i crashed a high school dance (and this happened)
hope ya'll liked me accidentally crashing a high school dance in a state that i don't even live in thanks to avrey!
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  • Emma r
    Emma r

    *remember to vote for haley everyday for her shorty awaarrrdddd*

    • Alejandra’s Stardust
      Alejandra’s Stardust

      Titan Raps well look at this pointless opinion

    • Titan Raps
      Titan Raps

      Kyrsten Lam she tries too hard to be funny, and fails.

    • Titan Raps
      Titan Raps

      Lorena Bakker She’s annoying, so no.

    • Ela A
      Ela A

      Arianna Harper I did

    • Kyrsten Lam
      Kyrsten Lam

      No vote for Joana Ceddia

  • Catherine Jones
    Catherine Jones

    4:45 i laughed so hard at how much i related to the camera angle 🤣

  • mpsp

    In this moment i'm only thinking: where is Ryan??

  • emmarina

    1:39 Haley actually suits being prego 😫

  • Mischa Nel
    Mischa Nel

    God bless you

  • Olivia W
    Olivia W

    lol your the side chick or the 3rd wheel

  • Chelcc


  • Marie Elizabeth
    Marie Elizabeth

    The real question though... is Haley mormon or nah??

  • Elle Montanaro
    Elle Montanaro

    so nobodys gonna talk about them hopping into like a brand new beautiful brz? okay.

  • Cedrick Hall 3
    Cedrick Hall 3

    I swear I thought u were Demi lovato

  • Arisa 7
    Arisa 7

    Your videos are so unique and creative!💜

  • hana lb
    hana lb

    marla's merch!!!

  • ultimate gaming girl
    ultimate gaming girl

    When yr english and dont have dances 😂😂

  • Cierra

    what kind of dog breed is eevee

  • kate

    AS A person from Utah, a “Mormon high” is 100% a normal thing

  • Alexis Schoen
    Alexis Schoen

    Avery looks like the girl who played Dexter's daughter. In Dexter

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    me: *laughs that Haley doesn't have a date* also me: *realizes that my boyfriend is two hours away so I'll be alone to*

  • Thotamus Prime69
    Thotamus Prime69

    i love his video and both of you are so pretty

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin

    haley is me with my friends

  • Maddie Styler
    Maddie Styler

    Where does Avery live in Utah?

  • Addie

    *”good night we love you so bad!”* Idk why but that was so funny to me 😂

  • Emily Hollier
    Emily Hollier

    when you live in the uk and only have to school dances in your whole life

  • Maiah Serazin
    Maiah Serazin

    okay is ohio the only state that has grinding circles at every dance

  • Briley Sturgiss
    Briley Sturgiss

    Avery lives in my state 😳😂😂

  • Hazel Morris
    Hazel Morris

    chase is my favorite thing about this video

  • Shania _yoo
    Shania _yoo

    i feel like you kinda of ruined her experience and just talked bad about it too much and her friends and she just wanted to have fun and live life

  • zumzly.

    lol at 1:07 the way you say Utah cracks me up. I would love to hear you say mountain, because with a Utahan accent with some words we don't pronounce the T.

  • emely with an e
    emely with an e

    Avery: So like I have a dance the night you come so you wanna stay at my hou- Haley : oh no! Looks like I have to go! Don't have an option

  • KawaiiPlayz

    1:37 anyone else hear that?

  • Gabby Jamila
    Gabby Jamila

    "I'm gonna get a dog just like you!!" No Haley, you're not.

  • Kason Pippin
    Kason Pippin

    this year there’s 10 seniors at my school...i’ve got 12 people in all of eighth grade...

  • Poppie Longmore
    Poppie Longmore

    U guys are so beautiful!!!

  • Mialani Noble
    Mialani Noble

    mormon dances are wack

  • Tara


  • kaiimochii

    Idk how haley made it, I would've felt terrible anxiety going to an event and not knowing anyone

  • Worldbuilder 10
    Worldbuilder 10

    WHAT high school is this that dances get that lit

  • larni nairne
    larni nairne

    I love how Haley first posted videos teaches us how to put on a pink lip and how to dye your hair with kook aid EDIT: you should Defaintly react to your first RSloft video

  • Steffy Hdz
    Steffy Hdz

    What’s the name of Avery’s date??

  • linh hoang
    linh hoang

    but is avery finally wearing underwear in this video...

  • Katherine Rose
    Katherine Rose

    I love both of you and your videos. I feel the tiny school dance thing, my graduating class only had 65

  • Jerryryryryryr

    literally i wish if you want to bring someone from outside the school to a dance they have to have a permission form and like a consent form signed and you have to let the school know weeks in advance

  • Kristyn Handy
    Kristyn Handy

    4:57 "it's called mormon high" OMG I live in Utah and that is the truest sentence I've ever heard

  • k4dayzz

    mormon high is a real thing. let me tell you, i have lots of experience.

  • Avah Cathey
    Avah Cathey

    So Haley is crashing a high school dance and ryan was asked to prom... (How do I get both of them to come to come to my school dance!?!?)

  • lex burk
    lex burk

    ahh yess the mormon high

  • emma

    I love how haleys forever gonna be in these people’s pictures and they have no clue who she is and why she’s there

  • Ellie Rudd
    Ellie Rudd

    Eyyy I live in Utah would’ve been awesome if I saw you 😅😅

  • Ellie Wilson
    Ellie Wilson

    hes fit

  • miska

    let’s just say there a lot more full of...grinding

    • miska

      and usually an open bar for literally anyone who wants to drink (at mine we spent about 300 dollars of class money on everyone’s drinks yay)

  • miska

    wow chilean dances are different

  • Mariana Colom
    Mariana Colom

    This video is uncomfortable to watch

  • mejai israa
    mejai israa

    3:43 she is me everyday

  • brooklyn

    i live in utah and the energy drink “mormon high” is the most relatable thing i’ve ever heard 😂

  • Brianna Seaton- Payne
    Brianna Seaton- Payne

    wtf y is there like a professional white thing with flower petals on it on someone's home wow what

  • Nancy Nba
    Nancy Nba


  • Ang


  • Davis Houk
    Davis Houk

    being Mormon: lived in Utah: Haley Pham: "I'm actually having fun, cause this guy drank an energy drink, and it's like he's drunk or something.." Fellow Mormon maybe? "it's called a Mormon high" Me: understands completely

  • Barbara

    ok but can we talk about how HOT avrey's bf is omfg

  • Shamarie Rules
    Shamarie Rules

    I was dead when she let her stomach out and looked pregnant😂😂

  • Kimberley Cabral
    Kimberley Cabral

    I go to a country school that isn’t popular and in my school there is only 24 people in my year

  • duckwaddle

    1:44 her dress= *D* *E* *M* *O* *N* *I* *T* *I* *S* *E* *D*

  • Kloe Stanger
    Kloe Stanger

    I live in utah

  • Bella Abeln
    Bella Abeln

    Y’all look gorgeous 💓

  • Lauren Williams
    Lauren Williams

    Me going to my home comings😂😂 each year just staying less and less

  • kailtyn w
    kailtyn w

    i would die for that dog

  • Megan Barlow
    Megan Barlow

    I was there at the dance and saw them both and I didn't say hi... lol

  • Noelle Sung
    Noelle Sung

    *"ShE DoEsNt Even GO hEre"*

  • olivia h
    olivia h

    OMG when I heard she was in Utah my heart dropped because I live in Utah and I had no idea and I’m so sad!😭😭😭😭😭🖤😘

  • Giraf Panda
    Giraf Panda

    I’m going to my School Dance today so i kinda have to get ready now

  • nova ivatt-oakley
    nova ivatt-oakley

    iS ThAt A NePtUnE BoTtLe?

  • Siyanne Redda
    Siyanne Redda

    ok im sorry but is no one going to talk about how she said she was going to the dance in her vlog posted a day before this video?

  • AwesomeKid MSP
    AwesomeKid MSP

    Legit blessing

  • Ella W
    Ella W


  • lo Hedrick
    lo Hedrick

    I live in Utah and the dress codes are CRAZY lol, and all the Mormons are obsessed with energy drinks too! this video is my life

  • Allie L.
    Allie L.


    • Allie L.
      Allie L.

      love sisters supporting sisters :')

  • Adriana Jiménez
    Adriana Jiménez

    In my school this year there were only 5 seniors in total

  • Heather baxter
    Heather baxter

    you standing there with the corsage is me

  • Bianca Rames
    Bianca Rames

    I go to a private catholic school and it makes me sad to know I'll probably never get to experience a dance

  • bella lopez
    bella lopez

    Fellow harmony person ;) I know how you feel

  • lily

    demi lovato?!?

  • caroline bezner
    caroline bezner

    I should be studying for my test, but im out here living my best life and watching haleys vid😂😂

  • Camille Zepeda
    Camille Zepeda

    Wait this was so funny omg

  • anime :V
    anime :V

    I have to say what EVERYONE (or just ppl attracted to guys) that her friends d8 it HELLLLLLA CUTE/HOT damn ok 👌 Anyway, im a HUGE fan love uuuuu

  • shifra samuel
    shifra samuel

    He’s really hot

  • Moo!


  • carly

    Is it just me or does Haley low key look like Demi Lovato???

  • Alex Whybrow
    Alex Whybrow

    If you think a 1.5 hour dance is bad try going to a high school ceilidh her in Scotland. They last for like 3 hours and you basically get flung around the entire time

  • liv price
    liv price

    haha i live in utah the mormon high thing is relatable

  • Natalie Perez
    Natalie Perez

    3:26 that was so cute! *cries in single*

  • Elizabeth Mitenberga
    Elizabeth Mitenberga

    is this what school dances are like in other states??? its sooooooooo different in nyc🤣🤣🤣

  • Sarah Farias
    Sarah Farias

    The highschool graduating class at my school is 19 people

  • snooping over to u
    snooping over to u

    I remember the first video I watched of u was a bikini waxing video xd

  • Samantha Peterson
    Samantha Peterson

    “Mormon high” had me dying😂😂

  • -ok

    "it's called morman high" i'm dying lmaooo😂

  • Kxeira •
    Kxeira •

    k but the dude that drank a energy drink is a daddy wooww

  • Anh Le My Nguyen (Annie)
    Anh Le My Nguyen (Annie)

    haley de thuong :')

  • Sarah Morgan
    Sarah Morgan

    K also Avrey’s date is so cute like what?

  • Sarah Morgan
    Sarah Morgan

    Wait what happened to Avery’s date? Did he stay at the dance or did you take him home?

  • K Unicorn
    K Unicorn

    What if you got the shits from the Mexican food

  • Laisha Navarro
    Laisha Navarro

    Literally I have endured 3 hours of dancing straight for my Winter Formal. 😂

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