I Switched My Wife's Car Without Her Noticing!
We swapped Yvonne's car with an "identical" van, will she find out?
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  • Simon Floerke
    Simon Floerke



    Idk why tf uptill now I thought iJustine is his wife

  • kalef1234

    you guys failed from the start. how do you have the liquid cash to buy a 2018 Odyssey for a youtube video that might net you 5K in ad revenue, but not get the exact model 🥴🥴

  • James Mifsud
    James Mifsud

    Dennis couldn’t keep a secret if he tried

  • svampebob007

    Soooo Linus married a moron His words not mine :)

  • mrdaym

    Wait, why aren't these videos sponsored?

  • raishado

    You know, I really only hear his accent when he says he's sorry.

  • daysErlock

    At 5:50 he def wasnt checking her ass out lol.

  • Steven Aziz
    Steven Aziz

    “Oh my God, disgusting! Perrrrfect!” Lol 😂

  • Tymek Uzarczyk
    Tymek Uzarczyk

    It was super fun

  • SuperNova123

    Dennis is the best 😂😂

  • Eray Kepenek
    Eray Kepenek

    This channel name is so inspiring 😥

  • Layheee Gala
    Layheee Gala

    denis is such a gem, this was more about denis then anything else and thats what made it so good.

  • Gandalf il Grigio
    Gandalf il Grigio

    "when have you ever seen me embarrassed " a man who fears nothing

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson

    wearing a fucking mask in the car with your wife and your friend than you decide to eat and remove the mask? what is the point than ????? fucking masks don't work

  • Jefferson Tan
    Jefferson Tan

    But, funny, Linus. Some ladies don’t usually notice things like extra buttons. As long as it looks the same, key FOB works, unlocks, starts and has no extra lights, they are good to go.

  • Jefferson Tan
    Jefferson Tan

    @Benjamin Aster, it is the same guy from Linus Tech Tips.

  • Evil_eyegaming d
    Evil_eyegaming d

    dennis fail so bad

  • Fewrandom Words
    Fewrandom Words

    ssso.. u're wearing masks.. but u put the off to eat... with your bare hands okay

  • Josh O
    Josh O

    That is not a 2018 Honda Odyssey lmao

  • adriandotexe

    The biggest disappointment: Jake's e92 m3 is an automatic

  • DarkBro

    uh linus has cringe name channel?

  • Zak Haifa
    Zak Haifa

    still a crappy car

  • ArduinoBen

    Linus got none of the options lol

  • ArduinoBen

    4:11 kitchen nightmares sound effects lmao

  • gargi h
    gargi h

    I thought he was Linus Tech Tips 😌


    LMFAO! They got her good. Next video: Yvonne strikes back.

  • Vina Tay
    Vina Tay

    For a sec I thought u got a fake china ripoff van

  • SGJ

    Channel super Fun? more like Channel Super Dead.

  • Jesus coronado lugo
    Jesus coronado lugo

    7:22 I thought she was gonna say “its fine, I know how to drive, Im not asian”

  • Crescendo remifasolasido
    Crescendo remifasolasido

    4:20 - 4:45 thr best part of this imo Lol

  • yeshwanth rahul
    yeshwanth rahul

    It's not that Yvonne didn't notice.. It's just that she's married to Linus.

  • W19 ELY
    W19 ELY

    Dennis is such a little girl, how does he make it through life on a daily basis?

  • Tim Ramich
    Tim Ramich

    Should have done it to Dennis's car. Dude's an absolute airhead that just walks around laughing.

  • Dank Memer
    Dank Memer

    0:31, “jake’s too much of a car guy”...*zooms into the m3’s dct transmission*...haha, not with that gear box he isn’t 😂

  • Michael Nowak
    Michael Nowak

    I died when that tomato fell out of Dennis's burger

  • Technological Elite
    Technological Elite

    RSloft, please do your thing, blow this up! I'm trying to get this word out! There is kid with brain cancer named Logan, it's his second time. Unfortunately doctors think he won't be able to make it. His wish is to become a youtube star. I'm trying to lend an idea to Linus Tech Tips and Mr. Beast to also maybe do a collab to give him a P.C. and a studo. I think that will also make him happy, and maybe get his mind off the brain cancer. Here's a link to his video: rsloft.info/loft/video/aZeEsmyZ12TDrnI

  • Hatfield Photography
    Hatfield Photography

    1:28 That old white Caravan tho. I want it 👀

  • Arvin Nguyen
    Arvin Nguyen

    I know u I think you were in the honey ad

  • Dragonight King
    Dragonight King

    When computer guys goes in caar mode

  • renegade637

    "The question is who." And you say who in the title.

  • rmj svcs
    rmj svcs

    gkad to see we are wearing the mask to help protect against the flu-manchu

  • James Lee
    James Lee

    did anyoen notice the licence plate? not blurred?

  • Gaming-Zombie13

    That was funny

  • Mark Maurer
    Mark Maurer

    No one:... Literally no one:.... linus: has 5 channels

  • Kukhensa Manganyi
    Kukhensa Manganyi

    The funniest part was finding out Linus had another channel I didn't know about... why Linus why?😂😂😂😂

  • Kukhensa Manganyi
    Kukhensa Manganyi

    Linus: Oh My God it has a Sunroof …DENNIS IT HAS A SUNFOOF 😂😂😂

  • Polat Erfan
    Polat Erfan

    Came here after stumbling upon THE ROAST

  • DZ Gaming
    DZ Gaming

    Does this guy have 10 youtube accounts??!!

  • Jimmy Schwarz
    Jimmy Schwarz

    You Look... Old

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    6:05 how did you switch around the keys?

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    4:30 😂🤣😂

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones

    Yo u look jusy like the guy from linus tech tips

  • Krino

    That Luis guy should make a tech channel

  • Krino

    Who’s Linus tech tips?

  • KrispiesChicken

    Summary, Dennis found a better version of his car

  • PewDiePugs

    How many times did he say she's not idiot/stupid ?

  • TheGAMERcamp

    Boi how many channels does linus have

  • Sasan Parvini
    Sasan Parvini

    I don't like Dennis 》(

  • Kyle Junk
    Kyle Junk

    You've been linnused

  • Sartaj Singh007
    Sartaj Singh007

    lol stunt driver credits though

  • Stronk Vodka
    Stronk Vodka

    I bet Dennis went to a private snapchat, or discord and asked a fan if they could borrow a same looking car out of pure desperation

    • Michael Armer
      Michael Armer


  • Meep


  • Space Trips
    Space Trips

    Dennis laughs like Tucker Carlson 🤣

    • Space Trips
      Space Trips


    • Kira TheKillerNote
      Kira TheKillerNote


  • jay rios
    jay rios

    “Am I supply to throw a orange peel on the road”😂😂😂 yes it’s biodegradable

  • SaiYT official
    SaiYT official

    He is linus

  • Keiran Phillips
    Keiran Phillips

    It is

  • satwik rao
    satwik rao

    How many channels do they even have?? LoL..

  • I N V E R T E D
    I N V E R T E D

    Linus why were you so keen in how she is very sensitive to smell 0_o

  • That Other Boi
    That Other Boi

    what is this??? channel super fun uploaded???

  • Mussa Mohammed
    Mussa Mohammed

    Wanna send that van over?

  • Nathan Coigny
    Nathan Coigny

    This is my favorite LTT video ever.

  • FhargaZ

    Ivone:" You called me stupid?!" Linus: "It was Dennis"

  • Adhithya Dev
    Adhithya Dev

    Why does Dennis act so bad ? Bro literally my Grandpa can lie better than you.

  • Alex H.
    Alex H.

    Linus? 😳

  • Davin Moreno
    Davin Moreno

    Hi Linus tech tips😀

  • Christopher Priestley
    Christopher Priestley

    "She's not stupid" XD I'm so high and that for some reason is so funny

  • Christopher Priestley
    Christopher Priestley

    This was so random and I love it XDDD. He's like don't worry about it ad drive XD

  • El Nada
    El Nada

    On a viking-ship Dennis would be the guy who is constantly bound to the pole

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith

    I know Dennis is a really nice guy but god I couldn't work with him because he is sooo useless. Always getting things wrong and just being weird with his constant jabbering on. If I worked with him I'd thank god I'm partially deaf 🤦🏻‍♂️. The fact that he's being so obvious in this and Yvonne is just ignoring him shows this really isn't an act and that she's just used to it and blanks him out 😂

  • Neil van Rooyen
    Neil van Rooyen


  • SushiItzMe

    This channel super fun

  • 3 69
    3 69

    I want to see another video when u put another man in her bed will she notice?!

  • Trentin Reeves
    Trentin Reeves

    bruh how many channels does this guy have

  • Moises Cortez
    Moises Cortez

    Everyone missed Dennis and channel super fun, should have him host Tech Linked more

  • M S
    M S

    I thought he s gay., Im glad he is actually not. uff.

  • Good Sports Evening
    Good Sports Evening

    Nerd sports football 🏈 👇

  • حمدان بن هارون المهران المرسلين البلوي
    حمدان بن هارون المهران المرسلين البلوي

    Thats a 2016

  • rampage the sneaky lil bitch
    rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    OMG an M3 !!! ofcourse he has driving gloves that beast has 420metric hp (414hp) v8 rwd s65b40 4L. the steering wheel costs like 800$ new so you don''t whant to ruin it with your dirty hands and oils

  • gamer

    Who is this guy, he looks like Linus tech tips doppelganger.

  • Claq Yagami
    Claq Yagami

    Oh Linus, you have no idea just how unobservant people are!

  • tsartomato

    10:38 when you think it's impossible to a person with any eyesight not to get instantly triggered by footage in wrong aspect ratio because evolution

  • Lucky

    Dennis ruined this video tbh

  • Kylon Russell
    Kylon Russell

    I think it is Linus

  • Maximilian Schiel
    Maximilian Schiel

    Haven't heard Dennis speak in a long time. His English has come a long way.

  • FarLost

    How many channels does linus have

  • Grace Paynter
    Grace Paynter

    I was dying of laughter because deniss dropped the tomato on lines

  • Nuke Mecca
    Nuke Mecca

    stop wearing masks, they do not work and not needed... ya have to be less than 1mtr from someone that HAS IT, to GET IT! and linus has not got it! so YOU will not get it! ya get it now??


    Linus Linus


    what is this channel linus what is wrong with you