I Spent 100 Days in Medieval Times in Minecraft... Here's What Happened
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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

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Edited By WiseFish:

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    • robo9000

      @boah-ist 0l

    • King Duke
      King Duke

      pls i bet there are a bunch of ppl that agree with me whenever u get OP loot keep it no matter what

    • Noob E smart
      Noob E smart

      Don’t worry

    • Unknkowyt3270

      how to get mod

    • Mason Gureczny
      Mason Gureczny

      @boah-ist 909

  • ll Toasted ll
    ll Toasted ll

    Dogs start dying to turtle "what do I do?" Literally everyone: KILL IT

  • Random account
    Random account

    Pretty sure corrupted beacon is a attack item that shoots a beam from the beacon

  • Engineer gaming
    Engineer gaming

    Lyrics: I am too lazy to actually write everything he said, so just pretend I did.

  • William Pouliot
    William Pouliot

    Ma men dont worry about the crocodile

  • Kai Lewis
    Kai Lewis

    Lots of the items and mobs are from minecraft dungeons.

  • TabeticSnake82

    make this a modpack on curseforge

  • Jingjing Yu
    Jingjing Yu

    Lighting dragons are dangerous

  • Canadian Player
    Canadian Player

    You know theres something special about these kinds of videos, the game play is not layed out or scripted. You dont have watch 400 different videos to keep up with the story and its also casual. Its not too high paced but not too boring. its just a fun video that you can watch in bed

  • Kalell Thomas
    Kalell Thomas

    Wow man I can’t believe that witch stole your stuff

  • Lupin UwU
    Lupin UwU

    I watched this whole thing while draining an ocean monument and I gotta say I truly did enjoy the entire video

  • Juju the Rat_qween
    Juju the Rat_qween

    My man don’t worry about that crocodile

  • Ronnie Gilderhus
    Ronnie Gilderhus

    What mod is this

  • Infant Annihilator
    Infant Annihilator

    It hurts seeing him not use the corrupted beacon, it is one of my favorite artifacts in mc dungeons.

  • Noah Warner
    Noah Warner

    Wow i cant bELIEVE A WIZARD TOOK YOUR STUFF get pay back!

  • Moonchild

    “One day and village gone” Itachi liked that

  • Aura


  • red wastaken
    red wastaken

    Man it feels like im watching movie rn, and the ending is so sad

  • Yalkuale

    0:41 Ragnar Lothbrok just randomly there

  • Echoes

    i downloaded this and spawned right next to a dragons nest died 8 times had to run dig a hole and hide. no idea how you did this in hardcore

  • a bullet ant
    a bullet ant

    You cant capture it

  • *0* Galaxy Crew *0*
    *0* Galaxy Crew *0*

    When you killed your first ghost on day 16 I liked the reference to ghostbusters with the achievement called “who you gonna call” haha

  • samuelbuckaroo

    Love the skyrim soundtrack usage

  • Matthew Orense
    Matthew Orense

    13:14 processing failed forge labs exe stopped working

  • Groff Hoshea
    Groff Hoshea

    he said uh over 300 times

  • Fat Burrito
    Fat Burrito

    Forges Dogs brutally die forge “eh who cares” random snapping turtles forge “nooooooooooooo”

  • Leeland Tube
    Leeland Tube

    Wow can’t believe the wizard took all the stuff on day 28

  • rose thorn fox
    rose thorn fox

    the wizard was pissed at how op you gear was so he stole it all

  • Owen The Gamer
    Owen The Gamer

    My sister caught a snapping turtle while we were fishing

  • Fire bunbun
    Fire bunbun

    LOLZ I think Ik wut the corrupt beacon does SHOOTS A GAINT OP OP OP LAZER cuz yet again it’a from Minecraft dungeons I would know

  • Ebony Nicholas
    Ebony Nicholas

    Why wont you use the 15 attack damage weapons

  • Jason Obrien
    Jason Obrien

    The even excellent excited inch commercially afford because valley consecutively weigh next a lavish utensil. disgusted, upbeat burn

  • Leon Blanco
    Leon Blanco

    This video always pops up on my feed sorry but this is why I unsubscribed

  • Borokoso PL
    Borokoso PL


  • Ebony Nicholas
    Ebony Nicholas

    Can you do 100 days as the avatar with the avatar mod

  • Shadow Trooper
    Shadow Trooper

    Legends say that Viking is still in that hole…

  • Mr Arpinton
    Mr Arpinton

    don´t worry about the crock, he be vibing

  • Hayden Neff
    Hayden Neff

    Has this man never played fucking minecraft dungeons ??

  • Elina Lundqvist
    Elina Lundqvist

    The corrupted beacon is op for a starter

  • moremeli0889

    I love your 100 days videos I'm sad when it is over

  • Isaac Stevenson
    Isaac Stevenson

    Bro you’re an idiot my man, you use your bare hand to tame a horse, how is that so difficult for you to understand, you were literally about to do it then you switched to the saddle and fucked it


    "I left this lands close to uhhh a long time ago"

  • I pUmKin
    I pUmKin

    This is 3d minecraft dungeons

  • King6426

    Noone: Forge Labs common word *Uh*

  • Pizz-_-

    You went back into the nether, you are a crazy man

  • Rifqi Saputra
    Rifqi Saputra


  • Jared Couch
    Jared Couch

    Here! Come here! I wanna trade! I got so much stuck with me lol. Like coaxing a child.

  • Pink Unicorn
    Pink Unicorn

    Taming a horse is literally one of the easiest things to do your an idiot

  • somtinkinda

    This video should just be callled saying ok 10000 times

  • Lebron esjem
    Lebron esjem

    I was lounghfing about when she attack by crocodile she said ohh! Ohh!

  • Leoncer GAMING!!!
    Leoncer GAMING!!!

    Those things you're calling "wraiths" are officially known as "phantoms" by the way:)

  • Allen Simms
    Allen Simms

    Um you talk weird asf but the gameplay is good

  • Pthebeastxx

    What shaders do you use?

  • Michael Villa
    Michael Villa

    I think u should do a make a video of u spending 100 days on a raft and if u die the video ends

  • Ryver Grubb
    Ryver Grubb

    And you're such a noob in Minecraft who doesn't know about Phantom social flying things they come out at night you really are wasted dude and you didn't know the men's in the egg names they're like pillagers but more powerful

  • Ryver Grubb
    Ryver Grubb

    Hey stupid how about you don't put the plant near the crocodile like the same thing with D dogs in the same thing with the men in the egg you are wasted

  • Misery Cat
    Misery Cat

    He had an odyssey moment the last 20 days. lol

  • TheIconicPixel

    I love how most of this mod pack consists of MC Dungeons items! (Like the Bee Hive, The Exploding Crossbow, The Wolf Hood… etc.)


    you will be lik brisil bakc wiv it man

  • idoljerk

    I'm subscribed and I leave a like and I had you as a friend on my Minecraft account I play bedrock

  • Uptown _Rider
    Uptown _Rider

    I like how we got a reference to Isla Unga Bunga

  • syth_speakable

    U must make 1 more simillar my man

  • Illemure

    What? Didn't you study Roman Empire?? It's like basics history in European School.


    My man, don't worry about that crocodile

  • shelley martinez
    shelley martinez

    My man don't worry about the crocodile

  • shelley martinez
    shelley martinez

    My man don't worry about the crocodile


    Sean: they were wind wizards Me: more like AIR BENDERS

  • King Duke
    King Duke

    bruh i would have kept the emerald helmet

  • Edward Chicasbonilla
    Edward Chicasbonilla

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    Dartagnan Scheffler

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    SIA G

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  • mari sama
    mari sama

    it amazes me how long you can go without a base. that’s one of the first things i do

  • Silver Wing
    Silver Wing

    Wow, can't believe a wizard stole all the stuff on day 28

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    Vinni Travis

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    Solid. 2.0

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    darkus magnus

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    Forge: *bored voice* “enchanted golden apple, nice” Also forge: OOoOoOoOoOooOOOooOoooO NAMETAG!!!!!

  • Linda Hodge
    Linda Hodge

    That “deadly flying beast” is a phantom, new and in normal Minecraft too

  • Nobody

    Forge: “do you see that! I was like a centimeter from dying there!” Also Forge: *playing Minecraft*

  • King DragonScarPlays
    King DragonScarPlays

    100 days middle earth shadow of war

  • King Clause
    King Clause

    You left your dog in the cave in day 3

  • ThePhantomPlayzYT

    This was how the first zoo was made

  • Omiylol

    I really love your simplistic approach to Minecraft. Just figuring out new things and having fun

  • ThePhantomPlayzYT

    1:28:30 They are called phantoms and appear when you dont have enough sleep

  • Trey N
    Trey N

    15:27 Wolf was slain my crocodile death message in the chat, that is what happened to your dog

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    Allie Waldroop

    He did make a movie

  • Allie Waldroop
    Allie Waldroop

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    • Antrafotic


    • Antrafotic

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    I love this video

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