I Made the Smallest Base in Minecraft 1.17
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo builds the Smallest Minecraft Base in the Minecraft 1.17 update, as a follow up to the 2 year old video: I Made the Smallest Base in Minecraft 1.14. This tiny minecraft base is filled with Large Minecraft storage systems, automatic villager trading halls, Minecraft block swappers, automatic minecraft farms and more. This is a 1x1 Minecraft base (interior), or a 3x3 Minecraft base (exterior), and it's only a 2 block tall minecraft base.
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  • Mealbot 2000
    Mealbot 2000

    I love how mumbo instinctively grabbed the diamond sword to kill the wandering trader instead of a netherite one, old habits die hard I guess.

    • YoungRumble5

      @Silver5kull it's spelled 'habit' though. Or is it spelt differently in different countries?

    • Watery JellyFish
      Watery JellyFish

      @dragon *no or*

    • Mealbot 2000
      Mealbot 2000

      @RandomPrimary2004 I haven’t looked at this comment in ages, oh the memories.

    • RandomPrimary2004

      Wow, people really tore you down for grammar, didn't they. Feels bad, man.

    • Low quality image of a tree.
      Low quality image of a tree.

      @Jevil wat u men gramr stil her??!!111

  • Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
    Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs

    People like Grian flex by building huge, excessively detailed, spectacular mansions. People like Mumbo flex by building tiny, compact, fully-functional bases with complex hidden redstone mechanisms.

    • FennTheFennecFox


    • Miguel Baltazar
      Miguel Baltazar

      what if Mumbo and Grian?

    • Cospaws

      @Smuggin Human Journalist The funny thing is that that works for both complicated builds and complicated red stone. I don’t understand either.

    • Smuggin Human Journalist
      Smuggin Human Journalist

      "here, i made a textbook for you to follow, its really basic" *opens book* "What is this?!" *throws book*

    • Deskalone

      They are both really cool and creative

  • Doge1234asdf

    LOL I can imagine those two villagers saying to each other: "Alright Terry, you're gonna be switching places with me to trade with that redstone nerd in a couple of ticks" Terry: "Okay Bill, I'm not too sure about this, remember what he did to Bob?" Bill: "oh yeah...."

    • Sphere_V

      @Kar Hong Looi hmm very reasonable

    • Shamrock_gaming24

      @Kar Hong Looi peace love and plants

    • Kar Hong Looi
      Kar Hong Looi

      @reuniteireland it was never murder. Bob smashed his head on Mumbos sword

    • reuniteireland

      don't worry they weren't alive to witness the murder.

    • Doge1234asdf

      this is the most liked comment I ever had :D

  • 2 Memers
    2 Memers

    When he says his head hurts from figuring out how to do something with redstone, you know you have no chance of re-creating it.

    • Rabeul Ahmed
      Rabeul Ahmed

      I mean yeh true lol

  • General Misery
    General Misery

    If you use one more lectern to have a double input you can store 225 different item types. The ammout of chest minecarts is limitless. So basically if you minimize hard enough you can create a 3 lectern system that decodes the input into basically all you want to be swaped. It is truely mindblowing and what I will try to do now.

    • General Misery
      General Misery

      @Schippai If I manage to do it without unreasonable flaws. It is way too slow atm.

    • Schippai

      @General Misery you gonna post that?

    • Vuelle

      This sounds very big

    • General Misery
      General Misery

      @Meow I am at 512 (256 x 2) items in a rather compact design (after 4 version). It is very slow, but just as fast as walking around (problem is hopper speed and water speed). It also lags a bit. I halted the 1k+ version because of the lag. I have a problem with rare items where there are less than 48 of and I am looking forward to something with a special system. Next I want a dropper system, because it should work faster. I might also try a system that beaks shulkers, since they now are renewable or one that dispenses shulkers. For the shulker dispensing I did think of a sorting station system before storage, I just would need to figure out how to sort shulker boxes compact. Lag is a big problem, I think there is a limit to the client side that I cannot pass. Next year I should be done with the sorting system.

    • Meow

      Any success?

  • Andersonwhiite

    It’s so compact-it’s almost like it’s the perfect size for a creeper to take all of it out in one blow

    • Keeghan Yule
      Keeghan Yule

      This was posted by a creeper

    • 13 Galaxy Productions
      13 Galaxy Productions

      @SLASH R arts or seven

    • Phoenix


    • Kirans Minecraft
      Kirans Minecraft

      @Tyler O I love that song

    • Kirans Minecraft
      Kirans Minecraft

      @MewtwoGames don’t you dare say it

  • ArcaneTech

    I really like that lectern idea, sounds like a very nice item retrieval system for mass/deep storage.

  • Zelpharion

    This is perfect! A micro base will make me feel a lot less bad about my other micro features...

    • Waidi

      Wdum he didn't mean any dirty thing i'm sure he meant he's just short in general C:

    • BeaverBaller 311
      BeaverBaller 311

      Hey, the size of your Fingers don't matter... I still love you XD!

    • E Cola
      E Cola

      Looks like something in a funeral lmao

    • Ts Zeyrox
      Ts Zeyrox

      @HifzaP it isn’t your mind that is dirty it is that it was meant in a dirty way but your mind is still probably dirty

    • HifzaP

      I- Why tf is my mind so dirty 😭🤚🏻

  • HuneeBruh Gaming
    HuneeBruh Gaming

    I love how mumbo's definition of how small something is is how many blocks you can be in

  • ManEd 2047
    ManEd 2047

    "With 1 if the villagers mysteriously disappearing " Nothing to do with the diamond sword in your hotbar

  • TheVirgoGuy

    "This base has to be the smallest possible." *continues to built a redstone city underneath the base*

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3

      @TheVirgoGuy The bed is 2 blocks..but it's the ROOF. It doesn't count as it's not part of the base you're meant to walk around in. The base is 1x1

    • TheVirgoGuy

      @Chirag Jangra _But... The bed is _*_2_*_ blocks long..._ 😶

    • Smuggin Human Journalist
      Smuggin Human Journalist

      @TheVirgoGuy dude you just pointed out the joke, everyone here knows humor, no need to tell us dude chill, have a bri ish tea

    • TheVirgoGuy

      @Freedom Above All Bruh i just wanted to make a funny comment and i come back here 4 months later, and y'all are fighting over whether ThE rEdStOnE cOuNtS aS a PaRt Of ThE bAsE 😒

    • Paul 95
      Paul 95

      Preety small compared to his megabases

  • Ethan Choi
    Ethan Choi

    I love how he explains things as he goes on, and to me its all just magic.

  • Vyse Arcadia
    Vyse Arcadia

    You forgot to fill all the areas with dirt walls with clickable items as well. I mean sure, you could say that extends the distance out of your 3x3 area but you are still inside your walled-in 3x3 base with a bit of exterior reach. The only thing left to do after that is waterlog the base so that TNT and creepers can't blow it up from the topsoil.

  • pepsi

    Mumbo when he does literally any redstone project: if this works, I will be massively surprised. All of his machines: *work on the first time*

  • Niki K
    Niki K

    You could have wired the crafting table swapping input to also swap the villagers instead of having to listen to pistons going off all the time.

  • José Rubens Kassai
    José Rubens Kassai

    It just dawned on me that it looks hugely like a funeral when Mumbo’s laying on the bed. The berry bushes really don’t help haha.

    • SephirothRyu

      It IS a funeral. For the common sense of anyone who ever builds houses in minecraft. Never again will we listen to common sense frolic happily in our vaguely decorated two story stone, log, and plank houses. Never again, will we hear its happy feet romping joyfully through the yard while we yell at it in terror because we see a creeper somewhere in render distance and are in a panic getting out the cat. Common sense is gone now, and we are gathered here today in remembrance of its good run.

    • Vyse Arcadia
      Vyse Arcadia

      At least in his afterlife, he will have everything he needs. What more could you ask for!?

    • Irina

      that's my first thought upon looking at the preview literally what is this a funeral?

    • ^Akk0da^

      @Lead mumbo jumbo

    • LordAscended

      Hey, it sorta is, if there's a zombie nearby, then he gets to munch Mumbo!

  • Hazza Man
    Hazza Man

    I’d like to declare this as a mumcro base. It’s big but only 1 free space for the the player

  • Wafi Parkour
    Wafi Parkour

    There should be a schematic of this base, it's so cool

  • NorthFrost40

    Man this is a Concept I Fell in love with when it was first coming out and seeing such a large RSloftr bringing it bag gives me an odd sense of nostalgia for something that really wasn’t that long ago

  • The Man.
    The Man.

    “I’ve never been so happy about 4 pixels” SCP fans : Hey wait a fucking minute.

    • Tommaso Cesarato
      Tommaso Cesarato

      *distant screaming rapidly getting closer*

    • Kar Hong Looi
      Kar Hong Looi

      Ah yes

    • Smart Studying Doggo
      Smart Studying Doggo

      @Yellow Maiden that was a great short film

    • Yellow Maiden
      Yellow Maiden

      ‘Four FUCKING PIXELS!’

    • DabbingDuck

      @Draconic Duelist 096 duh

  • Reishadowen

    Your base feels kinda like those really early televisions: a tiny screen, with a massive box of wires and vacuum tubes behind it. :P

    • Ralstemar

      Amazing analogy

    • siker010

      No cap this is coollike really cool

    • tkji


    • Zero

      @E Cola nah man this thing is worth millions

    • E Cola
      E Cola

      And affordable for just 100,000 dollars from today

  • OhBeEye

    I've watched, and liked about 15-20 videos of yours. This one, got the sub. You do great work. Thank you for sharing this madness with us.

  • Falkland_Pinguin

    The minecart-based storage system is really neat, I love it!

  • Kristoffer Veum
    Kristoffer Veum

    You could increase the level of the enchanting table by replacing the wool in your build with bookcases

  • Pozizion-Tango

    7:00 That design, danm brings back memories. I used to do that just with armor stands in my fancy house. So it would send up a new piece every single time i pressed the button. It could rotate between 3 different sets.

  • ClownOwO

    I appreciate that “smallest base” means “smallest spot for the player to reside but also a vast network of redstone hidden just beneath the surface”

    • Bar Fishman
      Bar Fishman

      @Yoshikage Kira iYoshikage

    • TheEpikStar

      @Grimmy I really don't care I don't watch him if smallest base for you means smallest space you can fit into no matter how big the object itself is though

    • Grimmy

      @TheEpikStar how is that bs lol, would you rather see a 2 minute video of him making a 1 by 1 and surrounding it with different crafting stations and nothing else?

    • jorden flement
      jorden flement

      actually, I think that Mumbo could make it a tiny bit smaller. (Almost impossible, but Mumbo could nail it. Just one thing appears in front, with a giant redstone circuit underneath the ground. It's still a base, only you can't reside in it.)

    • lamei lu
      lamei lu

      @Ikasa that’s mean

  • Llama

    3:17 Mumbo: I have never been so thankful for four pixels in my life. Every SCP fan: "intense sweating"

  • White'n'black

    Making a super small base isn't hard but it's hard to find a person which will actually use and live in that base

    • Misi Csadi
      Misi Csadi

      Well, I use them as rentable properties (2 diamonds a night, +5 diamonds/night for storage system, +4 diamonds/night for food)

  • Viksata 1379
    Viksata 1379

    This stuff is incredible. I can't even build an automated door and I've been playing the game for my whole life

  • reuniteireland

    So many cool ideas in one little build. I want to build the minecart chest lectern combo and also the crafting table/other job blocks switcher. Both seem fun.

  • blitzdestroyer 2.0
    blitzdestroyer 2.0

    Anyone remember the days when Mumbo filled every chest he could with “Boats and Hoes”

    • Ca West
      Ca West

      @Lyulf redditor detected

    • Jack Weis
      Jack Weis

      @Ace you know that the usefulness of the two items wasn’t the actual joke right? If not it’s from the movie step brothers.

    • DoomKing

      @eggz 101 "Wish we could turn back time, To the good old days"

    • tfw

      @LizordSword bri'ish

  • Tony Th
    Tony Th

    How have I not seen this video before??? This is probably my new favourite Minecraft video now, and I will see how much of this I can recreate in my world. That storage system for example is amazing!

  • YouTube's Resident FBI Agent
    YouTube's Resident FBI Agent

    *"Never judge a micro-base by it's surface appearance."* -Mumbo Jumbo, probably.

  • sam johnson
    sam johnson

    this is extremely impressive. he could have done so much less for a goofy video like this but he actually made it insane!

  • Venurus

    Petition for him to change to survival mode and beat the elder dragon without changing bases.

  • Tasha Kirwood
    Tasha Kirwood

    Imagine making a dozen of these all across the hermitcraft server, like a bunch of secret bases in that fashion, but camouflaged into the ground.

    • Asher Vandervalk
      Asher Vandervalk

      @Joshua Davies I think you have to buy them on Marketplace.

    • Asher Vandervalk
      Asher Vandervalk

      @Joshua Davies for snapshots you have to turn on experimental.

    • Asher Vandervalk
      Asher Vandervalk

      @Liam Daily sadness noises

    • 2015 dead meme
      2015 dead meme

      @Joshua Davies also better mods, and snapshots

    • Tejas Pathak
      Tejas Pathak

      @Joshua Davies Yeah that would work but don't play tha win10 version

  • jcofortco

    Me: This might actually be doable... Mumbo: Now I need a storage system... proceeds to show & explain the monstrous Redstone set-up. "It's slightly complicated..." Me: 🥺 B-b-b-but... y-y-you have a barrel...

  • PeFex

    "With one of the Villagers mysteriously dissapering"- Mumbo Next shot: He has the murder wepon in his hotbar slot 4

  • Wafflechunk

    for the villager swapping, could you have tied it into the note block output that you use to swap the crafting table?

  • Dan H
    Dan H

    Mumbo your videos legit keep me interested in minecraft, so many different ideas and contraptions, love your way of thinking when playing MC 😁 We'd get on like a house on fire haha.

  • It’s_Ike

    Mumbo: makes the tiniest house in Minecraft history Also Mumbo: has more necessities than I have in my normal mc house

    • Misi Csadi
      Misi Csadi

      Literally everyone else: same Me, an MC engineer: *puts in more villagers, swappable armor stands, and more storage, using shulker storage system, also a launcher, that basically launches me from the base to my mine, and having ender pearl stasis chamber, connected with a shadowed snowball, also a chunk loader, more farms, automatic brewing, with ingredients in display, bouncing around, like in hermitcraft 8, making use of farming every item (even torches, from killing the ender dragon repeatedly) possible and afk-ing in it makes me exp, and every item farmed getting into unused shulkers, of which the full ones go to a large storage, that goes from the highest possible spot to the negative build limit near bedrock and making it out of mostly obsidian and not-so-much netherite block. Also, did I mention the piston door?

    • Cuba Mckenzie
      Cuba Mckenzie

      @yes stop it get some help

    • yes

      @Cuba Mckenzie hotel: trivago

    • Cuba Mckenzie
      Cuba Mckenzie

      @Nik_Senpai nooooooooooo

  • TheAdvertisement

    2:30 "Mysteriously disappearing" He couldn't handle the small base life.

    • Misi Csadi
      Misi Csadi

      Neither the sword, that has mysteriously appeared in his hotbar, nothing to do with the villager

  • Bemana Prayogo
    Bemana Prayogo

    Would you be able to add a villager swapping system with that lectern-redstone circuit?

  • boxgirl139

    I love how the one villager kept wanting to get head from the other villager.

  • Dominic Luker
    Dominic Luker

    Could you possibly do a redstone tutorial video on how you built that minecart storage system? It would be very useful in my world. Nice little base aswell

  • Mystic Muffin
    Mystic Muffin

    I think mumbo’s the first person to ever brag about how small his house is.

    • carcinoGeneticist

      hermitcraft is changing him with the minivan LOL

    • Emrir

      **war flashbacks to the smallest house trends**

    • Q6Z9

      @The Aslam Lol

    • The Aslam
      The Aslam

      @Mad_ Huntress_ not funny..

    • Mad_ Huntress_
      Mad_ Huntress_

      621 likes lol

  • Wiremu tiare
    Wiremu tiare

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the hours, and work mumbo and the gang put in there videos just to entertain us viewers………..like 🤯

  • Vee

    Hearing mumbo go “that’s a really nice color combination” while grabbing blocks for his redstone contraption… his armchair really changed him. Who built who.

  • Arthr0

    If you replace the copper stair boundary to bookshelves, you can manage to get a max enchanting table

  • Drago_Whooves

    can you compress down the Redstone so the whole underside fits in one chunk? Also could the chicken farm be replaces with a Zero tick melon farm? Peace, Love, and Plants.

  • Parsa Yousefzadeh
    Parsa Yousefzadeh

    A base may be made with thousands or millions of blocks, fully made from diamonds and emeralds. But what's important is, as long as you place a furnace next to a crafting table, it is home. Edit 6 months later: Not to be that guy but thanks for the likes, I've never gotten this many.

    • Shamrock_gaming24

      @Omega 3445 you have a point

    • Omega 3445
      Omega 3445

      @Parsa Yousefzadeh no then it wouldn’t be a house anymore

    • Parsa Yousefzadeh
      Parsa Yousefzadeh

      @Omega 3445 then your a noob

    • Noah Pop
      Noah Pop

      Good comment

    • Omega 3445
      Omega 3445

      DUN DUN DUUUuuuun

  • alex23764

    This is a really impressive base honestly.

  • a random royal high player
    a random royal high player

    What everyone else hears: “so these villagers are going to switch by this piston, and slime blocks, and we’ve got a comparator...” What I hear: “this lectern and this lodestone are going to combine into a chicken head to activate this redstone dust, and this barrel is going to turn into a door to open up to these villagers inside of this cyan shulker box.”

  • poocrafter2

    This is the equivalent of having a single submarine style hatch in the ground irl and it opening up into the Bat Cave.

  • A Half Sesame Seed Bun
    A Half Sesame Seed Bun

    The smallest I've seen fits in a 2x1x8 area. It uses doors as part of the walls. 3 doors, furnace, crafting table, chest, bed. Granted this was back in 2013 or something.

  • RokasGaming LT
    RokasGaming LT

    The sad part about this base is that if a creeper sneaks up on you the whole base is gone

    • NetherCrocodile

      Or Pit with at least 6 blocks deep and string on top and carpet

    • NetherCrocodile

      Cats is the answer

    • Col Lopez
      Col Lopez

      add a trapped cat on the outside

    • Xeroh1

      Cat’s, light, and carpet over pits.

    • TheMillllllo

      It’s so small, it wouldn’t be hard to reconstruct

  • Александр Тихомиров
    Александр Тихомиров

    Great job done. So inspirational!!!

  • jester4115

    Can you make a video building and explaining the minecart storage system like that or one that would fit in a more normal sized build? It’s a pretty cool system

  • Tacobell1384

    I would love to see mumbo build this on the hermit craft server. Either as a "starter base" or as a decoy main base (it could have a secret passage to a secret bunker that is the actual main base but otherwise this micro base is the only thing visible from the surface.

  • Dudley the Dragon Ninja Gaming
    Dudley the Dragon Ninja Gaming

    You Wot M8?! this is absolutely bloody brilliant!~ mindblowing chest-villager-compacting swapping!

  • Imat156

    I love the storage system. This is exactly what I wanted in a storage system: A single point of access, with the ability to select which things are presented to you through that point. It may not be the most practical approach to storage, but I really like it, and would love to get a more in-depth tutorial on just that piece.

    • Mike Borg
      Mike Borg

      @Leonhard Berndt You could have the bed moved over to the side, and a trap door ceiling, place the shulker box above, grab items and break.

    • Minestrator

      I have spend some time trying to recreate that system. After 5 hours I have finally done it… and I am proud of me

    • SilverWolf_1999

      @NixedPhoenix I think it would be sure cool to have it under like, a glass floor, where you can then look at it changing the minecarts and whatnot I think it'd be cool!

    • PSNC Menosore
      PSNC Menosore


    • NixedPhoenix

      Yeah, I agree. I'm terrible with redstone but this is something I'd rather like in a normal base because it just seems very cool lmao

  • Jellytag4256

    12:45 Shulker Boxes filled with shulker boxes filled with items. Time to break the universe

  • nl hn
    nl hn

    Next edition needs the XP farm. Probably something the next update could achieve.

  • Randoe

    Did anyone else notice that he had a sword in his inventory right after he said, "With one of the 2 villagers mysteriously disappearing"

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    With all of these things packed in there, it is still missing a key feature. A door. A baby zombie could just waltz right in there while you're crafting.

  • Ruth van den Brink
    Ruth van den Brink

    hermitcraft: "Peace love and plants, baby" now: "The baby chickens grow up into lava"

    • Draco
      Draco "Newt" Taylor Seavey - Styles

      @Tankless_Warrior no, Mumbo said that the villager begged to die so Mumbo was forced to kill, and that's what they called ~euthanasia~

    • Monkeys Southall
      Monkeys Southall

      @Aries Leo what video is that from

    • Megan Brown
      Megan Brown

      He’s taking a page out of Joles book

    • Giel Van Den Brink
      Giel Van Den Brink

      rip the chickens

    • Aries Leo
      Aries Leo

      Reginald the chicken from graystillplays

  • SephirothRyu

    Now ask Grian to dupe it a bunch of times and make it the smallest good looking neighborhood.

  • Kian Colman
    Kian Colman

    This blows my mind, amazing Mumbo. :)

  • 74 bros
    74 bros

    The villager swapper is very cool but another solution would be to change it to a composter then a fletching table and so on so it will alter the villager

  • Chillz

    Can you make a schematic, please? This is incredible.

  • Imagimatic

    Mumbo: *puts hundreds of chickens inside a tiny space* Also Mumbo: “peace love and plants baby!”

    • Imagimatic


    • mega galaxy 404
      mega galaxy 404

      We really need to shorten peace love and plants... Plp? Or ☮️❤️🌱? Idk 🤣

    • mega galaxy 404
      mega galaxy 404

      Also mumbo kills villager 😁 In fairness he did only say peace love and plants for hermitcraft lol 👍

    • Regentcoffeeplays

      He also says "they grow up into lava" so casually

    • JeffyIsAIdiot

      @Zeo theres two chicken spaces so around 100 or more

  • PythonPlusPlus

    I like how you tried to make a small base, but underground, the base is massive.

  • Alan P
    Alan P

    There is something oddly satisfying about all of those chest mine carts to be lined up like that ready for deployment

  • Daniel Hunt
    Daniel Hunt

    I can’t quite explain why but this is infuriating and I love it, bravo.

  • Top3 #roadto100
    Top3 #roadto100

    This base just feels so perfect for mobs to not even touch u

  • eml sml
    eml sml

    Mumbo: i want to use lodestone because its expensive Also Mumbo: proceeds to remove all lodestones

    • eml sml
      eml sml

      How did i get 850 likes wtf

    • Honda boi
      Honda boi

      @DefNotJef1 • 11 years ago Exactly

    • DefNotJef1 • 11 years ago
      DefNotJef1 • 11 years ago

      please ignore the spam bot above, the do scams and viruses and shit

    • Subway King
      Subway King


  • Reshy

    Should totally make a mod or something that lets you place one of these down as an "instant base" sort of deal.

  • SumTingFishy

    *after building the base Me: cool, it’s a nice little base! *builds crafting table swapper Me: ah nice addition, now you can fit even more stuff in *builds food source Me: I mean… it’s useful *builds villager swapper Me: wow this is mor than just a mini base *builds storage system Me: Jesus how can you fit so much

  • Jack_Frtruck

    "I've never been so thankful for 4 pixels in my entire life." That one guy who took a picture on a mountain and looked at it years later, and was promptly killed by a tall pale monster: Must be nice, huh?

  • Atasco Osage
    Atasco Osage

    you know, you could have saved space by making the crafting table block swapper also switch the villagers