iPhone 12 Pro vs 11 Pro vs XS SPEED Test! A14 Bionic DELIVERS!
iPhone 12 Pro vs 11 Pro vs XS Ultimate Speed Test. BLOWN away with the speed improvements! All new 5nm A14 Bionic, 6GB Ram & 5G iPhone 12 Pro Speed Test. App launching, RAM test, Face ID, 5G, LTE, Geekbench 5 & More.
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iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test!
iPhone 12 DEEP Water Test!
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  • Rohan Kadve
    Rohan Kadve

    Just got the 12 Pro Max !😍

  • Daemon247

    my XS score is Single core 4827 Multi core score is 11414.

  • Ashish Rawat
    Ashish Rawat

    You skipped angry bird in xs ram management round

  • geloadazza

    Iphone X gang??

  • Manoj Negi
    Manoj Negi


  • Hyperion7842

    I didn't notice the among us game

  • Jaswinder Bansal
    Jaswinder Bansal

    There’s no point in upgrading from a XS.. people with an iPhone 8 and lower should consider the upgrade

  • Andrei Veneteanu
    Andrei Veneteanu

    I think your iPhone 11 Pro is definitely broken. Your antutu is very low, as well. I have an iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB and it runs ✨flawlessly✨, also got a great antutu score.

  • Diokitty

    My 3g works fine, maybe I’ll upgrade next year

  • Florencia García
    Florencia García

    I have the iPhone 11, should I switch?

  • Momo

    *casually watches this through my iPhone 6s after charging it for the second time today* I’m fine 🙂

  • Gemma loves Everyone
    Gemma loves Everyone

    I got had a iPhone XS. I upgraded to a iPhone 12 pro max

  • StALiC


  • tony cave
    tony cave

    Where’s the 12 Pro screen protector from? It’s nice.

  • Eric

    AT&T with their shitty "5G" claims... such bullshit that they're the only company that does that shit... can't believe you're only getting 5Mbps download

  • Bjorn Hermansen
    Bjorn Hermansen

    When are 12 series cases going to be available through Phone Rebel?

  • W. Kamara Njoku
    W. Kamara Njoku

    Planned on using my xs max for 1 more year, but the battery became really bad

  • Ginger _
    Ginger _

    Hey y’all! If you could take a few seconds and follow my crochet business page on Instagram that would be really appreciated!! 🙌🏽 @curlyshirley’screations This is my page! 😊

  • leighsbabs

    i’ve got the xs max but i’m due an upgrade and it’s cheaper a month then this phone and i get a free pair of airpods it’s a good deal

  • AYYOOB Tech
    AYYOOB Tech

    Iphone notch disign very ugly

    • 4p8j


  • TKO593

    I just ran Geekbench 4 tests with an iPhone 12 pro max vs XS max. The 12 got a single core score 3300 and the XS got a 4800?

  • Victor Ryan
    Victor Ryan

    No high refresh settled it for me, upgraded to the 11 pro max and it’s amazing. Plus it’s still the iPhone with the longest battery life ever

  • Luka Andrejević
    Luka Andrejević

    Great video.

  • B.Sundae

    I’m happy with my silver 256G iPhone XS. Just got a batter swap at apple. Got a new putter box case from the clearance isle at target for $12 (new case is $50) Plus a new Belkin screen protector for $7. All these older phone items are always on clearance at stores since they “old” but my phone Xs is pretty much new again.


    thanks for helping me to keep my Facebook page updated! Kudos! facebook.com/iphonecravers my fans love your videos!

  • Gill Saab
    Gill Saab

    How that benchmark works when I reset my settings I get the same numbers but after sometime changing all the settings like notifications display to normal I get like around 600 single core on my 12 pro is that normal ?

  • Maximisxhq3+

    Speed depends on the lightest os and consistent hardware. Get the 12 mini...

    • Victor Ryan
      Victor Ryan

      That’s not how that works. The most consistent os is the fastest. That would be the 12 pro because it’s using the exact size as the 12, 11, and XR. Essentially the most repeated screen size has the most optimized os along with it. The 12 mini and the 12 pro max are the first of their size

  • AyaVlogz

    I’m glad I have the XS. But I needed to get another phone for my vlogging but I don’t know if it’s worth it

  • GT _R
    GT _R

    XS still almost king

  • Tyler Seitz
    Tyler Seitz

    Dude you look like Joe Goldberg here

  • Marcel xd
    Marcel xd

    I'm so impressed how well Xs did. I bought it in march cuz I prefer buying 1 year phone and apparently I saved nice money. Btw I don't need awesome camera, XS's is enough for me. Xs is worse than 11pro at battery life, but mine is not bad. I can get like 7,5h SoT using 90% of the battery.

  • Dori

    XS gang 🤙😌

  • Moritz Exner
    Moritz Exner

    When will the iPhone 12 rebel case be available?

  • Ray F
    Ray F

    I have the iPhone XR 64GB, I’m upgrading for sure but cannot decide between 12 pro or 12 pro max. I like everything the pro max has to offer but I still feel like it might be a bit too big, I might sacrifice that for good battery life.

  • Martin McGarrigle
    Martin McGarrigle

    The 12 Pro is a SPPPPEEEEEED DEMMMOOOOM man. Just sick.

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York

    I’m sticking with my iPhone 8

  • Z RapidFire
    Z RapidFire

    I had my XS for 2 years.. still runs smooth as butter but... I feel it was time for an upgrade.. iPhone 12 max Pro 512GB will last me for at least 2/3 years now. Maybe until the iPhone 15 lol

  • old mix
    old mix

    Do you use voiceover on N the iPhone

  • Hyperion

    Please include Throttling Test into your test. iPhone always have this overheating issue since they put the IC stack together without any heat dissipation management, while most of android phone flagship already have this. Please bring up this issue, so Apple notice this

  • sumaiya prapti
    sumaiya prapti

    wait 12 pro max

  • James Edward Gutierrez Deaf sign language
    James Edward Gutierrez Deaf sign language

    My birthday November 19 2020 gift to me iPhone 12 pro color blue please mine from Philippines (YES or NO)

  • jnmks

    why did that among us loaded so slow in all phones

  • lafdwifey

    Any Phone Rebel iPhone 12 Pro Max case release dates yet? 🙏🏽

  • keely hopwood
    keely hopwood

    I don’t know which phone to get next. I have had the 7 Plus for over 2 years. I don’t know whether to get the 11 in purple or get the 12 or 12 pro. They’re similar prices. Yes the 12 Pro is slightly more expensive. But I don’t know whether it’s worth the extra money to buy the latest phone and keep that longer. Or do I get the 11 because it’s the cheaper option but maybe miss out on some of the specks that the 12’s have.

  • Paolo Papandrea
    Paolo Papandrea

    so last year 11 pro was considered a great phone and now turned out it sucks compared to a previous model. This video made me think about buying a XS

  • anurag jha
    anurag jha

    when is 12 pro max unboxing

  • T emu
    T emu

    Its 2020 and Apple making every single of u fools!! U guys have platform use it and talk about this..boycott this phn this yr apple will realize!!!! Actually removing charger is not for environment its for they r business profit purpose..so that they can shipping more boxs its double!!! and they r salling only phn with same price infact more prices..its double profit!!!! if they really did it for environment then price should be so so less bcoz its only bloody phn!! They can give they r new earpods in a box bcoz price is not less even bigger!! So it will fair!! bt no price is same infact more...so its a strategy...Stop being fool!!! so pls Apple put charger and headphn like berfore!!! We want value for money!🙏🙏🙏 Be fair🙏🙏

  • Me

    Is Apple paying you? Darn it you seem pretty biased about the new iPhone

  • Gandalfwiz2007

    Hey iSheep, how can you praise a corrupted company like Apple when they are ripping you off! NO charger and no headphones, but the same price!

    • Dylaila


  • Mr FearYT
    Mr FearYT

    Hey! Anyone from India?

    • 4p8j


  • Manmohan Krishna
    Manmohan Krishna

    everyone in india would also upgrade to iphones if they price it like a phone in the market ,this even reflects on the market share in america and india

  • Asuka Langley
    Asuka Langley

    I’m still using iPhone 8

  • Soumya Chakraborty
    Soumya Chakraborty

    Sticking with my Xs. I don’t like the design for iphones, ipad is fine.

  • Tim K
    Tim K

    well done

  • The United Coloradan Federation
    The United Coloradan Federation

    Me sitting here with my original SE: 👁👄👁

  • Selkethea Estuaria
    Selkethea Estuaria

    Iphone 12 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Alex Seunarine
    Alex Seunarine

    Is it really faster tho

  • Arjun Gupta
    Arjun Gupta

    Can anyone living in USA tell me the price of iphone 11 series... Since in my country it's quite expensive

  • Srreeej

    XR vs 11 vs 12 PLEASE

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali

    Am I the only one who’s still rocking the iPhone 5s in 2020

    • lTheZombiePlayal

      My friend’s phone broke and he had to switch to a 5s

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali

    I can’t be bragging I have a iPhone 5s

  • j clayt
    j clayt

    i may just have to get this phone.....only 1 place i come to when i want to check out the newest iphones and thats everything apple pro

  • Sebastian Balderas
    Sebastian Balderas

    Bruh new ios update came out . I’m worried, he hasn’t uploaded a video for a while

  • SARG Studio
    SARG Studio

    Hey man, on Apple’s RSloft channel, there’s an upcoming livestream with the iconic ‘One more thing’ line on the thumbnail. Could you make a video on that?

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack

    when’s the giveaway being announced?:))))

  • Gian Mata
    Gian Mata

    Give me an iphone. Thanks

  • thedogshow2010

    Will Apple Stores be open to buy the new iPhone or only for pick up orders?

  • Sam 79icloud
    Sam 79icloud

    im happy and satisfied with xmax i will wait iphone 13 if it will come with 4 cameras and battery more than 4000 i will think to upgrade

  • younus ulla vlogs
    younus ulla vlogs

    when are you announcing the result of giveaway 😊😊 place replye the question 🙏🙏


    iPhone 12 against the note s20 ultra-speed test plz

  • Merzz Yt
    Merzz Yt

    Me who still uses a 8+ 😐

  • Dheeraj patidar
    Dheeraj patidar

    Excited for iphone pro max

  • YoNa kc007
    YoNa kc007

    If you want to get dark mode on Facebook, just login your Facebook account in the chrome with your computer and then there will be a suggestion pop up for you to turn on the dark mode, just turn it on then you'll get option in your Facebook account private settings to turn on dark mode both in your phone and your computer.

  • Giuseppe Castiglione
    Giuseppe Castiglione

    Where’s the iPad Air review

  • J C
    J C

    I had the 11 Pro for all of 2 days. It was utter shite! But i think ill give apple another try with the 12 pro max

  • Emani Gonzales
    Emani Gonzales

    Where in the world are the giveaway winners gonna be announced

  • x x
    x x

    EAP you should check out the new mini iPhone it’s the iPhone 12 pro max mini the soyes xs11!!!

  • Tyrone

    You still don’t have videos on the Silicon macs smh.. you should be called EverythingiPhonePro

  • juancarlos131291

    Why is your channel not verified?

  • Teja

    FYI , Can we get Rebel Carbon Fiber Full Protection SLIM case for iphone 12 / max

  • Itay Sharir
    Itay Sharir

    Try to turn an iPhone 11 to 12

  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph

    Wow the performance of iPhone XS is really great Damn I am gonna hold on to my Max for couple of years then

  • Nolan Morris
    Nolan Morris

    I thought I was going to buy a 12 after the 13 comes out, but now I’m thinking of just buying a Xs

  • GrayCat Animations
    GrayCat Animations

    Is it just me or did the winner announcement just passed yesterday :(

    • igor kieldysh
      igor kieldysh

      Really? If that's true then that's very sad RIP

  • Jefferson Spicoli
    Jefferson Spicoli

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  • Santhosh O. S
    Santhosh O. S

    Please give a phone to me

  • Hassam Tahir
    Hassam Tahir

    Bro i really need iphone please guve me one iphone from one of these i requested you i m from pakistan 🇵🇰 name (Hassam) Email( hasamtahir52@gmail.com) Send me the phone plzzzzz 😢

  • SandidIsAlive YouKnowThat
    SandidIsAlive YouKnowThat

    I am still using iphone7. If you 😁

  • Pratik Rai
    Pratik Rai

    Heyyyy bro please giveaway iphone xs that was my favourite iphone idk why apple discontinued it🥺

  • Anurag Bhatnagar
    Anurag Bhatnagar

    . Hi, Please refund me money as i still not receive my order. My order no. is #20997, order date is 07 sep. Request you to please refund my money on urgent basis. Regards Anurag Bhatnagar

  • Ancha Revanth
    Ancha Revanth

    What about silicon macs and November event

  • The Rainbow Of Life 592
    The Rainbow Of Life 592

    6gb ram?

  • Veer Patel
    Veer Patel


  • Brian Nelson
    Brian Nelson

    Any idea when the Phone Rebel cases will be out for the IPhone 12 pro?

  • shibin joseph
    shibin joseph

    Dear sir.. me not a mobile phone.. plzz give one smartphone

  • Jay Kotadia
    Jay Kotadia

    The performance is good for the new iPhone, but the battery needs to be tested. The battery is smaller, more real estate on screen, a higher resolution and 5G. The battery will perform significantly worse in the batter test.

  • Itiel Wilk
    Itiel Wilk

    When do we get the new phone rebel case for the 12 pro

  • Abba Abdullahi
    Abba Abdullahi

    Why do u always have a bandage on your hand😂😂🥺

  • Vibez3

    Who's ready for the iphone 12 and 12 pro all case drop test! Can't wait!

  • Majen Zaabar
    Majen Zaabar

    I love iphone ❤

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