.
    Leonard G.

    Sehr gute Arbeit💯🧠

  • CheckYourGear

    Still the same sympathic guy, that is even more impressive then your great hyper car. Stay as you are and all the best to you and your company.

  • denbass1

    Удачи в проектах! Молодец!

  • Bassam Memon
    Bassam Memon

    Will the 0-60 time be under 1.9s?

  • the living tribunal
    the living tribunal

    Give this car to richard hammond

  • DannyD

    Call the c2 omnipotent! It's God like🔥


    Please 1/4 milla Koenigsegg Regera, Bugatti Chiron Sport, Mclaren Speedtail, etc.

  • NotYou Immune
    NotYou Immune

    Da Ali ti kolutići za okretanje zvuče jeftino do jaja

  • 76ers

    Overlaying the chart on top of the road is such BRILLIANT idea!

  • SharkFish

    I was here.

  • Aunt Givafok
    Aunt Givafok

    The real question it Richard Hammond proof???

  • Igor Freitas
    Igor Freitas


  • Alphabet 7
    Alphabet 7

    Will the production car be in Forza horizon 5 and Motorsport ?

  • Utzu

    Absolutely amazing. Love this car so much

  • Marko Kardum
    Marko Kardum

    This is insane..small devasted country like CROATIA with no factories to have a genius like Mate Rimac and make cars like this!!!!!!!! Go Mateeeee Gooooo

  • Marko Kardum
    Marko Kardum

    This is insane..small devasted country like CROATIA with no factories to have a genius like Mate Rimac and make cars like this!!!!!!!! Go Mateeeee Gooooo

  • Charlie Dance
    Charlie Dance

    These will be the cars our grandkids have on their walls

  • Disprot

    gdje mogu da kupim dionice

  • Buggerlugz

    Honestly, this thing is more than 1750BHP??!!!!!!!

  • Mr Rexy
    Mr Rexy

    Bravo Mate!!!

  • Pete

    13 Errors on the dash? not much different than my VW!

  • Boar King
    Boar King

    Yeah but you forget one thing driving like this you won't be making 50 km with a full charge. The EV sector isn't ready for performance cars

  • Bert Demeulemeester
    Bert Demeulemeester

    Rimac vs taycan vs yesla roadster. Good times they are coming😉

  • Milan Pintar
    Milan Pintar

    I miss Croatia

  • Milan Pintar
    Milan Pintar


  • CroIsPro

    Wtf? The car isnt even completly done without launch-mode or a good track, and its still faster. Best car ever

  • CroMotoRacer

    Hrvatska v everyone!

  • Truthful Q
    Truthful Q

    I imagine this is what it's like just before you hit hyper space. Seems like the C_Two will soon be able to make the Kessel Run on under 12 parsecs (it is May The Forth after all).

  • Paul O'Hanlon
    Paul O'Hanlon

    Looks like an i8 from the back!

  • BB

    Damn. Almost as fast as my Civic Type R.

  • O.C.L

    What will burn longer; the Rimac or my diarrhea after Taco Bell?

  • Phantom Of The Opera
    Phantom Of The Opera

    This is the guy Elon simps for

  • Máté Nagy
    Máté Nagy

    Plaid+ is the fastest, although still amazing

  • M I L A Nミラノ
    M I L A Nミラノ

    Prvo nssim novinarima daj da snime ovu zver

  • Stöpfel W
    Stöpfel W

    Woah that’s a quick one 😯😅


    No test coming from Lotus Evija so far...

  • schwifty frank
    schwifty frank

    Dobar engleski za hrvata u tim godinama

  • Ryan Hoffmann
    Ryan Hoffmann

    His little smile when he says "let's see if it's faster". This man has known for some time how insanely fast this thing is! I cannot wait to see it being fully tested and with 100% of its power.

  • Thomas Banks
    Thomas Banks

    Mate you are amazing! Keep it up

  • Game Tron
    Game Tron

    1700 konja kaze brat treba izvuc jos 😂😂😂, a ja protrnem sav kad svoju mecku nabijem na 100km/H

  • Максим Иванов
    Максим Иванов

    Add subtitles in Russian

  • Viktor Bogdanov
    Viktor Bogdanov

    AWESOME, I really hope you guys get "ferrari" famous :) The car looks better than the batmobile :D

  • Rahul Ravishankar
    Rahul Ravishankar

    How is it gonna look like this time ? Sideways ? Only the Hamster knows.

  • tomek kowal
    tomek kowal

    Ha, mfs😎🤘👍👍 u got my sub, good job, nice geeking very informing 👍👍

  • Cars Guns and Guitars
    Cars Guns and Guitars

    8 sec Damm

  • Jigyashu dev
    Jigyashu dev

    loved your EV which actually beat all other car in world

  • lived tee
    lived tee

    Porsche owns rimac. And rimac owns Bugatti ...if I am not wrong.

    • Ivan Rados
      Ivan Rados

      There's a video where Mate is explaining structure of the company, check it out

  • eddy c
    eddy c

    damn bro

  • Josip Radeljić Jakić
    Josip Radeljić Jakić

    A hocu i ja🥲

  • Sailing around the World
    Sailing around the World

    Very very impressive and you are not geeky you have a very nice control of your cars

  • hirr1

    More head room would be nice :/

  • AirSerb

    Da li će takva izolacija ostati u autu ili će biti bolja ?

  • Y G
    Y G

    Dobar do jaja

  • Seneca Music
    Seneca Music

    The Taycan put up a good fight for, like, three seconds and then it was just gone. Crazy.

  • KJC Productions
    KJC Productions

    Between this,lucid motors, and Tesla the future of electric super cars are going to be CRAZY

  • George Huser
    George Huser

    Such a cool guy. I wish I could work for someone like him.

  • Lucian Claudiu Stefan
    Lucian Claudiu Stefan

    this is AMAZING ! Also he has a tab open with review of bmw e36 ... thats a true petrolhead lol

  • Peti Gyurós
    Peti Gyurós

    Mate is a literal hero of mine, such strong passion for what he does. Massive support from Hungary!!!

  • CFE Productions
    CFE Productions

    Watch out germany has plans to make car light with more power and faster acceleration than C_two

Happier Than Ever
10 мил
Happier Than Ever
10 мил