how we've been preparing for the wedding *too personal*
you know maybe I should have boundaries but this has always been my way to document my life and for some reason you're watching so 😈
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  • RiNe ReE
    RiNe ReE

    who else misses her short hair?

  • Noa G.S
    Noa G.S

    What's the name of the couple's workbook?

  • Zoe Fluet
    Zoe Fluet

    hey! i’ve been on the pill for 4 years now and i haven’t had any issues. it was really easy adjusting to the medication and the only side effect i had was my breast getting a little bigger lol but i definitely recommend it!

  • Kaiah Johnson
    Kaiah Johnson

    I’m on the patch! It works AMAZING for me and I have a bunch of friends that are on it and it works great for them as well. I would definitely check with your OB but I have had great luck with not getting pregnant haha so yeah!

  • Judi C
    Judi C

    can you please put a link up for where to get the work book.

  • Anna Hedger
    Anna Hedger

    hey girly I am on the patch! I was on the pill first and i had my period for 27 days which sucked. SO I started the patch and i just keep it on my butt. I would say the only big downfall that I have is it can be itchy like day 2 but then it goes away!

  • T C
    T C

    my friend tried the natural method and now she has two kids

  • Aliyah Lawrence
    Aliyah Lawrence

    What company did you use for birth control?

  • Mae West
    Mae West

    Omg my mom got that Disney cup and I was so jealous

  • brown boy tingz
    brown boy tingz

    I was on the patch when I was 14 (for my period lol) & I liked it!!

  • Diamond Lewis
    Diamond Lewis

    Can you do an update on the birth control and if there’s a mark left?

  • poca k
    poca k

    Editing was annoying

  • taina bravo
    taina bravo

    My first birth control was sprintec and my mood swings were wack and I got stomach stretch marks despite not gaining or losing weight. I switched to junel fe and that has been way better. It has less hormones in it

  • Maggie Tammik
    Maggie Tammik

    consider an iud! they’re 99.9% effective, ive had mine for 8 months and it’s been awesome so far

  • Mitchell peck
    Mitchell peck

    Ryan just trynna pipe that why he proposed so quick lmao..... Jk i know he is madly in love with ms. Pham or should i say mrs. Trahan

  • Irais Guerrero
    Irais Guerrero

    No method by itself will be 100% effective, if you're using the patch Ryan must use a condom too if you want to be fully sure there will be no pregnancies, be aware of your fertile days so you can avoid having unprotected sex, a friend of mine got pregnant while using the patch, remember it's 97-99% safe, there's always room for error unless you combine it with a condom!

  • Adele Winker
    Adele Winker

    I have and IUD and I highly recommend it, it is low hormone, it hurts when it goes in but I hardly get my period anymore.

  • Sarah Prescott
    Sarah Prescott

    Hey! so I am new to the Trapham but love you guys! IDK if you have chosen a BC that works for you but for my hubby and I (2.5 years and a lifetime to go Lord willing!!) we love natural family planning while using the AVA bracelet. No Hormones to experience before or when you you want to start having kids... the AVA is a bracelet you wear every night and it tracks your cycle (works best if you're regular) and many other vitals to let you know when you are ovulating. You just sync it every morning and charge the bracelet every 3 or 4 days... I have done some research and with every single birth control there is some percentage of getting pregnant and the birth control actually prevents a fertilized egg from implanting. We were not comfortable knowing that that small small chance of us using something that could prevent a fertilized egg (baby) from hanging in there so to speak. It's a conviction that not everyone has so no judgement from me! But we used condoms and the AVA to know when to avoid unprotected spouse time (We also waited till marriage). So far I have been 100% hormone free and we have prevented pregnancy and love the choice we made. check out the Ava cuz it can also help when trying to conceive later on... all the best to you guys! Praying for an amazing wedding and Long life of love and God at the center! Thanks!

  • Null

    his adjectives.... girl.....

  • Cma B
    Cma B

    @8:28 hi Haley!!!! I just got ENGAGED TOO

  • Cma B
    Cma B

    yay I found the video!

  • Denise Aberin
    Denise Aberin

    You should see your primary provider to see if it’s the right birth control for you. A lot of people have negative side effects because of the levels of hormones. The Dr. can adjust the amount of hormones depending on how you react. From personal experience, I did not like the patch. I think the strength was too strong. Hope it fits you more.

  • Angie Giovanna
    Angie Giovanna

    I have the Nexplanon birth control and it is THE BEST ONE EVER. I have no other side effects everrrrr. it just inserts in your opposite dominant arm kind of near your arm pit and it is so good. It lasts about 3 years and I forget its even there. im currently on my second nexplanon. love this BC

  • Puck

    So I got an IUD. Getting it isnt fun, but once you have it its amazing doing the thingie. But then I got like super duper depressed and anxious so I took it out after 3 months.

  • wyclef O'hara
    wyclef O'hara

    how does birth control go with covenant marriage and like, being deeply religious in general? I'm not religious so don't come after me please :P

  • Lauren Westendorf
    Lauren Westendorf

    I've been on the pill for years and never had mood swings, I think it depends on the hormone amount in the pill.

  • Zyne Sabor
    Zyne Sabor

    Does Ryan have a podcast? I would love to listen to his podcast

    • khloereallylovesyou

      haley does

  • Rachel Bode
    Rachel Bode

    I have the Mirena IUD and I love it! I had cramping and some very minor bleeding for the first week or two when I got it in but I haven’t had a period ever since (it’s been a little bit over a year). I haven’t noticed any major side effects and it’s great because it’s good for 5 years!

  • Cammi Rood
    Cammi Rood

    It's easiest to talk though stuff with an ob/gyn. I like my implant(nexplanon). It doesn't require upkeep and it lasts 3 years.

  • Salty Sunflower
    Salty Sunflower

    It's so weird how some people I know go off of their birth control as soon as they get married, and then seeing someone who is actually waiting till marriage to not get on any until then. I'm just so used to girls getting on it in High school and college for reasons other than just pregnancy prevention. I've never actually heard anyone talk about preparing for marriage by getting on birth control.

  • Darian

    The daysy is a thermometer you take your temp with every morning and if it's red that means it is likely you will get pregnant or green means good to go! No chemicals and highly accurate

  • Anika Folk
    Anika Folk

    Where do you get those books on marriage?

  • Sofie Koopen
    Sofie Koopen

    it is not true that u have to be on the pil for a few months before having s*x. I take birthcontrol too. the pil. go to a docter i recommend because then u really know what is the best way for u

  • Feziwe Ngwenya
    Feziwe Ngwenya

    This is my first time watching a video by her and the editing has me unbalanced 😂🤣😂 I thought Kurtis was insane with his edits but wow

  • Georgia Kimberly
    Georgia Kimberly

    I recommend the combined pill! You said it takes a few months of taking it to be effective, but it only actually takes 7 days. But go to an OBGYN to find out the right one for you. I've been on mine for around 9 months and it's been completely effective (never gotten prego lol) and it's helped with my periods, cramps, and skin. It's not hard to take it if you set a reminder or get an app on your phone. Also if you don't like it you can just stop taking it rather than having something longterm like the IUD or implant.

  • Nicky Sonder
    Nicky Sonder

    I have a copper IUD. Getting it placed was absolute hell, and it did make my periods heavier. But it's reliable, doesn't have any hormones (so no moodswings or depression), and it can stay put for 5 years! 😁

  • abby pallotta
    abby pallotta

    The pill for 5 months before? That is notttt true lol. You need to go to an actual gynochologist who will give you real, legit information

  • Antonia316

    You prob will but please share how you feel from the birth control. When I first got married we used condoms because I wasn’t comfortable with birth control but I started on the pill, hated how it made me feel so we switched back to condom (kinda inconvenient but not horrible,sometimes pullout, tmi but real) we never got pregnant until we planned to(5 year) & haven’t since we had a baby(2 years)

  • Andrew Melton
    Andrew Melton

    Spock is iconic

  • Emily Se
    Emily Se

    Condoms don't have the added hormones! Also, whats the name of the workbook?

  • Lizzie Himmelfarb
    Lizzie Himmelfarb


  • Emma Schopp
    Emma Schopp

    Girlie, I just got married and we’re using natural family planning. The creighton method. It’s super empowering to know your own cycle and to understand your body. If you follow the rules it works so great!

  • Ruby Garcia
    Ruby Garcia

    H should look into SPECIAL HEALTH!!! If u want suggestions for birth control!!!

  • Säraah

    try the copper pearl string (gynefix), it's non hormonal and doesn't affect your body at all

  • Angelina Gallison
    Angelina Gallison

    talk to your doctor cuz all birth control variations are different for everyone. have it on for 3 months to really see what the changes to your body are

  • Nadia G.
    Nadia G.

    i can only recommend the implant! U have it implanted once and it's effective after a few days (depending where you are in your cycle on the day you get it put in) I have experienced minimal side effects after two years (maybe a small bit of weight gain) but nothing too bad..

  • Ell

    Definitely should’ve spoken to a doctor before getting bc as some arent allowed to be used depending on health and family, plus regular check ups should be done when on bc to monitor and make sure the bc isnt having a bad side effect

  • brianna eggleston
    brianna eggleston

    I get the birth control depot shot every 3 months and it made me gain 30lbs but I don’t want to get pregnant so. But I’m only on the shot still because I haven’t had my period in about 14 months and I hate my period but I’d rather be 30 pounds lighter

  • Kenzie Nettleton
    Kenzie Nettleton

    I use the patch and it has been the most amazing thing to happen for me. I have little to no symptoms now, it’s easy to remember to put on and you can hide it on your body. I put mine on my back under my bra strap. I didn’t notice any side effects when I first started using it. My period is way lighter and always comes on the exact same day! Stick with it, I promise it’s worth it!

  • Meagan Clay
    Meagan Clay

    Nexplanon (don’t know how to spell it) has been AMAZING for me.

  • Caelyn Brintnell
    Caelyn Brintnell

    I would love to know the name of that pre marital workbook!

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    Go to an OBGYN to discuss birth control options! You don’t even need to get an exam or make a decision right then but they can talk to you about your lifestyle and preferences and make recommendations. You definitely don’t need months of taking pills for them to be effective! Most hormonal bc pills are effective after 1-2 weeks of taking them, and as soon as three days of taking them if you start them during your period. Download a period app and TRACK YOUR CYCLE!!! I use Flo, it’s free and you can track symptoms, sexual activity, mood, and your period. It estimates your ovulation and periods really accurately once you’ve used it for several cycles, which has helped me when I’ve gone off the pill and just used cycle tracking as birth control. Mine was always so regular I never bothered to track, but having access to that kind of information is SO helpful, and gives me so much peace of mind. I’ve struggled with depression in the past so it’s been difficult for me to find pills that don’t effect my mood in a bad way (more than just mood swings). There are also non hormonal options! IUD implant is great for women who know they’re not planning on having kids in a few years (you can get it taken out if you change your mind, it’s just very effective and doesn’t require upkeep, making it ideal if you have a no-kid 5 year plan). There’s hormonal options as well as non hormonal, which is just a copper IUD. There’s also the arm implant, which works similarly. The Depo shot is also an option, it usually last a few months. I’ve always avoided that because I’m scared of not being able to stop instantly if I experience side effects like I can with the pill, but many women aren’t prone to side effects. Personally I’ve taken three different pills. The first caused me to get acne and heavy periods, after having perfect skin and light periods. The doctor recommended a non cycling BC pill, since the cycling hormones and strength of the pill was probably too much for me. The second one caused irregularity in my cycle, so I ended up stopping that one and just tracking for a while. Now I’m on a third pill, which so far seems to maybe effect my mood a little but other than that is working great :) It can be rough to figure out side effects like that when you struggle with mental health, I’m genetically prone to depression and I also have ADHD so it can be super important to have access to a great clinic or doctor who can help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. There’s so many options, you should never have to sacrifice your health for peace of mind with your fertility. It’s great that you’re figuring things out now though, so you can decide what works for you way before you have sex! I wish parents would help their kids figure out birth control, it can be a process to find what works for you. It sucks that teenagers are just supposed to either figure it out themselves or just start popping a generic pill, or even worse just told that abstinence is the answer to everything. Waiting until marriage is amazing, waiting until marriage to understand your body and your fertility is NOT amazing!!!

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B

    This comment is a bit late, but my birth control is a pill and I get it from my derm. Normal birth control takes about a month to start working. With the pill, when taken perfectly at the exact same time every every day is roughly 98 to 99% effective. But please use a condom before y’all get tested for STDs bc even though y’all haven’t had sex, it’s surprisingly easy to get STDs. Also you should see a gyno to check you out down there to make sure you are ready. Because the last thing you want is painful sex, etc. also, if you ever end up switching to the pill, the sugar pills are what makes your period come. And sometimes your period won’t start till like the 4th day/pill. So don’t stress yourself out about being pregnant unless your period just doesn’t come at all. Even then, birth control in general (especially in your first few months of it) thins your period blood so much your bleeding may be very light/no bleeding.

  • katie

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND NEXPLANNON. I literally tried every other kind and had weird side effects except for this one and I love it. Never ever have to worry about forgetting it either!!

    • katie

      Caitie Fisher my rough experience was with the iud

    • Caitie Fisher
      Caitie Fisher

      I’m glad that it works for you, but I had a pretty traumatic time with Nexplanon :( it was fairly painless getting it in but when it was time for removal, it had migrated. They had to cut me open and fish around in there for like 20 minutes to get it out while I was fully conscious. That alone was enough to put me off for life but it also had some pretty wild side effects, huge mood swings, random bleeding etc. I don’t know if I was just unlucky, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I get the injection now and it’s a pretty good option if you don’t want to worry about forgetting to take it but want something less invasive. Ultimately, contraception seems to work differently for everyone and you just have to try a bunch of things to find out what‘s best for your body.

    • katie

      The procedure seems scary but it really isn’t that bad I promise. Now of course everyone’s gonna roast me in here prolly saying it’s awful but I swear it isn’t lol

  • Lilith's Nightmare
    Lilith's Nightmare

    The only thing I have to say about birth control is be aware that there is like a 3% chance that it can cause blood clots. I have pulmonary embolisms and they believe it is due to birth control. Just be aware of the risks

    • melanie quai
      melanie quai

      molly bartley I’m not sure cuz she was a friend of a friend but I think so

    • melanie quai
      melanie quai

      Yes!! I knew a girl that almost lost her leg!

  • Lena Stavig
    Lena Stavig

    Different people react to different kinds of birth control differently. I have been on the pill for two and a half years and have not had any negative side effects. It's made my moderate/severe acne go away and cut seven days off of my period. I've also only forgotten to take it three times since I started taking it, it's not that hard to remember!

  • Jen Thomas-Littell
    Jen Thomas-Littell

    I think it's funny that she buys new shorts because she's gone up a size, but when you start birth control you get more hippie. Which means you may need to go up another size. Then replace the shorts you just got.

  • Victoria Vaughn
    Victoria Vaughn

    I have an iud called kyleena and I’ve had it for almost 3 years and I have loved it!!! The insertion process was way scarier on the RSloft videos I watched prior than it actually was when I got it done. I have never had any bad side effects or pregnancy scares, I recommend this to everyone

  • Nicole Lam
    Nicole Lam

    NFP natural family planning is amazing and build so much connection between u and ur husband :) @melissa tableda has resources on it

  • Erika Hunter
    Erika Hunter

    where did y’all get those workbooks ? what are they called?!

  • Kiara Celi
    Kiara Celi

    oh birth control, that little bitch will make you crazy the first two or three months because of all the additional hormones that your body is supplying BUT your skin will look 🧚‍♂️✨ flawless✨🧚‍♂️ and titties will get bigger PLUS the security of having low possibilities of getting pregnant

  • Paige Victoria
    Paige Victoria

    the miraina iud is really good and you stopp getting your period and no hormones

  • Natasha Torkzaban
    Natasha Torkzaban

    Not to exaggerate or anything. But i would DIE for spock.

  • k k e k s
    k k e k s

    personally i have been on the pill and the depo shot. so the pill helped me with acne, and gaining some weight ( especially in my boobs ) . The depo shot broke me out for the first couple weeks, people said it makes you gain weight but I didn’t gain any weight on the depo shot. both the pill and depo shot made me really sensitive and emotional.

  • Avery Chapman
    Avery Chapman

    Love girly pops!❤️💙💖

  • LM

    hold on what's going on my gyno told me if youve taken the pill for 7 consecutive days then it works

  • Ayden Russo
    Ayden Russo

    I take gianvi, it’s an off brand but it helped me incredibly. Though it all depends on your body I started it due to extreme period cramping and bleeding and i had horrid hormonal acne it took it all away within a month and a half. If you don’t take them on their specific day and try to take more than one the next day you will for sure throw up. Hope that maybe helps. 😂

  • eevee

    that feelings when you have pcos and cant get pregnant wooh!

  • Lydia Jennie
    Lydia Jennie

    The pill was awful.... My mood swings were the worst I've ever experienced. And I couldn't remember to take it every single day. I have been using the Nuvaring for two years now and love it! It's a little vaginal ring that you slide up there once a month and then forget about it until the next month! Unless it bugs you during s*x.... Then you can take it out for short periods of time with no issue. No mood swings. It's great.

  • caitlin

    Birth control made me incredibly irritable and angry. I was in the worst mood every day when I was on it. Didn’t gain any weight or anything so yay

  • Anna Correll Myhre
    Anna Correll Myhre

    The wedding counselling sounds so great! I’m not very Christian myself, but I really love how they made you go through major parts and events in your life and how they made you feel. I think every engaged couple, or really couple who want to be together long term, should do 💕

  • A. Babe
    A. Babe

    a few months??? baby its effective the second week

  • kellylizaa

    My experience with birth control: so I cannot take estrogen due to health reasons so that left me with progesterone only options. Keep in mind that the shot and IUD is already progesterone only. This hormone can affect your acne big time. Estrogen typically helps your skin and progesterone completely wreaked havoc on mine. The pill was fine for me but you’re likely not going to be on the same one as me anyway. Keep in mind that birth control technically increases your chance of breast cancer and blood clots. BUT one thing I would very much NOT ever recommend to anyone is the depro Provera injection. It completely ruined my body for months. My hair was falling out, I was dizzy and nauseous, and I was bleeding for 4 straight months. So just be careful and speak to a doctor. Don’t let a doctor tell you there are no side effects because there are ALWAYS side effects.

  • Camille Chester
    Camille Chester

    I am on the pill and gained a little weight when I first started taking it but lost it shortly after. Other than that I’ve had no other problems!! I don’t get cramps at all anymore, it cleared my bad acne and I don’t get mood swings or anything like that! I am VERY happy I started the pill. Hope that helped a little!!

  • brooklyn

    I have an IUD. It's absolutely amazing. The patch made me all sweaty and anxioud

  • Salty Sam
    Salty Sam

    the birth control that goes in ur like arm or like in ur body id rlly rlly bad for u, my cousin and mother both did it and they gained crazy amount of weight, and theyve struggles sm to loose it (my cousin is 19) my mom hasnt been able to loose the weight because of it. not rlly sure which birthcontrol. be careful because its rlly bad for u

  • Mursal Azizi
    Mursal Azizi

    Get strippers for your bachelorette party

  • Kassy Marlatt
    Kassy Marlatt

    An iud is the way to go

  • Lauryn C
    Lauryn C

    “who else is getting birth control before losing their virginity hehe” um a lot of people...birth control isn’t just taken for sex

    • Katie Snudden
      Katie Snudden

      @melanie quai People with hormone disorders like PCOS take it. I did and while i did gain weight, it got my body back on track and guess what? I have still yet to have sex and would happily takw it again if my pcos ever got worsw

    • ahnaly

      melanie quai uhm don’t speak for everyone hun.

    • d.o.licious

      she said "who else on YT is *documenting* getting birth control before losing their virginity"

    • Amphithere

      @melanie quai ummm I've taken birth control continuously for the past 5 years and I've had no side effects. It regulates my acne, my digestion, and prevents me from having heavy bleeding during periods that would cause me a lot of pain and nausea. So I'm a huge advocate for birth control 🥰 nothing bad about it, it's not different from any other medication.

    • Brooke Fortner
      Brooke Fortner

      @melanie quai girl.. birth control may have bad side effects but it can also make your period lighter and reduce cramps, help with acne, reduce your risk of cancer, and depending on the type - even stop your period. taking birth control isn't the same as driving drunk.

  • Katlin Christopher
    Katlin Christopher

    For the pill I used the low dose. I had no mood swings and no spotting and didn't gain a lot of weight. It was my preference but my body is super sensitive and was on like 5 different options before I found it lol. Its a journey sometimes

  • Morgan N Beckner
    Morgan N Beckner

    I personally got blood clots with the patch, it was really scary. I also had awful side effects within hours of it being taken off. I went to a new OBGYN who said that the patch isn’t recommended since the “drop off” from removing the last patch isn’t healthy for us and that’s why I was getting so sick. She also said it was less effective than other methods. I tried three different pills and was vomiting on one, nauseated & so dizzy I couldn’t walk on the other and the other made me so angry and crazy. I had an entire personality change to the point my husband begged me to stop because I was literally an entirely different person. I had no sex drive, I was more prone to UTI’s and kidney infections (I had four in six weeks, they immediately went away after stopping) and I had trouble *tmi sorry* getting lubricated enough to even enjoy sex. My hubby and I did wait for marriage so that could’ve contributed to my UTI’s, but just something to keep in mind :) Birth control is so tricky! Every woman is so different and one woman’s experience is so different from another’s. Just trust your gut and don’t be afraid to get a new doctor if it’s not working for you!! My body just can’t handle synthetic hormones and I get so sick whereas all of my friends have never had an issue! Best wishes girly ❤️ (also look into natural family planning! It’s def more risky but something to try if birth control doesn’t work for you)

  • tiffany lim
    tiffany lim

    I’m on the nexplanon right now (implant). It’s honestly the best thing because you don’t have to remember to take a pill every single day. But the side effects are apparently bad, even though they weren’t for me. My acne cleared up, I didn’t gain weight (a lot of people did), my period was very long though (but my doctor gave me birth control pills to stop the long long period but now i’m better), bad mood swings according to my boyfriend lmao. but i recommend the implant because it last 5 years!!

  • Kaitlynn Mckinsey
    Kaitlynn Mckinsey

    i personally am on nexplanon which is an implant in your arm, it leaves a tiny round scar (which is so small i can’t even find it sometimes) and lasts for 3 years, you can get it taken out at any point if you decide you want kids but if not you can get it replaced every 3 years until you’re ready. i Love it and i haven’t had my period for over a year (which is normal on nexplanon) which i am sooo happy about because my periods were terrible, which was the entire reason i went on it (so i guess i can’t tell you whether or not it is success at keeping me from getting pregnant) . I personally had no side effects, unlike when i went in other birth controls which had side effects like vomiting, mood swings, one i even had a 22 day period on, which obviously is not supposed to happen. Anyway i definitely recommend talking to a doctor about it, because i’ve heard it’s one of the most effective birth controls.

  • Mariana Filipa
    Mariana Filipa

    my moms friend used a birth control like that one, and she got pregnant

  • MagsIsAwkward

    Haven't watched the full video yet just the part up to birth control. I'm on the Depo shot and I absolutely love it. No periods, no mood swings, and you get it once every three months so it's not something you forget about. Highly recommend it.

  • lovewildpeace

    hormonal IUD is definitely the best option! highly recommend

  • Anna Molano
    Anna Molano

    Get the Mirena IUD instead it last 4-5 years and I’ve had way lighter periods since and it’s always a possibility you won’t have your period once you get it so it’s a win,win situation

  • Megan Lentz
    Megan Lentz

    Highly recommend birth control! I have had a lot of medical issues in the past and birth control helped in a major way. My periods used to be awful and now they’re completely fine. I’m on the pill and i just have a reminder set on my phone for the same time every day so i remember to take it and it’s worked great for me (also I’ve never experienced any negative side effects) :)

  • water liilies
    water liilies

    Your mom watching this video: 😓

  • Anahi Jimenez
    Anahi Jimenez

    i’m so excited🥺🥺💞 repent, read your Bible, pray the Rosary love ya‘ll✝️💞 Live a life honorable to Him

  • Fleur Hulsbeek
    Fleur Hulsbeek

    I didn’t choose for the pill because it’s so full of hormones, because you get so different of it. I personally can’t handle hormones so i choose for the copper spiral, it’s hormon free and it changes nothing about your body or personality. And is safe right away and you dont have to think about something. And it’s safe 10 years! And then the doctor takes it out im from the Netherlands so I don’t know if this is possible in America. But if you want something that does nothing to ur body, then search this up!

  • maria hendricks
    maria hendricks

    Ryan fighting with Spock during the phone call was amazing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eiley McGregor
    Eiley McGregor

    In case you don’t like the patch (I have zero experience with that and don’t know anything about it, I love my copper IUD. It’s good for 13 years and has over a 99% success rate. I forget it’s there most of the time.

  • Sophia Graham
    Sophia Graham

    *doesnt go to Coachella apparently because they are anti-lgbtq+* but *goes to chic-fil-a* if ur gonna make statements about these things at least be consistent

  • Oakley Read
    Oakley Read

    NEXPLANON is so good, it’s the bar in your arm and it lasts for 5 years and for me I haven’t had a period since the month after I got it and it only messed with my emotions very slightly for like a week. But I know everyone’s different but I HIGHLY recommend

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin

    All I know is that I’m on birth control for my endometriosis. It makes me have a period every 3 months so I don’t bleed as much. I’m also on a mood stabilizer and it totally cancels out the effect of the birth control part of it HAHA so I have to figure out a different form when I’m married 😂😂😂

  • Maya Gerretsen
    Maya Gerretsen

    i went on the pill and you only had to wait a week but i live in england so maybe its different but i hated the pill was awful

  • Alice Victory
    Alice Victory

    when i went on the pill they told me it prevents pregnancy after 7 days of taking it ? my pill experience has been all good

  • Amy Hesslewood
    Amy Hesslewood

    my pill doesnt make me have mood swings but it makes me really anxious and sweaty (tmi) when i come off the pill i get BAD cramps and i get BAD headaches

  • Leah Gutierrez
    Leah Gutierrez

    I’d totally check with your gyno or check out a planned parenthood, but I’ve tried the pill and the implant. Honestly I’m not good at being consistent with time so the implant has been rlly great for me! My periods have lightened, my skin has cleared, and I’m not pregnant. I def recommend:))

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