i tried taking 100 polaroids in ONE DAY
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i literally took 100 polaroids in one day just to make a polaroid wall faster. pretty fun though!!!! also this video feels so summery to me and i hope to make all of my videos this summer like this!!

  • Athena Grace
    Athena Grace

    can you make more polaroid videos ??

  • abigail lozano
    abigail lozano

    I need help!!!! which setting did you use for the polaroids at night?

  • April O'Reilly
    April O'Reilly

    btw pls give the guys a makeover!!! (:

  • April O'Reilly
    April O'Reilly

    hey haley! I am wondering if you could give me some advice?! I want to start a youtube channel but I'm scared of ppl knowing me, I don't wanna get famous. and I'm worried about privacy could you let me know how you overcame your fears of being a youtuber

  • Nio Knight
    Nio Knight

    Literally not a single polaroid was taken in thsi video

  • WindyShows

    who’s here during COVID?

  • Anthony de Mesa
    Anthony de Mesa

    These are not polaroids.

  • mila reimerink
    mila reimerink

    yeahhh give them a makeover

  • Serenity’s Vlogs
    Serenity’s Vlogs

    Me at 3:am 9:54

  • MK DT
    MK DT

    Am new to your channel

  • michelle t
    michelle t

    Lmao how did the pictures in sunlight turn out SOO GOOD mine when I take it you literally can’t see anything it’s just white 😂 pls help

  • Yordanka Rojas
    Yordanka Rojas

    It is not a Polaroid camera it is an instax camera

  • emma!

    i wish she showed all the polaroids

  • Jackie Castaneda
    Jackie Castaneda

    11:33 Dog stupidity level 100!!😂😭

  • xxursolovelyxx

    Omg I was just thinking you looked familiar and then I saw Ryan (Trahan) and I was like "OHHHHH!" New to the channel btw

  • Cinnabxr _
    Cinnabxr _

    Haley: I gonna go get those blue tacky stuff Me: blue tack???

  • Becky Fx
    Becky Fx

    I have had a Polaroid camera for a month now and I have only took 13!

  • Emma T
    Emma T

    I would take the 100th polaroid of the rest of the polaroids

  • ruBywHo

    R u Ryan’s grlfrndd?

  • bean in za
    bean in za

    me : subs to haley bofore video starts haley : heyy girlypops me : unsubs

  • Mariam Almuhannadi
    Mariam Almuhannadi

    Your soo cute and beautiful and I love you 😘

  • Niya Amatya
    Niya Amatya

    You only hang out with boys do you have a crush ....

  • Birthday Cake
    Birthday Cake

    in one day........ la

  • Joëlle kranenburg
    Joëlle kranenburg

    Haley: Here we are holding hands with our toes Me: Wait a damm minute

  • Nessa O'brien
    Nessa O'brien


  • sophz k
    sophz k

    "blue tacky stuff"

  • Annabella Nguyen
    Annabella Nguyen

    everyone needs friends like issac and alex

  • Gwen Covey
    Gwen Covey

    the whole thing is just gonna be alex and isaac and hayley

  • Jaylynn Cervantes
    Jaylynn Cervantes

    Bruhh I miss videos with them bring them back😂

  • Maya Manning
    Maya Manning

    are you realated to mia?

  • Sage Gable
    Sage Gable

    I have the same Polaroid case!! I wish I had a clear one with sunflowers on it though 🙁 oh well it's whatever

  • sydney avakin
    sydney avakin

    *creepy man pop* Dislike my comment

  • Carli Collins
    Carli Collins

    After seeing how little space the one hundred took up on her wall i am amazed at the other ones i have seen. Like sarah betts has one from floor to ceiling.

  • 0415. aln
    0415. aln

    Wow cant believe you did a 100 photos in one day its mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯

  • it's me nadine
    it's me nadine

    "Holding hands with our toes...😂" iconic.

  • Roblox and Thingz
    Roblox and Thingz

    Who else is here watching here in quarantine 😂😂

  • - Kaiser -
    - Kaiser -

    *"Ummm yea"*

  • Geordie Russell
    Geordie Russell

    issac tho 🤭🥺

  • Lotta Forrest
    Lotta Forrest

    What editing software do u use

  • Kaila Jensen
    Kaila Jensen

    I like Alex’s laugh

  • Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams

    Now this. This is my favorite video on RSloft

  • lily c
    lily c

    this made me realise i need guy friends

  • Stella .S
    Stella .S

    1:51 don't be shy put some more

  • robloxgamergirl

    im a girly pop

  • Oki Doki
    Oki Doki

    I feel like Ryan and Haley are the perfect mess making couple. Also I just realised that 'blue putty stuff' is just the american version of blutack

  • lella

    This is honestly the cutest day ever.

  • • Mėlłøw •
    • Mėlłøw •

    You should make more videos with Alex and Isaac. It’s so funny when Isaac was ordering at Sonic.😂😂

  • Olivia SALIM
    Olivia SALIM

    its camo-mile not camo-meel

  • SHS Sport
    SHS Sport

    Haley: I haven't got the blue tacky stuff I haven't got the blue tacky stuff I haven't got the blue tacky stuff Me: BLUE TACK

  • Declan Monnier
    Declan Monnier

    3:01 I thought that was something else-

  • melinda tran
    melinda tran


  • melinda tran
    melinda tran

    1:51 when I saw the angles I was like “put some more, DONT be shy”.

  • keira

    When she said Billie Eilish I was like subscribe

  • bailee debelle
    bailee debelle

    2020 anyone

  • Grace Dwyer
    Grace Dwyer

    Sorry but that’s a instax camera not a ploaroid

  • claraa28_


  • Alizée Doucet
    Alizée Doucet

    Alex and isaac just are so funny... BRING EM BACCKK :D

  • elena

    Ok i have watched this before but now I am noticing how much People said ,,umm yeah"

  • riis.__

    all i thought all throughout this video was: polaroids are expensiveeee

  • pepper mari
    pepper mari

    3:02 haley : we were holding *hands* with our *toes* me : y u gotta b like that ???

  • Kübra Öztürk
    Kübra Öztürk

    U obviously did not understand the meaning behind that wall. Memory's. In months or years. Not a day.

  • Chamari 21
    Chamari 21

    I jus binge watched ur 2k19 vlogmas and now i cant stop watching ur videos. Best youtuber i have ever watched. I feel like ur one of my closetest friends ngl.

  • Goodbye everyone, I will remember you in therapy!
    Goodbye everyone, I will remember you in therapy!

    I have the same dog as u ❤️ but she is a little less tan and her name is Roxy

  • Trinidad S.
    Trinidad S.

    I swear I did not see the flash go off once.. or am I blind

  • red Jordan
    red Jordan

    Which camera is she using like what’s it called ?

  • 1 D
    1 D

    How they were jumping over the hurdles the wrong way broke my heart... And I was super scared he would fall

  • Defne BELEVİ
    Defne BELEVİ

    We need more videos with alex and issac

  • Robert RPfloor
    Robert RPfloor


  • • Mėlłøw •
    • Mėlłøw •


  • Emma

    Haley: holding hands with our toes??

  • Cloudii

    *_Umm..Yeah..._* **FALLS**

  • QUACKQUACK IM A DUCK • 76 years ago
    QUACKQUACK IM A DUCK • 76 years ago

    Never buy film at target way too expensive. Buy film at Walmart 8 dollars for 1 pack.

  • Sarah Sokolnicki
    Sarah Sokolnicki

    Will there goes her money

  • simplyeden

    what camera do you use? small youtuber here

  • Reese Parkes
    Reese Parkes

    ‘hey girly pops, today we’re trespassing.’

  • Supergirl66


  • Alisa Asia Bradshaw
    Alisa Asia Bradshaw

    9:21 some kids were there bag packs like this and those kids are me!

  • Nada _2004
    Nada _2004

    You've made more memories than taking polaroids

  • Loore Lee Kirss
    Loore Lee Kirss

    2020 !!

  • ugly w33b
    ugly w33b

    This was 6 months ago but I got my Polaroid camera yesterday and I broke it already

    • suomalaiset boostit
      suomalaiset boostit


  • christina affer
    christina affer

    issac could get it tho...

  • Destinesia

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    Victoria Emily

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    Avia Betancourt

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  • maria

    Hey! I have a question: what's the name of the song in your intro? my💕💁🏼‍♀️✨🤪

    • maria

      oops I didn't mean to do that --> my | sorry my English is bad I'm from germany 😬

  • kokichis toes
    kokichis toes


  • Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera

    that is not a polaroid

  • Subscribe to this cookie For no reason
    Subscribe to this cookie For no reason

    This rly isn’t a hard challenge let’s be real

  • Kate Cosley
    Kate Cosley

    Haley:takes 100 pictures in one day Me:taking 1000 in a year 🥴😱

  • vincent adrian
    vincent adrian

    What the hell's girly pops, and where'd the 20,000 dollars you guys donated come from?

  • fannypack

    If you use too much film, you’re wasting it. If you don’t use enough film, you’re wasting the camera. Oh, the struggles of owning a polaroid

  • luxiia

    ur poor money

  • Kaylee Lick
    Kaylee Lick

    Alex:Uhhhhh no Isaac: uhhh yea I’m dead bro🤣🤣😭😭😭

  • J A Y S L Y N
    J A Y S L Y N

    my dog is scared of my Polaroid

  • Dee Doherty
    Dee Doherty

    How many times she said leave a like I I I V

  • Aly Teodosio
    Aly Teodosio

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  • Alumi

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  • werka werka
    werka werka

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    Chloe Bates