I made a Walking House in Minecraft 1.14
Mumbo Jumbo
Ever wanted to move your house to a new location but couldn't be bothered to re-build it? Well; This video is for you. A walking house.
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  • Cant_Hit_This7

    _3 years later_ "Hey guys, today I will replicate human consciousness with redstone."

    • EvJ

      Only 1 year now

    • The Hypercharged Cucco
      The Hypercharged Cucco

      he didn't need 3 years

    • Tootle

      Too bad it hasn’t happened in 2022

    • yunie sutanto
      yunie sutanto

      @MayoMan yoooo

    • MayoMan

      1 year away :))

  • 🐝Harly🐝

    "Hey, dude, can you move your house? It's in the way of my build." "Yeah, sure. Lemme grab my redstone equipment."

    • Hans 2nd Grande
      Hans 2nd Grande

      I'm here to get 1 piece of redstone. Mumbo: gets 2,000,000,000 redstone.

    • Ryan John Hernandez
      Ryan John Hernandez

      *“W-wait.. what do you mean by that?!”*

    • 🐝Harly🐝

      @Mono That's what I'm here for. Among other things. 👌 Pog.

    • Mono

      That actually made me laugh 😂

  • RedLetto

    Me: Can we get a Howls Moving Castle? Mother: We have one at home The one we have at home:

    • Phoenix1220

      @Wolfnerd brilliant

    • Chad Higgins
      Chad Higgins

      That is totally the enemy I was thinking of too!

    • Wolfnerd

      Mumbo’s strolling cottage

    • Артём Мачин
      Артём Мачин

      @Murilo Moreti much better

    • Murilo Moreti
      Murilo Moreti

      Better yet

  • Jisef

    Nobody: Mumbo Jumbo taking his *house* for a walk

    • Gootz


    • Megoesbrrr

      Karen: are you sure about that?

  • Qaundale Dingle
    Qaundale Dingle

    He really took "we're moving" to a new level

  • Shrek

    Mojang should just hire mumbo at this point

    • Alienboi2005


    • Katt Katt Roblox
      Katt Katt Roblox


    • Katt Katt Roblox
      Katt Katt Roblox

      What about me I am a pro

    • ✩ 𝙽𝚎𝚞𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚕 ✩
      ✩ 𝙽𝚎𝚞𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚕 ✩

      This isn't coding, he just knows Redstone mechanics and those two things are very different

    • Impossible Pianist
      Impossible Pianist

      I mean, this contraption WAS featured by Mojang themselves in the 1,000,000,000,000 view milestone video.

  • Adi

    Government: announces quarantine and tells everyone to stay in doors This guy:

  • Trixter

    Me: Makes TNT Cannon Mumbo: *"So today I built a fully functional AT-AT, wasn't all that difficult to be honest"*

  • Alpha Nootje
    Alpha Nootje

    When mumbo says something's difficult, then it's impossible for a regular person

  • proBOTrj

    Mumbo Jumbo: *creates a walking minecraft house* Torches: my time has come

    • The Cringe
      The Cringe

      @Eyeover 3

    • J̶u̶s̶t̶G̶a̶c̶h̶a̶Y̶T̶ シ
      J̶u̶s̶t̶G̶a̶c̶h̶a̶Y̶T̶ シ

      @Eyeover Redstone: adios

    • Eyeover

      Torches: adios Glowstone: bonjour

  • Aku Dynasty
    Aku Dynasty

    Wife files for divorce: “I’m keeping the hous-“ House: Ight imma head out.

    • Aku Dynasty
      Aku Dynasty

      @The Spaghetti shit was gone before the papers were even sent

    • The Spaghetti
      The Spaghetti

      The house is already out XD

    • Aku Dynasty
      Aku Dynasty

      This aged very well.

    • Bakhshi Zulfiqar Manzur
      Bakhshi Zulfiqar Manzur

      Corona: *Actually yes but no*

    • PressStartLobby

      Ya mean Aight?

  • likouns

    This video is now officially in the hall of fame of Minecraft History.

  • Titan Polus
    Titan Polus

    I want you to do an updated version of this that answers the question of "what about if there's stuff in the way..?" With the answer of mounted, mass tnt shooters

  • Harbin

    1,000,000,000,000 Views on Minecraft RSloft! Lets go Mumbo!

  • Random Jojo fan
    Random Jojo fan

    Grain: mumbo do you know any good hotels to meet at Mumbo: be there in 5

  • That jelly, the one you miss ♡
    That jelly, the one you miss ♡

    Mumbo: I've lost my house Grian: It's not like it grew legs and ran away Mumbo:

    • yunie sutanto
      yunie sutanto


    • Darkmare gaming
      Darkmare gaming

      Then mumbos like Ooo yaaa i did that Grian:wait what Me:bruh...redstone for daaaaayssss boi Btw im just like mumbo

    • A_Furry

      Alpha_Omega lol

    • ShipliQ

      @wtprkek cringe

    • That jelly, the one you miss ♡
      That jelly, the one you miss ♡

      @Official Shoto Todoroki ?

  • Sonic Rulez
    Sonic Rulez

    Now, we just need a way to have the house drill into the ground, so any unassuming players think it's just an ordinary Minecraft house!

  • Icycup

    This is an unimaginable masterpiece!

  • Anne K. G. Farcuh
    Anne K. G. Farcuh

    He basically made Howl's moving castle. I'm in awe

  • Raven

    The two words to describe this: extraordinarily amazing.

  • Elena Jane
    Elena Jane

    Pewdiepie: There's HORSES in Minecraft? Mumbo Jumbo: Should my house have 2 or 4 legs?

    • Katt Katt Roblox
      Katt Katt Roblox

      @Kiet the meme is so dead I didn't even know about it

    • 1n5anitysucks

      @Skittlepanda 24 do you want me to wombo combo you out of existence in pvp

    • 1n5anitysucks

      @Kiet do u know da way bcuz i know da way

    • ronixy


  • sno

    When Mumbo Jumbo says it’s difficult, *you know it’s difficult*

    • George Petrou
      George Petrou

      @Reversed R3dst0ne?

    • Reversed R3dst0ne
      Reversed R3dst0ne

      Not necessarily. Mumbo's judgement is inputted from his perspective and may not formulate a solution that he's not experienced or inquired. It also depends on the aspect of redstone: Mumbo Jumbo is a decent mechanical redstoner himself; however, his experience is mostly mechanical redstone and not other aspects of redstone such as computational, slime block redstone, 0 tick redstone, storage tech, etc. If a redstoner were to look at an aspect of redstone that they're unfamiliar with, they would most likely claim the work to be difficult. Thus, if it's a redstoner who expertises in the element like computational, they'd definitely have a much more greater understanding than the different redstoner who expertise's in a different aspect. Example: A computational redstoner expertises in (redstone computers, CCUs, arithmetic-logic, displays/GPUs, binary, memory systems, neural networks, hardware, etc) vs. a mechanical redstoner who expertises in (minigames, mechanical creations, timing circuitry, etc).

  • The Axolotl Fan
    The Axolotl Fan

    Im so proud of your creativity!

  • ☆ star_struck ☆
    ☆ star_struck ☆

    Mumbo : “The legs are all built up” Me : ... They’re legs?

  • FrancisPlaysGames

    Great job Mumbo. I love your videos, and it inspired me to become a red stone engineer.

  • Reps Random
    Reps Random

    *5 years later* Mumbo: I made a walking biome.

    • kuckles

      @IzIzAmazing acual human

    • Ian Bell
      Ian Bell

      @Mr. No Audio 70 years later I made a walking galaxy

    • Lolz TV
      Lolz TV

      @Mr. No Audio *80 years later* Mumbo: Omg i made walking minecraft

    • yep

      150 years later: Mumbo: I made a giant mech in real life

    • edoCaul🇺🇦

      @Mr. No Audio *100 years later* Mumbo: I made a walking water

  • Hugo Marsh
    Hugo Marsh

    How do u get this good at redstone very impressive

  • Gabriel Barros
    Gabriel Barros

    How this video got so famous to the point of being more notable than the frickin ender dragon in the "one trillion minecraft views" video

  • R06U3_H4K3R

    I heard something about a flying machine ( haven't yet watched the full video). So you could've just made simple legs that don't do like anything and the flying machine timed in a way that it looks like the legs are moving. And instead of leg problems (I am around 4:12) you would only have timing problems with the machine and the legs.

  • Aspect

    Mumbo could've been an engineer with this knowledge.

  • Maheer Aymaan
    Maheer Aymaan

    Mumbo: It's like the average house a Minecrafter would make. House: **Literally Walking**

    • Gijoe Jorginho
      Gijoe Jorginho

      Except it walks he adds

    • The Minecrafter
      The Minecrafter

      I love how you said minecrafter just look at my name

    • Mini Composer
      Mini Composer

      play decked out

    • Gacha Alex
      Gacha Alex

      Fr the moment I read this comment I hear him say it

    • Skunk

      Wait, you guys don’t build legs under your house? It’s so easy to relocate with it.

  • SarahAmira

    Mom, can we have Divine Beast vah Naboris? Mom: no sweety, we have vah Naboris at home Vah Naboris at home:

    • Will Stewart
      Will Stewart

      BOTW JOKE! :D

    • RG_Ezu


  • Pou's Supremacy
    Pou's Supremacy

    Mumbo! Thats AMAZING! wish i could build stuff like that! its so cool, and probally anyone as a children probally ever dreamed of having a House like this!

  • Xtreme gaming
    Xtreme gaming

    This house looks very nice and easy to make ☻

  • Lisa Martinez
    Lisa Martinez

    I swear if Mumbo applies for Mojang, they'll just hire him after this.

  • Adil Ali
    Adil Ali

    Her: come over Him: can't. I'm grounded Her: my parents aren't home Him:

    • Just ur casual human
      Just ur casual human

      Her dad when to get milk (never came back)

    • Hydra ElectrickVFX
      Hydra ElectrickVFX


    • Smol Zeg
      Smol Zeg


    • Xominus

      @Kris Bailey Your grammar is.

    • Richard Huizar
      Richard Huizar

      @NotKitanax827 All

  • Creative

    This dude is a genius, God bless him

  • Toby Truong
    Toby Truong

    RSloft 2 years later This is amazing put in One Trillion Minecraft Views on RSloft and Counting Mumbo you are good at redstone but this is one of your best and one of minecrafts best restone machines

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    10 years later Mumbo: Hi guys, today I gonna build a flying enderdragon dropper in survive mode! It will be very eazy!


    Everybody gangsta until this house start moving

    • non existent
      non existent

      @Kotik r/ihadastroke

    • RiCKY 90
      RiCKY 90

      With hydraulic

    • holmZ

      @Kotik ip5d

    • holmZ

      @Kotik 66eee

    • Zbidarman


  • • Kappree Sans •
    • Kappree Sans •

    Me: ”I dunno where my house went!?” Friend: ”You think it grew legs and walked away?!” Me: “Well.....”

    • myth buster
      myth buster


    • Fam Domate
      Fam Domate

      House with leg😅😅

    • moo cats
      moo cats

      Cag 🐱 :)

    • vigilabo

      ow shit cookie cat

  • ??

    Could you please make a tutorial of this walking house? I'm trying to make one but it's quite hard, just as it looks😂

  • Shayaan

    It's time to look within yourself, and ask the bigger questions. _would a house have two legs, or four?_

  • bkbenken ☭
    bkbenken ☭

    Mumbo Jumbo 2020: Makes a walking house. Mumbo Jumbo 2035: Makes a walking biome.

  • A Stranger
    A Stranger

    I can so imagine this being a base on one of those grindy "friend group" worlds that you would have

  • Xenoslyce

    2019: Guns with legs 2019: Houses with legs 2020: Countries with legs 2024: Planets with legs 2030: _leg_

    • Katt Katt Roblox
      Katt Katt Roblox


    • Lakshmi Sunilkumar
      Lakshmi Sunilkumar


    • Josh

      I guess Mumbo read Mortal Engines

    • ShibaInuDog Weather
      ShibaInuDog Weather

      Leg with leg

    • md_ka

      2050: legs with legs

  • Foxy- 101
    Foxy- 101

    This reminds me of howls moving castle. This is amazing.

  • Hosh

    So happy seeing this featured in the 1 trillion minecraft views video by RSloft

  • Henrys trains493
    Henrys trains493

    I thought my science teacher was smart. Then I hear Mumbo jumbo explaining how he is building it.

  • Darby the gamer
    Darby the gamer

    Hey is there a way to make the redstone less obvious and more hidden ? I want to use this in a build idea i head (the boar hat tavern from 7ds)

  • Mx P
    Mx P

    Imagine what a difficult time the mailman would have...

    • mhdkt

      Dont worry guys The mailman can just use an elytra

    • Safwan Islam
      Safwan Islam


    • Tragg Epping
      Tragg Epping

      He would be a rushed spi

    • Epic Dud
      Epic Dud

      Ninjago flashbacks

    • The Littlest Man Of All
      The Littlest Man Of All

      British Ninja Warriors

  • Cade Wehrle
    Cade Wehrle

    Saw the walking house in the 1trillion Minecraft views video. Had to come back here for the nostalgia

    • Gamerninja SK
      Gamerninja SK

      me too

  • Maxim Milby
    Maxim Milby

    "This is like your traditional avrage house any minecraft player would make"

    • Hans 2nd Grande
      Hans 2nd Grande

      Oh hey i'm building 00000000000000000.000000000000000000000000001% of his house. Me: I'm a engineer now..!

    • SWNavy

      @furious jonbok1 he made a grammatical error chill bro


      @Squatchman ùùùùuùùu

    • Legends9Never9Die9

      @Rian Antony 😫

  • The Sigma male
    The Sigma male

    Mumbo: it’s a really simple build *Mumbo literally making a time machine

  • the stand that can erase a given frame of time
    the stand that can erase a given frame of time

    We just need a family in the house trying to protect the town they live in from a cool ranch dorito.

  • Pent Wend
    Pent Wend

    "you may not rest now there are monsters nearby" Mumbo Jumbo:

    • Emiel C
      Emiel C

      @Anna Murray 99999999999999999999


      @Janoy Cresva r/whoosh

    • stick gamer
      stick gamer

      @Anna Murray same

    • Tacocat Studios
      Tacocat Studios

      Plot twist: that house is the monster

  • ☣️TheSuperiorKingDartFrog☣️

    I wonder if the village is like- “What is our neighbor Mumbo Jumbo doing?”

  • Lemonz

    i heard about you as being one of the most kid friendly youtubers so decided to sub but i never really watched you untill now and now im thinking "why didnt i watch you before "your way cooler and not boring than i thought" 😜

  • Mewlaxy

    you can use green glass for the plant infront of the house or wool

  • Boyfriend

    This was featured in the official RSloft 1 trillion MC views! Yes lets go! YASSSSSSS

  • Taylor Wilson
    Taylor Wilson

    Everybody gangsta till the house starts walking

    • :D

      I'll buy that house

    • roblox123pro103 ♊
      roblox123pro103 ♊

      Me and my friend when see this me who not that good in redstone

    • SlyCraft


    • Ludwig Einer
      Ludwig Einer

      @cronixfix no

  • Motley Wild
    Motley Wild

    Mumbo, have you ever attempted a larger scale of this?

  • 에일프로

    Unbelievable I can't believe it The house is floating, I hope it will become a reality in the future

  • ÜgaBüga :]
    ÜgaBüga :]

    You could add a machine that destroys a lot of the land it walks on and everything it walks through

  • XgoSolo

    As something who builds my house away from Spawn, in the middle of nowhere; This is my worst nightmare

  • simp1x

    -You can not sleep there are monsters nearby- Jumbo: we’ll be seeing about that

    • Samoyed Pupper 7567
      Samoyed Pupper 7567

      Spiders and phantoms : 👁👄👁

    • every

      now the mobs cannot sleep because there is a *MOVING COLOSSAL SAY DING DONG*

    • Katt Katt Roblox
      Katt Katt Roblox

      Peaceful players: allow me to introduce myself

    • Aidan Howells
      Aidan Howells

      The zombies cant be there if you aren't there

    • ashtonCool

      Why is your name 90s acid you can I have a profile picture on Fortnite

  • kawaii girl
    kawaii girl

    Your house looks insane

  • Gandalf

    I wish i was good at redstone so when i start a bit later than my friends on a server i can just build a house and let the house walk by itself so i arrive to their town in style.

  • Drikus Van Wyk
    Drikus Van Wyk

    I will subscribe cause damn your redstons creations are insane.

  • Bart SIMPSON
    Bart SIMPSON

    Hello mumbo jumbo . I am enjoying your Minecraft videos and especially the redstone ones. Thank you so much for the ideas

  • Jenric Huidem
    Jenric Huidem

    Mumbo next content: *"ok guys, we are now going to time travel using redstone"*

    • Kratoskiller231

      Welcome back Sethbling here! Today I found the cure for cancer using only command blocks. Let me show you how it works?

    • Elliot B
      Elliot B

      Deimos Plays 1000th like 💕

    • Zhard

      Grian did it

    • Laura N.
      Laura N.

      700th like

    • Fedele Resuli
      Fedele Resuli

      u know why i am scared becouse there is a way to actually do that

  • outtatime

    i wish u did a time lapse of the house moving across the terrain for an hour

  • Jyotiraditya Shukla
    Jyotiraditya Shukla

    Imagine mumbo jumbo creating a huge high security castle with traps and stuff and dream, illumina, technoblade and others playing hide and seek pvp

  • Darth Raven
    Darth Raven

    Bro this is useful for survival servers, that way if someone knows the coords of your base, if they go try raid you, the base won’t be there anymore lol

  • E

    Idea: make working mechanical versions of mobs

  • Higa D’Drip
    Higa D’Drip

    When you get back to your home co ordinates but then remember you forgot to turn off your house. 🤦‍♂️

    • Evan Heinkel
      Evan Heinkel

      300 subs for 1 new video nice...

    • Bruh Bruh
      Bruh Bruh

      @Cashmere A. James its 2000 subs

    • Omega

      @Cashmere A. James be made it dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

    • Peyton Hutchens
      Peyton Hutchens


  • jaykeijaykei unless
    jaykeijaykei unless

    I'm so glad you're having fun . You seem smart :)

  • Fishy Is king
    Fishy Is king

    I like how the top of the house looks like it’s lagging. It pops out after the rest and looks funny

  • Conflict Brooks
    Conflict Brooks

    There's people like Mumbo complaining about how they're having trouble with their piston and slime block-powered walking house, and then there's me spending hours just trying to make a basic piston door and ending up with a house that's volume is taken up by about 80% Redstone and 20% actual house room.

  • Akash Patel
    Akash Patel

    Me after seeing the extreme complex 4 legs, finally its done. Mumbo Jumbo: This is just like decoration