I Transformed the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore (#40)
Today I'm going to be Transforming the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is my favourite giant build in minecraft that i've done so far! This video is inspired directly by the time I transformed the nether into the overworld in Minecraft Hardcore!
Watch the series from episode 1:
"I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)"
"I Transformed an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore (#38)"
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  • RedRehaan Plays
    RedRehaan Plays

    Hmm one little touch missing a bastion

  • Flower Pot Human
    Flower Pot Human

    Wadzee: bit of soul sand *proceeds to put soul soil*

  • Pretzel CherryBlxssoms
    Pretzel CherryBlxssoms

    yeah this is the best build by far

  • Gaming Johnny Roblox
    Gaming Johnny Roblox

    But what about a bastion

  • NICE 4YU
    NICE 4YU

    I just can't believe i missed alot from wadzees hardcore world

  • AsdfTrash

    It looks like a cake actually

  • Seth Thompson
    Seth Thompson

    the outline looks like kirby with one foot

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo

    It looks like a cake and i want it for my birthday.

  • Giuseppe Boccini
    Giuseppe Boccini

    Upload more!

  • The Deer
    The Deer

    This is a really stupid af idea but what if you built the nether into the overworld, then built the overworld inside of that nether, and then the overworld again?

  • Maxton Marshall
    Maxton Marshall

    You should put tiny caves in it.

  • Santiago nothing
    Santiago nothing

    Wadzee, why did you make a gold farm for piglin trading and you don't go there for ur obsidian. Plz save an hour of ur day next time

  • Girolamo

    Looks super sick but I would’ve probably extended the obsidian farther on the ground so it looked darker all around instead of being surrounded by grass

  • Boxer Main
    Boxer Main

    These builds look like they can be in a snow globe

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    This is just a video idea: Can u build like a heaven in the over world or in the nether

  • Joanna Gonzalez
    Joanna Gonzalez



    You should have added ancient debris

  • Abdulmalik Bindaar
    Abdulmalik Bindaar

    Leave strider here

  • Adelle Zhao
    Adelle Zhao

    Next time transform the overworld to the end! Please do that!

  • Shelby Vaughan
    Shelby Vaughan


  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones

    It needs a nether portal in it somewhere. Then get some zombie pigs and other pigs to follow you through so they are in the biome.

  • MagicLemon NeonSSamurai
    MagicLemon NeonSSamurai

    who else randomly found WadZee and could not stop waching

  • Domancave

    The Harry Potter Yule ball music is fantastic 😂 like so random but I love it


    Plot twist:That’s his actual voice and he is disguising it

  • Pi

    U should put ancient debris on the side of the overworld nether

  • Oscar Jessop
    Oscar Jessop

    Its quite funny how he has done all of this building but still has a tiny house

  • 0kIcey

    Y didn’t u use gravel in the sides in u go digging in the nether there’s a shit load of gravel but u have none

  • Bamboozled ghost
    Bamboozled ghost

    Just the fact you missed diamonds. Go for netherite!

  • Rohan Deepak
    Rohan Deepak

    You know you can get obsidian from piglin trading?

    • Rohan Deepak
      Rohan Deepak

      Someone needs to tell him

  • jared maharaj
    jared maharaj

    POV: *when a creative pro plays hardcore* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ꧁Dakota Julius꧂
    ꧁Dakota Julius꧂

    Made a desert in plains or desert in nether or do the opposite. Just a suggestion

  • A ja na 2
    A ja na 2

    Wadzee: *Building Huge... things* Minecraft: Break the tree >:D

  • Wavy Seahorse
    Wavy Seahorse

    This man is sooo dedicated and patient....

  • Mr Animespam
    Mr Animespam

    How you take out all the time like this cotton🤫

  • Shashwat Playz
    Shashwat Playz

    I'm getting triggered at that diamond just lying there at 2:45

  • Mr Wiz
    Mr Wiz

    Helping the algorithm

  • Jay Mex
    Jay Mex

    He literally forgot glowstone😅

  • Kpop Scenario
    Kpop Scenario

    15:57 I thought my phone turned down the brightness

  • seth thompson
    seth thompson

    Wall rose be like

  • minecrASH101

    He should put warped vines on the sides to cover up the netherrack



  • Krystof David
    Krystof David

    build a better house for yourself next episode

  • Tabitha Liboiron
    Tabitha Liboiron

    I subbed


    the build looks like a cake ngl

  • afil shaikh
    afil shaikh

    add ancient debris to the sides

  • Hexzal Roy
    Hexzal Roy

    I'm pretty sure the netherite becon took the longest to make because it took 6 months to make.

    • Hexzal Roy
      Hexzal Roy


  • Joshua Jarvis
    Joshua Jarvis

    if u havent done this already, i think building a coliseum would be very cool :D

  • GXTizioacaso

    Build a ruined portal or a bastion

  • Christian Myers
    Christian Myers

    also so sad you cant add blaze spawner :(

  • Christian Myers
    Christian Myers

    when you did the lava filling I had troble to tell if you were in the neither or overworld so great job it you start the epised standing on you neither section then it might fool some people

  • Spryzen

    now end in overworld ?

  • Lard Gaming
    Lard Gaming

    imo those vines are too high ;-; (it still looks AMAZING)

  • Ccwspurs7

    Hermitcraft should sine you up

  • Sachin Singhi
    Sachin Singhi

    if only he knew we can make infinite lava in minecraft

  • Dexter Makmur
    Dexter Makmur

    Look like a cake

  • Rebecca Vith
    Rebecca Vith

    to make it better you should add huge spikes coming out of it

  • Hamza Abass
    Hamza Abass

    I have no idea how he has the time to make all this but its nice + the fact he does it in survival is just like WOW I can't do this in creative

  • Sathvik L
    Sathvik L

    You could have added a small part of the bastion in any end of your build or next to the basalt delta to give the vibe. @WadZee. It would have looked awesome. BUT still your build is just exceptional like always. :)

  • Kosta Markovic
    Kosta Markovic

    Next: End in the Overworld!

  • ItsUnpug

    This is so unnecessarily beautiful

  • Stick_

    Wadzee it would be much more easier if u'd add sould speed 3 to ur boots cuz seems like ur struggling in sould sand huh

  • Raihaan Shah
    Raihaan Shah

    Nice video

  • Banana Cat
    Banana Cat

    WadZee you should get the replay mod so you can play a time lapse of you building the structure at the end of the videos, would be pretty sick

  • Gaming with Priyanshu
    Gaming with Priyanshu

    Awesome bro

  • Khrom

    bro, i love all of your videos, your a literal god

  • gaming with mikeygamer
    gaming with mikeygamer

    Man I could *Nether* do this but maybe if i could *end* my school I could

  • Samarth Sharma
    Samarth Sharma

    0:53 my heart stopped beating

  • Jirjar GAMING
    Jirjar GAMING

    Thanks for 9 sub now make it 12 plz

  • killian gibson
    killian gibson

    Do a, I have 24 hours to do a random build video it will be a banger

  • Ryder Kusch
    Ryder Kusch

    You should add broken pieces of nether fortress in the lava river or in the biomes

  • Alexander Batoon
    Alexander Batoon

    Hey wadzee what music before you mine the obsidion

  • Its_the_ Jynx
    Its_the_ Jynx

    Is in full netherite Armour Sees spider: Wow👀

  • Andrew Reviere
    Andrew Reviere

    Bastion: am I a joke to you 😐

  • King OF MEMES
    King OF MEMES

    it good and now i go LETS GOOOOO!!!

  • Tomascieto

    What triggers me the most is how he passed the diamond ore

  • Howle Dellinger
    Howle Dellinger

    you now have over 8,000 melons

  • Xx_chloeUwU_xX l
    Xx_chloeUwU_xX l


  • Xx_chloeUwU_xX l
    Xx_chloeUwU_xX l

    you know how you dig a 4 block hole and put watter in it? do the same with water it wouls save ALOT OF TIME

  • Xx_chloeUwU_xX l
    Xx_chloeUwU_xX l

    5:46 why dose it look like kirby

  • Hunter Parratt
    Hunter Parratt

    Jesus loves you!

  • Tammie Bryan
    Tammie Bryan

    You could make a melon village with a castle

  • Logan Punwasi
    Logan Punwasi

    why has wadzee stopped doing his water breaks in the middle of his vids

  • coolcidclark

    I love his new music tho

  • Markyy

    Wadzee pls make more hard core so i and your fans can watch more of your hard core minecraft

  • Holographic 80s
    Holographic 80s

    This is obviously a nether themed red velvet wedding cake

  • Chubby Boi
    Chubby Boi

    I would hate to be his world it is like being inside out

  • Cooper Christie
    Cooper Christie

    I'm pretty sure if you bone meal the netherack it will change

  • Cooper Christie
    Cooper Christie

    no cap the shape looks like kirby with a hand in the air

  • Jesse Burrows
    Jesse Burrows

    You should do a hard core server with cookie paul and some other youtubers

  • Vadim Shicha
    Vadim Shicha

    Where's the nether caves?

  • Dealer of Dank memes
    Dealer of Dank memes

    Wadzee: *makes piglin trade farm Also wadzee: mines obsidian instead of trading

  • Amaury LECLERCQ
    Amaury LECLERCQ

    I think it can be a great idea to make some Time laps of your constructions no ? 🤔 with à large view of your Work because What you do si really really good!!!!

  • Meable

    14:17 that is the most hilarious "ow" I've ever heard

  • Jake Tv
    Jake Tv

    collect every ITEM in minecraft and make a museum !

  • Bobux Man
    Bobux Man


  • tyropita manTM
    tyropita manTM

    suggestion:do an end biom at the overworld whith the dragon area at the one side and an end city whith a ship on the other.

  • Yuri 0030
    Yuri 0030

    me: goes in the nether for the first time friend: to get there you need to go in the portal. me taking it too literally: 14:34

  • karwan saleh
    karwan saleh

    Over world I'd in nether and nether is ino er world😂

  • random memerman
    random memerman

    Im still wondering how u placed water in the nether

  • IsAnApple

    14:17 .

    • Darkspoul

      What about it