I Got 3D Acrylic Nails
okay so are these nail videos gonna be a series? First 5 inch acrylic nails, now 3D acrylic nails, what do you want to see next?
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  • Haley Pham
    Haley Pham

    OMG I'M SO EXCITED! 2020 i want to make videos to the fullest of my potential! So this is just the beginning of me exploring that, but I hope you guys enjoy! And feel free to comment something crazy I could do next...even if its not nail related!!! I LOVE YOU GIRLYPOPS

    • Jayla Jegede
      Jayla Jegede

      I wish I could meet Haley

    • Mia Rose
      Mia Rose

      Haley Pham this aged well

    • Anara factory
      Anara factory

      When she say that me in 2020 crona black matters

    • Aikam Sidhu
      Aikam Sidhu

      Um no I hate 2020 so far

    • Sofia Archer
      Sofia Archer

      corona who

  • cinnamonstar808

    JUST STOP this video and others are just mockery and nothing else.\ stay in your BASIC BITCH corner and let other people and their lifestyle + cultural rest. if its not for you .. its not for you. 🙄 how many videos will you do stating the fact you cant wear long nails? WE GET IT how many times Hitler Pham must you push a square into a circle hole? JUST STOP

  • Aesthetic Girl
    Aesthetic Girl

    You should do 20 inch nails! 😂😂

  • hope kathryn
    hope kathryn

    i feel like nail techs just have a talent of keeping a conversation going and they talk a lot so that the don’t lose their clients interest honestly what a gift !

  • Londyn cutie
    Londyn cutie

    she is too freaking dramatic. like calm down people get way longer nails and can do stuff and NOT be dramatic.

  • Ava Didi
    Ava Didi

    I have pretty long acrylic nails on right now and I actually ride horses in them! They don’t pose much of a problem for me surprisingly.

  • Life as Jasmine
    Life as Jasmine

    OMG... Im LITERALLY DYING over that mini mic!!! can you plz link where you got it!!?? ; )

  • nailed it
    nailed it

    Where I get my nails done it's like 25 dollars for namal acrylic lol

  • Logan Edwards
    Logan Edwards


  • henrik ortvald
    henrik ortvald

    Bwa bwa bwaaaa i felt that

  • M L
    M L

    should buy medical nail clippers so it's easier for you to cut them next time

  • Rian Al Mashhadani
    Rian Al Mashhadani

    better then losing moey buy alot of nails at walmart then get little mini fruit pieces put them together ur nails now done did

  • Eri

    _She said the nails were too long for her i literally have nails that length every day_ 🤣 👁👄👁

  • Eri

    2:17 Wow the mic changes the sound of her voice .0. (Atleast in my opinion qwq)

  • D A R I A N A 28
    D A R I A N A 28

    Haley: a kiwi...a cherry The Harry inside of me: 🙉🙈🙊

  • Emma Holmes
    Emma Holmes

    there was a girl, I don't like her, but she LOVED to wear acrylics, and so she decides to get new ones, DURING BASKETBALL SEASON, then complains about how she is gonna break a nail, and blah blah blah, then asks me why I am so bad at basketball, because she can't catch the ball when I throw it to her, I mean, like girl, those acrylics are an INCH of your nails, plus I have been playing basketball longer than you have, and my dad is a coach (for my team) and so I get corrected on EVERYTHING and have to run extra after practice and you are telling ME that I'M BAD at basketball

  • Ava Jimenez
    Ava Jimenez

    R u Ryan trahans gf

  • Kendyl Heyer
    Kendyl Heyer

    I love your videos so so much!

  • Lily-Rose Davies-Leary
    Lily-Rose Davies-Leary

    These are short for me xx

  • Krystiana Thompson
    Krystiana Thompson

    Haley:She charged by the hour so it ended up being $150 Me:Dang she charged you because she wasn't working fast

  • Mari

    I’m sad you cut them off

  • Rebekah Reckley
    Rebekah Reckley

    Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like LourDIY??? No just me okay....

  • Kahnners Tun
    Kahnners Tun

    Crosfit ruins your back

  • Julie Waters
    Julie Waters

    I fell like you should have done pineapples

  • rsmilovic Unknown
    rsmilovic Unknown

    They look cool but pain full

  • Becky Fx
    Becky Fx

    You did a great job! I love you ❤️

  • Nature Family
    Nature Family

    What is that na wearing

  • Mango Mash
    Mango Mash

    hey prettey

  • Mango Mash
    Mango Mash

    hey hay wanted a say

  • Ok ya
    Ok ya

    ILY remember that

  • •*hxnny*cxxkie*•

    Girl, throughs are bumpy but good for you love your channel

  • shirrk ._.
    shirrk ._.

    “I can’t work out” Me: oH No

  • Froggy_Frog

    Omg those nails are sooooooo cute 🥰 I love them I want them like I have long nails like acrylic nails rait now there long but I love yours mine are plain there youst blue yeah sad por hehe😅😂🤣

  • sarah karim
    sarah karim

    when you use the mic it sounds like your podcast and i’m living for it

  • Panda Sisters
    Panda Sisters

    Them talking about "kips" Me a gymnast: that is definitely not a kip 🤔

  • Pup Mamira
    Pup Mamira

    Where did you get that mini microphone? It’s so cute!!!!🥺

  • Cat M
    Cat M

    Is anybody else obsessing over her wavy hair?!?

  • Geometric Panda
    Geometric Panda

    That’s a very tiny microphone!

  • Tylease Miedema
    Tylease Miedema

    That took 4 and a half hours I did my nails myself and they are just plain white coffin nails and they literally took like 7 hours. I’m not kidding I timed it

  • Kiya Dee
    Kiya Dee

    So she basically just cut off $100 ?!?!

  • Juliana

    I literally just saw my dinner I just had on nails.. the meat with rosemary

  • Salty Ocean Art
    Salty Ocean Art

    Must suck she has to leave those on for half a year 😂

  • uh ok
    uh ok

    I love Haley's hair wavy like that. If she had bangs it'd be so freakin cute!

  • sarah schuck
    sarah schuck

    anyone else get anxious seeing her trying to text lilly 😂 💀

  • Sophia Lowney
    Sophia Lowney

    3:05 lol i love her wallpaper 😂

  • cat harper
    cat harper

    Dude fuck yo nail tech

  • Fathima Nilamdeen
    Fathima Nilamdeen


  • leila


  • jak jak
    jak jak

    These are soo beautiful

  • Süñńy Møï
    Süñńy Møï

    Like they weren’t 3D already?

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    Okay so my name is Cheyenne too and when you were talking about your crossfit coach I keep thinking that you were calling my name lol!

  • emmi s.
    emmi s.

    the cross-fit trainer’s shirt is in finnish ”Bear Strength”

  • tinykingez

    her hair looks so gorgeous the whole vid

  • Alexis jenna
    Alexis jenna


  • anna banana
    anna banana

    Im hungry now

  • Analiz Depepna
    Analiz Depepna

    Bro I am 9 and I put long nails for 3 days lol

  • Ellie Daisy
    Ellie Daisy

    Do more do more plllllllĺllllllleèeeeeeaaaaaaàaaasssssßsssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeè

  • Aletsi Gonzalez
    Aletsi Gonzalez

    it aint that hard tbh......

  • Savannah Haney
    Savannah Haney

    her lock screen 😂😂

  • Liam Oc
    Liam Oc

    Back when we could go out...

  • Brett Lawler
    Brett Lawler

    I just found your channel and i love you and your vids you give me good vibes😎❤️❤️

  • Love Lol
    Love Lol

    Where did u buy ur mic from? Xxx

  • Rachel Bui
    Rachel Bui

    Wow the time it takes is crazy , I was wondering how long it took to to the 3d nails

  • Isabel R.
    Isabel R.

    Hiiii I love your videos!!

  • Stefanie Diaz
    Stefanie Diaz

    If they are really long then why did you do it

  • Audrey Lee
    Audrey Lee

    "are they worth it?" BWAH BWAH BWAH!!!!!!! lol that got me rolling on the floor

  • Emily Kate
    Emily Kate

    Wow she definitely did her research

  • IcyDog ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    IcyDog ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Sooo cute 💅🏻🍒🍌🍓🍑🥝

  • Destiny Material
    Destiny Material


  • Faith Diaz De Villegas 2026
    Faith Diaz De Villegas 2026

    try to get nails at the dollar store and glue them on

  • Just Ava
    Just Ava

    those nails are everything💅🏼😍

  • rachael dudley
    rachael dudley

    and love her hair

  • rachael dudley
    rachael dudley

    i love nails and stand out nails but why is she not wearing any coulse under her apron or whatever but beside that she looks really sweet

  • Emmerson Brownell
    Emmerson Brownell

    Why is the nail tech wearing a bra with no shirt over it?!

  • Cesar Vasquez
    Cesar Vasquez

    Am I the only guy who watches

  • Mia

    are you the girl from tiktok that tries to get the boys to follow her

    • Haley Pham
      Haley Pham

      HAHAHAHA no

  • Perplexed Gaming
    Perplexed Gaming

    Deez Nailz

  • Bighippolawdog YT
    Bighippolawdog YT

    This girl don’t even wear a shirt. What a nail artist

  • Brooke Murray
    Brooke Murray

    nobody show these nails to harry styles

  • StarrySaturdays

    Idea: try to get a multiple layered nail. (almost like stacking layers of nail polish (or acrylic, shellac etc.) on top of your nail.)

  • Hannah Schreiber
    Hannah Schreiber

    I would hate these bc I always read and I have to be able to read and turn the pages

  • Molly Mccall
    Molly Mccall

    U said at the end... “There are the cutest nails I ever gotted” the word ‘gotted’ isn’t a word... BUT AWESOME NAILSSSS

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    3D NAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip

    3:05 she showed the time then after a few seconds the mins and secs of the video is the time

  • Jennifer Iglesias
    Jennifer Iglesias

    Find a New nail lady... sis is expensive 😳

  • Grace Bobo
    Grace Bobo

    So cute and cool I love youu cx

  • Monkey _Life
    Monkey _Life

    I subbed

  • Jae Summers
    Jae Summers

    The nails could be functional but it really depends on the persons patients and how smart you are. There are a lot of shortcuts to do with long nails like with texting and stuff.

  • Catkithes

    I wanna visit this nail salon ngl and get those bowsette nails

  • Mia Korsh
    Mia Korsh

    u look like avani from the hype house

  • Eva Krokowski
    Eva Krokowski

    does anyone know what tiny microphone she uses it sounds so good!

  • David Iñigo Concepcion
    David Iñigo Concepcion

    Hayley pham memes her self for 10 minutes straight

  • Azar Safi
    Azar Safi

    Cough, cough, mini microphone 🎤

  • Tynisha da Brat
    Tynisha da Brat

    Ok She really dtm 😹🤚🏾nails don’t be like 🤷🏾‍♀️😹

  • Ammi Rasmussen
    Ammi Rasmussen

    You Should do Disney nails!

  • Creek People Vlogs
    Creek People Vlogs

    Does she have a P.O. Box?

  • Emily Alessandra
    Emily Alessandra

    She used acrygel or polygel for the fruit 🍌

  • lexporium

    In the thumbnail you look disgusted and amazed at the same time

  • Milkshake Monday
    Milkshake Monday

    No one: Me: hi my name is swsnujnddshnuuihhhihdhhi edxisdaiddsiuiu, what’s ur name?

  • Blair

    so she paid for 3d Press on nails?