How Many Minecraft Farms Fit in This Square?
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo asks How many Minecraft farms fit in a 7x7 Red Square? This video includes a tiny villager trading hall, a small sugar cane farm and even a tiny Minecraft mob farm. These compact Minecraft farms would be easy to build in Minecraft survival. These Simple Minecraft farms are great if you want to know How to start a Minecraft world properly.
This video is inspired by Mr Beast and his Anything you can fit in the square I'll pay for series.
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  • I drink dihyrdogen monoxide.
    I drink dihyrdogen monoxide.

    I love how this alone is way more efficient than my entire survival singleplayer world.

    • Rueben Hariram
      Rueben Hariram

      I don’t wanna brag but I have a brain

    • jc villa231
      jc villa231

      @Dorito not to brag but i can comment

    • kokuseb

      not to annoy anyone but I have an eyeball

    • David Shepard
      David Shepard

      Not to brag but I have 2 1/2 brain cells

    • Jared Ñïçhøłś
      Jared Ñïçhøłś

      I also drink hydrogen hydroxide

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Might need to pop this thing into my survival series! Seeing as my farms are often quite primitive I could see this working out

    • Zach Suarez
      Zach Suarez

      @D B it’s a joke I think?

    • D B
      D B

      @Destroyanad not at all, farms are still an accomplishment to make and fun to see work

    • Destroyanad

      at that point, might aswell cheat in the items.

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi

    And here we see Mumbo's trade mark: essentially resolving the Pioneer Anomaly and then calling it simple, in the same demonstrated obliviousness shared by British people.

    • Grammar Nazi
      Grammar Nazi

      @sapphire That is exactly what I just fucking said

    • sapphire


    • Tori Ko
      Tori Ko

      What is a pioneer anomaly?

  • Redouble

    For the sugarcane timer, you can have an observer looking at a piece of dust next to a daylight/moonlight sensor!

  • __

    Hey there's actually a slightly more efficient pattern for sugarcane. instead of checkerboard, you can use a sort of knight's move pattern to ensure that every sugarcane is only touching exactly one water block, giving you a 4:1 sugarcane to water ratio instead of 1:1 (80% vs 50%)

  • Manks

    A "One chunk Industrial District Tower" is an entertaining concept, it'd be interesting to see how far the concept can be pushed on a technical limit.

    • just something
      just something


    • ItsUtopia

      @Brice Fleckenstein ah yeah true, i forgot how compact they are on java compared to my 16x16 messy netherrack box of Fe death

    • Brice Fleckenstein
      Brice Fleckenstein

      @ItsUtopia Iron farms can fit easily into one chunk in Java as sell - both the old "door style" AND the current "panic" style. I have a iron farm design that puts 76 "summon modules" into a single chunk, though it's bedrock to sky (a few blocks of extra space available).

    • ItsUtopia

      Silentwisperer did that in Truly Bedrock season 2, his base was a modern style tower with a bunch of farms going from the bottom of the world to somewhere in the 100's on the Y axis, at the very top of the tower he had an iron farm since on bedrock you can fit and stack those into a 1 chunk area

    • juluke

      Probably make it a little bigger like the size of a chunk

  • YogiMan

    Might need to pop this thing into my survival series! Seeing as my farms are often quite primitive I could see this working out

  • Tony Th
    Tony Th

    I gotta say, this is probably one of the best videos so far. I love farms, but I've never seen such a small area being used so efficiently. Props to you :)

  • E M
    E M

    Discord was hacked. Such a shame to see such a nice and family friendly server be reduced to that state. Hopefully you can get it back up and running soon; some people are just unacceptable.

    • decent_random

      @Jaygoesoof username checks out

    • Jaygoesoof


  • ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)
    ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)

    Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us😃

  • BlackboardIdeas

    In the next Hermitcraft season, you should make this into a service called SEVEN². Due to the tiny footprint, it would probably easily fit inside most hermits' bases, be it inside a tower or underground, making it a really attractive product. :)

    • Smart tv Salar
      Smart tv Salar


    • siduxjxhdgzh djxhxuuxxyhgg
      siduxjxhdgzh djxhxuuxxyhgg

      i mean selling infinite sources of resources you can sell doesnt sound very good unless th3 source cost a really really really high amount

    • The Mayday Man
      The Mayday Man

      Yes totally do it

    • No

      Yes he genuis

    • I post random vids
      I post random vids

      Probably gonna cost 1000 diamonds

  • Michael

    I love that this 7×7 square farm is more efficient then my whole life

    • Tsaschikher Tserenbadam
      Tsaschikher Tserenbadam

      5:19 how smart is stupid lol


    I love how this alone is way more efficient than my entire survival singleplayer world.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    I love how this alone is way more efficient than my entire survival singleplayer world.

  • -[Z o e y] - Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
    -[Z o e y] - Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    I love how this alone is way more efficient than my entire survival singleplayer world.

  • Aidan Hershberger
    Aidan Hershberger

    If you put this over a slime chunk, you could dig downwards and do a tiny slime farm

    • Jermain 20000
      Jermain 20000

      @Brasev you're a redstone engineer

    • aki_

      @Brasev xD

    • Brasev

      @aki_ oh no how could I

    • aki_

      @Brasev You forgot to close that one bracket you opened in the beggining.

    • Bleddyn Wolf
      Bleddyn Wolf

      @Pininja it was just a thing he coulda done, not a big deal

  • D. Edmunds
    D. Edmunds

    I’d love to see a mod of electronic wire. Maybe combining red stone, copper, and dye to color code it.

  • Jonah Esco
    Jonah Esco

    Could we get a build tutorial for a chunk sized version of this for our minecraft worlds? That would be amazing to have and would be even more efficient than a 7x7 one.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Might need to pop this thing into my survival series! Seeing as my farms are often quite primitive I could see this working out

  • Plasma Gaming
    Plasma Gaming

    I’ve learned a lot from this video, I knew how to use most of these stuff but like you showed me bunch of other ways to make certain items more useful, like dispenser being able to sheer sheep

  • Al Keasbey
    Al Keasbey

    You see, Mumbo, what you've actually done here is provide ultra basic tutorials for the almost all of the essential farms in the game with mechanisms so simple that anyone could understand them. This is literally the bare minimum for each farm to work, broken down into the simplest of mechanisms. I'd love to see redstone videos that break the farms down like that, making ultra simple and intuitive farms, showing how they can be scaled up or down to fit into any plans that you may have. I'm autistic, so I struggle with concepts like that, and often just copy other peoples farms block for block in the worlds I create or join, and this video has given me a good amount of insight in how to actually make better farms because I understand how they actually work.

    • Iqbal Indaryono
      Iqbal Indaryono

      Not trying to be rude or anything, but what does autism have anything to do with understanding something? Though you're probably not gonna read this due to the number of notifications you're getting.

    • Noah Spotten
      Noah Spotten

      I agree. I already understood the mechanics of several of these, but I could never quite wrap my head around villager crop farms, and this is SUPER useful to me.

  • ChaosContrl

    The best thing is you can take apart each floor and make it its own little tower instead, or use it as-is for any kind of playthrough. That sheep farm for example is mighty compact

  • cheez

    To make it EVEN MORE efficient, you could probably put in a really compact sorting system

  • Fishy Is king
    Fishy Is king

    And the prize for the most efficient farm ever in Minecraft goes to: Mumbo!

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to nicely add a mini furnace layer as well. Though you'd probably then want to route the fuel to go down a separate chute then

  • Enderman

    Mumbo should make this in the next hermit craft, hide it in a fake skyscraper-type-building and only have the chests available to others as a shop (and a maintenance door to fix potential issues)

    • TillyStar11

      If they do pop up shops this could be a self stocking pop up shop.

    • Bruh Sauce
      Bruh Sauce

      @Davis McArthur put a small living aree under the towers, make a massive city of these things, and make people pay for access to one. self sustainable housing.

    • Baggerz


    • Kiwi Bird
      Kiwi Bird

      It wouldn't be a fake skyscraper it would be a skyscraper

    • Davis McArthur
      Davis McArthur

      @Sera no no, it would be located at his base. and possibly using docs item teleporter he could transfer items directly to the shops

  • Aksh Parekh
    Aksh Parekh

    Do you have any exact tutorial for these farms...? I wanna build this in my world too its great!!

  • Nox Echo
    Nox Echo

    if you consider height, you can make a pretty big farm by having a water stream go down from height limit to bedrock, and having the plots stacked up with a space between (assuming youre not growing cane or cactus, this is pretty insane crops/hr, good luck replanting all that without weird redstone shenanigans.)

  • Mt.Viking

    4:12 I have a solution to the inefficiency of the sugarcane farm. What if you made it look like a building or skyscraper to keep everything in while making it look good. I think it would look exceptionally good in the Hermitcraft server as a futuristic like city of farms.

  • sunburst27

    I always like having tower style builds for my Minecraft bases so this design is amazing for me so thanks mumbo

  • Mark Hashman
    Mark Hashman

    I'll never not smile when I hear Mumbo's voice steadily getting higher-pitched as he gets more surprised.

    • Connor Vide
      Connor Vide

      @Matthew Wu no worries

    • Matthew Wu
      Matthew Wu

      @Connor Vide that’s actually fair. Also I’m sorry if I came off as insulting, cause I’m not trying to

    • Mark Hashman
      Mark Hashman

      @Matthew Wu Ah, so I'm not the _only_ one with a tiny grammatician inside their head. That's good to know!

    • Dean McCarthy 347
      Dean McCarthy 347

      @Matthew Wu man speak facts

    • Connor Vide
      Connor Vide

      @Matthew Wu it’s not even a double negative. It makes sense and actually has a different meaning and is more impact than just saying “I always smile”. It’s correct

  • Rogue Wolf Production
    Rogue Wolf Production

    I think the compact farms need an update soon after 1.19 comes out.

  • Bo Black
    Bo Black

    It's stuff like this that makes me want to see Mumbo do the one chunk challenge.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to nicely add a mini furnace layer as well. Though you'd probably then want to route the fuel to go down a separate chute then


    He has the entire underground part of the square as well so he could make a lot more farms. Also you could make more of each farm to be more efficient

  • Caden Britten
    Caden Britten

    In past hermitcraft seasons, we've seen mumbo slowly take up more and more space. I'd like to see if mumbo runs with this concept of saving space and essentially making a "New York City" style base where it's all skyscrapers and eventually making a huge functional city of villager residents and all buildings and machines go with this concept.

    • Draexian

      I usually blow a hole through my spawn chunk to make a max length wizard tower. Mumble's small version is amazing.

    • MazerT

      That's just scar's main base on season 5

    • EvilSearchEngine

      And then over time, just like the real New York, the villagers turn ruder, more full of themselves because of where they live, and charge incredibly high prices for substandard services and housing! A win-win!

    • D. Caine
      D. Caine

      @Hassib Karim Depends on the farm in question If you build it in one of the chunks nearest to your spawn-point, it'll never unload the chunk. (a compass will help you locate the exact X/Z center of your spawning area) If the unloading of the chunk risks breaking the farm, then be sure to build it inside of the spawning area, but for any farms that are less sensitive, keep them outside of that area, to reduce the risk of lag

  • Kaden Vanciel
    Kaden Vanciel

    I wonder when you're making use of sculk sensors for your redstone machinery in the next Hermitcraft season... If it becomes a thing of course.

  • The Covid-Pizza (MCPGP)
    The Covid-Pizza (MCPGP)

    It's amazing how Mumbo comes up with these things

  • SGpros

    I would encase this farm in a netherite block tower with windows every few levels so it looks like a factory tower, then add hay bales and campfires to make it look like a real factory!!

  • Micky S
    Micky S

    Idea: see what the most complex redstone contraption you can make, when limited to just 1 redstone source. Ie, once you palace one redstone block, that's it and you cannot use another. You'd have to make good use of piston logic and locked repeaters I'd imagine

  • Christopher Pie
    Christopher Pie

    I'd love to see a bedrock to sky limit one-chunk multi-farm like this.

    • Outland

      @Rose Lalonde And in a flower biome for dyes.... Item sorting and a furnace array.

    • Sam Hoadley
      Sam Hoadley

      it would be extremely laggy, unless he had a way to turn them off and on from some sort of central system which would be an entire other monster

    • Arson

      @Action raid farm needs more space

    • Action

      @Arson a lot if he had gone underground

    • MrEnder666 YT
      MrEnder666 YT

      But the stairs/ladders have to fit in there too...

  • Phou ChanmonyBoth
    Phou ChanmonyBoth

    I love how this "square" is more efficient than my whole Minecraft world

  • Omega Haxors
    Omega Haxors

    Oh man does this bring me back to Skyblock, trying to fit a farm in a tiny little area. My proudest accomplishments was the Automatic Disc Sorter and the massive dropper array which delivered items from the monster farm all the way up to the main area before there was any other method of (safely) delivering massive quantities of items upwards.

  • Droxu

    I'd love to see how to build it. it looks quite complicated and it efficiency is Amazing. I would like to have one or more on server where the protected space is limited :D btw. very nice video. It was astounding how much farms you can fit in the 7x7 Squere :D

  • Jackson Rodgers
    Jackson Rodgers

    would love to see some small cow and chicken farms added. as well as maybe an furnace xp farm with all the vegetables and bamboo for fuel. regardless this is amazing and never would have thought of the clock for the sugar cane.

  • Seth Swanson
    Seth Swanson

    You could expand this downward so it goes into the ground, giving more room, and it doesn't seem illegal that you could build a nether portal as a wall, and have another 7x7 square in the nether for other farms if you consider the nether to be under the overworld. Build it right, and you could put it over the end portal and use that to make an entrance into the end for possible enderman farm. as well.

    • Unamari

      @Templarfreak one world should be more than enough, 1.18 made the height limits 320 and -64, meaning he had 384 blocks of workspace if he chose to utilize it all

    • LevFox135

      @Not_Sun_Tzu Oh, sorry. I guess i'm blind.

    • Not_Sun_Tzu

      @LevFox135 yeah that is what the comment said

    • Slimes99

      @GeoffIrishDrums DO NOT KILL DA SLIMES

    • LevFox135

      You also can build everything of that right above the end portal. We absolutely need 7x7 enderman exp farm.

  • Random mobile guy
    Random mobile guy

    I like how he calls EVERYTHING SIMPLE when it’s like a real tech god

    • 🇺🇲The United States of America
      🇺🇲The United States of America

      no its actually simple but we dont know mucha bout redstone most of us watching lol but some things he did are crazy

  • ZickaN13

    Mumbo: Here are the only farms you actually really need in minecraft, compacted down to stack in a 7x7 area Also Mumbo: these farm do not include one of the most important farms you need to make almost any of it work, an iron farm

  • LukBtheLucky

    This was very helpful, I always try hide my farms into the buildings of my city

  • Liven Dodger
    Liven Dodger

    I tested it. Looks like bonemealing pumpkin stem sometimes instantly grows a pumpkin now. But you still can't bonemeal the fully grown stem.

  • Joshua Vanmechelen
    Joshua Vanmechelen

    This has got to be one of the best builds that I've ever seen. Would love to see a part 2 where you give yourself a single chunk and really try to crank out more farms (iron,xp,etc.)

    • StrawZulu Sans Undertale Horror_Underfell
      StrawZulu Sans Undertale Horror_Underfell

      Hey dude why can’t I report league of legend ads for being “too relatable”

    • Jashn Agarwal
      Jashn Agarwal

      He already did something similar in 1.14 I believe, titled "I made a one chunk base in Minecraft" but it would be interesting after 1.18 and the new build limits

    • Forage303

      That video happened already

  • Nicholas Hernandez
    Nicholas Hernandez

    About the wheat farm. Since it’s all farmland, you could just use hoppers under the farmland so you could save the noise of the hopper minecart. Farmland is less than a block, so a hopper placed under it can collect the drops. Unless that’s been changed as well.

  • IcyMagma

    You should make a part 2 and try to add more farms or keep doing this but shrinking the square! I think that would be rly cool. Other than that great vid my guy!

  • AgniumXV

    Best way to sort a farm that cant be sorted automatically- is if you sort it at the start - vertically or horizontally, so it doesnt look cluttered XP

  • WhiteMagnums

    A bigger version of this not limited on space with proper item filters would be cool to see, you might've done something there

  • Samurai Games
    Samurai Games

    For the next hermitcraft this design could be applicable for industrialising your farming whilst maintaining space efficiency and building multiple towers would allow for a titanic amount of resources in a relatively small space the decorate the outside with whatever you want (personally a white wall with a moustache)

    • Scott Johnson
      Scott Johnson

      it might be too similar to his Season 6 base for him to do.

  • Pixxlated

    Mumbo, could you please turn this into a Litematica blueprint? Or someone else could maybe recreate it and do it themselves? This would be so awesome to go learn microfarms

  • Psychs

    All you're missing now is an iron golem farm for the insane amount of hoppers you used for the relative inefficiency resource-wise of this project.

  • Fin Daily
    Fin Daily

    This is one of the most satisfying and entertaining videos I have ever watched ❤️😂😋

  • QuuxJn

    One additional farm that would have been nice to have is a iron farm

  • Dante Wolf
    Dante Wolf

    I feel like a part 2 is in order, mostly since there's a lot of farms I can think of that didn't get added. Honestly I want to try this out in a survival world

    • YouinboTheYamez

      Villiagar breeder and iron farms would be cool.

    • Michael Reyes
      Michael Reyes

      Yeah the villagers would be a problem

    • CakePeace 33
      CakePeace 33

      @BDtetra nice :o

    • BDtetra

      @CakePeace 33 yes, tnt

    • CakePeace 33
      CakePeace 33

      @BDtetra is there q way to automate a cobble farm?


    In past hermitcraft seasons, we've seen mumbo slowly take up more and more space. I'd like to see if mumbo runs with this concept of saving space and essentially making a "New York City" style base where it's all skyscrapers and eventually making a huge functional city of villager residents and all buildings and machines go with this concept.

  • mochimochii

    If you made it 8 by 8, the farms would always wield atleast a stack no matter the type of food plant being grown (obviously minus pumpkins)

  • Cat Goes Gaming
    Cat Goes Gaming

    you should have made it 9x9, making it as efficient as you can (cultivated soil can be hydrated up to 4 blocks diagonally and horizontally from the center)

  • Tarub91

    That would be a great core concept for a starter base.

  • SacredLotusMC

    in case anyone wanted to work out how to put them together storage system 0:37 melon and pumpkin 1:11 villagers 2:35 sugarcane 3:50 carrots and potatoes 5:14 wheat 6:36 kelp 7:27 bamboo 8:21 wool 9:43 mob farm 10:53

    • Dante

      @ARgamer thanks for trying to correct me, but I don't think your correction is correct 🙃 Items is plural and item's would be possessive (it was missing a word in the last sentence though)

    • ARgamer

      @SacredLotusMC He wasn't insulting you, I don't think

    • ARgamer

      @Viktor Holm ...huh?

    • ARgamer

      @Dante *item's

    • ARgamer

      Chapters! like so Mumbo adds them!


    More farm ideas in case of a part 2: -Iron farm -cobble farm -drowned/trident farm -tree farm -slime farm -which farm (would be hard to find the perfect seed with a slime chunk, river biome and which hut) -Villager breeder Did I miss any?

    • Rep tilian
      Rep tilian

      Witch huts only spawn in swamp biome, and slimes spawn there normally. So river biome wouldn't work for fish or squid

    • Lucas Brom
      Lucas Brom

      Raid farm

  • Karsten Haakmeester
    Karsten Haakmeester

    Really original, love the MOB farm

  • Famncool

    Would love to see this in a hermit craft pair it with the hermits small base award and you got yourself a season

  • Samuel Kuhne
    Samuel Kuhne

    im recreating this in my survival world, i love it sooo much thanks mumbo

  • Ryu D
    Ryu D

    I'm kinda surprised that there's no super compact chicken farms in this. I was really curious how many you'd be able to fit in a single layer.

  • Interpause

    ive used smth similar to that mob farm design before. but for my last layer i made it one high to suffocate mobs instead (save space)

  • Alex Hanson
    Alex Hanson

    Great video! Try doing two smaller yet separated zones

  • Owl Plays
    Owl Plays

    You can use red stone vertically by using fences and adding a block on top the fence would change and if there is a observer in the bottom it could be a an easy way to do red stone

  • Mr. Cheese Pocket Edition
    Mr. Cheese Pocket Edition

    I absolutely love how Mumbo mercilesslly slaughter all my brain cells

  • Pest789

    I would love to see Mumbo play a mostly raw hardcore let's play, mostly because it would be so out of character.

    • Rose Lalonde
      Rose Lalonde

      @Living Murphy's Law Welp, let's hope 100 hours!

    • Hunter Mentch
      Hunter Mentch

      @ThijzzZ i know i just waned to ness with him it didnt work clearly

    • ThijzzZ

      @Hunter Mentch dont sub, he just wants subscribers.

    • Erased Existence
      Erased Existence

      @RobFlexz reported for spamming. leave the comments section alone

    • Hunter Mentch
      Hunter Mentch

      @RobFlexz but how and ill sub

  • AdKoMeXx

    Just a tip for ya, when creating a video and dont want to have the annyoing minecart sound in the back, just turn off the friendly creatures in the default setting and there you go!

  • Itz_UwU Gacha
    Itz_UwU Gacha

    Mumbo Jumbo always asks the questions on everyone's mind

  • Devin Boudreau
    Devin Boudreau

    This would be a cool idea for a "gas station" of sorts around the world, stock up on food, rockets, if you make it in the end can do ender pearls. Only things I would add is an EXP machine maybe below the storage system to repair mending gear, an armour dispenser set up, and (for the nether/end stations) a shulker loader for tons of rockets.

  • Merlin Harrott
    Merlin Harrott

    Could also have added an auto green dye farm with the bamboo as fuel and cactus being dropped into furnace