I Survived 1,000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft [FULL MOVIE]

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    • wolfs love Minecraft and Roblox
      wolfs love Minecraft and Roblox


    • Doreen Johnson
      Doreen Johnson

      Name it rambow

    • Julian Tørres blomberg
      Julian Tørres blomberg

      Dint ask

    • Dreydin Dennis
      Dreydin Dennis

      @Fantob60 l

    • David Bishop
      David Bishop


  • Jose Saavedra
    Jose Saavedra

    Never seen this guy before and I can’t stop watching at an hour deep into the video 😂

    • Fox Mendoza
      Fox Mendoza


    • Flashy Labs
      Flashy Labs


    • Spirit106

      @Jakes Jacobs what do you mean

    • Jakes Jacobs
      Jakes Jacobs

      @ReesesCat do you watch O1G?

    • ReesesCat

      This came on my recommended and probably going to start binging this dude

  • elcore_

    just finished watching the whole 4 hours, after 3 days through honestly didn't feel bored or anything, even after 4 hours I think it was nice, great job

    • Krista Reichler
      Krista Reichler

      I watch it at least 2 times a week

    • Let’s do both
      Let’s do both

      I’m still not done

    • Let’s do both
      Let’s do both

      Ye Ik how does a 4 hour vid take a week for me

    • Ebony tv
      Ebony tv

      I’m watching this for the 2nd time and on second hour still funny AF

  • Stephanie Hagler
    Stephanie Hagler

    I told myself I wouldn’t watch anyone other than LTN when it comes to hardcore series, but dude, you’re awesome, this is awesome

    • Le Goose
      Le Goose

      this is like LTN jr

  • tyler longdong
    tyler longdong

    After about one week of watching small sections of the video I've finally finished, the time and effort put into this was unbelievable I'm surprised skyes didn't get tired of the series quicker. I'm glad i watched this video, i hope you find more time to enjoy other things and continue to grow.

  • Floor Skittle
    Floor Skittle

    I just watched the whole thing and haven't got bored once. Every day I'm excited to see what you're up to in the world. Good job!😀

  • karen

    the dry humor, the cheesy lines, the action, the drama, the storytelling. easily one of my favorite minecraft videos and youtuber. You’re doing great dude !! 💚

    • Better Than Mr. Roesner
      Better Than Mr. Roesner

      @Colton Thunstrom Who cares each Minecraft day is 8 minutes which totals to 8000 minutes and even if you want to say he slept at the perfect time every single day that’s still 4000 minutes which is still 66 hours or 3 days of pure playing time dedicated to this. It’s not like he was just messing around either he was actually making progress the whole time.

    • Charlie Flott
      Charlie Flott

      @Colton Thunstrom I was looking for this comment, lol. I was thinking the same exact thing but no one is talking about it. Makes me kinda mad tbh

    • Gabriela Gonzalez
      Gabriela Gonzalez

      favorite movie 🤗

    • Nintendo switch lite
      Nintendo switch lite

      OMG yes

    • Colton Thunstrom
      Colton Thunstrom

      @Glitchy boi Yup

  • Northernmelon

    I just watched all of this in one sitting. Awesome videos I love you content!

  • myunghoe

    this randomly played while i was falling asleep and I've been so invested in it for the past almost week. Glad I found you and can't wait to watch more of your content.

  • bushyguyy

    Its amazing to see all of the progress through the episodes, even though i sleep through most of it!

  • Silly_ YT
    Silly_ YT

    just watched a solid 4 hours of pure entertainment, this guy is just so good at what he does, no matter what he posts it should be amazing (first vid btw ;) )

  • alexx._.randomm

    the fact that i can watch a 4 hour long minecraft movie and enjoy every minute really shows that you make amazing content edit: ty for the likes lmao

    • Cal Kestis
      Cal Kestis

      Take your Luke’s back, everyone.

    • Jasmine Nguyen
      Jasmine Nguyen

      @AstroKrishna yeah

    • Zexa

      This is true i love his content

    • Hugo Martin
      Hugo Martin

      Yeah so true

    • bone

      Yup 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • Stan Christiaensen
    Stan Christiaensen

    love your humor, editting and overall just love your videos. keep up the great content!

  • fwsr_

    ngl rlly only watched SB's hardcore series but after i watched this movie this is gonna be my fav serie, its amazing to see how much time u spent on this and i hope u get to 1m soon :D

  • Quin Ink
    Quin Ink

    Hi Skyes I just finished watching your 4 hours movie in just 2 days. I really enjoyed all the jokes, the grand buildings and all the raids. I hope that the new direction you go in gives your life better meaning. I really enjoyed the movie and appreciated all the work you put into your Minecraft world. Do something that makes you happy and enjoy life more. By the way I loved all the cool fun facts. New Subscriber Quin Ink. Love ur vids 🙂👍

  • Andrei Fhranzyn Niquol C. Canapi
    Andrei Fhranzyn Niquol C. Canapi

    I've always had trouble trying to sleep because of insomnia, and when I discovered your vid it's like a hack, I felt relaxed and fall asleep quickly thank you 💕🤧

  • DNZ

    Did I spend 4 hours of my life watching this? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely 😌. Your builds are amazing and your humor isn't far off🤣🤣. Loved it and can't wait for more new videos❤

    • Jakes Jacobs
      Jakes Jacobs

      @Franklinn Kerrigan yeah

    • Jakes Jacobs
      Jakes Jacobs

      I love he's video's

    • Axel Reimers
      Axel Reimers

      @CrazyJJ sky is cool

    • simone duffy
      simone duffy

      haha love it😄😄😄

    • Rocks D Kyo
      Rocks D Kyo

      @Steve Brown correct

  • Stilect1

    Bro, I’m on a road trip right now and this has kept me entertained for 2 and a half hours I will keep watching. I downloaded it so I don’t need wifi lmao 😂

    • Kobe Bryant
      Kobe Bryant

      Clutch for a long road trip for sure!

    • Puppy hood
      Puppy hood


    • Jakes Jacobs
      Jakes Jacobs

      LOL 🤣😆😂🤣😆🤣🤣😆🤣😆 🤣

  • Cookie

    I am 3 hours into the video and you have made my day with your jokes. This is what I call real content

  • Akilandeswari V
    Akilandeswari V

    This is entertainment at its finest! I would choose to watch this over a movie.

  • NewWolf25

    Hey Skyes, this is my 10th time watching this, you have inspired me to build big things I’m my mine raft worlds (even though I never finish them and abandon them after like 7 days🥲🥲)

  • Zynx

    i literally spent 4 hours of my life watching this and i dont regret it

    • Zynx

      @Gamer God You didn’t need to your opinions do not matter.

    • Calleigh pelletier
      Calleigh pelletier


    • Calleigh pelletier
      Calleigh pelletier


    • SharckAttack1298

      Same some of the best 4 hours of my life

    • Craze Memes
      Craze Memes


  • sebby the gay
    sebby the gay

    I just binge watched this whole thing for the past like 5 hours. This is a masterpiece

  • Phyziks

    “Is this the end?” Yes. Yes Skyes, this is the end.

  • Leah Brake
    Leah Brake

    that was so rad. I can't wait to watch more. I put it on because I loved your voice and needed sleep. lol. but the next day watched the rest of the video over the course of the day. thank you for sharing your work! I'll for sure watch more, that was so fun. I hope you're feeling better now! ❤❤❤

  • Νάνσυ Κόλλα
    Νάνσυ Κόλλα

    Not me watching this guy for the first time and finishing the whole video and absolutely loving it

  • Jae Chester
    Jae Chester

    I just watched 4 hours of more than just entertainment. This was adventure, emotion, raids, and 100% no cap penguin fax.

    • shyla Swainson YAAAA
      shyla Swainson YAAAA


    • Jasmine Nguyen
      Jasmine Nguyen

      Yeah me too

    • Adrian Leung
      Adrian Leung

      PENGUIN??!? ME?!??

    • wild raptor
      wild raptor

      @Cakeo Strawberry ?

    • toxic inhales
      toxic inhales


  • Drake Hoyle
    Drake Hoyle

    I've seen this video like 8 times and it never gets old.

  • Kaelum Mould
    Kaelum Mould

    I watched every minute of this 😭 brilliant work, bit boring at first but when you started getting going it was great keep up the hard work loved the video

  • Doug

    love this type of video by far my favorite 100 days series the narration, the style its perfect loving it!

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    This video has given me ideas for builds and even things to do. An entertaining video as well. Honestly probably even learned a few new things. I’m not done watching, I still have hours to go, but it’s a really good video and for it to pop up on my recommendations? Love it.

  • Legendarycuber

    "to watch while working or doing homework or trying to fall asleep" this man has the real concept of time

    • Calleigh pelletier
      Calleigh pelletier


    • Shannon Ruth
      Shannon Ruth


    • Blue smile
      Blue smile

      He's bending time that I'd idnt know this was 4hrs

    • Dino gaming
      Dino gaming


    • Jessica Mahaffey
      Jessica Mahaffey

      yess bro yess

  • gorbszi

    I was watching this in my study hall and got to the 38 minute mark love it keep it up.

  • Da BoYs
    Da BoYs

    Never watched this guy before but after watching 10minutes I had to go back for more loved it and I think gudgeing by the comments most people did as well 😂😂

  • poofimgone.

    I watch this every time I do my work or do projects. It makes it fly by so thank you

  • Corey Young
    Corey Young

    I love this. It was the best thing I have ever seen. You are amazing!!!!


    -was very funny and enjoyable -good build ideas -good to watch while eating -made me want to play minecraft 10/10!!!

    • Danny Barletta
      Danny Barletta

      Yessss sir

    • kelton family
      kelton family


    • Jose

      Did it teach you any building / progression techniques though? (I'm only 5 mins in)

    • Jace is the imposter
      Jace is the imposter


  • SaffronsAGodlyHerb

    i watcheed this in one sitting, i did nothing else (except for getting lunch) that's how interesting it was and even when i fell asleep i had to rewind like an hour and a half so i made sure i didn't miss anything love this

  • Garrett Houzenga
    Garrett Houzenga

    so kind of him to say hello to so many cats. he must have great friendships with the cat community

  • Evie and Ali
    Evie and Ali

    It takes dedication to watch a 4 hour long "movie" so I can't even imagine how mach it takes to film it.

  • Ryder Jones
    Ryder Jones

    Dude I've been watching your channel for half a minute and I love your personality and humor. Ez sub

  • cars0nn

    "and as one would do after sleeping, i woke up" this mans humor is spectacular

    • Mary Kate Reinagel
      Mary Kate Reinagel

      day the power of christ compels you

    • glassanimals_wavey


    • Daystriker

      Right as he said that I read this comment lol

    • Rosie Suarez
      Rosie Suarez

      @Apex Titan 2021

    • Baggerz


  • Golden Pro
    Golden Pro

    dude ur my fav Minecraft youtube I love when u do 1000 day hardcore vids Keep up the good work!

  • Chloe Levi Redgrave
    Chloe Levi Redgrave

    This guy is basically like forge labs 🤤

  • Wesley Weisbrod
    Wesley Weisbrod

    Right on par with Luke the notable. Believe that I subscribed. Awesome man. Great effort with editing too. Beautiful.

  • Jenn GG
    Jenn GG

    why is this so calming but informative and filled with ideas?

  • Logan Lachlan
    Logan Lachlan

    The evolution of his knowledge and watching how he learns throughout the entirety of this video is amazing

    • Tina jackson
      Tina jackson

      @Eric Hobbs e

    • Eric Hobbs
      Eric Hobbs

      @asra shaheen thanks asra

    • asra shaheen
      asra shaheen

      he lernt eveything in that vid

  • Theseus190

    I love these video keep making them And also keep it up skies!

  • Chloe Levi Redgrave
    Chloe Levi Redgrave

    Watched this for quite a while and so far enjoying it 😁😁😁😀

  • Shantia Hughes
    Shantia Hughes

    Only just came across your videos & Quickly became my favourite minecraft RSloftr. Keep it up!


    I love he was gonna say "it was about time to introduce myself to my future slaves(villagers) then he suddenly stop and changed to business partner" lol😂

  • LemonShake32

    Ive watched this over the course of a few days whenever i have the chance, this never ceases to please me. Thank you

    • Kylie Phillips
      Kylie Phillips

      Me too

    • Blu3zGam!ng

      Nice ima watch this in a night

  • COKla f
    COKla f

    You should do an origins mod 100 day series I feel like it would be fun to see what type of builds you can come up with

  • Jace Edwards
    Jace Edwards

    The part when he said " I needed some wood so I went and removed earths lungs " made me crack

  • Davis Zust
    Davis Zust

    The part where he said “ I finally finished…the exterior of my house had me lmao

  • VideoMixer

    At first, when he said day 69, I didn't know why he said stop laughing. I thought it was because he took longer than usual to get to the nether. But now I know!

  • Xzito

    Skyes is amazing at this stuff! Absolutely gonna stay tuned!!

    • A terrarian
      A terrarian

      @LionMinecraft79 Gameing R/youngpeopleyoutube

    • hi_hotdog

      These replies are so random 😂

    • •Chibi•

      So many cats said hi to...

    • Emily Hopper
      Emily Hopper

      Same here :>

    • Olav Stordal
      Olav Stordal

      I 100% agree!! :D

  • Alec Knight
    Alec Knight

    I keep watching this to fall asleep and now I'm actually awake so I'm gonna try to watch it all the way through-

  • Three floofs
    Three floofs

    Im watching a 4 hour long thing and im enjoying it for once lol

  • Darby.LeStrange

    The fact that I watched this whole thing in one go, and somehow didn't notice it was 4 hours long!!?? lol

  • •Grace•

    Me before watching this: DAMN 4 HOURS LONG?! Me after: yep I’m subscribing

  • Sofiya

    The amount of effort put into this video is incredible. This guys humour is elite

    • Jake Gallegos
      Jake Gallegos

      @VP2 that’s mean 😒

    • VP2

      This dude's so unfunny, muted the vid and listened to music after an hour in.

    • SeptiK

      @lmao they're obviously true facts, not jokes.

    • James Ma
      James Ma

      @lmao Agreed, got a bit dry after 5 of them

    • William Kelmanson
      William Kelmanson

      @Auzuqi no i did not

  • yow

    Seeing the old zombie pigman really had me nostalgic somehow 😄

  • lit fire 2.0
    lit fire 2.0

    What ever your going through Stacy just know God is going to be right at your side


    your amazing! p.s i watched this video before when i had covid you kept me entertained also f. your awesome and so cool

  • Jakes Jacobs
    Jakes Jacobs

    The only reason why I subscribed to him is because of the hard work Everyone else must subscribe to him He works very very very very HARD on the video

  • Dukemoth

    the evolution of this guy’s sense of humor is a story arc of it’s own

    • VP2

      @ThreeSixty It was very annoying, it sucks too honestly cause the idea of the video isn't that bad either, and of course it's gonna be hard to entertain someone for 4 hours straight but still, he couldn't change the humor up a little?

    • ThreeSixty

      @VP2 I got so insanely sick of the repeatitive "sarcasm-contrarian" joke that I can't finish the video. If I hear "On day dfgsfkdhjg I DEFINITELY DIDN'T kill a sheep" one more time I'm gonna end it

    • VP2

      How did it progress? He used the same 10 jokes 100 times.

    • ItzCreate

      @scumshine the one you don’t have.

    • Hey_itsjaya101

      For a second I thought you were Luke the notable

  • jojoxd

    this is the 7th im watching the video, honestly really great job i’ve been watching it to fall asleep but it’s so entertaining i can’t lmao good fucking job bro keep the good work up!

  • Bobby Cotter
    Bobby Cotter

    He puts so much effort into this wel done

  • Logan English
    Logan English

    If you watch this video you have to watch the entire thing it took me 2 days to watch this dint get bored at all, I appreciate that the video is exactly 4 hours keep up the good work

  • Tazman Airsoft
    Tazman Airsoft

    These vids help me play Minecraft it keeps me interested in the game and makes me learn new stuff I’ve seen this in my recommend for ever

  • Ahmed Nasir
    Ahmed Nasir

    I love how he calls loyalty 3 “ok loot”

  • Djon Porg
    Djon Porg

    never seen someone take 73 days to get a blaze rod. wow

  • nicholas hall
    nicholas hall

    I feel like listening to this has helped me a lot while I was doing Highschool level homework

  • Owen Seger
    Owen Seger

    fun fact if we were to travel faster than the speed of light right as the universe has ended then we could go back into time and save it 👍

  • Ai

    Would love to see all the big 100 day hardcore players do a hardcore server together. Think that would be fun.

    • Crackanigle

      One Try SMP is what you're looking for, chief. Now on a side note- There's a series that's not exactly a 1 life hardcore, nor 100 days, but it's still a limited lives, multiple days thing. It's called 3rd-Life (sequel is Last-Life) The idea is that everyone has 3 lives. On the first life, no pvp is allowed, and everyone is nice. If you die once, you're in hot water because if you die a 2nd time, you become hostile and you're allowed to kill anyone you want, and anyone's allowed to kill you. If you die once again, you're out of the game. It's quite interesting and I absolutely recommend it.

    • DnYaN GaMeS
      DnYaN GaMeS


    • bestman6956 Alt
      bestman6956 Alt

      And that's how the Minecraft Hardcore War started

    • Nister unicorn
      Nister unicorn


    • Dirpy catfish vs wilderness
      Dirpy catfish vs wilderness

      Big brain

  • SukhBlox

    I can't even resist watching him even if this is my first time seeing this youtuber

  • Jam

    Never trust Skyes when he says "Did you know penguins..."

  • FlamingoRulesBoi

    you played for like 4 hours if anyone does not enjoy this im gonna be mad you should not hope people like this you know people will. 4 hours is a long time you deserve more subs

  • Lexi and Katelyn gaming
    Lexi and Katelyn gaming

    Love ur video cant stop watching ur vids. You are a great designer aswell

  • onee

    "Oh, and I fell, but luckily my bones broke the fall for me" Thats great lmao

    • Baggerz


    • itsARKboi

      You were the first person in the comment section I’ve ever seen

    • Toaste

      @s1cnarf bones break and something breaks your fall

    • Ryan Rebecca Cox
      Ryan Rebecca Cox

      I like your pfp 😃

    • assault Saucekarate
      assault Saucekarate

      hahaha me too

  • ꧁Cupidツ

    Wow This Really Helped Me With My HomeWork Thanks Skyes! :)

  • Max Ryder
    Max Ryder

    The “stone walls in the forest” are meant to be boulders

  • 𝐈𝐭𝐳𝐋𝐢𝐚☺︎︎ #watchingmarvel
    𝐈𝐭𝐳𝐋𝐢𝐚☺︎︎ #watchingmarvel

    Oh my god 😳 this is super cool! Yes I watched the hole video! And it was worth it!

  • Rezzoi

    Dude couldn't stop laughing love the video

  • sfs 22
    sfs 22

    I haven't watched minecraft related content in about 5 years and yet you managed not only to capture my interest but also keep it for the entirety of this video. Love your style, keep up the good work!

    • Rylie Chalice
      Rylie Chalice

      right?? I was gonna skim through then before I knew it- the video was over X3 it was THAT good!!

    • Breezy Man
      Breezy Man

      PL poo lol

    • Breezy Man
      Breezy Man


    • •Chibi•

      So many cats said hi to...

  • Zetycle

    just 4 hours to play mc hardcore ? noice im more confident that ever

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    i love how hes like "i politely said no" *Brutally kills them*

  • The Roblox Gamer
    The Roblox Gamer

    1:18 I like how u muffle your voice when u go into water. Very good attention to detail lol

  • Datrix

    did I waste 4 hours of my life watching this? yes, yes I did. was it worth it? yes, yes it was.

  • Inky Raven
    Inky Raven

    Accidentally clicked on your video and it was the single best accident of my life. Your sarcasm and humor kept me invested for the fist half, and watching your amazing builds come to life was an epic way to finish it off.

    • •Chibi•

      So many cats said hi to...

    • Boop


    • Angelina


    • Karen Hurter
      Karen Hurter

      i agree

    • DarkFlameX54

      @The Kids how do you know?

  • brotati veraitch
    brotati veraitch

    "I found a child trying to do capitalism with me"... What has this world come to

  • Tobyvids

    The first time I saw this video I liked it so much I decided to watch it another 4 times😂

  • sunglasspotatolover

    dam bro loved this keep up the great work loving it

  • The_Dead_Knight3

    You can use half slabs to build a redstone ladder in a 1x2 space

  • anonymous

    Finally someone who actually puts the WHOLE process of 1000 days without cuts!

    • KyaniteO

      @Sw1ft_Storm did you not listen to the video? each video takes him over 1-2 months to make

    • Sunrize

      @Cost-D. true he did 2k

    • Sunrize

      @hazy^-^ he did lol

    • Cost-D.

      luke the notable

    • Da Slica
      Da Slica

      @Sw1ft_Storm they mean that he covered what happened on each day

  • The Roblox Gamer
    The Roblox Gamer

    Fun fact the barrels actually make villagers fishermen so you should replace them with dark oak or something

  • Kᴜᴛxsʏ

    I subscribed because you used up 4 hours of your life for subscribers so you deserve it :)

  • Justtheboys

    Watched all of this loved it so much definitely should make a 2000

  • Chicken gaming 2021
    Chicken gaming 2021

    Lets be honest here, who binge watched the whole 4 hour video?

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