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0:00 - Introduction
5:01 - The KarJenners and the deglamorization of the wealth gap
10:59 - Lana Del Rey and the end of celebrity immunity from criticism
16:45 - Musicians and the depreciation of artificial exclusivity
25:48 - The Hype House and the of idealization of rebellion
31:50 - Sway House and the retaliation against law enforcement
38:42 - Charli D’Amelio and the trivialization of the pandemic
44:46 - PART 3: COVID VS RSloftRS
46:42 - NELK, Jake Paul, and the glorification of anti-intellectualism
54:22 - David Dobrik, the Vlog Squad, and the unraveling of authentic collaborations
58:41 - Doctor Mike and the hypocrisy of interclass sermonizing
1:04:36 - Outro

  • frost HD
    frost HD

    Ur just a haiter get ur money up son

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    Gamer 94

    I’m new, so don’t hate on me for not knowing this, but does this guy have a podcast,

  • xursx

    kinda cringeworthy of you to make an hour long video pointing your finger at people you don't even know. you aren't God, so you can't judge people while acting like you've never done anything bad. you're not perfect, no one is, so get rid of your superiority complex. its toxic and ugly af. xoxo

  • Ingeli Uri
    Ingeli Uri

    take a shot everytime he says smth that rhymes

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    Nekolover forlife17

    Giving me kingdom hearts vibes with the music choices

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    Phenita Gomes

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    lexi libbert

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    God I wanna see you rip into Ted Cruz and these politicians so bad 😫

  • A Z
    A Z

    These TikTok house people reflect all the worst qualities of high school/middle school except they’re adults 🙄 Grow up

  • msjaz21100

    My grandfather died from Covid this year. I appreciate this video and the fact that you’re an influencer that isn’t garbage


    5:23 “Kim...Kardashian...clan.... oof.” PLS IM WHEEZING


    Thankyou for the larray thing cause everybody is like "Larray I'd the only unproblematic tiktoker " like what?

  • BeQuick

    Rich folk had vaccines months ago.

  • Gwen Onderstal
    Gwen Onderstal

    you have such a soothing voice to listen to🙃

  • Mahmoud Atta
    Mahmoud Atta


  • Rie Bondorph
    Rie Bondorph

    I really had respect for doctor Mike but now I don’t really anymore, you can just hear in his apology that he doesn’t even sound real and UPLOADING it to his SECOND CHANNEL, I don’t even want to support his channel anymore, his a DOCTOR like....omg, I’m disappointed in him, and I expected better of a doctor !

  • TinyKittenLollipop1

    I didn't realize Dr. Mike's was as bad as it was. I thought maybe they still social distanced and such even on the boat, but dang that's really scummy to make it seem like it wasn't as bad as it was. I'm talking about his apology, he made it seem like it wasn't as bad as it was. I myself had my stepfather (he is 62? I think) and he had tested positive for covid. My mom and I live with him, we were both lucky to not get it, and he was lucky to only have the mild side effects from it and recovered fine. In fact, this past weekend he had gotten his first covid shot. To even think that there are these people that are thinking it's ok to just go out and party and pretend like this isn't a problem, what even? People, do NOT go out to parties where there is no social distancing or masks being worn. Wear your mask, wash your hands, if you feel even slightly sick, STAY HOME. Please protect others and yourself. There are literally CHILDREN dying from this. Children, young adults, people that are 100% healthy before getting covid, all dying from this very thing. It doesn't matter how low the percentage is of being one of those that could die from it, when in reality is, you could die. You could get unlucky and not make it. You're parents, grandparents, kids, whatever, could get unlucky and be one of those that does end up losing their life from it. Please, look out for yourselves, and lookout for others.

  • Kirisaki

    if they were hit by the virus less obnoxious ppl in the country

  • liv

    oh dear god do i wish that i was cishet and rich with no real hard-earned talent so i can just get ridiculously drunk on fame and money and live within my mansion without a care

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    having known all of these the first time rn (at least the full thing) what baffles me the most is yes these celebrities r either stupid or just too self-centered or whatever, but their friends tho. Like how the hell do they even find friends that match themselves so well lmao?? none of them just thought omg no i don't wanna die tho??? has it not occurred to them, even 1 sec, like this is wrong?? Also, those apologies, honestly, they do shit, got caught, apologise. rinse and repeat (at least that's how it looks like to me lol) like aren't they tired of it??? To me they're NEVER going to learn because they think after apologising it's all gonna go away. I don't even know what they're thinking lmao

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    Ms Cheexy

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  • Mixed Beauty
    Mixed Beauty

    U need to chill and stop worrying about these people they have no damn influence. Their fan base are mostly children and these children are going to listen to their damn parents about wearing a damn mask....these influencers and celebrities aren’t not responsible for shit. They can do what they want. Stop hating on what tf they are doing. Worry about urself. U think that vaccine will be ur savior??? U can still get COVID if u take it. This virus will go away when it goes away. Do what u have to do to stay safe. You can’t control the actions of others. Stop talking about these people if they have no damn talent it’s stupid fr ur wasting ur energy on people u don’t like...and getting money from it🥸 if u wanna talk shit talk about the government

    • Aaliyah C
      Aaliyah C

      Are you okay?

  • LingTheHan

    I wish you would do an expose on pewdiepie - I feel like it would break the internet - he has such a history of racism and misogyny, doesn't apologize or acknowledge it and gets away with it...

  • ؜

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    • Aaliyah C
      Aaliyah C

      Of what, spreading covid or getting covid?

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    Lyr QK

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  • Naomi Tiggs
    Naomi Tiggs

    My mother is a nurse practitioner who takes care of veterans 5 days a week. She has COPD and if she catches COVID she has a much higher rate of dying. I’m terrified every day that she will catch COVID and I will lose her. She’s all I have. Seeing these privileged celebrities partying and acting ignoring this pandemic makes me so mad I can’t even tell you! It’s disgusting and I completely agree we have to deplatform these spoiled dumbasses. Fuck every single one of them.

  • Damien Hughes
    Damien Hughes


  • Tas M
    Tas M

    Using the magnifying glass you provided, you appear just as suspicious as those you seem to protest. You're very careful to talk negatively about the audience, even haters, you honour the audience and present all other celebrities as simply out to harm and profit, are you an exception? You ride on the train of 'us vs them'. You have empathy, are morally correct, the peoples man, unlike these celebrities, you say. You don't have the same liberties, you are one of "us", the lower rung of the ladder, you say. For this image you even removed advertisement in some videos, a fair investment. But you are not one of 'us', by your own written standards. Acknowledge that privilege, there will be others like you who can do the same work as your team, only it will be about you and you may have to squabble to save face

  • giorgia

    10 mins in and i cannot wrap my head around how people in the us are not RAGING seeing things like those happen right in front of their eyes

  • Ts Uy
    Ts Uy

    The tall meal ethically fire because spinach erroneously scatter barring a sloppy refund. uppity, private mice

  • bloodcountess81

    Dr. Mike was incredibly hypocritical and stupid (and I am a subscriber), but I do not want his message taken away. His allure for me was the fact that he is able to discuss medical issues in a very clear understandable manner. I want to forgive him because I don't want him to stop making content, and hopefully he truly is learning from this experience.

  • akshaynaresh

    As a health care worker, I work with a lot of young adults and adolescents who look up to these influencers who adopt the same "bulletproof" mentality. They spew out half hearted thank yous to fans while giving the middle finger to them to go out and party. It kills me when I see my fellow colleagues work long hours to protect and treat patients and have these influencers so blatantly disregard protocol for their own luxury and convenience. When do we, as the general public, realize that we are the ones who give them power and can just as easily take it away. Support noble, responsible creators people!


    love you kid🌹

  • Charles Pedersen
    Charles Pedersen

    You know d'angelo, for someone who claims to be tolerant to stupidity, you seem to be tone deaf about the world today. I feel like this video is more of a rant on the "wealthy". I feel you have a scathing hatred for people who, I don't know, have money, have power, and have no fear of backlash. Maybe, some type of jealousy is developing because you know YOU really don't have any power. Get in line buddy. I'm sorry but this video is just rude, bizarre, and possibly out of character. Or maybe, you're finally showing who you really are? Someone who thinks they are morally above people who are more "successful". There are millions of people like me who work outside of the safety of their house everyday during the pandemic, who serve people that have the money to stay home, LIKE YOU. And all you can complain about is how entertainers, the field you decided to take part of, are spreading covid. Dude, stop living on the internet and maybe walk in someones shoes who you claim to be fighting for. I wanted to subscribe but after I watched this video, you unfortunately have changed my mind. If your content continues in this route, I won't be watch anymore as well.

  • TT_TT

    We should stop giving celebrities so many attention. Why they gotta all be that rich, they’re using us. They dont even care about us

  • kamila salinas
    kamila salinas

    I just wanna say i am in tears because i was directly effected by this virus and luckily i survived but many of my family members did not, so hopefully this video will at least nudge people to stop having gatherings and to wear a mask and to socially distance because this virus is NOT A JOKE. Also i think personally that celebrities that don't wanna take the virus seriously shouldn't have a platform that can change a persons opinion and perspective in a bad way that causes people to die. Anyways thank you Dangelo for making this video i hope you open peoples eyes and help them realize this is not a joke. sorry for my paragraph btw.

  • Shortie Oreo
    Shortie Oreo

    So, no one is going to talk about the police doesn't give any of these people a ticket for going to the party so late ? I'm shook.

  • Taryn Buskard
    Taryn Buskard

    I tuned out from Dr Mike after his appalling “I’m not fat phobic but here’s all the ways I’m fat phobic” video and I’m so glad to hear that since then he has once again proven just how great he is at double speak.

  • ZuKo's Mind
    ZuKo's Mind

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  • zoina

    At this point it’s not even just the celebrities and influencers. In my country, NO ONE. I repeat, LITERALLY NO ONE is following the guidelines. I haven’t seen any of my “friends” wearing masks in months, parties are always thrown (also no masks), and social distancing basically doesn’t exist to them. They do not realize that what they are doing is killing people and making the country’s situation even worse. Every single day at least 3 people that I know or used to know even a bit DIE because of Covid. They’re so CARELESS, do they not realize that? I wish these people could have common sense for once.

  • Equiz

    This is absolutely disgusting. Watching these people party like nothing is happening to the world, as my grandparents both die to Covid in the same week, my dad being bedridden DUE TO COVID since September, my mom struggling with her kids and having to struggle with bills and rent without her husband to help her with money is absolutely fucking disgusting and heartbreaking. I am extremely disappointed in anyone who's shown this kind of behavior.

  • Srishti Patel
    Srishti Patel

    wtf i've never even heard of these milk/nilk/nelk boys or whatever what the heck are they doing and how the heck are they getting out of it

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    Grace’s Melody’s

    Good god that ending was beautiful, almost made me cry

  • Ava Taylor
    Ava Taylor

    @ 25:22 "They're allowed to vote- Oh my God they're allowed to vote"-when you realize people who do the renegade and post it 20 times, have an impact on who leads your country during a global pandemic that they somehow ignore.

  • Ninjozata

    Fines should be a percent of income

  • Real Melancholy
    Real Melancholy

    I'm waiting for D'Angelo's video on David Dobrick

  • Chante Pruitt
    Chante Pruitt

    Thank you for being the one to say all of this! I lost my sister at the very beginning of the pandemic. This is very real for me, and I wish celebrities would take it just as serious as everyone else. I am glad celebrities are finally being held accountable for their horrible actions.

  • Paeanoa Kingi
    Paeanoa Kingi

  • Evan Washington
    Evan Washington

    I don’t really pay attention to TikTok, put how the heck do these kids get paid so much money? Like does tik Tok themselves pay them for their huge following, or what?

  • lil_star.xox

    *tik tokers are basically the fast food/fast clothing brands of tiktok.*

  • I ate sand.
    I ate sand.


  • TurtlelyTurtles

    You know I am a teen and I am not that dumb that Covid-19 is a real thing and people die!

  • not your mum
    not your mum

    The doctor mike one shocked me the most seriously for a YACHT PARTY???? what the fuck

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    Tye Nicole

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  • KMB productions
    KMB productions

    My grandfather on my dad's side just died from damaged lungs even though he battled against COVID. Don't understand how can rich "Hollywood" celebrities and popular TikTokers can get away with throwing COVID parties... WEAR A DAMN MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCE!

    • KMB productions
      KMB productions

      Not to mention, it's like the Masque of Red Death. COVID=Red Death Rich populars=Prince Prospero

  • [- Toaster Strudel -]
    [- Toaster Strudel -]

    covid killed my brother. low key offends me when people don't follow guide lines

  • cjisokayiguess xp
    cjisokayiguess xp

    Its good to hear that your grandparents are okay. My family has been touched by covid too, my baby cousin caught it, and an older family memeber passed from it. Its been infuriating watching people have big gatherings. Kids my age have been getting together in groups of more than 10 people since march and I’m glad someone is talking about it. My family actually should have had around 5-6 funerals this year, but because of covid they didn’t happen. I hope everyone else is doing okay and that they will listen to what the cdc is saying.

  • Riley Rhneà
    Riley Rhneà

    what law? there are no covid laws...

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  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    At the beginning of the pandemic, I couldn’t see my dad, a frontline worker, for four months since I had to stay with mom in a different state. And when I did finally see him, he was exhausted and broken. This is a horrible disease and it just makes me sick when people downplay this. I don’t care that you’re “living your life, people need to calm down” well guess what, YOUR SELFISH ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Great video as always though, get it king.

  • Samantha Whittaker
    Samantha Whittaker


  • roots pulling out
    roots pulling out


  • Josh Bybee
    Josh Bybee

    The Dr. Mike situation break down hit hard. I'd only seen his vids on Covid-19 and thought he was doing good work, but wow the hypocrisy is tangible. And b/s that he checked the CDC website for mask guidance before getting on a party boat, what a limp and weak excuse. Guy got caught with his pants down and his butt out, total write off of a human being.

  • antoniac1234

    Dr. Mike is the one that ticked me off the most with his fake apology. Yea, all those excuses because you wanted to go on a boat and get banged by generic Miami models 🙄. My entire family got covid19 in December. I have never been so sick and afraid in my life. I was so frightened I would die and my son (who is nonverbal) would not be able to get help. I got better, but it's stuck with me.

  • Blood FireClothing
    Blood FireClothing

    5 million views in just a month. I'm shook. congrats!

  • Shell belly
    Shell belly

    Looking quite dapper sir😘

  • paige bradley
    paige bradley

    As a mortician, it is really jarring to see how little people take this seriously when the mortuary I work at & many other across my city have been overflowing & my place of work actually had to undergo construction to add on an extra refrigerated morgue because we did not have the space for the volume of people we are getting. This is not normal. Something tells me that if these people even knew what we, the last responders are going through, would not care in the slightest.

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders

    Seeing people making the pandemic last longer when I didn't get to say goodbye to my great grandma because people other than patients' kids aren't allowed inside of nursing homes, is infuriating.

  • Teena Festa
    Teena Festa

    That freaking Kardashian video comment was so funny

  • Ava Jara
    Ava Jara

    The energetic result thermodynamically moor because cactus conceptually bathe an a crabby nail. tall, wanting shingle

  • Kira J
    Kira J

    I used to think this wasn't that bad because where I am COVID isn't that bad but partying is very bad. I didn't realize how big these parties are and I didn't realize how bad COVID is in areas like LA. Love D'angelo Wallace. ALSO unrelated, I am so behind on trends when I was younger I swore I would keep up with this stuff. What the hell is a hype house/sway house? What's the obsession with tiktok ?😂😂😂 When did skinny jeans go out of style. I keep buying them, I thought they were cool.

  • shristi humagai
    shristi humagai

    Wait who said " that must be super freaking hard for you" quote?

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    • DS

      Me and I didn't watch it because he's triggered over the truth.

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    yagami _tt

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  • [ Lemon Fairy ]
    [ Lemon Fairy ]

    the world should stop making us wear masks just let the dumb people die off -_-

    • roots pulling out
      roots pulling out

      People still have to get food somehow, we need masks

  • shristi humagai
    shristi humagai

    When he does his james Charles or Charles James lol🤣

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    Ais Ní L

    This video is PHENOMENAL. Good job giving such a researched, thought-provoking and entertaining video. 👏🏼

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    Kira J

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    Jhanna Barbasa

    I want someone with covid to go to their party so they can all get covid and have karma

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    Quirrel Plush

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  • Shinkicker07


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      Justin Hamilton

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  • Colorful

    I'd really love if D'Angelo could speak spanish because some latino youtubers and influencers are... Horrible

    • Colorful

      @Sickening yes but that's not enough. There a lot more channels

    • Sickening

      He has talked about badabun tho

  • Luna

    Can we all just agree that these celebrities, influencers, artists, etc are all ignorant and stupid and clearly DO NOT CARE ABOUT US

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    stavr 1

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  • Alicia Huang
    Alicia Huang

    It makes me so angry these shitty influencers with little to zero talent think they have the right to go party, even a fucking doctor who should know the dangers of covid went partying putting everybody’s health a risk. Meanwhile, I can’t even go comfort my mom, who travelled with all the precautions to stay besides her father last days. I can’t even go and pay respect to my grandfather.

  • Natcha S.
    Natcha S.

    i was just here to drag influencers for hanging out but the ending made me cry

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    Martina Ramirez

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    Tom Shotton

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