iPhone 12 Review: Just Got Real!
iPhone 12 is the first of a lot of things for the iPhone. It's pretty damn good.
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0:00 Intro
0:57 New Flat Design
2:17 Ceramic Shield
3:58 MagSafe
7:43 Battery Life
8:08 The Display
8:55 5G Just Got Real
12:30 New Cameras
14:21 HDR Just Got Real
16:05 iPhone Stuff
17:14 TL;DW

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Phone provided by Apple for review.


  • Akash Lachman
    Akash Lachman

    The amount of work they put in this video is crazy good! That Ceramic Shield animation is what sets them apart from the rest! Great job guys!

  • Sajjad Hossain
    Sajjad Hossain

    I’m a big fan of iPhone...I’m using iPhone 7 for last 3 years...but for battery problems and ram problem I’m facing many problems while using it..I don’t have much money to effort a new iPhone ...Can you give me a iPhone :”)

  • Veli

    That Hocus Pocus intro 👌🏿

  • Nazmus Saqib
    Nazmus Saqib

    07:41 time to leave.

  • Mickey Garcia
    Mickey Garcia

    I was going for the blue or black, but they didn’t have them in stock. I had to settle for the “Red”

  • Mickey Garcia
    Mickey Garcia

    Really good phones, they really did good this year. Hopefully on the next iPhone they make good phones with good batteries.

  • Mandy A.S.
    Mandy A.S.

    Can you have 5G switched off completely to save battery power?

  • simon

    Nope not worth it

  • foxy 101
    foxy 101

    It sure is good that I don’t use my phone 24/7

  • Gun Banter
    Gun Banter

    5g is bad for your heath. Look it up.

  • Taylor Terrazas
    Taylor Terrazas

    I don’t know where that scratch came from, continues to drag it across his marble counter

  • Homedog Gaming
    Homedog Gaming

    I still have an iPhone X I got back in 2018 lmao

  • Muhamad Ridwanullah
    Muhamad Ridwanullah

    about magsafe, if we often charge then take off the iphone, is it affect to the battery health? draining the battery fastly? thx

  • Devaraj S
    Devaraj S

    Really?…5G just now got real?😂😂

  • Nikhil Chavan
    Nikhil Chavan

    So, is now the flaring defect repaired by the software update?

  • Thorin Le Roux
    Thorin Le Roux

    IPhone is trash 🗑

  • Emily’s World
    Emily’s World

    I have a case and screen protected on my iPhone 12

  • ridzuanrush

    So glad that I went for iPhone 12 instead of s21! I'm definitely happy with my first iPhone

    • Favour Adesida
      Favour Adesida

      Word bruh my 12 is my first iPhone

  • An Knee
    An Knee

    I went from a 7 to a 12… it surprised me how long a battery could last

    • Hootsup

      Hold your thought for one year.

  • Fahim Ahmed
    Fahim Ahmed

    Watching on my iphone 12!!!

  • Lampros Kaproutsos
    Lampros Kaproutsos

    One of the best phone for me . Big like

  • itshammad

    I Cann't afford i phone but still watching.🙄

  • asyraf azman
    asyraf azman

    "im just gonna live my life" while buying 20 iphones more

  • Sharonda Black
    Sharonda Black

    For Kirsy's Office

  • Legocc

    Good reviews, but clearly an Apple fanboy!

  • Alejandra Palacios
    Alejandra Palacios

    I’m upgrading from the 8plus and I’m excited!

  • Utkarsh Devnani
    Utkarsh Devnani

    Watching this on my iphone 12 💪

  • Mbongiseni Magutshwa
    Mbongiseni Magutshwa

    “I’m just gonna live my life” WTF😂😂

  • geico Bundle home and auto
    geico Bundle home and auto

    I’m watching this on a iPhone 12

  • Joel F
    Joel F

    Why is Mag Safe called wireless? Doesn't the charger itself still have a cord that plugs into the wall outlet? And the phone still needs to touch the charger which is essentially a wire with a circular piece on the end. And I'm just not seeing how this method is easier than pushing a cable into a hole in the phone.

    • Derek Ow
      Derek Ow

      Well that’s actually a really good question. The answer to which is, we have no freaking clue. But then again, I doubt we’ve reach a point where our devices are capable of transferring power from one source to another efficiently without a single cable in play.

    • Casual Fan
      Casual Fan

      Technically no wire is used to connect the phone to the charger thats why but i get your point.

  • Vin Leo Gaming
    Vin Leo Gaming

    After using it for quite awhile, just not too keen on the battery life. Otherwise, performance is great.

  • Dr. Abbida H S J
    Dr. Abbida H S J

    Can anyone suggest a FREE app that helps transfer watsapp chats from android to iphone successfully.

  • Rich O Hanna
    Rich O Hanna

    It’s not right that apple should release the pro 12 when its blue tooth is total crap.

  • N . D
    N . D

    Jesus loves you ❤

  • Roberto

    Did you say "crispy HD?"

  • Mateo Botha
    Mateo Botha

    if i get the regular 12, i’m definitely going for the purple one

    • Jordan Visagie
      Jordan Visagie

      I just got the purple 12 and it’s honestly so beautiful

  • PCツ

    I feel like making a portless iPhone wouldn't be that environmentally friendly as they project themselves to be, since everyone will be throwing away their chargers.

  • Anita Yadav
    Anita Yadav

    Nice 🙄

  • Kiran Khadka
    Kiran Khadka

    10:39 Daata ?

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    That’d be hilarious if the 5G gave us all cancer

  • The Shy Guy
    The Shy Guy

    13:03, were u watching an mrbeast video on u r laptop?

  • Ash Pal
    Ash Pal

    If it goes portless, how would data exchange work?

  • Faizan Hashim
    Faizan Hashim

    When ever I need an honest review. I know Marques Brownlee will have it.

    • Soso Drake
      Soso Drake

      He’s the goat of tech RSloft

    • Adekunle Onibokun
      Adekunle Onibokun

      @geico Bundle home and auto same

    • geico Bundle home and auto
      geico Bundle home and auto

      I’m watching this on a 12 🥴

    • Ye S
      Ye S

      @the e man he only wrote that for the likes 🤦🏿‍♀️

    • the e man
      the e man

      @Ammar TUBE comments are comments. why do people emphasize on likes so much lol. they are meant to comment on the video. not bragging rights on how much likes u get.

  • Aādil Iqbāl Khān
    Aādil Iqbāl Khān

    7:57 i didn't expected to see the reach of these cringe indian tiktokers

  • Max's Raving Music Production's 123469
    Max's Raving Music Production's 123469


  • S M
    S M

    Went to the Apple channel to write a review however they disabled all there comments. So here I'm. Wish they bring back the fingerprint scanner. The face id is an inconvenience certain times.

  • Benyamin king
    Benyamin king


  • Martha Otoo
    Martha Otoo

    I just broke my phone. Please can you give this to me 😁❤️

  • Martha Otoo
    Martha Otoo

    Good morning , I really love your videos. Keep it up

  • IssJayden

    Are they still selling the iPhone 11 pro max

  • Gio Playz
    Gio Playz

    I have the same iPhone 12 red!

  • Alastair Archibald
    Alastair Archibald

    Sent an upgrade order today for the basic iPhone 12 from an iPhone Xs. Should get it tomorrow, looking forward to it.

  • A. Stoic
    A. Stoic

    Wait a minute...you calling me lazy? I prefer efficient user of the timestamps!

  • Anthony Roman
    Anthony Roman

    When I got my 11 pro max I put on a $1 screen protector, and a $5 clear case. I went to the beach the other day and took both them off, and as I thought, phone looks brand new. (Don’t worry I bought a new screen protector and used the same case)

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts

    Apple the cocksuckers give you the type c to lightening wire but not the plug. Idiots

  • Julia Markovitz
    Julia Markovitz

    I just got an iPhone 12. I can’t sign onto RSloft because Google thinks I still have an iPhone 11! How can I update it? I am able to get onto RSloft on my iPad but not my iPhone!

  • Peter Ernst
    Peter Ernst

    I'm using a Samsung s20fe and after 6 months of active use, I have no scratches or even slowdowns. Are current iphones still so brittle today? Durability is a big issue for me

    • Hussein Hussein 8AEW13 364ELGR
      Hussein Hussein 8AEW13 364ELGR

      I have had an iPhone 12 for months now. I haven’t gotten any scratches, but some people I know have gotten broken screen. It really depends on how well you take care of the phone.

  • Just me snappy
    Just me snappy

    Damn I love you bro no homo ❤️

  • Time

    Getting a 12 pretty soon It's good to see its not dogwater

  • Max

    Your reviews are both articulate and awesomely to a point. I am now an attentive subscriber! -max

  • satheesh nair
    satheesh nair

    Marketing shit

  • Elijah

    has no headphone jack in it meh, dongles are so annoying.

  • Munna Munna
    Munna Munna

    OMG!!!I wish I could see you kelvin1_tech on ig..I wanna say big thanks for choosing me as a winner..u are real..and hacking service are provided... 💯 legit

  • Drifter .Z
    Drifter .Z

    my old samsung s8 camera is better than iphone 12s and bought apple watch , now i am stuck in this eco system . Major regrets

  • Coffee

    I’m upgrading to this phone from my 8+ so I’m sure this is going to be a huge difference for me. Just the other day my 8+ started having issues with the home button

    • Cee The Sea
      Cee The Sea

      same coming from a 8+

  • A

    buy a flagship, and then save $15 every week. you will be able to buy a new flagship after 1.5 years (you dont have to, but now you have the ability to buy one).

    • A

      @O.G.H yes this also works

    • O.G.H

      Or get a last years flagship from Samsung, use it for 4-5 years easily, then replace it with current last years model. Save a shitton of money while still having up to date smartphones. Its that simple

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    What is that battery animation when it charges

  • Hieu Phan
    Hieu Phan

    The battery on iPhone 12 sux

    • Hieu Phan
      Hieu Phan

      @Mr. 2GD it’s great if 5G is turned off

    • Mr. 2GD
      Mr. 2GD

      Lmaoo. This is in-fact false. Iphone batteries are great nowadays.

  • I see
    I see

    Getting it this Christmas

    • I see
      I see

      @User not found your lucky I have to wait until Christmas to get it

    • User not found
      User not found

      Ik that feeling knowing your gonna get it but have to wait im getting it for my birthday in 3 month

  • Pranav m
    Pranav m

    I will buy I phone 12 before 2022 January

  • imicca

    Did you just… call SALMON … seh-mun?

  • ZEEK

    No charging brick 👎🏻

  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles


  • bloodspillbill1

    Hopefully they don’t remove ports. My phone is constantly plugged into my car for CarPlay. If there was a reliable wireless CarPlay adapter I would be game for that

    • Sinister悪魔

      How can you transfer data without a cable though? Wireless transfer takes ages.

    • You Like Toes
      You Like Toes

      they want you to upgrade to a bluetooth car

  • Indigo Swan
    Indigo Swan

    Before you buy an I phone do yourself a favor and read the complaints. Especially for 12.

  • Rxonmymind

    While I appreciate wireless charging some people will need an extra charge bank which is the disadvantage of portless phones. This type of "improvement" won't work for some.

  • Paul Benish
    Paul Benish

    Just got the iPhone 12 Pro. Feels amazing in my hand, coming from an 11

  • David Beiler
    David Beiler

    4g lte is fast enough

  • nathan fowler games
    nathan fowler games

    Just got 12 in green colour

  • Peachy Man
    Peachy Man

    Oh yeah that happened

  • Aidan Crow
    Aidan Crow

    Bro I could name 100 things wrong with apple removing the charging port. What if your friend hasn’t upgraded and you need to charge your phone but they don’t have a wireless charger. Your screwed. And it’s not like your gonna carry around a charger with you. And if I have a thick case to protect my phone from drops then I can’t use the wireless charger I’d have to remove my case whenever I want to charge it. This is just a few reasons why this is a bad idea. If apple removes the charging port then their gonna lose many customers. Bad decisions are happening at apple

    • Paul Benish
      Paul Benish

      Yeah. It wouldn’t be good. You’d have to carry a MagSafe around everywhere. I prefer a quick charger over the convenience of a wireless charge

  • DarknessDeluxe

    What’s the green material he uses to see through the glass? 6:39

    • DarknessDeluxe

      @IMELZI Thx mate

    • IMELZI

      It's called magnet paper, and it revals the position of the magnets behind the glass or almost any other material

  • Rebel_Man_24

    I got my iPhone 12 Pro yesterday and I’m glad apple went back to the boxy design found on the 4/4S, 5/5S and SE 1st generation (which is not a new design) because it’s easier for me to hold than the iPhone 6 through iphone 11 rounded sides

  • Annes

    I have lost all respect for these phone companies. Each year they strip more and more features and it's ridiculous. They are literally regressing in their design.

  • FBI

    I have the back version of the the iphone 12 and the blue of the pro

  • Mustafa Qazi🇮🇳
    Mustafa Qazi🇮🇳

    @1:33 why is that ketchup falling ?

  • Fiji Will223
    Fiji Will223

    I caved in and copped the 12 today, was gonna wait for the 12s but instead i’ll keep this one till 2022 release depending on whats next

  • Cj Smart
    Cj Smart

    Nice, but I’ll keep my 8.

  • Mohamed Kasim
    Mohamed Kasim

    5G eventually hit my face 😂

  • M

    Apple 4 is back in apple 12 🤦‍♂️

  • Saša Benčić
    Saša Benčić

    And still of today i cant download a pdf from net banking and add it as an attachment in my email on the iphone 🤣.. good thing i have a couple of cheep androids that destory it in every aspect .. well maybe the camera is better tho it has really nice focus other than that its the same thing from 2012

  • Mezbah Sohan
    Mezbah Sohan

    Need to improve to the 120 Hurtz refresh rate

  • Calvin Torres
    Calvin Torres

    17:41 5G are built in here even for people who are never gonna to use it😂

  • Tay

    I love that red colour

  • ychanan36

    Thanks 😎

  • Sumer Sumer
    Sumer Sumer

    İphones iPhone

  • Sachin Rasal
    Sachin Rasal


  • cyril


  • Daily Dose Of Cringe
    Daily Dose Of Cringe

    They should of put ceramic sheild on back to

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt

      then it could not fall so they can give you apple care

  • Shana Phillips
    Shana Phillips

    Mate it's a iphone 11

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt

      not 11

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt