if summer was only 1 day long...this is what i'd do
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  • Amy Keller [Student]
    Amy Keller [Student]

    I wanna see at series called 104 days of summer vacation and finding a good way to spend it with Trapham

  • em&m

    Those popsicles gave me flashbacks to when I would watch my brother’s soccer games and the ice cream truck would come and I’d go with my sister to get those exact popsicles 😂 aGgGgG hALeY mY hEaRt cAn OnLy hAnDLe sO mUcH NoStaLgiA

  • avery

    omg so what if winter was only one day long spring was only one day long summer was only one day long autumn was only one day long there would only be 4 days in a whole year 😭 (idk if someone already commented this it just popped up in my mind lol)

  • mila reimerink
    mila reimerink

    wow those bomb pops really look like the dutch ‘raketjes’ that’s a really dutch ice popsicle

  • Nicole Chamberlain
    Nicole Chamberlain

    when this is gonna b this summer

  • Julia Merian
    Julia Merian

    Now your engaged 😆💖

  • Hannah Cronin
    Hannah Cronin

    anyone here 2020 ( they got engaged!!!)

  • jessica stillwell
    jessica stillwell

    i enjoy the matching cuts for spock and ryan

  • Oopsies Leyah
    Oopsies Leyah


  • Taylor Pequin
    Taylor Pequin

    The series should be called summery pops

  • Bethy K
    Bethy K

    I miss “God bless girly pops” :(

  • Rohan Whitaker
    Rohan Whitaker

    Is it bad that I’m a manly pop but I enjoy this

  • jenna salmon
    jenna salmon

    i am subscribed to your vlog channel, main channel, i follow you on tiktok, instagram, and snapchat

  • Skyla_Jade27

    But, if summer break was only one day long then weekends would be longer than summer break. 😕

  • DJ Makhaye
    DJ Makhaye

    Ryan is literally the best magician he just made his lips disappear when he put on the mask

  • Bloom Carrera
    Bloom Carrera

    I’m all tears except for the insta and snap cause I can’t have social media till I’m 13 :(

  • GetGo Management
    GetGo Management

    sunday in a nutshell

  • Cyan Love
    Cyan Love

    i am a 5th tier girly pop cause i have you on all your social medias lmao

  • Arianna Halick
    Arianna Halick

    the jolly rancher bomb pops are pretty good

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    Cassandra Raeanne

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  • Zainub Faisal
    Zainub Faisal

    Its literally 01:31 am over here and I am binge-watching her! I love her!

  • Soggy Sandwich
    Soggy Sandwich

    Who else is watching on the last day of summer

  • Claire Bear15
    Claire Bear15

    they are the cutest couple ever omg

  • *trina and emmy*
    *trina and emmy*

    I would pe doing summer reading all day long

  • Grace Ann
    Grace Ann

    I love this so much. Literally smiled throughout the whole thing. Would mean the world to me if you subscribed :)) m.rsloft.info/video/zpRmn9ULoeJlZr-drLQh4g.html ❤️

  • Antonio Hoyos
    Antonio Hoyos

    wouldnt one day of summer be considered sunday??

  • stupido girl
    stupido girl

    did you gave like for fluffy bachpack

  • Julianne Sahagun
    Julianne Sahagun

    the way he always looks at her is so AGNGSVJFVHGKIRSX😍

  • VocalRumble

    When dogs role around on the ground that means a animal peed there

  • caroline


  • Isabella Buhler
    Isabella Buhler

    i can’t believe she didn’t go swimming 🥵😱

  • Caitlin Hayes
    Caitlin Hayes

    I'm a 5th Girly Pop lol. BUTTTTT i also follow your vsco Yeeet. btw binge watching your vids bc i love you byeeee

  • Natalie Damico14
    Natalie Damico14

    Ryan is the best boyfriend ever OMFG

  • Savana Wilson
    Savana Wilson

    Not gonna lie... I felt like I was third wheeling cause these two are just tooooo cuteeeee!!!

  • lyonclaws !
    lyonclaws !

    I go back to this at least once a week for the little lion song

  • Miguel Pelayo
    Miguel Pelayo

    I love u so much

  • Grace Batcheller
    Grace Batcheller

    5:43 literally looked like dolly from the potato hotel😂😂

  • taylor boo
    taylor boo

    ava jules does that face

  • Claire Wagner
    Claire Wagner

    8:26 why is Ryan an actual child 😂 I love him so much

  • Alex Knudsen
    Alex Knudsen

    I'm a guy and I watch you....

  • kalynn grace
    kalynn grace

    that little lion music video was absolutely adorable

  • Julia Boynton
    Julia Boynton

    Is it bad I’ve never had a bomb pop

  • シStxphanie

    Is no one talking about how CUTE RYAN AND HALEY ARE

  • Claudia Encarnacionn
    Claudia Encarnacionn

    Goaly pop pleaseeeee

  • jeremyy

    the way Ryan looks at Haley in the intro😍🥺🥺 C U T E S T C O U P L E E V E R R R !!

  • kayla v ngo
    kayla v ngo

    hi i’m late buuuuuuut every time you intro the bucket list segment or check off your bucket list you should wear a bucket hat just cuz🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Catherine Alexandra
    Catherine Alexandra


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    Anna Weygang

    Haley pops another one off of the list

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    Rheagan Feasel

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    Bao Linh Nguyen

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    gucci taeq

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    Lauryn’s World

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    Katie Vejnoska

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  • Maltese Buddy
    Maltese Buddy

    Spock is bigger than my dog 😂

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    Moira K

    Anybody watching this on july 4th?

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    Santiago Gonzalez

    If summer was only one day long then it would be half a weekend😂😂

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    Elizabeth Moore

    Is anyone else noticing she’s not using “bomb pop” plural? No? Just me? Ok

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    omg the way ryan looks at her I can't

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    Emma Layne

    It’s currently 11:17 pm and last night until like 12:00 i was watching your videos, and all day today I’ve watched them. I think I may have a little obsession😂😂

  • H Jvjbib Vjvyvy
    H Jvjbib Vjvyvy

    Haley is the cutest girl ever

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    Samar Hernandez

    Why aré there so MANY ADDA

  • Im Myself
    Im Myself

    Omg little lion based on grease is like the best

  • Madeline Powell
    Madeline Powell

    For the first minute of the video, I thought she was wearing a robe haha!

  • Elizabeth Lacey
    Elizabeth Lacey

    oh my gosh the day she published it was my last day of school. lol

  • brooke

    i’m the first girly pop bc i don’t have socials at all

  • Sandy Ruth
    Sandy Ruth

    Sadly tier 2 cuz I don’t have social media 😭 but I think having notifications on makes up for it ❤️

  • Cassidy Turner
    Cassidy Turner

    *what if summer was only one day?* that is called a weekend my friend

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    Breanna Medina

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    Daria Stein

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    A.R.200619 Eaton

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    Yogirlsocute Yogirlsocute

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    Reagan McGowan

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    Summerie Pop

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    Kitt Kat

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    Natalie Fernandez

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    chloe rain

    9:57 ryan is what i see when i have sleep paralysis

  • Allenia Moreno
    Allenia Moreno

    Was the inside basketball court at a lifetime fitness ?? Because my mom works for the company and it kinda looks like it 😝

  • Harper Patrick
    Harper Patrick

    Yall are so adorable together i sorry but im so jelly

  • Maeve Hudson
    Maeve Hudson

    in school when it was hot, our principal would give us bomb pops to try and fix the fact we didn’t have air conditioning :)

  • Lua-Lys Limoges
    Lua-Lys Limoges

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    Marla Cook

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    Lola Fillion

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    Sabrina Lureen

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    H&A Girls

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    Tiffany K

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    Damn Queen

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    Reece Helton

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    Hey Its Emily

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    Zoe Landis

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  • Srishti Goel
    Srishti Goel

    I love ur content and you are so gorgeous and smart! But wouldn’t one day of summer just be the weekend...hahaha... no hate I love you ur like my fav youtuber

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    Ghadeer Hatem

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    Renee Nicole

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