I FINALLY got one!! - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 First Impressions
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We FINALLY got our hands on Samsung's Galaxy Fold 2 5G and it looks like they learned a lot of their lessons from the first time.
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  • Mitch

    You can make selfies with your best camera's & see yourself

  • denver broncos 1987
    denver broncos 1987

    Why do you complain on every video you make? You bash everything you review, why buy it ?

  • Andres Leon
    Andres Leon

    you could just put a second screen protector that is has less resistance, if third parties ever make one

  • Fantastic Coder
    Fantastic Coder

    Ok we take it .. we take it if you don’t like it..

  • Nutsack Gaming
    Nutsack Gaming

    I am very proud

  • イェシュア47

    I guess if your business is gonna disappear I guess you guys are having fun 🤣☠️

  • Auden Needham
    Auden Needham

    this is literally just a fancy 3ds

  • Sizifus

    Linus Tier case Description on Dbrand: "Contrary to the unpopular opinion, this is the shit tier" You're lying and you know it

  • qazi faisal
    qazi faisal

    I took the screen protector off and put the liquid screen protector on i have zero scratches after a month so i have no screen issues at all i have even dropped it no scratches no dents . Videos can also can be stretched to not have the black lines.

  • Average Dave
    Average Dave

    i was thinking about buying a linus skin from dbrand but i'm afraid my wife thinks i've an affair with a guy

  • CoolKids

    Linus: maintenance tasks Me: linus plays among us?

  • Anil Aberatne
    Anil Aberatne

    How can I order one? How much is it?

  • RedDidIt L
    RedDidIt L

    I’d rather keep my testicles thank you very much

  • cyberfennek

    Who needs an iphone 12 now? No one

  • Jim Abbey
    Jim Abbey

    POS the more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain!!

  • M Reda
    M Reda

    My wife loves her Note 9 and she's simply waiting for the notch/punch hole fiasco to disappear from the smartphone world. I also got her a Spigen and tempered glass screen protector from the very first day. It's literally brand new because of that. Doesn't have even one scratch on it after two full years or heavy usage. For me, It's been a year with the OnePlus 7 Pro, and same for me.

  • S. Sarkawi
    S. Sarkawi

    😀😊👍🏻 How come Poco X3 NFC can defeat Realme 7 Pro... $230 can defeat $340 rsloft.info/loft/video/d9yDlo-WnGrNZGk ..,,,,,

  • Xi Le
    Xi Le

    Have you tested it in the water?

  • Lewis gaming Lol
    Lewis gaming Lol

    A looked at this vid and thought Lionel Messi was a youtuber wtf

  • LostTrezzyleft

    He looks like Messi

  • ExuberantRaptor

    You can angle the screens to have for example video playing on the top one and comments/controls on the bottom one sort of like a laptop.



  • metv1221

    I'ma act like I didn't see him pull out his note 9 daily driver. Although I am here watching this off my note 9 daily driver. Thought many gave into the notes 10+ & 20U... I'll be on the note 9 til I see a Z Fold note edition, w/S-pen, and a more polished experience in the software development.

    • Alex

      I love my note 9

  • Them People
    Them People

    I hope this review is a joke bcuz this galaxy z fold 2 is dope asf 💯 no bs .. dude you gotta a apple fan boi bcuz you are trying to hard to convince the ppl the phone is trash .. nope I'm here to talk all you guys the pho is phone of the yr . And yes I been a apple guy for ten yrs I must say this right here is yrs in front of any iphone .. the camera and display is excellent so is the touch . I took my screen protector off and has no problems it's the best guys don't let these youtubers deter you guys from trying something new out bcuz you will regret it the phone is very very nice

  • parcos79

    i have a note9 ...it's the best damn phone i've ever owned.

  • ChallengerDrakava

    what a dumb phone. :D

  • Jordon Booman
    Jordon Booman

    I came here to see messi. What happened? Where am I?

  • Stan Kossen
    Stan Kossen

    Darn you. I've had my Z Fold for about a week, and I never really noticed that the screen created a little resistance to my fingers UNTIL you said something. Don't ever ask me to buy you ice cream.

  • Where's Waldo??? ?
    Where's Waldo??? ?

    I'll never get a "phone" like this. Technology is going backwards. I want smaller devices with more tech. Not bigger with lore tech. I can't even fit my galaxy S5 in pants pocket barely. Why t.f. would I want something like this that is twice as fat?? You also can't put otter boxes on them so that right there makes it so I'd never get one as well. I have a hard time believing having a folding seem would make it so it's even remotely good at waterproofing/water resistanting. I'll pass.

  • Fearbleeds

    I might by this in 4 years or so

  • Cafe Mim
    Cafe Mim

    How about LTT review?

  • Sona's Boobs 69
    Sona's Boobs 69

    I have been patiently waiting - linus and me , for the review of this phone as your daily driver

  • Sarj'An

    and we continue the legacy of linus dropping things. eheh

  • Aljun Reyes
    Aljun Reyes

    man, who needs a selfie camera on the back when you already have your selfie photo on it lol

  • xXLarryTFVWXx


  • Terry D
    Terry D

    It's just a glorified Nokia Communicator

  • 蘇

    Sam sung 👍👍👍

  • Deadlykharma12

    I switched to iPhone when the 4S came out, and this is the first phone that’s really tempted me to swap back to Android.

  • Morbus

    These fold devices are the closest things we have to George Jetson turning his car into a briefcase we've yet had.

  • ProWrestlingGamer

    Still an unbelievably stupid product. Too much compromise to try and squeeze 2 devices into one. Also for the cost of this fragile piece of junk, you can buy a Galaxy Note 20 and a Galaxy Tab S7 if Samsung is your Android manufacturer of choice. Yes I would rather carry 2 capable devices rather than 1 piece of fragile junk.

  • kapiatgatas

    I'm baffled the stupidity of people in websites like RSloft showing off their Hi Tech prowess aka low IQ. No such thing as perfection. We can all strive for perfection. Their is always something to criticize and never content.

  • Just A Nugget
    Just A Nugget

    Until they give it s-pen support and capability it’s pointless. It’s just a glorified tablet that folds into a phone. Cool but not no more useful than any other multitasking device out there.

  • Portuguese Cuts
    Portuguese Cuts

    Brother how are you still in note nine why haven't you at least gone to the Note 10 or the note 20 ultra out of curiosity

  • XK-Class

    Nintendo DS had a better hinge than the Z Fold 1 lmao

  • Al Senpai
    Al Senpai

    You have 2 Channels. Can you Use for one Channel a Beard and for the Other one on beard. So we can finally recognize who of you is Linus Tücher tips.

  • Dominic Mildern
    Dominic Mildern

    The cover is a meme

  • Jakub Hostinský
    Jakub Hostinský

    Oooo, it's 1st time I see you with beard, weird. But at least now you look more like Canadian :-)

  • Tech guy
    Tech guy

    What do you expect them to do they don't have glass that folds yet.

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke

    the multiple camera situation makes me realize how superior the Huawei version of a Fold is :O

  • Nyhja Gray
    Nyhja Gray

    Mind if I drive your first galaxy fold


    spec wise its not better than the s20 ultra so why spend 2000 dollars

  • Israel Alimi
    Israel Alimi

    Just get a tablet. Less complicated

  • charles

    I gonna wait until version 5 comes out to think buy one. Lots of improvements are needed to this technology to worth that kind of money.

  • Archie Whiteman
    Archie Whiteman

    lol @8:21

  • Archie Whiteman
    Archie Whiteman

    I really hold this foldy glass phone shit is a silly trend we will laugh about in 5 years and not going to become the standard, I`ll learn how to send smoke signals and go back to jerking off to magazine before I buy into that.

  • Sim M
    Sim M

    This guys thumbnails look so negative.

  • Adam Hughes
    Adam Hughes

    Sorry but that screen does NOT look brighter. Maybe it's the camera, but still. I've been able to see brightness differences via a video before. So I'm gonna say either this is such a little difference it's hardly visible to the human eye, or there's no difference at all. Lol.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia

    Linus if you go to display, screen lay out and zoom, and select "See more content at the same time", it will let you be able to post stories on youtube!

  • Liam Bennetts
    Liam Bennetts

    I will say the thing that holds me back from buying any new tech (given that my 3-5 year, mid range - moderate high end stuff still works) is app aren't as obviously optimized as they could be. I use F-Droid equivalents for most things as i get the absolute best bare bones experience I can find.

  • Real_EZ

    so wheres the full review you said you would do Linus?

  • Iamarobotbanana4

    It’s been over a month where is the review

  • Yung Gemstone
    Yung Gemstone


  • dan altamirano
    dan altamirano

    That was the weirdest sponsor "commercial" i've seen.

  • Sabrina Merrick
    Sabrina Merrick

    this seems like a novelty item.

  • Valentine Valentine
    Valentine Valentine

    I’m more surprised by your beard

  • Isaiah Russell
    Isaiah Russell

    Oh grease makes your hands sticky now. Wow...fuckery.

  • 동민신

    5:20 as a galaxy zfold 2 user, you would be able to upload a story if you close your phone. When it is opened, youtube recognizes your phone as a tablet, but if you close it, it recognizes as a phone. Pretty insane right lol

  • Movie Games
    Movie Games

    I don't understand why there's a camera on the inside at all when you can just turn the phone around if you need to selfie or conference. I've probably used my self facing camera a total of 3 times in the past 10 years.

  • Mitch

    At 2k with such a fragile screen folding phones are never going to take off.

  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez

    This is the ONLY guy that said speaker were good! Lol everyone said it was LOUD!

  • Anthonyg5005

    why they do my boi linus like that

  • Jasmean

    In quiet conditions, can you hear the hinge when opening and closing the device?

  • Brayden Brayden
    Brayden Brayden

    it will be some time before i buy a fold and it’s won’t be a 2 or 3 but this looks like a really good improved design so good to see them improving as samsung does.

  • J Studio
    J Studio

    2:22 Linus: So just like on one of the old Xperias from back in the day, they've combined the fingerprint sensor and lock button. Sony Xperia 1 Mark 2: Am I a joke to you?

  • Aaron Johnston
    Aaron Johnston

    So a 3ds but the entire thing a touch screen and has more problems

  • Boris Erdogan
    Boris Erdogan

    Seems like pretty awesome, just super expensive. These cost AU$3000

  • TheSeriousShow

    I fucking love dbrand.

  • qercuriie

    dbrand makes the best skins

  • PrivateSoup 1982
    PrivateSoup 1982

    Linus calling the bezels large me watching this on a iPhone 8 BRUH

  • schwift

    You can fit all kinds of stickers on that uniform xbox series x cough cough

  • Mr NoName
    Mr NoName

    I have a new idea for a phone. So basically a folding phone but with a keyboard.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    Sorry bro. That phone is ugly as hell. 😂

  • Immortal

    why does Linus daily drive a Note 9? I'm astonished. Not even a 10+ or a 20 ultra?

  • MAD Science Hacks
    MAD Science Hacks

    Looked like the "Smart guy meme" in the thumbnail....

  • Link error 404
    Link error 404

    0:51 Linus drops tips

  • BraedenFrazeArt

    The fold went from cool gimmick to phone I would actually enjoy if it wasn't absurdly expensive

  • FloEvans

    You know what I really hate about my phone? Being able to use it with one hand. If only someone could make it larger and more cumbersome. Also if you could make it so the screen is guaranteed to break at some point that would be great.

  • oh really
    oh really

    As soon as he opens the box the phone goes into negative but hopefully that skin comes off 😆

  • Jess Losaria
    Jess Losaria

    Wow congrats

  • Benjamin West
    Benjamin West

    Cool maybe in five years the technology will be affordable. I hope lots of people buy it so they keep spending r&d on it

  • jomanaitor

    ¿but HOW MANY channels this guy needs to make videos?

  • Ex Scar
    Ex Scar

    4:56 I thought he disassembled his old fold lol

  • Buford Balls
    Buford Balls

    bro... he put the linus face in the thumbnail to get people to click it. it worked.

  • Tee M
    Tee M

    Nice presentation but you seem a bit clumsy with your handle of devices. It gives an impression that you may have affected the condition of the previous versions negatively thereby compromising the steadiness of the previous version.

  • b s
    b s


  • Daniel Balla
    Daniel Balla

    I really thought he was Messi from the thumbnail lmaoo

  • Angel Del Billar
    Angel Del Billar

    I don’t know I feel like I would have fun with it but having fun just means I’m gonna end up breaking it any way!


    Patiently waiting for another phone great

  • patwickk

    0:53 linus drop tips

  • Drake

    Yo how greezy r ur fingers?

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