i rescued 2 dogs in one month! *meet my new dog*
i rescued a dog off the highway and reunited him with his owner and it inspired me to adopt one from the pound! meet my doggie Spock! guesses at his breed are welcome in the comments lol
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  • Haley Pham Vlogs
    Haley Pham Vlogs

    Watch spock get his makeover: rsloft.info/loft/video/ibtnm4WfsGmwrGk

    • Spyryt

      What is spocks breed

    • DoggoPlayz

      I love spock

    • Lyla Coleman
      Lyla Coleman

      Haley Pham Vlogs hayley you need to do spoiling spock for a day like you and ryan did with thanos

    • Paisley R
      Paisley R

      Make sure to get him. ID Chip! So incase he get lost & shots updated all the time plz

    • CalsonicR32

      Eva Rosa omg I love that

  • Makoopay


  • Miranda Roddeman
    Miranda Roddeman

    Spock is so so cute..💕

  • Rebeca A
    Rebeca A

    So it’s somehow impossible to live on your own and take care of two small dogs but now you can take care of one which is basically the same? And it was also somehow impossible to get a friend or family member to dog sit your dogs well you were traveling and you all were transitioning to your new apartment/houses? If you really truly wanted to keep your other dogs you could’ve figured out a way. Cancel your travel plans, get or hire a dog sitter or dog walker well you were away or doing the work to move, or many other things. You had those dogs for years. You were their family and you got rid of them when things got a bit tough. Seeing as that’s who you are as an owner you are obviously not fit to have any kind of animal. Don’t make yourself out to be so sad or a victim in this situation of any kind when you did this to yourself and them by not putting in the effort to figure it out and do whatever you had to do to keep them and make sure they were taken care of. They were ripped away from the family the knew for their whole lives and given to strangers. Think about the pain that that must’ve caused them, not just you. This selfishness is disgusting.

  • jenna salmon
    jenna salmon

    ohh i loveeee spockkkk

  • Ceylin Vale
    Ceylin Vale

    @HayleyPham I really really love Spock, and I was wondering what breed is he?

  • Legend Gaming
    Legend Gaming

    Spokie spokie spokie he wanna go home and play with his mommy mommy mommy

  • mila reimerink
    mila reimerink

    he’s soooo cute i usually don’t really like small dogs but spock is so cuteee

  • DoggoPlayz

    In this video spock looks like he’s gonna fly away

  • sascha

    spock is actually so cuteeeee

  • Michael Mkhitaryan
    Michael Mkhitaryan

    spock is so cute which breed is he?

  • Kyla McHugh
    Kyla McHugh

    It's so cute seeing spok when Haley first got him!! I see him all the time in her recent videos and now I get to see the back story too

  • Sofi Natalia
    Sofi Natalia

    now Spock lives in a huge house 🤗

  • Katie White
    Katie White

    what is his breed?

  • Keira Playz
    Keira Playz

    Spock is so cool but I am woundering how did such cute little Spock end up in a pound

  • jilly. grwm
    jilly. grwm

    Awwww he is so cuteeeeeee Ahhh poopyyyy Little bby🥺🥺🥺

  • Mack Easton
    Mack Easton

    spock is my spirit animal

  • FC

    WAIT I MISSED THIS PART A YEAR AGO, BUT I CALL MY DOG POOPIE TOO! ahh its so cute, even though my dog is seven haha- i used to just call him puppy, but poopie is pretty fitting for him haha

  • Scarlett Limón
    Scarlett Limón

    Aww I’m watching this a year later and now she’s getting married

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith

    Soooo cute

  • Gabby F.
    Gabby F.

    thumbs up if you love Spock! 🐶😁👍

  • Lillie Wilkins
    Lillie Wilkins


  • a vf
    a vf

    welcome to binging the Pham during quarantine

  • Pie5970

    my mom calls me poopoo😂

  • Ricky

    He’s just like my dog omg.... but my dog isn’t afraid of men but likes women better lol


    *Does anyone know what kind of dog he is?*

    • JA’MIYAH

      Sean W *ok thanks!*

    • Sean W
      Sean W

      Chihuahua and Terrier mix i think

  • Sofia Juarez
    Sofia Juarez

    What type of dog is Spock? He is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 纏流子

    Spock looks so much like my dog it’s scary

  • Niamh Speir
    Niamh Speir

    i need to know the breed xoxoxox

  • Layla Ammons
    Layla Ammons

    Oh my gosh! He is so stinking cute! I have a 50 pound reascued hound mix who is 7 and I love him so much! When I move out I don't think I would be able to live without a dog for long. My first major life choice as an adult will be adopting a dogo.

  • Jazmin Williams
    Jazmin Williams

    I’m only watching this because I saw your dog on Ryan’s channel which I just began watching like 10 minutes ago and I was curious because Spock looks exactly like my dog Bella and I was wondering what breed he was, my dog is half chihuahua half Yorkshire terrior. I know that you might have said what breed he is somewhere else but I was just wondering. Oh also Spock’s adorable and I’m glad he found a home.💗

  • Ben Schramm
    Ben Schramm


  • Addy Webster
    Addy Webster

    What type of dog breed is Spock? Someone pls tell me

  • Sarah Genzel
    Sarah Genzel

    awwweee he kinda looks like baby yoda 🥺🥺

  • HypedV

    what breed is spock?

  • Lily Derrick
    Lily Derrick

    He is sooooooooooo cute and calm 🤗

  • Willy T
    Willy T

    What type of dog is Spock

  • fares waseem shehabi
    fares waseem shehabi

    My fav animal is my cat AKA kitty, and my second fav animal is Spock so cute…

  • Nathan Duong
    Nathan Duong

    what breed is spock?

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer

    My dog looks exactly like yours and does the same thing with her paws. She was rescued as well as a puppy by my mom.

  • Romina P
    Romina P

    spock is soooo adorable and he is sooo much like my chihuahua and his name is buddy. we like to call him budds they are so much alike.

  • Zhiirou

    The rain was quiet. And the thunder sounded like someone dropped their *_pots and pans_*

  • Vampy

    “he doesn’t have a single bone of independence” 🤣🤣

  • Adi Katzir
    Adi Katzir

    pause at 1:03😂❤️

  • SumDumNaem

    He looks like my Brussels griffon/rat terrier dog.

  • Fien Canterv
    Fien Canterv

    your dog looks a little like a Podengo

  • Ariella B
    Ariella B

    haley: *cant take care of her childhood dogs because of work trips and a chaotic lifestyle* also haley: “hEreS mY nEW pUpPY!!”

  • Lucy M
    Lucy M


  • Averi Krasowski
    Averi Krasowski

    i call my dogs poopy or poops

  • Jordan Kesson
    Jordan Kesson


  • Anti Di Palma
    Anti Di Palma

    does anybody have any idea what type of dog spock is??

  • Gabrielle Gripshover
    Gabrielle Gripshover

    Spock is the cutest!

  • Sienna

    That dog is so cute!

  • Kiara Borrayo
    Kiara Borrayo

    What breed is Spock

  • e h
    e h

    6:34 spock and haley are twins

  • シBella

    8:02 * freeze frame and spock voiceover * *“ yep , thats me . you ’ re probably wondering how i got here . well it all started when haley pham adopted me . . . ”*

  • yiya yiya oh
    yiya yiya oh

    *girly spocks*

  • Skillet48

    he looks like a rat terrier mix!

  • Sophia G
    Sophia G

    HE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  • PiNKAY 12
    PiNKAY 12

    I’m so glad that she understood how much work a dog is

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf


  • Tessa Motsay
    Tessa Motsay

    how old?

  • Mads Woz Er
    Mads Woz Er

    He looks like my dog who is a Yorkshire terrier and jack rustle xx

  • safi

    you should make a lil dog sweater called puppy pop!

  • Basically Bella
    Basically Bella

    i wuv spocky

  • Marabel Ivey
    Marabel Ivey

    aww it’s the cutest doggie ever

  • Nadia Hughes
    Nadia Hughes

    he's so cuteeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Savannah

    And ryan is catching up he's getting really close to 2 million

  • Zenae Hyman
    Zenae Hyman

    Spocky spocky spocky, im sorry I got that off of ryans tik tok

  • Sophie


  • Leah Paster
    Leah Paster

    is it just me or does haley look like nina dobrev

  • *l i v v y*
    *l i v v y*

    On my gosh!!!! I. Am so sorry!!! ( about your parents)

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    poopie is so cute I mean adorable. I love my dog to pieces but my dog can never compare.

  • The Corrales Yorkies !
    The Corrales Yorkies !

    I call my dogs poopies too because it is close to puppy but a cuter way to say it

  • Foofoo2424

    he is so cute!!!!!

  • • amber •
    • amber •

    Spok has had 47,000 pats

  • Tazmin B.
    Tazmin B.

    She said that was scared of men and from the pound, so the reason he was probably sent to the pound is something to do with men mistreating him

  • Purple Pickles
    Purple Pickles

    spock is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  • Madi

    Your dog is literly the cutest thing

  • Hannah minna
    Hannah minna

    He is SO CUTE!

  • Casey2244

    His ears are adorable 🐶🐶🐶☺️☺️☺️

  • Aliyah Syed
    Aliyah Syed

    what time of doggy is heeee

  • Kaylee Brittain
    Kaylee Brittain

    Omg, he is so cute! Good pick! I can't wait till I get my new puppy! LOVE you Spock!

  • Anika Giese
    Anika Giese

    Oh my gosh I love Spock he’s so cute!!!! I wish I could snuggle with him

  • girlypop xoxo
    girlypop xoxo

    You should get a new dog for every million you hit lol 😂

  • Alyanna Pol
    Alyanna Pol

    It’s so cute that Spock keeps putting his paw on Haley’s hand

  • Addison

    I love him!! I want him!!! Can I have your dog? Ily poopie

  • Mariah

    My best friend’s dog is literally his twin. The owner before said she was chihuahua/corgi but we’re not positive on that

  • cayla o
    cayla o

    my dog looks JUST like yours 😂 I sent you a dm @c.dimauro._

    • cayla o
      cayla o

      he’s a terroir mix so i’m not really sure

    • Sophie

      Cayla D what type of dog do you have xx

  • Aj Claydon
    Aj Claydon

    How do you do your hair?!?!

  • emily yoon
    emily yoon


  • Evangelina sofia
    Evangelina sofia

    Sooo cute

  • Zoee Rice
    Zoee Rice

    oh my gawd, i’m in love 🥺 does anyone know what type of dog he is? ily haley

  • adri bunni
    adri bunni


  • riley robyn
    riley robyn


  • Isa Beau
    Isa Beau

    I had a dog (looks almost the same like Spock) called pruts (lol) and we had to do her away for the same reason as you:( the good thing is that she is with family that we visit 1-2 times a year! We didn’t have dogs for 2 years (maybe more) and My mom went for a Photoshoot to someones house, and their dog jumper ok My mom’s lap and My mom Saïd “oh i would love to take her home” and the owner Saïd “well we actually wanted to do her away so you can have her” a lot was wrong with them, they were(and probably still are) abusive, don’t give the dogs enough dood, and much more. After a lot of struggling she is mine now! And i love her. My dog is like the exact same as your dog now. She always needs attention, she hates men(lol) and exactly like your dog🙃 She’s a chiuacha (idk how to write it lol) and exactly the same character as yours😍❤️ (Sorry for My bad english i’m dutch and autocorecction is anoyying me:(

  • yeehaw


  • Jordan Tichon
    Jordan Tichon

    My dog looks just like spock

  • katrina martin
    katrina martin

    haley, i’m waiting for spock merch

  • Lou Fumiere
    Lou Fumiere

    *_girly spocks_*

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