I went shopping without checking prices...
~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
Items mentioned:
UO Silence + Noise Black Slit Skirt go.magik.ly/ml/okdx/
Lululemon Track That Shorts go.magik.ly/ml/oke1/
Lululemon Invigorate Sports Bra go.magik.ly/ml/oke6/
Forever21 Active USA Graphic Zip Up Hoodie go.magik.ly/ml/okel/
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  • bizzy bee
    bizzy bee

    Are you getting the 2in inseam or the 4in inseam because the 4in inseam shorts are not super short

  • Abby Morris
    Abby Morris

    This vid made me in a bad mood

  • Gaming with Trinity
    Gaming with Trinity

    Haley: keeps taping screen 2 years later: OH NO I a broke the screen!!!! Lol no hate

  • Marie Pond
    Marie Pond

    “I’m like a girl who just got engaged or something” Oh honey... little do you know

  • Devyani Kochhar
    Devyani Kochhar

    "apartment living" ah those days



  • darkmelodic

    Im kinda late but please restock the pham phriday sweater!!!!!!! The only sizes available are 2-X and 3-X which arent my size. the hoodies are so cute too!

  • Amy Cunningham
    Amy Cunningham

    WHAT BRAND IS YOUR DOG ????????????????????????????????????

  • Arfa Noor
    Arfa Noor

    i love your vid ilyy

  • amelia kp
    amelia kp

    9:27 yes you are !!

  • caitlin m
    caitlin m

    omg the apartment 🥺🥺🥺 how was it less than a year ago

  • Kirsten E
    Kirsten E

    9:28 haha... that’s funny

  • Mitali Mittal
    Mitali Mittal

    "Im like a girl who got engaged or smth" Congratulation again!

  • Emma Newman
    Emma Newman

    her getting the apple watch and talking about how it feels like she was engaged. little did she know she would be engaged not even a year later.

  • Naomi Shvekey
    Naomi Shvekey

    "im like a girl who just got engaged or something" little did you know...

  • Lily

    ‘It’s like I’m engaged’ - us knowing she is now engaged- ‘Yh, I don’t think that compares’

  • Annie Andrews
    Annie Andrews

    Ok go on amazon and get watch bands they r so pretty and you just have to find the right size

  • R. Talib
    R. Talib

    9:27 me in may knowing she just got engaged 👁👅👁

  • Gabrielle Veronica
    Gabrielle Veronica

    "im like a girl who just got engaged" that aged REALLY well

  • Vicki Bartolome
    Vicki Bartolome

    "im like a girl that got engaged " at 9;27 OMG AND SHE IS NOW ENGAGED

  • mina for president
    mina for president

    "I'm like a girl who just got engaged or something!" Me in the future: well....

  • William Gordon
    William Gordon

    Lol she did just get engaged 😂😂

  • Katie Strickland
    Katie Strickland

    "I'm like a girl who just got engaged or something" ...yes, yes you are!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacquelyn Ramirez
    Jacquelyn Ramirez

    "It's like I got engaged or something" Me in 2020 of may The foreshadowing 👌🏼😂

  • kaytlin mae
    kaytlin mae

    9:27 foreshadowing? HHAHAHAHA

  • Lydia_cam

    9:27 little did she know🥺🥰

  • Luise Stein
    Luise Stein

    „i am like a girl that just got engaged“ who else is looking this video after her engagement?😂😊

    • puteri_made

      Gurl you know it!

    • Tammy Walsh
      Tammy Walsh

      exactly what i was about to say lol

    • Veronica Desormier -_-
      Veronica Desormier -_-

      Lol me

    • Mandy Marsili
      Mandy Marsili


    • Hannah Renè
      Hannah Renè

      That's all I thought😂

  • Tilly Indigo Ella
    Tilly Indigo Ella

    2019 haley : look like a girl that just got eNgAgEd or something 2020 haley: IM ENGAGED

  • Béatrice Chmielewski
    Béatrice Chmielewski

    why are there so many hate comments, calm down guys

  • Ava Leavitt
    Ava Leavitt

    now she IS a girl who just got engaged or smthing😎

  • Christa Sue
    Christa Sue


  • Aishwarya T
    Aishwarya T

    what a coincidence that im watching this video. u got engaged haleyyyyyyyy

  • sk8tr kid bleh.
    sk8tr kid bleh.

    9:26 hey haley you got engaged

  • margaret e
    margaret e

    i'm just rewatching haley's videos at this point bc i'm SO bored. ily haley!!

  • Aira

    without checking prices, wow super shocking and outrageous of a youtuberrrr!!!!!

  • Joannia G
    Joannia G


  • dollzbby

    i love your channel style/aesthetic. and your editing oh my gosh teach meeeeeee

    • dollzbby

      omg she hearted it! :O

  • Sophie Milligan _
    Sophie Milligan _

    2020 girls get engaged to their watches

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson

    this video kinda makes me mad.

  • macie martini
    macie martini

    hello girly spocks😂😂

  • Adriana Sciulli-Sheridan
    Adriana Sciulli-Sheridan

    the large one difference is the actual screen not the band all apple watched come with to sizes of bands

  • Angelica Moore
    Angelica Moore

    How do u check your body fat percentage ?

  • ell


  • Yvonne Lozano
    Yvonne Lozano

    If I did this I would’ve checked all the price tags and bought non of this cause I’m broke

  • Julia Wilczkiewicz
    Julia Wilczkiewicz

    Anyone’s birthday in 4 th July

  • Betty Weng
    Betty Weng

    how do you shop without checking prices but when you go to the cashier theyll tell you how much you need to pay, unless you regret it and say you dont want it? i dont know how that works

  • Kennedi Evans
    Kennedi Evans

    You have to get the 4in short length for the shorts so there longer.

  • Mischa Nel
    Mischa Nel

    God bless you

  • rhianna

    2:47 same :(

  • lana lynn
    lana lynn

    stop it’s 2020 now and i’m watching this again and i think this was the only video i’ve ever seen her wear it lol

  • rahspberry

    honestly what’s the purpose of this vid- geez youtubers nowadays 🥵

  • 1xamiyx1

    Any chance I could change it from $ to £ bc I really want to get the Merch 😩❤️

  • Lindsay Zwetsloot
    Lindsay Zwetsloot

    why does spock sound like dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb when he does his voice🤣

  • Vsco Peppa
    Vsco Peppa

    I feel like you used to be relatable without trying. But now your not and trying really hard. You can do what you want but still smh

  • Nurin Adriana
    Nurin Adriana

    Who else thought the apple bag was a fake macbook? Is it just me? ;-;

  • Nathanael Grove
    Nathanael Grove

    What size watch did you get the 40mm or the 44mm?

  • heyitsrylie

    @ 4:35 when she said navy green I was like wat

  • Violet McEntire
    Violet McEntire

    Okay..., I used to love your channel but all your videos are just you shopping. Too bad... 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • athenasWS


  • Drprofporkchop

    I called you getting the Apple Watch, also good for you for quitting Starbucks

  • Extremely Sofi
    Extremely Sofi

    i just subscribed! ilyyy

  • Basant Emad
    Basant Emad

    U are being too honest like , i though this kind of humans extinct already but here we are a perfectly perfect girl ♥️♥️

  • Kenza

    Boo boP beeep boop

  • Miss April
    Miss April

    9:35- 9:40 i swear is the funniest thing ever lmao 😂

  • Mavie Winkler
    Mavie Winkler

    Imagine being able to do that xD

  • Catalina Køżly
    Catalina Køżly

    I only watched the dog. He's so cute

  • tulipzxo

    your channel gives off the best vibe i don’t know why

  • danny devito
    danny devito

    forever 21 is one of the worst brands for unethically made clothes

  • Quucu Quu
    Quucu Quu

    I love that you’re trying on everything 🥰

  • Julia Bodo
    Julia Bodo

    can you make a video how you do your hair

  • Lily Seward Is decent
    Lily Seward Is decent

    This called me poor in 1 million languages 😂😂

  • Luisa Maji
    Luisa Maji

    I really dislike these patriotic clothes, that makes americans seem just narcissistic. Also I hate how she acts like that is not a full load of consumerism madness, literally the only thing she does is buy expensive things

  • addison hunter
    addison hunter

    I wanna be bestfriends with you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Scarlett

    When she zoomed in on her shirt I was thinking what if u r watching this on a day that’s not Friday and I realized today was Friday the day I was watching this

  • Emily

    the materialism

  • Katie Stevens
    Katie Stevens

    Hey! Just to let you know and help you, lululemon has long shorts that are the same as the ones you got but they say long on the tag!

  • Maddie Bell
    Maddie Bell


  • O Mcn
    O Mcn

    U my fav utuber

  • Natalie Wheeler
    Natalie Wheeler

    If only I had enough money to just go shopping without checking the prices.

  • Sena Karaduman
    Sena Karaduman

    I feel like apples watches are the most unnecessary thing ever

  • Katie Beard
    Katie Beard

    Good move

  • rredbloodcells

    I have those striped red and white shorts and the first time I wore them I got a massive period stain on them!!1!1!

  • Azul Pelaez
    Azul Pelaez

    I dont know what this videos are made for. It is just wasting money

  • Addie Mininger
    Addie Mininger

    even with apple care they charge you $200 for repairs🙄 and all watches come with a big band and a little band: same price. the screen faces are the only difference in prices

  • Taja Žunić
    Taja Žunić

    Omggggg i loveeee your videosss like you are such an amazing person i loveeeeeeee but like really loveeee your videos like oyu know when someting makes you exited as fuckk and just happy well this is how i feel when i watch your videossssa

  • Crocs Crushingz ASMR
    Crocs Crushingz ASMR

    Literally me. But then my mom checks and says to put it back 😭

  • emma jeanne
    emma jeanne

    “usually i don’t restock because i’m like: haha you didn’t get it” i DIED

  • Magen Evers
    Magen Evers

    she is legit me ahaha

  • molly-jo Southard
    molly-jo Southard

    Gonna be honest. Slightly underwhelmed. :( Still love u tho xx

  • Emma Sticky
    Emma Sticky

    Awwww Spocks

  • Melissa Alicea
    Melissa Alicea


  • Anika Giese
    Anika Giese

    I wish I had an apple watch

  • Gracie Matheny
    Gracie Matheny

    omfg why do youtubers cough at every intro it’s not cute or quirky

    • Person

      Gracie Matheny yeah thanks I know now take your attitude somewhere else please thank you. 🙂

    • Gracie Matheny
      Gracie Matheny

      Person lmfao good one

    • Person

      Gracie Matheny omfg why do people like you get annoyed so easily..Like who cares

  • Julia Fraser
    Julia Fraser

    Haley if you are finding the Lulu shorts to be too short then you can get the same styles but with a 4' inseam. I find there quite a bit longer

  • elixabethbm

    sooo materialistic

  • lydia werner
    lydia werner

    I don’t know what to do with my body in the summer either! I feel the modest in ya coming out when wear crop tops. Related so much to all of that 😅

  • vanessa m.
    vanessa m.

    9:36 ist absolute favorite part

  • Amber

    * watches in poor *

  • Marie Marie
    Marie Marie

    i wish i could do that😂

  • Owen Butler
    Owen Butler

    first world problems be like