I'm A SNITCH! (Kindergarten Part 2)
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    Dan’s got a higher kill streak in this game then any FPS shooter, mans on fire

    • EMOJI

      @Low•quality•uploads someone alr told me but it was this one thank anyway tho

    • Low•quality•uploads

      Idk if it was someone with the same comment, but this comment was featured in the next video if you didn’t notice

    • Oreagle

      Well done

    • Gnw Stradmoore
      Gnw Stradmoore

      @Josh E pod

    • Gnw Stradmoore
      Gnw Stradmoore

      Very much Sus

  • 【𝘲𝘵𝘵_𝘫𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘪】

    The creative and great thing about Dan is that he makes his content more age appropriate for people watching him as if we’re growing with him. Respect for you 👏👏👏

  • X_Laylax3lla_x☁

    I love it how as Dan's channel grows , theres gotta be a 2nd part of every game he plays.

  • TheOneThatsWeird

    I love how Dan's main channel is more family friendly, and the live channel is more free in what things he can play.

  • SarAnna fan page
    SarAnna fan page

    These type of game series that Dan makes always make me laugh and they have done for YEARS.

  • Return31

    Still can’t believe he’s playing this game… good for Dan for not letting his channel limit the games he plays

    • Tashuq Rizvi
      Tashuq Rizvi


    • cxsmicflower

      I disagree, I beleive the PG limit was very wise and very courageous of him.

    • Jack Howard
      Jack Howard

      @Halls Gale probably

    • Jack Howard
      Jack Howard


  • Tiara Tarz
    Tiara Tarz

    I love this game, Dan just makes it even more funnier✨💕🌈😂

  • CluckyDucky123

    I’ve been a fan of dan for at least 6 years and he’s still an amazing content creater

  • PlazixTheScratcher

    How to get the Cindy ending: Talk to Cindy during morning time. Just don’t let her accuse you of a crime. Play house with Cindy and agree with everything she says. Bring 1 dollar just in case

  • IamJosh26

    I love who dans play through was still trying to be upbeat and “wholesome” while Cory made his so dark

  • Adri Musai
    Adri Musai

    Dan's content grows as we do, that's one of the reasons I still watch Dan after all these years. Thank you Dan, for making such amazing content, keep up the good work!

    • Sh3o

      @Adri Musai wait what?

    • Adri Musai
      Adri Musai

      @Sh3o The prophecy has been fufilled.

    • Kiara_ eats_ kids_123
      Kiara_ eats_ kids_123

      @Dolores Umbridge ✨nOnE✨

    • TheEhlowery

      Keep up the nice words, one of not many people in the world who are thoughtful for youtubers

    • Adri Musai
      Adri Musai

      holy shut 576 likes

  • Ads Awesome
    Ads Awesome

    I've watched enough other playthroughs of kindergarten to know what that "horrific crime" is but I just wanna see how far Dan is willing to show stuff

  • Emerald Moon
    Emerald Moon

    I can't believe I've been watching this man for almost 10 years now, it's crazy. 4 to 14, wow. Keep up the great work Dan, you'll always be an og :D

  • The Emerald King
    The Emerald King

    23:13 Dan: "censor that second one" Editor: *censors* *zooms in on Dan* *zooms out, and uncensors*

  • Billy The Pineapple lord
    Billy The Pineapple lord

    Please do more of this series! It is one of my favorites you’ve done! Keep it up.

  • Guppy Programs
    Guppy Programs

    Dan: "We need to censor that one!" then its not censored a few seconds afterwards XD

    • Potato Guy
      Potato Guy

      @Captain Awesome 37:00 "This boy tried to bitch"

    • Connor Guard
      Connor Guard

      Yeah haha

    • Alexandra

      Idk what it meant

    • GYRO panda YT
      GYRO panda YT


    • ꨄJayꨄ

      @Animation Pug and also the *insert illegal crime* part

  • My phone
    My phone

    This man right here is my entire childhood, keep up the amazing work man!

    • Nubbie RBLX
      Nubbie RBLX


  • iamrace

    I love how he tells the editor to censor the swear and then leaves it uncensored

  • Cameron Orcutt
    Cameron Orcutt

    So glad Dan didn't mention what we all know was actually under the blurring. It is a horrific crime to say the least.

  • bedhead

    I love this new series a lot. Excited for the next one!!

  • Candle Lit
    Candle Lit

    I love when Dan plays games like this one 😄

  • shmoopy

    i say this alot but ive been watching dan for almost 9 years. i can confidently say that i am not at all bored of dans content. :)

  • Coolex

    The Editor Hasn't Been Doing The Greatest Job.

  • Gabriel Dundale
    Gabriel Dundale

    Dan: " Im not gonna talk about it, Im just gonna do it cus other wise i'll get confused" Also Dan: Proceeds to explain.

  • Tommy Johnson
    Tommy Johnson

    I’m surprised he’s playing it this late but hey at least he’s playing it it’s great to see Dan play great games. A great RSloftr and a great game

    • BasketMan 25
      BasketMan 25

      Yeah this stuff is pretty fine for a kid if they’re mature enough. I was only 10 (turning 11) when this came out and I played it. It was nothing. I think the majority of Dan’s viewers today are 9+ so its okay.

    • Blesmol

      @OMINA I guess so.

    • OMINA

      @Blesmol true but it just depends if the person watching is mature enough (even if it is a kid)

    • Blesmol

      Well I don’t think some parents would be happy of their kids watching Dantdm pick up a dead dog and blaming another kid for killing it when I’m pretty sure he was still very kid friendly during the time it was released

  • FrostyDino

    I loved kindergarten (the game) as a kid, watching Dan play this makes me so happy.

    • Testing123 / Ore7
      Testing123 / Ore7

      you what

  • Shalina Akter Titu
    Shalina Akter Titu

    Dan never failes to make my day

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Dan: " I think I got this but I'm not going to talk about it " Also Dan proceeds to talk about it 31:08

  • Candice Barrett
    Candice Barrett

    Dan is making such good content these days

  • ShiningWizard69

    As a 19-year-old man, I find this series entertaining.

    • Thor, God of Thunder
      Thor, God of Thunder

      @The Netherite King and?

    • The Netherite King
      The Netherite King

      That’s ablie

    • The Netherite King
      The Netherite King

      Same but I’m 26

    • The Netherite King
      The Netherite King

      He’s 29

    • Krishna Does Games
      Krishna Does Games

      @Portul TM its a weird condition called age... idk what it is

  • Nikodem 123fort
    Nikodem 123fort

    dan: censors a bunch of stuff the people who have already played kindergarten: im a dozen steps ahead of you

  • DiamondCat

    There's an ending where you get the janitor in trouble. I forgot how you do it, but it's definitely worth checking out

  • Jibstar

    Hey dan I’ve been watching you for 6 years and right now I’m dealing with a broken heart and your the only person that can make my day🙂 thanks

  • V_K_A 2.0
    V_K_A 2.0

    I can’t wait for you to play Kindergarten 2 after this series!

  • Dan Bent955
    Dan Bent955

    Loving how dantdm is making more mature content for older audiences now!

    • Not Funny
      Not Funny

      @Harry Benson what

    • Harry Benson
      Harry Benson


    • Not Funny
      Not Funny

      He said he makes content for us, and we've grown up, so so will his content

    • RedRacc

      @Thangavelu ps it's a good thing he's not like he was before and has decided to take this turn with his content, otherwise a LOT of hid old fans would've turned away. Also he's like 30 now, of course he isn't gonna be the same as he was all those years ago. it's great he's making videos that adapt to his older audience to keep them around

    • Mcbruce 5000
      Mcbruce 5000

      @Thangavelu ps well people do change but this change isn’t the worst, I do miss mod reviews though..

  • Hi-Its-Me-Shadow

    It is so good to see Dans videos evolving since watching in 2017 :)


    Dan is one of the you tubers that really never die you grow up watching it he ain't like stampy that who's kid friendly limitations limited him from making content that he truely desires

  • jashua javan
    jashua javan

    i love this series keep up the good work.this game has interest me

  • Electronic Gamer
    Electronic Gamer

    i love how he blurs curse words out for 5 seconds and then shows the word anyway

  • Pander man 9
    Pander man 9

    Dan never fails to entertain

    • Goobergabe YT
      Goobergabe YT

      True dat

    • murtan piechel
      murtan piechel


    • Willplayz


    • Dart Gaming
      Dart Gaming


    • WormFN


  • Nugget

    I do appreciate the fact he censored the word rape because Ethan can be a sensitive topic for some people. Very considerate of him.

  • Darktin

    Its funny how Dan accidentally leaked some meant to be censored stuff like the Cindy accusing him one

  • Bungalow

    Dan's the type of guy to say he's PG-13, and then play games like this

  • nemoh

    Man I love these kind of puzzle story type games

  • shahzeb khan
    shahzeb khan

    I am truely loving the fact that Dan is making mature content now.

    • •Xi0•

      @Josiah Games because you’re 8 and not allowed to watch him anymore lol

    • Luminess

      @Josiah Games He used to be making different content than now, so?

    • JackAttack301

      @Josiah Games why?

    • Josiah Games
      Josiah Games

      Im not

  • rackjackgan yt
    rackjackgan yt

    Finally dan, you made the part 2!

  • Ekko OG
    Ekko OG

    hey love your vids and i really want more mod reviews with dr trayaurus, grim and craig the mailman😁

  • Caleb Selvan
    Caleb Selvan

    I love how the editor censored the bad word in the first scene but didn' t in the second band word scene

  • r helton
    r helton

    ive been waiting so long for part to of this and im so happy you are continuing it

  • Cherri Blossom
    Cherri Blossom

    I still love how Dan is himself. Like he still doesn’t swear Even after all the influence of like swearing RSloftrs (even though nothing is wrong with swearing) he didn’t just switch to swearing Becuase it was popular, he continued to be himself. I like that Dan just makes videos Becuase he enjoys them and doesn’t try to please everyone, it’s such a positive carefree atmosphere and that’s why I love dans content so much :DD

    • Me.

      dont want to burst your bubble, he does off cam... but point taken, I agree.

    • Moon Man
      Moon Man

      @axlennon you're acting like nobody knows what it means lol

    • axlennon

      Do you know what cindy said and dan had to blur DONT SEARCH THIS OK? She said "RAPE"

    • Reid Lawson
      Reid Lawson

      He just swore in this video when he read a dialogue message

    • KatKazam

      yeah one of the few youtubers that dont curse that manage to make their videos and themselves highly entertaining to watch

  • justarandomalt

    It feels so weird knowing that I've seen 5 people played this and he's mixing up the missions

  • Comment deleted
    Comment deleted

    I love the fact that he's playing Kindergarten

  • JellyMallow

    Dan: and today we’re going uncensored Half way through the video, Dan: never mind :)

  • TheOdd5thLegend

    I love how Dan wants somethings blurred but the editor forgot do blur some

  • Meme Lord1802
    Meme Lord1802

    “Let’s go send Jerome to see his “daddy” “ooooh I like the sound of that” Dan 2021

    • Cars N' Stuff
      Cars N' Stuff

      @Pufferfish90 ayo

    • MeMaYuMe

      @Retro Gamer mine was ruined when I was 8 yrs. old

    • OMINA

      Ayooo what

    • k

      Ayo tf

    • Retro Gamer
      Retro Gamer

      I just started the video and saw this Why have you done this to my childhood

  • carninja

    about have way through dan enters total consontration mode for about 2 min lmao

  • Cheetah

    no one gonna talk about how dark this is? i love it!🖤

  • FlapWe1

    Dan: I'm not gonna talk about it I'm just gonna do it also Dan: *explains everything*

  • Noah Tab
    Noah Tab

    Hopefully he keeps playing this game

  • S. L. Y.
    S. L. Y.

    I love how Dan is reaching out to the more mature side, not much censoring, blood, death and even “well endowed” 😬👀

    • - mochikxtten -
      - mochikxtten -

      *I would like but 69 likes I can’t bring myself to do it* Edit: it’s passed 69 likes ima like

    • alexander warzone
      alexander warzone

      But it's not on the main Chanel though

    • Spidey

      lol and after he censors the second option with Cindy after the cut it's visible 23:23

    • Pepifiy

      I Love How The Editor Just Gives Up On Editing The Word Rape And The Gun Shot For The Player And Other's Lmpamao

    • Itadori Editz
      Itadori Editz

      Yeah and they forgot to censor the option “What’s rape”

  • Larry's Towing
    Larry's Towing

    i love how some words were censored but then later on they weren't censored lmao

  • Voltaic

    i will say even if the editor tried to sensor some stuff some things still didnt get sensored and for me that made it funnier

  • HisDickSmallerThanMyToes

    Yall remember "I can't grow a good beard! Now look at this man, dad beard and all. It's beautiful, isn't it?

  • Thor, God of Thunder
    Thor, God of Thunder

    for those who are wondering what Cindy screamed at 36:42, she yelled ' ARPE!' (rearrange the letters) and accused him of 'arpe'-ing her.

  • Matthew Puccio
    Matthew Puccio

    Loving the more mature content. I think Dan knows that he was had fans that have loved him sence we were little kids, but we've grown up. I started watching dan when I think I was 7 or 8, and I am now 15, so I am ready for more mature content. Thanks for sticking with your audince, Dan. You will always be my OG favorite RSloftr :)

    • Matthew Puccio
      Matthew Puccio

      @alexander warzone I definitly am. I've been watching him more now than I have in a long time, and I'm loving it.

    • alexander warzone
      alexander warzone

      To both the people Matthew Puccio and ivy you both have been watching dan for a very long time you both must be fans of content

    • Ivy O
      Ivy O


  • Golden Clover
    Golden Clover

    I think there is a kindergarten 2. You should TOTALLY play it! Love the gameplay

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones

    Dan being teachers pet for 48 minutes straight.

  • Choco Latte
    Choco Latte

    3:14 One of the options: "Squishing me won't make your dad come back." Dan: Uhmm... *laughs*

  • ha

    Dan, thankyou for playing this game, you can be a little bit more free witth what video you make as i believe most of your demographic is growing old with you but obv you do what you do i love these types of more chill videos tho

  • EliGAMINGlol

    I think he should play kindergarten 2 because he enjoyed this series and most viewers enjoy it too

  • Naman

    Great job Dan keep up the good work

  • vxrt

    i loved how the teacher said his dad isnt coming back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Just a normal Human
    Just a normal Human

    cant wait for part 3 :))

  • mr anonymous
    mr anonymous

    dan the "isn't your love enough?" answer was at the start of the day

  • Naomi

    Please keep playing this game!

  • Jacob Kane
    Jacob Kane

    I like how when nugget talks in 1st person hes saying 3rd person stuff

  • MrSnickerz

    I like how he didnt censor the option "what's r4pe?" When he was talking to the principal lol

  • Mr. Dog
    Mr. Dog

    Man, this video brings me back to the days of this game. I’m glad dan is playing it

  • hamburger

    Nobody: ... Absolutely nobody: ... Dan: Mrs. Applebees...? Mrs.. Apple.. bottom.. jeans?

  • Mr.Pancake

    This is like riddle school but harder. Love it