How much XP from 1 Million Minecraft Sculk Blocks?
Mumbo Jumbo
This Minecraft video shows how Many levels from 1 Million Sculk Blocks in Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update. Sculk blocks from the Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark store Minecraft XP. What does 1 million look like in Minecraft? And how much XP do you get from 1 million blocks in Minecraft? This Minecraft short answers all of that!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    This video is either really short, or REALLY long depending on how much you are paying attention... Unless you're watching on desktop then it's just short with a cliff-hanger 😂

    • Ryland Kamps
      Ryland Kamps

      How was Minecraft bedrock mumbo?

    • CruxCraft com
      CruxCraft com

      Oh lol, thank you for this. Now I'm wondering if my other comment was covered in the video lol... I'll need to check

    • pbilk1

      Hahaha! I love the loop!

    • Shane Mcfarlane
      Shane Mcfarlane

      Wait Mumbo u thought tnt won’t destroy sculk

    • LowSpecPlayz


  • Hydro !
    Hydro !

    Mumbo is evolving, he has learnt to loop shorts

    • Eclipse

      @Low Quality Stuff ehhh more like 2 1/2

    • Low Quality Stuff
      Low Quality Stuff

      his two brain cells have made a third

    • Crimson Demon
      Crimson Demon

      Since when can you loop on RSloft? Idk I have loop turned off so maybe it's something on my end

    • Eclipse

      He leveled up

    • Magst3r

      Its not a very good loop though

  • Pixelcraftian

    _"So I guess the only next logical question is.."_ Desktop users who don't get the loop by default: _".. is what?"_ That's still a lot of levels though!! Very awesome for mob farms n' stuff :] Awesome video!!

    • The OmniLord
      The OmniLord

      I think that he knows about farm capabilities considering he made one

    • Nca animations countryball
      Nca animations countryball


    • Nca animations countryball
      Nca animations countryball


    • Nca animations countryball
      Nca animations countryball


    • Jude's Tips
      Jude's Tips


  • MVND

    it would be interesting to see how many sets of 30 levels you could get, because every level requires exponentially more xp and realistically you don't ever need to go higher than 30

    • mission

      well unless you want to troll your friends by making there tools extremely expensive to anvil

    • gef56

      @Matthew Thomas Music close! but you would actually have about 2505 xp levels if you account for the decimal

    • Matthew Thomas Music
      Matthew Thomas Music

      @gef56 So 21,480 exp levels if you went to 30 over and over

    • gef56

      1395 xp is required to reach level 30, and each sculk block drops 1 xp. Therefore, if you were break a million sculk block you would reach level 30 716 times because 1000000/1395 ~= 716.8458781362

    • Nooa Nieminen
      Nooa Nieminen

      @ThePhoenix107 ah yea you're right lol I was tired yesterday and for some reason RSloft didn't show me the other comments

  • Colin Peaslee
    Colin Peaslee

    Another thing I was wondering with the skulk stuff, since the amount it spreads is based on the xp of the slain enemy, what would happen if you killed an ended dragon over it?

    • Eddie Marohl
      Eddie Marohl

      It doesn't work since the dragon floats up before it dies fully and since it's not touching any ground it doesn't spread the skulk

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    This is the only loop that actually got me who would’ve thought mumbo would be so good at looping!

    • 🌟:awesome:

      @entity this bot copies comments

    • Egon 370
      Egon 370

      i think the end and beginning are part of the same recording

    • Gaetano

      Lol we both made the same comment apparently

    • Butt Kicker
      Butt Kicker

      took me a second too lmfao

    • Tagar

      @Rapid Readers minecraft nerd CRINGE...

  • AJ

    enough levels for impulse to not want to risk dying ;)

    • God Almighty
      God Almighty

      ImpulseSV: "Challenge accepted!"

    • SufDam

      @WenderDemNuts thats not gonna happen

    • WenderDemNuts

      Enough levels for impulse to quit the server unless the boatem hole is patched up

  • FinalDevastator

    Thing is. You need more XP the higher your level is. So, you would actually achieve more levels if one goes to 30 over and over again.

  • StuffandThings

    I just realized, Etho's old design for a silverfish farm where you get XP from breaking blocks is now a proper useful game feature. I wonder if we'll see a return of the XP cube...

  • Game On!
    Game On!

    The next logical question is / how much xp would you get if you break 1 millions skulk blocks. I watched the whole thing again cause I couldn't tell it was looped. It was like butter.

    • Game On!
      Game On!

      @Zack Zander Wow, That's alot!

    • Zack Zander
      Zack Zander

      489 level (if no experience was lost during between breaking them) would be a total of 1,080,393 XP. The fact that the experience bar gradually increases its cap after each level makes it where it takes more XP for the next level. From level 0 to 30 is only 825 XP while from level 300 to 330 is now 87,210 XP

  • Vaibhawi

    The loop came out of no where I was in shock😂 It's the smoothest loop ever!!! Loved it!!💖💕

    • retarded aussie
      retarded aussie

      @nevergonnaupload if you toggle loop on desktop and watch the end of the video. The video restarts perfectly finishing his sentence

    • nevergonnaupload

      i couldnt notice it timestamp? and please what was the logical move!

  • Luuk Hakvoort
    Luuk Hakvoort

    Mumbo is answering the questions nobody thought of before but everyone wants an answer to now

    • Thy Orange lord
      Thy Orange lord

      Have you seen spectators videos?

    • Veg Monster
      Veg Monster

      Hello, youtube

    • Flynnmcrobbie


  • James Collins
    James Collins

    Mumbo, just wanted to say that I love your videos and have learned a ton about redstone from your videos. I've only just started playing with redstone a few months ago, but I have a working item sorter AND item retriever, and I couldn't have done it without you.

  • JustKian

    This loop was incredibly satisfying and seamless! I didn’t even realize that it had looped at first 😂

  • missingno miner
    missingno miner

    See, the trick is to use up levels by enchanting any time you go above thirty. Then you get more levels because after a certain point levels require a lot more xp.

  • 11kele

    The problem with levels is that you need more and more XP as you go higher. To get one level up when you are above 400 it probably takes more XP than how much it takes to get from 0 to 30.

  • dakota gritten
    dakota gritten

    Impulse gets more from his xp farms. That man is insane.

  • Littlewarrior 0106
    Littlewarrior 0106

    I love the short videos! But I always had that question in mind: Why do the creators always try to make it loop? I’ve watched the same short 3 times in a row now ahah.

  • squirmythedawg11

    That was literally the best loop I’ve ever seen. Great job Mumbo! 🤙

  • Cyberjack Παλ
    Cyberjack Παλ

    If you take into account that the levels are progressively getting harder to complete that's really impressive

  • Jack Tonks
    Jack Tonks

    The end loop is phenomenal, I got to the second time round and I was like “wait… this is really familiar”🤣🤣

  • Jump

    Mumbo: So the next logical question is- Me: What? WHAT IS THE NEXT LOGICAL QUESTION??! edit: wow so many likes ong moment

    • Deathworm9964

      Ah, a desktop user

  • Josua Robson
    Josua Robson

    489 levels is still alot since levels get harder to increment as you have more of them, I would like to make an xp farm with this mechanic

  • Maxine Morse
    Maxine Morse

    I'm assuming that's 489 without using the xp once you get to level 30, it would be more levels if you did this cause it takes progressively more expensive to level up

  • Randa Ranatunga
    Randa Ranatunga

    Oh my god this loop is *THE* most perfect one I have ever seen

    • Jack Kirk
      Jack Kirk

      Wtf do you mean, that was horrible bruh 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️

    • ok then
      ok then

      normally you can see a small jump but this is one of the best i’ve seen

    • Duck Meat
      Duck Meat

      @Smaze AYO I saw your videos but I couldn't find the funny ones at all

    • XxRiellixX978 YT
      XxRiellixX978 YT

      Bruh, I’m the 999th like

  • T0MY T1M3
    T0MY T1M3

    489 on bedrock edition is acutally amazing considering the mob spawn rates are worse for mob farms in bedrock

  • _

    That *Loop* was flawless, well done.

  • Alex Alt1
    Alex Alt1

    You should make a series where they all line up perfectly and they’re all like 1 min shorts. Like you have a tp command block to line it up perfectly from vid to vid, and have a background you build, then do more videos like this, and put em in a playlist

  • Chrissie

    We all know XP has diminishing returns, so you should stop every 30 levels and start over.

  • 🌟{Random Artist}🌟
    🌟{Random Artist}🌟

    *Legend has it we will never know what the next logical question is.*

    • Thetigertalks

      @🌟{Random Artist}🌟 oh xD

    • 🌟{Random Artist}🌟
      🌟{Random Artist}🌟

      @Thetigertalks Lol, I did, I was just joking when I wrote this comment.

    • Thetigertalks

      loop the vid

  • Black Skeletor
    Black Skeletor

    well now my question is how much experience can they hold and how much would you get from them if they were all full

  • Itufloe

    this is the first ever loop short that could easily be mistaken for a regular short, congratulations!

  • Mubashir

    the first time I watched this I had no clue this was supposed to be a loop and just thought it ended on a cliff-hanger lol

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man

    I’m not too big on the shorts format, but that perfect loop made it all worth it.

  • Deuterium_oxide

    that's an insane amount of levels considering the fact that getting each level of xp is exponentially harder than getting the level before it

    • Zathrael

      @Florian Schon maths better!

    • Zeo

      @Florian Schon rays work did testing on this and found that it gives 2.5 XP.

    • Florian Schon
      Florian Schon

      @Zeo the wiki said one per block and if I put in 1 million xp in a level calculator I get mumbos level. I could be wrong though

    • Zeo

      @Florian Schon don't you get 2.5 xp per sculk block?

  • jerrell mcdaniels
    jerrell mcdaniels

    I think the skulk should store more xp after the spawn so if you break it after using an afk farm you should get at least half the xp if you were to kill the mobs yourself

  • Brandon

    Clever loop, I’d love to see you post the average view stat after a few days. I’m curious how high over 100% you get.

  • Shital Sawant
    Shital Sawant

    Mojang: You can't crash Bedrock Edition on performance related issues Mumbo: Proceeds to Destroy a Million Sculk blocks that drop 10Million XP and break Particles

  • Frankie Rodriguez
    Frankie Rodriguez

    What could’ve prevented lag: adaptive performance tweaks and sodium forge or optifine

  • Frynn

    I like how he went through the effort of breaking them all instead of just multiplying the exp gained from one block.

    • obliviator123

      @Kodi Craft or just found out how much xp you get from one and then use /xp set and then the number x1,000,000 and Minecraft will convert it to levels

    • Kaleopsis

      @Kodi Craft 1. XP requirement for levels increases each time but we can figure out the xp requirements since it's a calculation. 2. You can just take the average xp and multiply it by 1,000,000 and that would give you the exact same amount of xp as manually breaking it all.

    • Kodi Craft
      Kodi Craft

      XP requirement for levels isn't a constant and the amount of XP you get from skulk blocks isn't constant either, it would be a lot more maths than just a multiplication

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta

    Great Work Mumbo, Keep Growing Love Your Content And Hey You Learned To Loop Shorts

  • ihatebrickplanet12

    it’s actually a lot of levels. the amount of Xp needed to increases per level

  • Stone Entertainment
    Stone Entertainment

    Even if you mined everything instantly, meaning 20 blocs per second, it would take you 50,000 seconds! That's 14 hours of pure mining!

    • Brick

      I can break 1m blocks in 1 second Sorice: (trust me bro)

  • NeoCo

    Could this be used for a automated mop spawner?

  • Ian Jossic
    Ian Jossic

    That loop is _perfect!_

    • Apuji

      @raafmaat ikr

    • XCP Xbox 23
      XCP Xbox 23

      @Cameron Peck If your on desktop and u right click and press loop, it will keep going forever but it doesn't look like that

    • raafmaat

      @Ian Jossic oh wow that loop really is perfect

    • Cameron Peck
      Cameron Peck

      What do you mean loop?

  • konstantinos sakelaropulos
    konstantinos sakelaropulos

    such a great content creator always makes my day good

  • Ryan Sigward
    Ryan Sigward

    Surely you take the average xp gain from one block and then times it by 1 million. Meaning you only have to break one to get the same result

  • HushEX

    Can you just multiply the Xp amount from the blocks by 1000000, then put those in level form? So 1000000 would equal 400 levels or whatever? It’d be way easier

  • Mecha Tengu
    Mecha Tengu

    If this existed at the start of season 8, asking hermits to kill mobs for you exp for some diamonds would've made repairing tools a wee bit easier before the existence of pass n' gas and the potato furnace exp

  • DoodleGuy 09
    DoodleGuy 09

    Mumbo saves us the pain of answering questions ourselves by giving himself the pain instead. Good man.

  • DreadlyKnight

    489 levels? Thats actually insane considering how high the exp per level gets. But why not find out how much each block gives then just math if

  • Dazcar

    you could have done the average xp from one skulk and multiplied it by 1000000, would save on framerates


    if you detonate 2 tnt, 1 of the tnt will actually kill some of the exp orbs. I'm not sure if this is how it works but im pretty sure it is

  • BiGG X
    BiGG X

    It would be cool if the Sculk Block could be used as a XP Sponge. Put it under a furnace to collect the XP and Put the hopper under the Sculk Block to collect the items from the furnace. Maybe cap it at 30 levels... Imagine being able to store XP in a block like that? The only problem would be to know how much XP is in the block. Could a few of those green dots change color depending on how much XP is in it? Yeah that kinda sounds ridiculous lol

  • Tyrus

    What's the next logical question, Mumbo?

    • Big Jock Knew
      Big Jock Knew

      @Abhatasweer what kind of smoothbrain has videos on a loop? lol

    • Tyrus

      It's actually a loop

    • Crimson City
      Crimson City


    • Karkaranos Builds
      Karkaranos Builds

      @Smaze Maybe if you didn’t self-promo, I would have looked at your content.

  • Aralyke

    Couldn’t he have just multiplied the amount of experience you get from one block on average by a million?

  • Bob

    How much xp would that be from a single chest's worth? If zombie piglin farms get nerfed, then this might be the next best thing.

  • VenomShot

    Recently there was a bedrock glitch where you got XP by switching item slots and using a furnace. By that method and an autoclicker i got 600 levels in 15 min

  • Toasted Almonds
    Toasted Almonds

    This is certainly late, and I'm certain many have noticed this before me, but imo the sculk block is perfect for space builds


    That's less than Impulse_SV normally has on Hermitcraft. He usually runs around with 600+ Levels.

  • Mikołaj Kraszewski
    Mikołaj Kraszewski

    You could've averaged the amount of XP from like a 100 blocks and simply multiplied it. Didn't need to break all of the blocks.

  • Splatman

    That was the smoothest loop I’ve seen. Good job

  • Pickathu Hbdn
    Pickathu Hbdn

    How many times could You reach lvl 30 while always starting from lvl 27 would be more interesting tbh

  • IlIlIlIlIlIlIlIl

    Mine 100 blocks, then record the average amount of experience that you get from it, and then multiply the average value by 10,000. This would be much more efficient compare to mining the entire million blocks.

  • Danny Edwards
    Danny Edwards

    Me at the end of the video: what, what is the question? Me after reading the comments: mumbos two brain cells have rubbed together and made a third braincell. He is evolving.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    The loop on this is amazing 🤩

  • Lou Coconut
    Lou Coconut

    "So I guess the only next logical question is.." Is it worth it?

  • TuckerKodaXD

    Mumbo: So I guess the next logical question is... is this actually worth it?

    • Captain_1ust

      i was confused at first, read the comments then turned on loop lol

    • M.E. Shorts
      M.E. Shorts

      @Esquader same on ipad

    • Esquader

      So I guess the next logical question is... Me on pc with replay off: You have no power here

  • Human From Earth
    Human From Earth

    That loop was near perfect, but sadly the audio cut out for me in the end so it was easy to tell the vid had restarted

  • Bao L
    Bao L

    Perfect loop does exist, but Mumbo’s loop is way smoother.

  • Renée Fusco
    Renée Fusco

    Or if you always get the same xp just take that number and multiply it by 1M 🤷‍♀️

  • Butternut

    Mumbo - [Gains 489 Levels] Impulse - "Those are rookie numbers"

  • XTREME Gamrr
    XTREME Gamrr

    ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! Cant wait to see this in HC Season 9!

    • ahmed4363

      @Smaze self promotion bad get tf out of here

    • I Xopuxir I
      I Xopuxir I

      @Fastwalker27 yes, when did I say anything against that?

    • ahmed4363

      It probably might still be season 8 but there is a higher chance that it's going to be season 9 when 1.19 drops

    • Artifice

      @I Xopuxir I Oh wait yeah I forgot

  • ahmed4363

    Mumbo doesn't know that the sculk blocks in the beta only drop 1 xp because it's still a beta. So mumbo gained about 1 million xp And the sculk catalyst in the beta also drops a set amount because it's still a work in progress

  • AidenGamed

    When Mumbo uploads a short, its a good day


    Can you fill it with xp and silk touch it then place it again?

  • David Whisleman
    David Whisleman

    Dude, just calculate the average of XP dropped per block and multiply it by one million

  • ♕HitAndKILL♕

    theres been many storys that adam is still waiting for the next question on an ended video, Rest In Peace Adam :(

  • ProBlockHead

    using multiple tnt would blow up some of the xp orbs, I'm afraid that number is incorrect

  • FlameWolf

    well It makes sense how little XP Mumbo got as the XP required increases exponentially not linearly