I Hydro Dipped my iPhone and Airpods (giveaway) 🌈
I wanted to see what would happen if I hydro dipped an iphone and airpods. One is said to be waterproof...the airpods not so much.
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my first time hydro dipping and I decide to do an iphone 11 and airpods. appropriate.

  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham

    ALSO: please write your instagram handle in a comment so if you win I can contact you!

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      Kyle. Ivan


    • Taylor Briones
      Taylor Briones

      Haley Pham @taylorbriones

    • HYS _gg
      HYS _gg

      Can I have the airpods please if you didn't give them away

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    • Riham El-Baamrani
      Riham El-Baamrani

      @Rihamelba xxxxx

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    daniela lopez

    woah there’s so many hate comments here , not here for it

  • Finn

    am I the only one getting this recommended??

  • chloe bartlett
    chloe bartlett

    spock completes the video 🥺 ig- @chloe.ashlynnn

  • Solanum

    Am I the only one that finds this hydro dipping thing so unsatisfying? You expect it to look so great, but it always turns out kinda wonky.

  • Gracie H
    Gracie H

    But one time I left my AirPod gen 1 outside in the sprinklers with my iPhone 6... and they still work (not the phone, just the AirPods) Idk if I was lucky or they do last in water,,,

  • Sam K.
    Sam K.

    The way Spock just waddled on into the frame in the beginning😂

  • Yakei

    Me waiting for Haley to say “Hey girlie pops!” 👁👄👁

  • Sup

    Nobody: Subtitles: Im hydro dipping an iPhone and a pair of bear paws

  • Mariahly

    This is when I noticed when Haley started to change

  • Jay Wink
    Jay Wink

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  • GD Caleb
    GD Caleb

    This is a suggestion: put a clear coat of spray paint so it will stick forever

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  • BelloVita

    I dropped my iPhone XS Max in puddle of water & it got water damaged. I shipped it to apple& the phone got losted. I shipped my phone April 7 & its still hasn’t come!! In fact Apple has not even begin to repair on the phone! I don’t know when I’ll have a phone.😭😭😭 needless to say I take that phone in a heart beat. 😭

  • TIGER Ross
    TIGER Ross

    Czn i pls have the air pods cause all i freaking have is a 2014 glitching af tablet AKA ipad or the phone

  • Shope Mayorga
    Shope Mayorga

    Oh ok I was wrong I re watched and saw the tape :p

  • Shope Mayorga
    Shope Mayorga

    Just me or did it look like she didn't cover the speaker charger thing and buttons? No offense just not sure my eyes don't work :p

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    Roni Simhoni


  • Jasmine Anderson
    Jasmine Anderson

    Well can you give us the phone and I enter and subscribe I’m new to your channel you have awesome videos

  • Cyrine Baffoun
    Cyrine Baffoun

    Can i win the giveaway Inta:sarahbaffoun

  • Soph

    Soooo.... did we forget to tape up the connecting button on the back????😂

  • Danika Doyle
    Danika Doyle

    Awww dangnt I wish I could win those AirPods but I don’t have instagram so I guess no AirPods in my future but i looooveeeee your videos so much you are the best and you always brighten my day !

  • Sam Clark
    Sam Clark

    I love ever video you make


    Hello, Will help me !!!.. I need a iphone 11 or max pro to review about it in my page.... I am not offered to buy new one😢😢😢 i am from low class family plz me Tell now i never touched any iPhone in my life Name : S .Raju Address : No:7 ,5th cross street MG Road, Pattabiram Chennai - 600072 India Email : rajucezil@gmail.com Phone no : +918248929882

  • Girly _ gamer. xoxo
    Girly _ gamer. xoxo

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  • Bübblès _
    Bübblès _

    Haley after waxing her vag: 3:33

    • Bübblès _
      Bübblès _

      I’m sorry I had too 😂

  • Bübblès _
    Bübblès _

    I literally played a game where you do this earlier and now I find this 😂

  • Sierra Bovinette
    Sierra Bovinette

    Long hair!!

  • PlaneDiamond748

    Ur supposed to also tape the sides of the phone

  • Jose Varughese
    Jose Varughese

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  • diortae

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  • diortae

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    lieke_ brinks

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    Antonia Stassi

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    Lily Dunstan

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  • Jess Banks
    Jess Banks

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  • Breeana Chu
    Breeana Chu

    can u giveaway the phone too lmao

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams

    Did anyone notice how when she opened the box the phone screen was facing up? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the camera supposed to be facing up when you open the box?

  • Veronika Kocnárová
    Veronika Kocnárová


  • Eryna Insyirah
    Eryna Insyirah

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  • Kenzie 14
    Kenzie 14

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  • some kid
    some kid

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    youtube watcher123

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  • Briana Torres
    Briana Torres

    H cbbf(f fgf6vbdv5vfyf d jc dkkkkkkkc c7f Boyd d ff gc f vg t fycfvhfvyv vuvvy f vg fu f fooov vu v vu. V vhv

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    finest jassy

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