I Survived 100 Days in Hardcore Minecraft! (1.18)
Today we start a brand new series which I am very excited for. As long as I don't die I'm hoping we can make this world last a while! Let's beat our 1500 days world :) Leave a like and comment and subscribe if you're new :D
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  • Pompomdexter

    When Joel left those horses, I feel that on a very personal level. That was shocking

  • anushka

    Empires has really made an impact on Joel, he’s started exploring new ways of building, with new blocks and I like how different it is now and how he’s exploring out of his comfort zone.

  • zakshei

    In 1.18, strip mining is still the better way to find ores since there's less ores exposed to air, mining at y -58 or -56 is probably the best way to get diamonds

  • Eclipse Z
    Eclipse Z

    "Witches be crazy." I laughed so hard. Make it into a shirt, Joel.

  • SlugMaster34

    Diamonds are rarer when exposed to air in the caves, so strip mining as low as you can in the world would be more efficient.

  • the Mousies
    the Mousies

    Joel’s energy is exactly what I need after reading the Hunger Games for more than halfway in the night while also having to go to the hospital

  • Animagician

    I know this is a separate series from Empires, but that starter house looks weirdly like what I would imagine an old Mezelean house would look like!

  • Beach Boy Stuff
    Beach Boy Stuff

    Joel: builds a house thats 20 blocks wide, long, and tall. Also Joel: "It's just a starter house."

  • Eugénie B
    Eugénie B

    Joel: gathering some yellow and red materials

  • ThePratimarege

    Empires is really helping Joel be more confident with building with concrete and terracotta, the builds look really cool love the new building style!

  • Antonio Pires
    Antonio Pires

    Joel: names the donkey horse

  • fredbutter

    im so excited for this series!! i love the other 100 days series! also its lovely seeing joel experiment and stray from his usual building styles!! keep up the great work!!!

  • BiggishEgo

    Joel when starting another series after already working on like 6 others: It's about drive, It's about power, we stay hungry, we devour, put in the work, put in the hours, and take what's ours.

  • Deckardd Wizardd
    Deckardd Wizardd


  • Ryder

    Anyone else love having these videos on in the background when building? They are so calm and entertaining!

  • Summer Flower
    Summer Flower


  • Noah Welter
    Noah Welter

    this new building style, especially the roofs, is giving me so much inspiration. absolutely killing it!

  • Organic Axolotl
    Organic Axolotl

    Joel: I haven't built a windmill in a while...

  • fWhip

    Good luck Joel! Really excited to see what you manage to do in the 2000 days challenge!

  • Elliot M.
    Elliot M.

    i would love to see joel do a modded hardcore survival world (either alone or with someone else)! it would be hilarious