Impossible Minecraft Builds
Mumbo Jumbo
In this minecraft video, Mumbo Jumbo takes a look at impossible Minecraft builds. These Minecraft optical illusions that seemingly break minecraft physics are actually incredibly simple Minecraft builds. Relying on a specific arrangement of blocks, Minecraft players can create cursed Minecraft builds with ease.
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I have been messing around with impossible builds over the past few days, and I didn't think it was enough for a full video, but seemed perfect to experiment with on a short... SO HERE WE ARE!

    • Abhigyan World !
      Abhigyan World !

      I think it's the portal mod

    • Abdullah Aunun
      Abdullah Aunun


    • normal

      Dude u do redstone

    • Tee_Y YeeT
      Tee_Y YeeT

      The 4 top rails on the blue aren't really attached. And the orange isn't attached behind the blue.

    • I-am-the-editor

      What on earth

  • e

    Before Mumbo says the answer, I can already guess it. "It's simple redstone"

    • The fallen Jedi
      The fallen Jedi


    • ‌lol

      No, but what redstone

    • nathan yablonski
      nathan yablonski

      Give this man a cookie

    • TyllerTheGamer

      @SPSheep ah yes, and 100% channels that don't have this achievement don't have this achievement

    • SPSheep

      Achievement unlocked! Not That Serious. 20 people should reply in a row whilst all getting the joke. Only 0.001% of all channels have this 0.1% channels who commented have this 10% channels who have 20 replies on their comment have this 100% channels who have this achievement have this achievement.

  • Owen Elliott
    Owen Elliott

    There's cleverly hidden breaks In each structure, the blue concrete doesn't actually connect to the side of the bottom rail and the orange thing doesn't connect behind the blue

    • Beezone

      And teleportation commands

    • Generic Generic
      Generic Generic

      Aaaaand you got here before me, now no one will think that I thought of that too, instead they will think I got it from you... story of my life in one go... damn it. Edit: look again, blue break is a bit more to the right the size doesn't match up, two or so blocks down for a better shadow.

    • Азат Бадыков
      Азат Бадыков

      I think he used Immersive portals mod

  • Symplytra Ac
    Symplytra Ac

    "I'll show you tomorrow" and to this day, we still haven't got any updates

    • Symplytra Ac
      Symplytra Ac

      @Crimson Demon I could use you people as a karma farm on r/woooosh, but i'm a nice guy.

    • Crimson Demon
      Crimson Demon

      Check community tab lmao

    • Symplytra Ac
      Symplytra Ac

      @1 learn to read my guy

    • 1

      @Symplytra Ac You care enough to reply


      It’s immersive portals

  • Specialism

    "it doesn't really take a lot to make my brain hurt" Dude. You do redstone.

    • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
      The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      Doesn't mean his head doesn't hurt doing it

  • Quinn Lay
    Quinn Lay

    "It doesn't take much to hurt my brain" make a huge read stone machine calls it simple red stone that hurt my brain

    • tinyjellybean

      That hurts my brain

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich

    immersive portals is how he made the last one

    • G4v1n


    • qfk

      Irrelevant channel spotted

    • Spencer The Garfield Fanboy
      Spencer The Garfield Fanboy

      @Куратор Гугл the dislike button

    • MusicalBowTie

      Or commands

    • SARGE

      @-Gacha ZOe Studios- I want sandwich

  • Legend49

    “It doesn’t take that much to make my brain hurt” says the one who is like one of the best red stone builders out there

    • Sleight

      Yeah this hurts my brain

  • Name

    Mumbo: It doesn't take much to hurt my brain Also mumbo: make a computer inside a computer in a block game

  • Daan Bos
    Daan Bos

    “It doesn’t take much to get my brain hurt” Is said by the redstone master

  • Copy Cat
    Copy Cat

    I’m pretty sure it’s just a normal track setup but with perfect timing on spawning new carts to make it seem like a clever mind breaker structure

  • Facundo Marticorena
    Facundo Marticorena

    Normally, I would be glad that Mumbo is doing shorts, cause it means that we'll get more content in between the regular videos. But knowing him, he'll probably get too distracted doing these and forget to make videos. Which would actually be hilarious so please continue

    • Sean

      You had me in the first half 😂 It'll be funny no matter what the format is!

    • Struggle890

      @Facundo Marticorena its a bot

    • axolotlexists

      @FLM (New Video out in my Channel) Fortnite is inferior to the Splatoon franchise

    • Stephen Gildea
      Stephen Gildea

      @FLM (New Video out in my Channel) also why r u watching a Minecraft video if it’s so “trash”

  • U.N.G.O.C.

    The final shape is still perspective based but with more breaks in the structure to make it less identifiable, cleverly lined up to the other mine cart tracks.

  • RyoshiLeet

    Very happy to see mumbo's shorts and hear his comforting voice

  • Elijah Jarrell
    Elijah Jarrell

    I love how the minecarts move weird when they are about to leave view. Almost as if they are being destroyed and replaced on the other side at a higher elevation???

  • AkiraX13

    ok i figured it out. when the blue minecart falls. it spawns a new one on the top and the separation part is close to the lower rails (it is fatter which gives it away) as for the orange minecart the separation point is covered by the blue part, it is also a bit fatter which gives it away, the minecart most likely have a ramp with powered redstone that it uses to get up again.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Lesson learned, if it's Mumbo Jumbo, nothing is impossible.

    • Gethin Roberts
      Gethin Roberts

      Your like risky.... everywhere

    • Butterfly Exists
      Butterfly Exists

      why are you... everywhere

    • Naval Sip 64
      Naval Sip 64

      Now we know where mumbo got his moustache from.

    • Steve

      we meet again

    • Budget transformer
      Budget transformer

      Let’s just not talk about O.D.E.R ok

  • zee zam
    zee zam

    for the minecart bit, he used that one portal mod where you can see through them and can also pass through them witch would explain the sudden stop and go for the carts

  • KiemPlant

    Oh, easy, the last one is two blocks high in the left side where the tracks end, then the row of blocks that are on a higher level in front of it are perfectly lined up with those. And for the right side you can see where the minecart track splits up and the cart gets teleported to a higher location when it gets behind the blue bar.

  • Oliver Weible
    Oliver Weible

    There are a total of two places where the structure seems connected however is not. On the orange loop when it goes behind the light blue you can see that it actually doesn’t make a perfect line. In addition, where the mindset track ends on the blue loop (you can actually see the minecart go off the loop where the break is)

  • Christian Dirdal
    Christian Dirdal

    Again, its force of perspective. Its basically the same as the "impossible" triangle. And the minecarts are just there to confuse you, but they clearly show how its constructed. So good design, but its all a matter of perspective

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat

    The orange minecart track I believe was done with command blocks, teleporting the cart from one end of the track to the other whilst concealed behind the blue pillar. Meanwhile the blue track is more vanilla, just summoning a cart above the track and letting it fall. The reason it drives off the build is because that is where the gap is in the actual 3D build.

  • SloneStudios

    Right behind the tower that sticks straight up you can see where the previous minecart meets a new minecart but it's closer to the screen. Nice trick though! 👌

  • HugeBandit1010

    The first actually somewhat decent youtube short I have seen. Good Job Mate!!! :) :) :)

  • Butter_Playz YT
    Butter_Playz YT

    Hmm so mumbo has used the imersive portals mod once again! It is quite fun and unique! Maybe another IPD video sometime again Mumbo?

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    Blue one is split on the left side where the cart falls off. The track on top is directly above the track on the bottom. Orange one is split where it goes behind the blue one. You can tell from the size of the blocks and cart changing size. Knowing Mumbo I'm assuming it's some well timed redstone that stops one cart and starts another to make it look like it passed through.

    • Cooper Creates
      Cooper Creates

      @Jr Tr you can also slightly see the orange one drive down, and after watching this too many times it looks like they aren’t actually falling properly at all, it looks like multiple shot cropped together?

    • kakadude

      the block sizes of Mumbos platform and the place where the minecarts drive off is also kinda giving it away

    • Bungee Chicken
      Bungee Chicken

      Oh, yeah! In the orange one, if you look closely, you can see where the minecart sort of stops then starts again as it reappears on the other side of the blue one.

    • Jr Tr
      Jr Tr

      The blue one doesn't fall off but drives off (it aims its nose downwards). It drives down a staircase (perfectly aligned) so it doesn't look like it fell off? And then drives behind the thick blue part to the orange line to restart there (He was also goofing about with see-through portals a few weeks ago, so maybe...?)

  • Elliott Saucedo
    Elliott Saucedo

    When the minecarts go behind one of the pillars of the other build it despawns and responds on the other side that is at a higher elevation. That is why there are two of them. If u looks close enough, the minecart before it falls is bigger than before it goes behind the pillar

  • Simon vH
    Simon vH

    I think on the Orange ones, it looks better to overlap the two ends, lining up the top end with the furthest edge of the lower end, instead of the nearer edge.

  • The Big Sad
    The Big Sad

    I seen these so much that I started guessing how and figured it out on the FIRST ONE. Then after that the last one was really easy.

  • pilot_bruh57

    Id say that you used perspective as well using chunk loading so the rails can't be seen that loops the minecarts

  • MooshRoom7482

    Mumbo out here making actually good shorts, not those "what would you do?" Fake scenarios with creepy music

  • Chickendoodle 32
    Chickendoodle 32

    The minecart grows behind the pillar, so that is where it switches from background to foreground.

  • my YouTube career is in the trash
    my YouTube career is in the trash

    "it doesn't take much to make my brain hurt-*cuts to show every massive red stone build he made* Yeah buddy I definitely believe you

  • Wet floor
    Wet floor

    One minecart stops and the other goes when it gets our of view. Very impressive!

  • DragonInTheWolf

    That happened during season 6 in the industrial area you made, you were mining out some blocks at the bottom and the perspective made the cobble/stone on different Y levels look like what's in this video

  • Heroninja112

    The only way these illusions work as well is from a long focal length or orthographic view. Seeing these from the normal quake pro FOV would not work at all

  • Marshmallow

    on the far left of the blue one, in the middle he used the perspective trick, it’s not continuous. the same goes for the orange thing where it went behind the blue thing, it looks like it’s one straight line but if you look carefully it doesn’t line up quite right. pretty sure he must have teleported the minecart or edited it or sonething.

  • Cogahan

    The first three were pretty easy to see because of the size difference between some of the blocks

  • JediPlays0309

    I think you used many layers of perspective so that there's several things happening but it looks like there's only one

    • FalcoTheGreat

      -Hey I know you on my furry channel alt account-

    • Rufus L
      Rufus L

      @Ashwin Kokate*segue*

    • Liam TheSpecial
      Liam TheSpecial

      yea good idea

    • Mike


  • Zipffy Dando
    Zipffy Dando

    Penrose triangles in minecraft is not something I thought I would see today. Also fun fact, Sir Roger penrose was also a physicist that did alot of work with black holes. I've actually been to some of his lectures. Fascinating man to listen to

  • Kenobiae!!!

    Last one was made with Immersive Portals mod, I am %99 sure.

  • Garvit Rawat
    Garvit Rawat

    Let's just appreciate that mumbo is making RSloft shorts now

  • Morris Huijgen
    Morris Huijgen

    These are the shorts we want

  • Eric

    "it doesn't take much to make my brain hurt" ah yes the one who said that redstone which make me go insane is "simple"

    • Terra Flex
      Terra Flex

      Redstone is insane

    • that one person that never posts
      that one person that never posts

      @Ms Painter yug ecneics eht eyn llib naem uoy

    • Ms Painter
      Ms Painter

      Bill nye the guy

    • that one person that never posts
      that one person that never posts

      @Ginger Kenobi ton did ti on

  • Alma Soreq
    Alma Soreq

    The last one was very impressive portal placement

  • Living Murphy's Law
    Living Murphy's Law

    As with all great things in life, these are perspective illusions.

  • TheElevenFirst

    The thing with the mine carts could just be command blocks /killing and /summoning them when needed

  • Suukito

    So basically, if you have played super Mario 3D land than you know the beginning where it has the same thing to test your vision. So it like a 90° angle connected to a pillar and you look at in a certain way for the illusion to work.

  • Heskelator

    The blue line isn't too difficult, you can see where it goes from single to double width at the lower level which means the higher level (likely with a break where mumbo is standing) only needs 1 block width. As for the orange, there is a transition behind the blue vertical pillar, the rest is likely done with command blocks for teleportation.

    • SaturnFrosch

      @Y F-N detector rail

    • Y F-N
      Y F-N

      I don't think it's command blocks; I think it's spliced footage because you can see a slight jump. He recorded the audio afterwards. Although I guess a command block could also create a jump, so now I'm wondering how he activated the command block.

    • YMandarin

      the break isn't where mumbo is standing. The gap is on the left where the tracks end

    • Ithenna

      @Raksha Yadav Now that's a troll I could see Mumbo using!

    • Ithenna

      I mean, command blocks are possible, but I feel like that would be a mega troll if he used those when we're all talking about optical illusions.

  • Fellow Human
    Fellow Human

    For the last one, you can tell based in the size of the rails

  • Xeon Prototype
    Xeon Prototype

    You can tell where it cuts off by the size of each block, the bigger they are the closer they'll be, aswell as the other way around

  • Yuio6uio

    Mumbo Jumbo: builds insane things Brain: OK IMA HEAD OUT BYE!

  • Weekends

    Please keep uploading shorts, these are awesome

  • JT Bassmat
    JT Bassmat

    Mumbo: How has this been made? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Me: By putting blocks down.

    • JT Bassmat
      JT Bassmat

      Mumbo: Listen here you little sh-

  • Cj Raw
    Cj Raw

    Your one of the few out here posting shorts content with real purpose without click bait lol

  • Maroji

    “I’ll let you know tomorrow” 3 weeks later, still waiting to know how this *MADMAN* made that *THING*

    • Jean Ding
      Jean Ding

      it's in the community tab

    • SkippyCat

      It's on his channel under the community tab

  • Isaac Roberts
    Isaac Roberts

    The orange one has a command block at the back, the blue one has a perspective seam where the rail ends. Also a command block to loop the blue one

  • JakeRGaming

    The minecart on the orange side switches when it goes behind the piller. You can tell because the blocks are thinner on one side and thicker on the other

    • The Cave Jelly
      The Cave Jelly

      And the blue one if you look close you can see that one side of a few blocks is two blocks wide to match the width of the other perspective

    • Wizardinchik Trodon
      Wizardinchik Trodon

      Also because of the short pause in it's movement on the back

  • tropical

    On the last one the top of the blue part is all connected but it is disconnected from the bottom part. Where the rail is on the top blue part is directly above the rails at the bottom.

  • Matthew Gammon
    Matthew Gammon

    The orange changes behind the blue and the blue changes on the far left at the end of the tracks. You did a very good job though. It took me a minute to figure it out and I used the size of blocks to do it.

  • TomboyfrmSaturn2986

    I have trained my mind for months and calculated for weeks for this precise moment, my mathematically proven conclusion is; the square root of 64 is 8 and this is impossible. 😃

  • Xaiifu

    There is a cut in the video when the minecart on the orange rail goes behind the blue pillar, the blue pillar is split into two pieces to make it look like it goes behind the orange rail, the upper part of the pillar is connected to the upper part of the blue track and the bottom part is connected to the bottom part of the blue track

  • Aleks Bush
    Aleks Bush

    First Mumbo short, really hope this starts a series

    • ComplexSituations

      @Bedwars Nooobs same bro, plus i dont like exposing my legs in public.

    • Bedwars Nooobs
      Bedwars Nooobs

      I like mumbo not mumbo shorts i get to cold in shorts

    • Oliver Beast
      Oliver Beast

      @FLM (New Video out in my Channel) bruh no

    • KoolDude No-Lastname
      KoolDude No-Lastname

      @wesley loermans same

    • Jar Jar the Sith Lord
      Jar Jar the Sith Lord

      @FLM (New Video out in my Channel) troll moment

  • Jack Siniscalchi
    Jack Siniscalchi

    Mumbo: It doesn’t take much to hurt my brain Then builds ultra complex redstone mechanic. Me:I feel stupid

  • Ellabella

    That’s called the magic of editing

  • Joseph Walsh
    Joseph Walsh

    I was straight up shook when he showed the last one lol

  • Kenz

    Mumbo is such a humble man

  • Jared Pascual
    Jared Pascual

    "doesn't take much to make my brain hurt" mumbo building a walking house:

  • Pillow Mc normal man
    Pillow Mc normal man

    Fun fact, this actually exists. You can 3D print objects that cause this illusion. They’re not very complex at that.

  • Thatguywiththething

    The orange minecart switches behind the blue post: you can see it stop. The blue actually vanishes when it leaves view, and another is spawned in.

  • An_ Aviator
    An_ Aviator

    "Trust me, it's really easy to make this" - Mumbo Jumbo 2021 -

  • Purav Shah
    Purav Shah

    All the people who dont follow mumbo on twitter all surprised that he made a short lol

    • Kreak

      Twitter sucks cause of people there but that is the most chosen platform by content creators after yt and twitch to connect with their followers

    • Plamen Petrov
      Plamen Petrov


    • Plamen Petrov
      Plamen Petrov

      I dont have twitter can somebody tell me okease

    • SoulStone Plays.
      SoulStone Plays.


    • Bedwars Nooobs
      Bedwars Nooobs


  • dinosawrthepotat

    I'm pretty sure the last one is with the immersive portals mod

  • Ilias Lam
    Ilias Lam

    The one you created is rasy you have used the same concept for the blue track that's why you didn't make the cart go all the away+plus you made a redstone circuit not show in the screen at the tope to perfectly time minecart dropping from the top after the other one falls and for the orange one is simple i think when the cart goes behind the blue pole it goes up while going towards real fast so we can't see it for a blink of an eye the continues to fall down

  • the one with correct opinions
    the one with correct opinions

    the person who can call making a working computer in minecraft "simple redstone", is asking us how he made the last illusion.

  • duqky

    Finally, a short that I like to see

  • Gabriel Qian 99
    Gabriel Qian 99

    Mumbo: "I'll let you know tomorrow." Me: *GROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN*

    • BreakfastBoy

      @Dragons breath I think you meant grian

    • Nick Emerald sword
      Nick Emerald sword

      @oHoHoHoHoHoHoHoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo No sir! Who's this grain man you talking about i only know grian not a bread.

    • Warrior the Great
      Warrior the Great

      Is groan sir poultry man's brother

    • BushQuotient319

      @Andrea the random human why did I make that question i just removed one o

    • BushQuotient319

      @Andrea the random human what about this one

  • CosmicClan2

    Let’s not forget the real teacher of impossible structures, Monument Valley.

  • Acid Gaming
    Acid Gaming

    Well in mincraft you can do just about anything, also standing on the "puzzle or trick"literally gives it all away

  • MineTIE Plays
    MineTIE Plays

    Immersive portals is the solution to everything