I Tried Making Grian Swear...
TommyInnit turns Mumbo Jumbo to the dark side, making him say awful things. This was awesome.
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  • Grian

    Even though I had tonsillitis during this recording, it was a lot of fun. Thank you Thomas, for a recording where I truly had no idea what was going on!

  • RedThorneGamer

    After Jack swore, grain's "Excuse me?" was the most intimidating thing ever.

  • Darren Flips
    Darren Flips

    “He knows im gay right” in a thick scottish accent has to be the funniest thing said in this entire video hahahaha

  • AegisHypernovaxXx


  • IcePlxys

    Tommy put all his effort into not trying to swear just for Grian and Mumbo. What a legend

  • Peppermations

    Grian with Tommy: Calm and Professional

  • DropsteR

    I’m sorry this is like the funniest thing ever I did not see this cross over coming 😂

  • Teresa r
    Teresa r

    Tommy: "Why don't you run your car into grian's house, eliminating him?"

  • Sam Larkin
    Sam Larkin

    Mumbo just seemed confused bathe whole time, but you have to admit, responding to Tommy’s noisy ness and antics with “how do you make it through the day?” Is a power move equivalent to a British little man

  • Hazel ★
    Hazel ★

    I love how grian and jack are just awkwardly trying to make the house better

  • Ciro García
    Ciro García


  • Juno


  • OX

    "No one with a suit has ever played with poo"

  • TwT

    The way Grian just immediately looks down and says "Excuse me" I could legit feel his eyes piercing through my soul.

  • macroingloli

    this feels like actual grandparents trying to play with their elementary school grand children and not having a clue of whats happening

  • No2ble Dasher
    No2ble Dasher


  • Kristina Wilkinson
    Kristina Wilkinson

    this video perfectly portrays tommy's 'awkwardly social' self lmao living for it tbh

  • Mr Mann
    Mr Mann

    Tommy and Jack feel like the “cool kids” trying to trick Grian and Mumbo into saying something stupid.

  • Mouse Arts
    Mouse Arts

    Best Quotes form everyone in the video

  • Radioactive Axolotl
    Radioactive Axolotl

    Grian just saying “Excuse me?” is the most powerful thing in the universe