I want a pony for christmas - animatic

  • TommyInnit

    Hey thanks for doing these every week they’re super cool

    • Le Shots
      Le Shots

      The cold slap of reality

    • Desi Wolvekamp
      Desi Wolvekamp

      Tommy I love you date me please

    • Unamp private
      Unamp private

      Last reply.

    • Seaborn Gaming
      Seaborn Gaming

      Keep being funny

    • shattered glass
      shattered glass


  • rexistyping

    *the cold slap of reality*

  • PotatoPie25

    If Ph1lzas Son Is Tommy.... Tommy: Dad I Want A Pony For Christmas Ph1lza: I Dont Care About That Tommy: BuT DAd!1!1!1 Ph1lza: StOp YoU AnOyInG ChIlD

  • Mario Q
    Mario Q

    0:14 hhhmmm kinda reminds me anout south park

  • yttryu

    your style reminds me of South Park

  • Moonlight Calvin
    Moonlight Calvin

    Yep definitaly the cold slap of reality XD

  • S. G.
    S. G.

    *the cold slap of reality*

  • DeliaBesgorl

    Animatics are different than animations but ok


    The faces look like if it was South Park....... cool

  • Xcreenz

    "The cold slap of reali'y"

  • Sung Han
    Sung Han


  • ꧁Dylan ØwØ꧂
    ꧁Dylan ØwØ꧂

    I want mule bits :)

  • Skyden games
    Skyden games

    Eat your cereal

  • Danielle Malone
    Danielle Malone

    Pov: *You've pressed replay more then 100 times*

  • Tea_

    "the cold slap of REALITY" a literal mood. me and my sensitive arse everyday be like

  • Jazz Ratazz
    Jazz Ratazz

    How do you animate these? As in what software/app

  • RAndOm_ThInGS

    When Phil doesn't let you get a pony for christmas 😔

  • aDog

    What video is this from?

  • MyLittle Tmf
    MyLittle Tmf

    I don’t care about it we re gonna die Piliza 2021

  • •AaliyahKitty UwU•
    •AaliyahKitty UwU•

    When tommy said "i want a pony for Christmas" he sounded like a cute 5 year old🥺

  • zuzyXD

    tommy is like his actual son

  • Dream SMP fan
    Dream SMP fan

    Tommy: phill i what a pony for Christmas Phill: idc about that were gonna DIE Me: phill is right

  • kxwaii panda
    kxwaii panda

    Philza Your Child Just Wants A Pony :[

  • Shan Blanca
    Shan Blanca

    I don’t care about that were gonna DIE

  • Sergiu ES
    Sergiu ES

    make 1 that when phil said "YOU FUCKING CHILD"

  • Mohammad Rendi Hakim
    Mohammad Rendi Hakim

    The way he said it.

  • blueberry • cloud
    blueberry • cloud

    your style reminds me of south park and i love it

  • Riverthecat

    Tommy: phil i want a pony Philza: i don’t care about that we’re gonna die

  • •Lïxyy Åftøn•
    •Lïxyy Åftøn•

    The cold slap of reality is... *P a i n*

  • The Gacha Pheonix
    The Gacha Pheonix

    "Phil I want a pony for christmas" "I don't care about that we're going to die" -Philza mincraft 2021

  • Magic Ahegao
    Magic Ahegao

    Is this rick and morty?

  • clxud’s caffeines
    clxud’s caffeines

    I don’t care if we’re going to die, I WANT A PONY FOR CHRISTMAS


    I know why this is on recomemded Subs*

  • Kunga Choedon
    Kunga Choedon

    Tommy: Phil I want a pony for Christmas! Phil: I don’t care about that we’re going to die.

  • Hazzmatt_dude Animations
    Hazzmatt_dude Animations

    The way Phil turns his head when he says "idc about that we're gonna die" tho

  • KrimGamin

    your animatics have south park-ish movements, it makes em look cooler.

  • Creme Queen
    Creme Queen

    I would like to proudly say that if this situation were to happen to my friends and I I probably would be Phil

  • Madison rose
    Madison rose

    Your art style reminds me of South Park for some reason

  • Christopher Luna
    Christopher Luna


  • Luciano

    I imagine Tommy calling Philza "Dad"

  • Pizza Girl
    Pizza Girl

    0:02 Am I the only one who thought Tommy’s nose, looked like a mouth

  • Frostvixen14

    i love this sm

  • Axie_ YT
    Axie_ YT

    What video is this?

  • Jillian Franklin
    Jillian Franklin

    the animation reminds me of SouthPark XD and i Love it XD

  • Token of Dreams
    Token of Dreams

    when phil is in minecraft mode he is just going! he don’t care about anybody’s feelings. who has time for thatv

  • Jonathus22 Großkopf
    Jonathus22 Großkopf

    I am the 799.950th viewlmao

  • Lilliymilly

    Phill I want a pony for Christmas👉👈

  • Ingrida Bielske
    Ingrida Bielske

    they look like theyre from south park

  • Static Wolf
    Static Wolf

    This animation reminds me of South Park for some reason

  • Gank Mojo
    Gank Mojo

    ... and then when he gets a pony, Tommy makes it swim in lava. What a good pet owner.

  • Punz s2
    Punz s2

    Quem é br essa skin não paresse com o do cotoco neets?

  • SpeckFreddy

    Pony? What if Tommy was a Brony 😳

  • M4-K1

    i don't know if anyone has said this but this art style reminds me of south park

  • Mariana A
    Mariana A

    Jesus is coming soon! Please be prepared and turn away from sin!! 🙏🏼💕

  • shrek

    The link to the video

  • _https._idi0t8

    I saw this on tt a few minutes ago;-;

  • Breadther

    This is like South Park cool

  • Itzhammy313

    Why did this vid come up as a noti

  • bandicam man
    bandicam man

    Where is the link

  • Cryraptor the great
    Cryraptor the great

    The faces and mouth movements are like south park in a weird way...

  • CubicMC Gaming
    CubicMC Gaming

    0:07 Tommy's arm almost got ripped off

  • The kids In my basement is so loud
    The kids In my basement is so loud

    It reminds me of Veronica Salt saying "Dadhi I want anothe poni" (That's a British accent)

  • ChipS33

    this has like south park vibes for some reason

  • Twilight Star
    Twilight Star

    why does your animating style remind me of south park kinda-

  • Bazooka

    This is like a kid asking his dad for a pony for christmas but the dad said no and we gonna die

  • Oui Oui Baguette
    Oui Oui Baguette

    *"I dont care about that we're gonna DIE."*

  • Alamanzo Ryan Alas
    Alamanzo Ryan Alas

    I like how tommy dose it like big q did in the size changer mod

  • Stickman

    "i dont care about that were gonna *die* "

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King

    so weird at 0:01

  • izzoinked

    "fill i wont a pownee for crismis" i love british people

  • Technoboo

    Truly disgusting, that some ‘people’ would do this horrible thing.

  • F r o g
    F r o g

    'I want a pony for christmas' 'I d o n ' t c a r e a b o u t t h a t , w e ' r e g o i n g t o d i e' *Top ten anime betrayals*

  • this is epic
    this is epic

    if tommyinnit's videos looked like a southpark episode

  • spineless cheese
    spineless cheese

    Did he get the pony?

  • RottenCried

    Phil: I love all my children equally. We have Wilbur, Ranboo, Techno and- * looks at smudged writing on hand * Phil: *Timmy*

  • Nerdy Water_Girl
    Nerdy Water_Girl

    *Same energy..* Me: I just want to chill with friends, play music and watch my favorite online influencers and TV Shows Parents: Focus on school, do this to look competitive in you college resume (gives list), and start growing up


    Phil = I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT WE'RE GONNA DIE also Phil in another video = 𝘿𝙀𝘼𝙏𝙃

  • Fylant _
    Fylant _

    heya there Dianfleur, so someone has been reuploading these videos of yours and i’m not sure if you allow that, but i’m just gonna say this anyway in the comments (the person’s YT channel is markus ie, but they gave credit in the title though)

  • siria cusin
    siria cusin

    Tommy is a child This audio conferm that

  • Ambush 3105
    Ambush 3105

    Btw the music is form switch remake of breath of the wild

  • LokeyNoki

    "The cold slap of reality" a new novel by TommyInnit

  • I hate you27
    I hate you27

    PHIL I WaNt a Pony foR cHiStMas

  • Wallnut 58
    Wallnut 58

    Some good shit

  • FD LeoTheLionKiD
    FD LeoTheLionKiD

    "Just like the public"

  • Yuna Lee
    Yuna Lee

    but the cute thing is that phil indeed got tommy a pony, dave

  • Calix Colo
    Calix Colo

    The cold slap of reality I felt that

  • Aleksandar Aleksić
    Aleksandar Aleksić


  • shattered glass
    shattered glass


  • Nympha Campos
    Nympha Campos

    This is like a Song

  • Nympha Campos
    Nympha Campos

    "The cold slap of reali-"

  • SheerSkydiver8

    Reminds me of South Park the art style I like it.

  • Nicole Farinas
    Nicole Farinas

    "The cold slap of reality"

  • I got the kid and He’s just a doormat
    I got the kid and He’s just a doormat

    Tommy come back it’s been 2 or 3 days what have you been up to q-q I have already watched all your dream smp vids q-q pls

  • Tofu

    dude the art style brought me back to south park days. sick animation though!

  • ash

    i’m sobbing i sent this to my friend without context and she had no idea this was a scene from something and was *so* confused

  • Loafu Draws
    Loafu Draws

    I was gonna do this when I saw the vid

  • Xavin What Did You Do
    Xavin What Did You Do

    The animation gave me a South Park feel Btw, i love ur animations dude! keep up the good work :D

  • A Random Bird
    A Random Bird

    Me too bro Me too :(

  • Shayra Rivera
    Shayra Rivera

    *"The cold slap of reality"* - TommyInnit

  • Springbonnie

    *The cold slap of reality*

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