I Survived 800 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...
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In this Minecraft video I survive 800 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.
100 Days Video Playlist: rsloft.info/history/PLWJikipm2MTbf7lS_Ncd7W-Y88KOSKAof.html
Wither Rose Farm: rsloft.info/loft/video/qcmjlKyXpp-ka3o
Wither Killing Machine: rsloft.info/loft/video/dKaB25PPypuZjag
Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! rsloft.info
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    Thanks so much for watching guys! Remember if you'd like to watch the Full Series you can click here! rsloft.info/history/PLWJikipm2MTbf7lS_Ncd7W-Y88KOSKAof.html

    • Fathimath Niyaza
      Fathimath Niyaza

      Plz do 900days ok

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      Riley Evans

      Can u do 800-900 days on Saturday?

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      @NetherMC ok ty

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      @Holly xx in this vid he says it is coming out on Saturday 8th may 2021

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      Holly xx

      Hi, I love your videos, I was just wondering when is 900 coming out? I know these take a while I was just wondering

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    Basti GHG

    You are so good at this Game

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    bogdan obradovic

    you must make a ender dragon farm.-.

  • Tiffany BAO
    Tiffany BAO

    sb737 you don’t need to find a enchanted gold apple you already eat it in 673 days 😯

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    900 Days tomorrow

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    Mel Jedrzejczak

    Sb737:I can just kill drowns like a peasant or I can just afk at my droned farm Me:*still struggling to build a auto wheat farm=I

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    Shravan Gaming

    900 days please!!!

  • Grace Yim
    Grace Yim

    *gasp* I'm a dolpin


    Dude he is a pro we often create farms like wither skeleton farm, skeleton farm, suger cane farm, piglin farm etc but this guys has created a wither farm !bruh if it is going like this in 1000 days he will start an ender dragon farm for xp

  • Chelsea Lim
    Chelsea Lim

    I can’t find the next video

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    Reece Bouwers

    Can you plz make a other hardcore world plz 100 days in Minecraft hardcore desert edition

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    Karoes master

    Me: watching this. His subscribers: we are with 1,98 million people! Me: ?.?.?.?.?.?

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    So close to 2mil keep up the good work

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    Julia Critchley

    So you should do a 0 to 100 days in a all ocean world

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    George Muraahi

    Thanks for the ancient debris idea I'll use it

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    When you see his xp😳😳😳

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    harry hemmings

    Is anyone scared he died he hasn't uploaded 900 days yet

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    I love you SB737

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    Please make 900 days sb737

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    Justin Price

    I died in my hardcore world from a creeper blowing up my massive mob farm. To many mobs overwhelmed me and I died :(

  • Richard Villacis
    Richard Villacis

    You can make coal blocks and still use itTo melt anything

  • trx

    seed ls

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    carter the memer

    I swear, this is the most underrated series ever.

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    Farrah Pickering

    I love this!

  • gaming time
    gaming time

    pov:day 3000 he will have a full netherite beacon with 500000000000000000 exrta beacons

  • I Am A Weirdo
    I Am A Weirdo

    *When he gets 69 carrots from a villager*

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    I am 9 year's old boy I am your big fan ❤️❤️

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    he actually means minecraft days

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    190 minutos O-O

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    find a woodland manision and make it like yours

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    I love you sb737

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    callie trys to gacha

    Sugarcane grows faster on sand

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  • Magnus Frederiksen
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    japoy13 jeresano

    I like it to make a wither to die i try it work thank you 🙏🏻 SBI17 to make

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    Tan Dennis Calvey

    oh u almost 2 million lets go 2 mil

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    Lorraine Jane Alaysa

    SB you should build a chest room so that you can put your stuff there :D

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    Sb do 800 to 900

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    Sergio Ayala

    Smallishbeans 1000 so 800

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    Grace Monroe

    I don’t know why I was so happy when he named The dolfin grace (It’s my name)

  • Dylan Gutkowski Ziffer
    Dylan Gutkowski Ziffer

    if you craft a coul block wich is 9 coul you can use the coul block to smelt 10 items

  • Dylan Gutkowski Ziffer
    Dylan Gutkowski Ziffer

    900 days dint come

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    Hemant bharji vasava

    In Minecraft pe i just have shulker box more than my inventory 🤣

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    Olix Easton

    Day 10 million Eggs finally crack all the sudden chickens emerge from them

  • Maxaboy

    Do 800-900 days

    • kris9700 kris9700
      kris9700 kris9700

      3 days to wait

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      kris9700 kris9700

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    L Harleston

    can u name a rabbit "toast" pls :)

  • DeRrIcK AnToNy
    DeRrIcK AnToNy

    Hmm I have a question why are u afraid to show the coordinates? I have a feeling u have died a lot of times but u recreate/put items in to chests using creative. So I are afraid to show the coordinates because we will see the number of days

    • DeRrIcK AnToNy
      DeRrIcK AnToNy

      @SB737 I didn't see 😅

    • SB737

      im not afraid to show the co-ordinates and I literally showed them towards the end of this video LOL!

  • John McCall
    John McCall

    Sb737 is awesome at Minecraft love your vids.

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    Loony fan


  • T.R.C. Films
    T.R.C. Films

    SB737 spends his 737th day in Hardcore Minecraft placing gravel What has the World Come to...

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    Hazim Matin

    Yo where is 900 days?!! You promise us to upload it on 8 May 2021 but now it is 12 May 2021 today!

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      kris9700 kris9700

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    You are good at hard core

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    Paula Velasco

    Yo sb737can You do another vídeo of hardcore 900 está Please

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    The Cat Crafter

    does he not know that mobs cant spawn on bedrock?

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    Itai Almog

    can you do 800-900 days in hardcore?

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      kris9700 kris9700

      3 days to wait

  • It's your boy Gaming
    It's your boy Gaming

    you need tho doe a iron beacon on a bastion wit haste and then you get realy fast black stone

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      kris9700 kris9700

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      kris9700 kris9700

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    You said that 900 days was coming out on Saturday can you give us an aproxomite time for when it might be coming out if it will be

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      kris9700 kris9700

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    Derek Bocken

    Can’t wait for the monument to finish.

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    Derek Ackerman

    An I love your vids one question how do you get so good at Minecraft cause I’m only decent at it

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    Best minecraft player

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    The amazing brady c

    i just realised saturday was last week... did he die?

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      kris9700 kris9700

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      maybe editing

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    SATURDAY is 900 DAYS!!!

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      Morgan Mairaj

      @sokin jon there is no world border

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      can you try to go to the world border in 900 or 1000 days?

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    The fact that day 737 isn't in the video makes me SO angry: 9:40.

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    My name is Gracie could you name a cat Gracie for me please, Gracie is not a common name

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    Antony Dawson

    Sb why dont u use flying machines to clear out the water for the ocean monument

    • Antony Dawson
      Antony Dawson

      Like the ones used in world eaters

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