How to make a Bank Vault in Minecraft!
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today I show you how to make a Bank Vault in Minecraft! It uses redstone contraptions, cool buildings and redstone security to function. It's a really fun build that should keep your items and diamonds safe from griefers, raiders and even creepers!
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  • itsKaden

    This dude deserves a degree in redstone

    • LegiVonPegi


    • khaled emoush
      khaled emoush

      😂 Agree

    • Baumaschine007

      Is this Bedrock or Java Edition?

    • Leo French
      Leo French

      @Murali Annaldas bruh

    • Txab

      Nah he should be the one that gives the redstone degrees

  • DaxInvader

    Guys, for 1.16.1, use a target block instead of the blue wool below the Obsidian (the one with a redstone torch on top and back). then the rest identical and it works.

    • fred johnson
      fred johnson

      @Jakob's Stuff fricken hero ilove u man

    • Jakob's Stuff
      Jakob's Stuff

      @Destabeebecause its the outdated version…..? Think bro

    • Destabee

      Thank you!! Was wondering why it wasnt working lol

    • kamin_ islands
      kamin_ islands

      youre a hero

    • dongle


  • MirkoDiTV

    Guys it is easy to fix in 1.16: just replace the light blue wool with redstone torch on the top with a target block!

    • D3valor

      Even works in 1.18! Thanks!

    • Colleen Reader
      Colleen Reader

      OMG thank you! I was so worried there for a sec!

    • mykel jones
      mykel jones

      Thank you sooo much I was about to go crazy

    • HDlucaXD

      Thinkpad you very much man

    • Allan Bolos
      Allan Bolos


  • LanceTheManipulor

    Everyone: uses crazy redstone to keep their items safe. Me: uses ender chest.

    • River Marchand
      River Marchand

      It works, but what fun is that?

    • LanceTheManipulor


    • Heaven

      When the ender chest runs out of room:

    • Manu Phan
      Manu Phan

      Redstoners answers: … welp im out you win

    • HSAZ Ali
      HSAZ Ali

      1000000 IQ play

  • AlNimri

    *Hey Y'all, I figured out a weird fix for it post 1.16!* Place a target block next to the redstone torch and between the slabs he's building ( 3:59) (on top of the redstone his crosshair is aiming at) on both sides and it should work again!

    • David Pessoa
      David Pessoa

      I managed to make the left and right pistons work but the bottom ones are not working. What do I do?

    • TheFishyyy

      It's what it did before also

  • Jakob Barbian
    Jakob Barbian

    Mumbo: builds entire bank vault door with alarms Me: still trying to find out how to use a repeater

    • Star Sykes
      Star Sykes

      Small brain me have big brain

    • Stank exe
      Stank exe

      Oh a repeater extenends the restone dust power and repeats based on how many ticks you set it too

    • Ninja Cat
      Ninja Cat

      a greed

    • Karl-Erik Kotsar
      Karl-Erik Kotsar

      Ok Patrick

  • Pl0pDr0p Quentin-Roblox
    Pl0pDr0p Quentin-Roblox

    Why do people dislike, he is just trying to help and if it doesn’t work just leave a like cause he spent it own time showing you how :(

    • aithin whitelaw-jones
      aithin whitelaw-jones

      Ye am I right?

    • Epic Dud
      Epic Dud

      @Ryan Edwards jokes on them a dislike also helps

    • nugbear

      @Village Dog Mumbo: Builds a Bank with complex red stone Dislikers: Can’t figure out how to use a piston and slime blocks

    • Laila Noori Kazia
      Laila Noori Kazia

      Yep! :)

    • Laila Noori Kazia
      Laila Noori Kazia


  • hayden Abernathy
    hayden Abernathy

    Watching mumbos tutorials feel like learning everything you are going to learn about in 8th grade in one day

  • ArsonTastsFunny

    This man makes redstone seem so simple it’s unbelievable

  • Kreblz

    Mumbo Jumbo: “And that’s our piston door complete! If we flick this lever, the door will open!” Bedrock players: *Am I a joke to you?*

    • K

      yes we are a joke

    • Georgiy Kireev
      Georgiy Kireev

      Yes, you are a joke to us

    • MLGIyel

      I haven't done Bedrock redstone in about a year, but I still know that any redstone contraption has some sort of patch to make it work in Bedrock. Look for the problem and try tweaking it.

    • elitegamer89

      Somehow it works on the village and pillage update on ps4 edition

    • A.P.Z YT
      A.P.Z YT

      @strange interaction its fine

  • Zoth

    Jumbo: teaches me how to make a bank vault so no one can steal from me Me: *builds in single player*

    • hi

      that's just sad

    • Laila Noori Kazia
      Laila Noori Kazia

      Same :(



    • Dynalord


    • Griffin 5G
      Griffin 5G

      Can you steal from yourself?

  • Puffistic

    Thank you, this really helped in my city world. So far we've spent 7 months on it.

  • Kittensaurus Rex
    Kittensaurus Rex

    The first method came out with a lot of problems for me personally but thanks too your compact build I made it work with Redstone only thanks man

  • Amythest Merrywether
    Amythest Merrywether

    I lost him when he said the word ‘redstone’

    • HzKid


    • Porridge


    • L.O.L Productions
      L.O.L Productions

      @DatCat Sister *Said

    • DatCat Sister
      DatCat Sister

      @L.O.L Productions what does sayed mean?-

    • Maxtube444

      I lost him when he said “welcome”

  • bruh

    Mumbo: uses complicated and efficient redstone Me: uses chest

    • AstupidGuy87

      @Maddy i think a vault is more fancy :v

    • your local monke
      your local monke

      @Moo because it looks cool.

    • Rashik Shahriar
      Rashik Shahriar

      @Ryerye Keeleyhi

    • DracoJVoid

      @Maddy ikr


      Locked Chest

  • it5 oFFICIAL
    it5 oFFICIAL

    Just built this in 1.16 but it didnt work. The fix for it is to replace the blue wool underneath the obsidian with a target block. remember to place back the 2 redstone torches too. i found this out from @MirkoDiTV

  • Scratch and More
    Scratch and More

    I like how you used different colours of wool to spruce up your contraptions.

  • Moose King
    Moose King

    The alarm system would work really well if you had a warden hidden somewhere

  • Noah Palmer
    Noah Palmer

    for people strugling with this, at the start of the build around 3:47 he places a block between the two slabs, replace that with a target block (1.16 changed the block powering mechanics, and the target block is basically a normal block but it redirects redstone into itself) I REALLY hope this helps people

    • smellydonut

      thank you. really appreciate that

    • Doidae

      Thank you so much dude! You really just saved me a lot of time. I was really struggling to find out what i did wrong.

    • 404

      It did for me thx man!

  • Gorilla Fan Page
    Gorilla Fan Page

    Vault door: *exists* Pickaxe: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

    • GalaxyPlayz


    • Kahli Was here
      Kahli Was here

      Tnt: am I a joke to you

    • Neovo903

      @The Xester rip, download the world

    • The Xester
      The Xester

      @Neovo903 That one time when the chat said you do not have op

    • Neovo903

      @The Xester /gamemode c

  • FBI

    omg this worked so well, i ended up making it into a gta themed vault like the last heist you do in story mode, thank you, i can finally keep my diamonds safe

  • Froggy & Artichoke
    Froggy & Artichoke

    Mumbo, i have made this like 2 times and i already have memorized it. that shows you how simple it is

  • Gabe A
    Gabe A

    If this was built in late 2019, or early 2020,it could have had bells instead of note blocks!

    • Rick Not Astley
      Rick Not Astley

      Yea, i just made it trigger a dispenser that shot arrows at a bell

    • MLGIyel


    • janice duthie
      janice duthie

      Ya that would be cool

  • Hunter Brieden
    Hunter Brieden

    Thx I made this and it was really worth the time making.

  • The milk Man
    The milk Man

    I love how he just casually destroys banks at the start

  • Melody zhang
    Melody zhang

    Mumbo: builds complex redstone bank vault Pickaxe: smiles evilly

    • diamondminer61

      Adventure mode: oh yeah, it's all coming together

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams

    For those of you who are trying to build this on bedrock it is possible with some target blocks you can make it work.

  • Polydull Memes
    Polydull Memes

    If you use stairs for the back part of the door you can make it go further back

  • Sem Vollebregt
    Sem Vollebregt

    Btw one question: how big is the space that he is using for his redstone?

  • Auritro

    FINALLY! A redstone contraption that is ACTUALLY * Quite Easy *!

  • Steven Ortega
    Steven Ortega

    Hey Mumbo thanks for the video my bottom pistons won’t retract any help would be appreciated

  • ꧁nightmare .exe꧂
    ꧁nightmare .exe꧂

    Ah, The old tutorial videos of mumbo... Who else thinks he needs to bring tutorial videos back?

  • 3DprintedBoi

    MATERIALS FOR JUST THE DOOR, NOT SECURITY 20 sticky pistons 8 (regular) pistons 4 slime blocks 60 blocks 24 redstone torches 20 redstone 10 slabs 2 immovable blocks 6 redstone repeaters That is the minimum requirement, I believe

    • Ana Johnston
      Ana Johnston


    • Dragoon4U


    • BurntBacon

      Thank you

    • Owen Ya
      Owen Ya

      I think it was 4 immovable blocks 🤔

    • Jupu 737
      Jupu 737

      Thanks spent a while looking for this

  • Lich Bricks
    Lich Bricks

    2 questions in am sure 50% of those watching will be asking -Does it work in 1.17 still? -DOES IT WORK IN BEDROCK??? Btw - love the vid

    • Factionless WRX
      Factionless WRX

      I got the door and alarm working in bedrock on 1.18 but the door won't stay open after setting up the alarm system

  • Jonar Brands
    Jonar Brands

    the door doesn't work anymore in 1.16 if you leave it unmodified, if you change out the block where the redstone is supposed to be running in to but doesn't look like it does for a target block it works just fine

  • RetroPixel

    Blocks: 82 blocks of choice (1 stack and 18 blocks of choice) 54 redstone torches (or 24 of them can be levers in the vault) 24 sticky pistons 10 slabs of choice 64 redstone (1 stack of redstone) 6 obsidian 16 redstone repeaters 8 pistons 4 slime blocks 4 levers 100+ iron blocks (1 stack and greater than or equal to 40 blocks) 1 button 3 redstone comparators 3 dirt 3 note blocks (that gives high pitched and out of tune sound) 1 redstone block 6 tripwire hooks 18 string 6 chests or shulker boxes (can be any color / colour) 6 glowstone blocks or 6 sea lanterns (you’re choice) 20 iron trapdoors (optional)

    • RetroPixel

      @Robokitten except for those blocks

    • Robokitten

      Incorrect. It also takes more than 32 air blocks.

  • Existed

    I love that someone put a faithful texture pack in the minecraft bedrock store, bought that instantly

  • Noah Tripp
    Noah Tripp

    You should make a fully functional city

    • Cactiman

      What about the link?

    • copchilu

      Hehe LoL

    • Random Time 2
      Random Time 2

      Im doing it

    • Skullscape

      That would be amazing

    • lindo

      Yes plz

  • Memes k
    Memes k

    Mumbo Jumbo should be declared the redstone king, shouldn't he?

  • grim demise
    grim demise

    this was a good build thanks!

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards

    One thing that you guys probably dont know about is that he films this. And then voices it over, he didnt vocalize while building back in the day. But now he does, and it's a lot better.

  • Robyn Lee
    Robyn Lee

    Hi there! I built my vault exactly like you instructed many times and for some reason when I pull the lever it is not retracting all the blocks. Can you please help me?!?

  • Symeon Vall
    Symeon Vall

    It’s one weakness : *THE PICKAXE*

    • William Sorenson
      William Sorenson

      Until v2 uses eder gaurdians and bedrock and chunk bans.

    • Speech impedement gaming
      Speech impedement gaming

      Cough cough tnt

    • DutchGamerGuy 24
      DutchGamerGuy 24

      @ShradGamer811 u can’t move bedrock nor obsidian with a piston


      good thing plugins are a thing

    • Sky Jack
      Sky Jack

      @Atlas LeBlanc You can just move the person to where the TNT explodes.

  • Tamara Stockton
    Tamara Stockton

    We can all agree, he is a red stone genius.

  • Thatguy Overthere
    Thatguy Overthere

    It would be awesome if when the trip wire goes off that the chest get pulled down into the ground by sticky pistons

  • AdamCZE

    Hi there, I built this a time ago and it worked perfectly, but the new version came out and now it is broken and I dont know how to repair it. The half blocks now work differently I think... Can you reupload a new version please? :)

  • Julian Vecc
    Julian Vecc

    U should make the alarms add a reasource block to a beacon so it powers on as a alert system

  • Antreas Konstantinou
    Antreas Konstantinou

    With the addition of netherite which is blast proof and moveable by pistons vaults have never been safer

  • Marco Olea
    Marco Olea

    Mumbo: uses redstone in order to hide his chests and all his valuables... Me: places chest one block underground so nobody sees it

  • Mr. TechSupport
    Mr. TechSupport

    Cool, I got really cool ideas form this. Instead of making the lever system in the vault can I move it somewhere else like a control system. And can I add a keycard thing?

    • Mr. TechSupport
      Mr. TechSupport


  • Keegan Daugherty
    Keegan Daugherty

    Anyone have a fix for the pistons at the top moving the slime blocks back out?

  • Space Panda
    Space Panda

    Dude, I'm glad I found this channel, nice intro, great vids, nice dude in general. 10/10 would recommend.

    • Vixon1

      @Owen Burry there is like a .5 second clip of it in the intro just spam at 0 seconds and u will hear it

    • Owen Burry
      Owen Burry

      Rip the intro

    • Nathan 10196
      Nathan 10196

      Antonio Abreu nope

    • Wastacer Sauce
      Wastacer Sauce

      Are you somehow related to Jackson Torres?

    • Sideshowbill

      Gabriel nope

  • L C
    L C

    5 years after this video was uploaded, I am going to use this for a bunker

  • HeadsTails

    I think they patched the thing with the redstone not having to connect to the block to power it because I was having trouble with it when I did exactly what he did. I made a solution later on, but it turned out a bit different with opening the door.

  • dropz on yt
    dropz on yt

    This guy is underrated, he's awesome!

  • ChiefValhalla

    Where he places the Redstone block at the end to make the switch open the door u have to place a Slime block between the sticky piston and the redstone block, which means you also have to delete one of the redstones on the floor to make that chain smaller

  • Jareth Kelly
    Jareth Kelly

    Intro: 10/10 Content: 10/10 Clarity of content: 10/10 Texture and design: 10/10 You got a like and a subscriber from me

  • Promotion Central - Discord Server
    Promotion Central - Discord Server

    You always gives me ideas! Never gonna stop with my Survival world😇🤩 Thank You! :D

  • D Z
    D Z

    Yay! I recreated this. Thanks for the guide.

  • SeaMagician 704
    SeaMagician 704

    I made a fallout vault door that gets pulled back and pushed to the side. The problem is that it doesn't work anymore on the windows 10 version bit it did on the Xbox one edition

  • Skeletoon

    When He says "very simple" I start sweating

  • [214] Immortal
    [214] Immortal

    Bank Vault: Exist Diamond Pickaxe: Allow me to introduce myself

    • #gamer

      Adventure mode:Im gonna end this man's whole career

    • King K9FX17
      King K9FX17

      Netherite: expect us

    • Bros N All
      Bros N All


    • Ravenger2559

      What uf he makes the door and room out of obsidian?

    • [214] Immortal
      [214] Immortal

      LapsMängur :,,,,,,,,(

  • Elliot Hannon
    Elliot Hannon

    Update for 1.16: the block placed at 3:47 must be replaced by a target. That’s it

    • Leyland Foster
      Leyland Foster

      Thanks man :) 👊💙

  • Sans Dance
    Sans Dance

    Thanks mumbo im gonna use this in my mc server

  • Activate Windows
    Activate Windows

    I would use trapped chest's instead of the tripwire hook, but trapped chests might not be in his update so...

  • MyNames Matthew
    MyNames Matthew

    Mumbo: Uses 2 repeaters and a block to make a curve Me: makes a L shape with redstone

  • nera 666
    nera 666

    My journey of becoming a redstone engineer has now started

  • Work and Stuff
    Work and Stuff

    Simple way to break into the vault area: eat chorus fruit.

    • Lime Boi
      Lime Boi

      No tnt

    • Sergio Lopez Adam
      Sergio Lopez Adam

      Yeah but the alarms would go off

    • Gurung Rima
      Gurung Rima

      Or use a pickaxe

    • Work and Stuff
      Work and Stuff

      Specifically, February 2016. This video was made in October 2016.

    • Work and Stuff
      Work and Stuff

      Also, chorus fruit have been out since 2016.

  • Storphy

    Me: Just think of it if you are able to just mine straight into the Redstone just break one piece and your in. Mumbo Jumbo: builds unbreakable Redstone with alarms lasers tnt and filled with bedrock. Me: 😯

    • dalklk dalklk
      dalklk dalklk

      @SolarGaruda941 chill

    • SolarGaruda941


  • Mathijs

    Sadly not all parts work in bedrock but with help of the comments, redstone knowledge and mumbo who explains everything, it all succided (btw if you have trouble with the buttonlock use a different t flip flop)

  • Yuki G.
    Yuki G.

    I’m just happy I made this work in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

  • savid davras
    savid davras

    When i saw this vid i kept thinking "why havent ive been watching his vids in the first place O_O" because i love how his voice is soo smooth, you get everything he is saying, he uses a neat and awesome texture pack, he knows what he is doing all the time and adds a couple jokes in the vid, when he asked to consider subscribing, i subbed right a way xD, #MumboJumbo

    • TetyLike3

      savid davras thats why england is kinda cool

    • elijah mashter
      elijah mashter

      Please Suffer Yea your right its weird how they could be more easyer to understand

    • First Name
      First Name

      thunder283 iscool agreed, even though I'm American. I would rather listen to someone English because you can actually kind of understand them better... no idea why

    • elijah mashter
      elijah mashter

      savid davras Yea dude i really like his style

    • Zachary Halterman
      Zachary Halterman

      You can also say put in.

  • Epirieg De Beer
    Epirieg De Beer

    Make the highest security system in the whole wide world

  • Ashley Anastacio
    Ashley Anastacio

    Mumbo, can you show me how to use an observer so it will run wiring through the ground and turn on a red stone lamp at the police station, so it notifies the police if the bank is under robbery?

  • David Pessoa
    David Pessoa

    Now I know where I'm gonna put all my emeralds.

  • Revanite

    Mumbo: creates huge redstone contraptions Me: How do you use a repeater?

  • bunnibleu

    Mumbo: *"It looks very secure"* Pickaxe: *am i a joke to you??*

    • Eunamix

      Permission: hold my adventure mode

    • Ikea Guy
      Ikea Guy

      Adventure mode: *Hold my modes.*

  • Madiha Faisal
    Madiha Faisal

    This is quit help full But my friends can still mine it and can get out quickly with LOTS of loot But I will make it with obsidian

    • Madiha Faisal
      Madiha Faisal

      @Yung Icepack Will it work with bedrock

    • Yung Icepack
      Yung Icepack

      It won’t work with obsidian because it’s a immovable object

  • Ryan Prince
    Ryan Prince

    Can someone please tell me how many materials this takes? I wanna make a vault on hypixel.

  • Rathana Perez
    Rathana Perez

    i’m watching this so i can hide my diamond blocks from my friends there in for a suprise