I Made a Safe House in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
Ever wanted to protect a house to the max level? Well... This is the video for you! Today we build a safe house filled to the brim with top notch security systems!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I built this as a fun project, just like all things in Minecraft, it can be defeated by a determined kid with a pickaxe! That's what makes this game great! 😂

    • Michelle Dunn
      Michelle Dunn


    • Rainbowfrog123

      Just reserving a spot before this comment reaches 500 replies!

    • Lingua-Vox Servitor
      Lingua-Vox Servitor

      Good luck with blazes burning it all down

    • Scratch and More
      Scratch and More

      Or a Creeper Spawn Egg and Flint and Steel?

    • Lin Stocker
      Lin Stocker

      Turn it to adventure mode. They get *vaporized* and Can’t break stuff

  • Fallap konch
    Fallap konch

    "I hate people, and today I plan on doing everything in my power to keep people as far away as possible" -MumboJumbo 2019

    • TheCPG

      @LuigitheMan20 Mumbo (and the commenter): shouldn't have said that. I should NOT have said that.

    • LuigitheMan20

      Famous last words circa 2020-2021

    • Dogski28

      My life motto.

    • XenoUmbre

      Then why do you do RSloft < to be continued

    • T.G.E the gamer everyday
      T.G.E the gamer everyday

      @Georgendragon it does doesn't it what a brilliant observation you have to pause it just the right moment to capture it.

  • Just Munik
    Just Munik

    Tip: Instead of using creepers, use wither skeleton. They have wither effect and they are a quite strong even against full diamond player. Also, creepers, even if they work, you will have to rebuild everything.

    • Cats from Planet Half-Asleep Chris and more
      Cats from Planet Half-Asleep Chris and more

      @HeftyMonke very very true

    • HeftyMonke

      If you give wither skeleton bows , they shoot arrows with fire

  • A Arber
    A Arber

    Jumbo: “I hate people” 2020: “Your wish is my command”

    • MeowBox

      @Jerel X I like your profile pic.

    • Some Random Person
      Some Random Person

      *C O V I D*

    • Ces Caniel
      Ces Caniel

      @Skyler Balch He Means Mumbo

    • Robert Denes
      Robert Denes

      HA lol

    • 99 gaming
      99 gaming


  • Conor McDonald
    Conor McDonald

    How do you protect your home? Americans: buy guns Europeans:

    • w r a t h o f t h e t a i l s
      w r a t h o f t h e t a i l s

      @Respect 99+ bro.

    • SunshinePup

      Bro I feel safe I’m European

    • Respect 99+
      Respect 99+


    • Cotten’s Woodland
      Cotten’s Woodland

      Thank you. 😃

  • MrDigThis

    Mumbo: "I hate people" The millions of people watching: *Sad people noises*

    • Haze

      @Rayyan Moudood Chaudhary OK (LMAO) Spangtop

    • Rayyan Moudood Chaudhary
      Rayyan Moudood Chaudhary

      @Haze IMAGINE CALLING [me], [springton] G. SP[rington]

    • Haze

      @Rayyan Moudood Chaudhary Imagine Typing As Spingtom And Not Typing In: Your All Caps Protocol.

    • Rayyan Moudood Chaudhary
      Rayyan Moudood Chaudhary

      @Haze Imagine being [[HYPERLINK BLOCKED]] could [not] be m-m-m-me

    • Haze

      @Tintin RSloft I'm Not Me, I'm You!

  • That_Ep1cNess

    Imagine being the mailman of this house

    • Fluffy Kitten
      Fluffy Kitten


    • Duduex11

      The Mailman was going to be Dream

    • TheDriestPuddle

      @Chica The Chicken :D the blazes would burn it

    • erinfloyd101

      Imagine it's the first day and they tell you no one come back

    • RoarRyanator

      OH NO

  • Anthony Essis
    Anthony Essis

    I have an idea for the dispenser Minecart. You have a track going around infinitely and behind every dispenser you have set up facing outward, you add a detector rail which sends a red stone signal to the dispenser which makes it shoot.

  • Pallet Crate
    Pallet Crate

    I love how he casually starts the video with a quick "I hate people" and then moves on

  • Ivory Sanchez
    Ivory Sanchez

    Would have loved to see this all work together on some poor unfortunate players lol.

  • Yes

    When mumbo realizes that he is on a single player world

    • Yes

      Its because when you post something your more on the bottom of the comment section

    • vs•mp4

      Why this comnt dont have likes😂

    • vs•mp4


    • ventus


  • CatMan

    When defense is bigger than the actual house

    • Ender Dragon
      Ender Dragon

      @James Mayle No. I am not religious.

    • Boss Of The City
      Boss Of The City

      clash of clans intensifies

    • Robert McQuattie
      Robert McQuattie

      Thousandth like

    • Cullen Johnson
      Cullen Johnson


  • Kieran S
    Kieran S

    I love these types of videos, not because they're realistic or anything but because mumbo is clearly having a lot of fun and it's cool to see what he manages to come up with! :)

  • sitiesito

    I was hoping to see a pvp test of this contraption at the end!

  • Miraculous Fanwork
    Miraculous Fanwork

    Nothing beats starting up the video with some positive vibes 👍

  • Skywatcher Paintball
    Skywatcher Paintball

    I've havent even watched a minute of the video yet. And I guarantee that this safe house will be 100x better then my personal safest house so far

  • GalaxiesHD

    We all know what comes next Mumbo: I made a safe TOWN in Minecraft

    • Cyber Rat
      Cyber Rat

      Walking safe universe

    • Rafaz Rahman
      Rafaz Rahman

      Finally, a walking safe metropolis

    • Anthony Morassutti
      Anthony Morassutti

      using infinite red stone pieces

    • Jake but Not from statefarm
      Jake but Not from statefarm

      I made a safe cave in minecraft

    • Oof Ooferson
      Oof Ooferson

      Mumbo: I made a safe CITY in Minecraft

  • Jess Frey
    Jess Frey

    I love wonky village spawns, I get a lot on pocket edition where one house on a corner of the village is way up on a mountain or cliff separated from the rest. I make it my tower and lord over the village.

  • Sam

    I wish I had even a fraction of the understanding of redstone he has 😢

  • HDDuar

    Mark and Harry : Look at that house, it must be have a lot of diamonds Mumbo : this is my house and i gonna protect it

    • HDDuar

      @Kewl Boi you're right

    • Kewl Boi
      Kewl Boi

      I see what you did there with the home alone reference

  • B1U3J4Y

    I like how all the safe houses he makes, he makes it like everybody is in adventure mod

  • Flocky1902

    Could you create a house that starts off above land and then with a press of a button goes underground and is covered with dirt on top like there is nothing there? Think it would be really cool!

    • MashGore

      What about having a dirt hut and some sort of seamless piston door so the roof acts like the dirt covering the house?

    • Paulo fortin
      Paulo fortin

      @Peetr I think it'd be only be able to be done with command blocks

    • iWi Studio
      iWi Studio

      Make a tutorial for it to

    • Peetr

      It would be nice... But i dont know how it could be done... Using flying mashines wont work becouse of piston push limit and the dirt sticking to it...

    • WenomArtz

      hmm,it would need like quadruple piston extenders or then maybe something like maybe stoppable "flying machine" or something on top of it so it wouldnt fly in the sky, and it has to have reverse effect witch i dont even believe can be done. or then the house will be very small and work with pistons.

  • Sarah Barrow
    Sarah Barrow

    You should put rails around the side and then have detector rails so that when the minecart goes past it activates the dispenser

  • Adel Drinks Boba!🧋
    Adel Drinks Boba!🧋

    I really would want to see this house in action!

  • Thor Asgard
    Thor Asgard

    Mumbo: "I'd say we've got a pretty good safe house here" wait why not just build right over the pointless defenses and and drop tnt

    • Wendy Macomber
      Wendy Macomber

      @T stuff gg

    • T stuff
      T stuff

      Or elytra

  • Tianyi Zhang
    Tianyi Zhang

    This was so cool, thanks for the video Mumbo!!

  • Smollo

    Imagine going to someones house and hearing “deploy the defense creepers”

    • Isitnot Writtenthat
      Isitnot Writtenthat

      Cry havoc and let slip the creepers of war! Though, to be fair, mumbo should have charged them.

    • poggodoggo

      Me: *CREEPER!* Cringe lords: *aw man*

    • Chica The Chicken :D
      Chica The Chicken :D

      No its not called "deploy the defence creepers" It's called *Advengers, Assemble* I know this sucks ;-;

    • Rafaz Rahman
      Rafaz Rahman

      jeffplayz that’s letters

    • Rafaz Rahman
      Rafaz Rahman


  • juan cruz
    juan cruz

    This guy is amazing at redstone

  • Mememan

    Whole house: looks good The walls with redstone and lava: looks very organized but very messy

  • Crilled Gheese
    Crilled Gheese

    For the lava moat, wither roses, and bushes, use a water bucket, use fire resistance for the blazes, use a shield for the arrows

  • Rohan Handa
    Rohan Handa

    Him: builds a literal Alcatraz Me: covers my house in cobblestone

  • Firenuts 6969
    Firenuts 6969

    Mumbo starts off with "i hate people" He does a good job at building The house is not walking Something ain't right here

    • Din Farr311
      Din Farr311

      Storm Warrior should be “ken yu eksplein”

    • Firenuts 6969
      Firenuts 6969

      @Oliver Niemann true

    • Mr.P

      @S E P Brian Giffin

    • Oliver Niemann
      Oliver Niemann

      And he didn’t name the mobs subscribe

    • Pish The fish
      Pish The fish


  • irl games
    irl games

    8:49 what you should do is make a minecart go around abserver and dispenses full of arrows so when the Observer sees the minecart moving it will activate shooting all the arrows

  • AwesomeNinja9562

    I know you made this safe house before the nether safe house, but I honestly think the nether one is better.

  • The GodzillaGamer!!
    The GodzillaGamer!!

    Nobody I’ve seen so far has built redstone as good as you

  • Landon Madison
    Landon Madison

    You could always use detector reals to power dispensers when your Minecraft runs over it. I’d recommend fire charges as opposed to arrows, unless of course you have arrows of harming/poison/wither

  • Ryan Cook
    Ryan Cook

    Title if it was 2020: how to self isolate like a pro

    • Living Murphy's Law
      Living Murphy's Law

      No one will stop my quarantine.

    • GSYT


    • Sarah Forsythe
      Sarah Forsythe

      Haha yeah

    • Freg

      True lol

    • Mister Ling
      Mister Ling


  • Maryam Elantil
    Maryam Elantil

    Safe house: exists The dude with the flying machine: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • valentine

    its been a year and this is still my comfort youtube video, thanks mumbo

  • Chimerat

    Honestly, since I play on Survivor, the only thing that interests me in this is the trick where you put the redstone torch on the ground and revealed your ladder. Anyone know of a walkthrough for that sort of thing?

    • Miggle

      Yeah, that's a redstone torch key. You can look up "redstone torch key tutorial" on youtube and a couple of good ones should pop up. Hope it works out!

  • Ostrich The ostrich
    Ostrich The ostrich

    I always hate how safe houses never have everything that you will need in them lol

  • Toca Shorts
    Toca Shorts

    Perfect for my house in minecraft my brother always try’s to break in to steal my stuff but now I can use this as protection

  • Hannah McLaren
    Hannah McLaren

    You can put skeletons in mine carts and set them around on top of your base! (Or pillagers would work too)

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones

    I want to see this safe house in action against a bunch of semi decent players

  • shockwave 200
    shockwave 200

    I love that all you need to do is build over all the bushes and the gravel and the wall and your in 😂

  • Nate Lockyer
    Nate Lockyer

    "I plan to keep people as far away from my base as possible" me, an intellectual: plays singleplayer

    • fireflyserenity31

      *laughs in elytra*

    • RE-KO

      @Jelly Cup thats cuz u never blow up 4200000000000 tnts

    • RE-KO

      @Callabo bruh

    • RE-KO

      Bg brain time

    • Bengy1 omega
      Bengy1 omega

      999th like

  • UnbrokenCode

    Whether u have a dirt house or a diamond mansion. When you put the furnace next to the crafting table it's a home

  • Invamp’d

    Love ur vids Mumbo keep up the good work!!

  • yunan the observer
    yunan the observer

    Three seconds in and this man already resonates with me.

  • British Wrath
    British Wrath

    Make an impenetrable base in survival, or at the very least, something achievable in survival (hard) no matter how difficult.

  • Zodiac

    The problem with most Minecraft safe houses is that the resources for the weapons and such run out, so an idea for a video is to make a safe house with unlimited resources so that no matter how many times people attack, it will always be defended. (I.E. automatic mob/resource farming, observers to detect when people are there) If done, it would be tricky project, but al worth the work.

  • GamerBoyOwen

    “I hate people” A quote that many people still look up to and enjoy to this day.

  • Spuffy_art

    Instead of evokers you should have used witches because they have poison potions witch will do more damage and evokers will also drop totems making it easier to survive

  • Deltical

    Idea: if there were minecart dispensers have reload stations that you can load from your secret underground base

  • Theresa Wood
    Theresa Wood

    Mumbo: I hate people 4.3 million subscribers and 8 million viewers: Explain yourself

    • Hhhh!

      *7.8 mil

    • Felicía Alexiz
      Felicía Alexiz

      7.7 million*

    • Chica The Chicken :D
      Chica The Chicken :D


    • Felicía Alexiz
      Felicía Alexiz

      No its 5.94

    • Creative Gamer 123
      Creative Gamer 123


  • LeoTheLion - Everything
    LeoTheLion - Everything

    You could use detector rails with dispensers, kinda like a minecart dispenser

  • BT 260 gaming
    BT 260 gaming

    Water bucket: my power is beyond your imagination

  • DJInferno

    Imagine being a mailman and delivering mail to this house

  • Drawing Moo
    Drawing Moo

    2:32 Throwback to when blazes didn't snipe you from halfway down a netherfort bridge but instead missed wildly.... Good times.

  • Pavlos.p

    "Storm mumbo's house they can't stop all of us!" *Laughs in creeper canon*

    • bxnkzツ

      Josie’s world adventures & more ! I doubt all the people are going, maybe 600 idiots but even if all 2,000,000 people went the world wouldn’t end since there would still be 7,700,000,000+ people

    • Bull Frog
      Bull Frog

      *laughs in dummy house*

    • marbelly munguia
      marbelly munguia

      Josie’s world adventures & more ! Oof same but I’m staying home and watching anything live about it lol

  • Akhil Bisht
    Akhil Bisht

    When you realise someone can just build over all this security and get inside or destroy everything with tnt

  • King Kryptus
    King Kryptus

    I've been watching this channel for like 8 months now, and I just saw this video and realized that this is the first video I ever watched. 😀

  • Aiden Owensby
    Aiden Owensby

    All it needs is something to stop an attack from above, like building over the lava and the wall from far away, also, someone could use a tnt launcher from far away and then bring a bucket of water for the lava since they could see it after having used the launcher. Maybe like some sort of water fall over the walls to stop a tnt attack and have a ditch so that the water will stay in one block and not cover the lava once you activate it. Other than that, the only issue is an attack from above, nice work.

  • Shep Shepson
    Shep Shepson

    Nice to know that it went from a protected base to "a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base......" 😂

  • Ionic Theoduke
    Ionic Theoduke

    Imagine next time he loads the world there’s just a villager standing in his house

    • Another arab vince cuh
      Another arab vince cuh


    • ʚ ☻ joyxglam #saveukraine
      ʚ ☻ joyxglam #saveukraine

      @James Mayle didn’t ask g

    • ARKAR Productions
      ARKAR Productions

      Wandering trader 😂😂😂

    • Mc Zoro
      Mc Zoro

      @James Mayle who asked

  • DJ SimonTMS
    DJ SimonTMS

    Ender pearls would actually protect you from fall damage if you throw them against the wall of the pit and you would survive.

  • Nordlys Sørlys
    Nordlys Sørlys

    Mumbo in normal videos: I am no builder... Also Mumbo in Hermitcraft: builds amazing bases...

  • EYG

    'I made a safe house in minecraft' Elytras: *I'm gonna stop you right there*

  • Oh Hello
    Oh Hello

    Just build a house with wooden fences around them and a secret escape hatch beneath your house and your good to go...those wooden fences stop everything

  • RaptorKing

    We must attack this safe house in order to prepare for the raid on Area 51.

    • Karbonat Erol
      Karbonat Erol

      @Nathan B yes

    • Nathan B
      Nathan B

      @Karbonat Erol a million people gonna end up crying themselves to sleep in federal prison

    • babywolfie the loser.
      babywolfie the loser.

      Heres your wooden stairs and a slow falling potion

    • Primacia


    • Karbonat Erol
      Karbonat Erol

      @Dlanor Brak now it's a million

  • Roger Du
    Roger Du

    Legend says Mumbo is still saying ‘I have people’ and enhancing this house.

  • Coding Kricket
    Coding Kricket

    Instead of using minecart dispensers he could of had a minecart ride around the balcony and go by sensor rails that dispense arrows. Also amazing Redstone and great build!

    • Francesco Lucchetta
      Francesco Lucchetta

      Or having a skeleton in a minecraft

  • Anjali Singh
    Anjali Singh

    "I'm no builder" *Proceeds to build a sick castle wall*

  • Virgo Heart
    Virgo Heart

    I'm not a minecraft player. Played offline before but not too much. But I think it would be fun to put these creations to the test and watch them in action.

  • Alisher Avaz
    Alisher Avaz

    Mumbo’s safe house: *exists* Enderpearl: I’m about to end this mans whole career

    • Leanne Giardina
      Leanne Giardina


    • Remire

      IQ 100000

    • Real Big Noob
      Real Big Noob

      @Ray GT elder

    • Fluffy cow
      Fluffy cow

      My enderman farm: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career 😉

    • Peter Rogers
      Peter Rogers

      Imagine if creepers respawn in his house

  • Kenza Rezyarifin
    Kenza Rezyarifin

    Oh wow I've never seen a village like that in my whole life

  • Lit

    this man deserves a sub and 2 trillion like for his cool vid patients n not raging when something doesn't go as plane

  • Scootyboi

    now imagine this but with the security code system he made a while back

  • saulok wong
    saulok wong

    the problem is, unless your safehouse has bedrock floors,walls and no door, people can just mine underneath everything and walk straight in

  • Sly2BandOfThievesIsTheBestSlyCooperGame

    Mumbo: *Builds a very safe house* Mumbo the next day: *Makes it walk*

    • Gusher_ Frog
      Gusher_ Frog

      Meme Z yes

    • RandomYTGamer

      Gusher_ Frog I hate fortnite

    • RandomYTGamer

      Gusher_ Frog I know