I Betrayed EVERYONE.. | Last Life Ep.2
OH BOY, I may be the worst Bogeyman to exist!! just stick around to the end, that's all I say.. Leave a like and comment and subscribe if you're new :D
In last life the aim is to be the last one standing, everyone is randomly assigned lives and then we have to form alliances and try and survive. There's also a few twists in this series making it even more exciting! Leave a like and comment if you're new :D
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  • Dangthatsalongname

    Some future advice, don't try kill TWO people in THEIR house when YOU blocked up the door... <3

  • ~Sunflower~

    Joel's Title: I betrayed EVERYONE

  • l3onis

    Joel in literally every SMP: I just want to build my house

  • Unicornofpeace

    The Boogeyman curse: if you don't kill someone, you'll get a red name.

  • tuli ._.
    tuli ._.

    The moment you devised the frivelous plan to attempt to kill LDshadowlady, you should have understood the luck that she has shown in the past. The stronghold and amethyst on empires, and the perfect plot of land for her future endeavors, she will have easily lucked her way out of the trap, escaping out of her pure will!

  • Laura Mitchell
    Laura Mitchell

    Joel: plots his wife’s murder

  • Dev

    Scar and Joel both being the Boogieman is the most hilarious coincident ever lol

  • Reina Hernandez
    Reina Hernandez

    I like how at the time of each event of Joel's entire life going straight down the drain, Lizzy was having the time of her life, every step of Joel's painful way.

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy

    The first person Smallishbeans goes after after being assigned the Boogeyman is his own irl wife? Dang, hope the couch was comfortable after the session.

  • AcousticOoog

    This whole episode was basically “it all sounded good on paper”

  • SF BS
    SF BS

    Now that you're red, nothing's stopping you from just taking the enchantment table and burning it like you planned to in ep1, especially since you already have full diamond. Or maybe threaten to burn it in exchange for a life to go back to yellow

  • Kittykat

    The fact that Lizzie betted on Joel's death and he almost instantly died-

  • bxbun_

    Damn bro. Imagine trying to kill Lizzie but she ended up having 4 extra lives because she bet on you being the first red.

  • bethany

    Joel: having plans for a chill episode

  • Humourless Jester
    Humourless Jester

    Joel is the most awkward killer it's honestly adorable.

  • Cookie Crumb
    Cookie Crumb

    lmao its such a grian move to flip every lever he sees

  • Ruben Hinze
    Ruben Hinze

    Can we just all admire how Joel lost so much, had so many people turn on him and never once getting frustrated and staying a good sport?

  • Mythical Loaf
    Mythical Loaf

    "thanks to one little nosy red jumpered man"

  • Trish Linawan
    Trish Linawan

    Literally just finished Lizzie's video 🤣 seeing Joel's pov makes things even more hilarious.

  • Connor Churchman
    Connor Churchman

    I’m obsessed with the fact that Lizzie had the audacity bet on her own husband dying the most, and then was actually right 💀