how i found my long lost sister on the internet
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hope ya'll like vlogs! this is where i write keywords so here we go: this is a day in the life of teen youtuber girls and we are definitely annoying but at least we are aware! a fun behind the scenes vlog of our transformation videos!! car vlog! starbucks! target! wow! teen! girls!

  • Solana Baehni
    Solana Baehni

    Before that video *I relate so much with hailey* After video *omg, mai and I are so alike!*

  • 4A20 韋姬思 (Rai Christina)
    4A20 韋姬思 (Rai Christina)

    Both of you should take a DNA test!

  • Sabrina Leal
    Sabrina Leal

    Watching this now that we have tap for our cards lol

  • Faith Ncho
    Faith Ncho

    they look alike lmao

  • Hannah Bibi
    Hannah Bibi

    Got to love Mai. My sprit animal ☺️ hold wait my sprit human 🙂🙃🙂

  • Chloe Plouffe
    Chloe Plouffe

    literally my two favourite youtubers😱😍

  • Sunkissed_Leyah x
    Sunkissed_Leyah x

    *dip powder nails* ( sorry I watched a lot of nail videos)

  • Rebecca Rose
    Rebecca Rose

    okay we may not have tap pay everywhere but we still have target

  • Loa 3311
    Loa 3311

    lol i literally watched mai's videos these days and I forgot what your name was and now I found you again haha

  • Nour Abbas
    Nour Abbas

    That’s insane that y’all have the same birthdays as well haha! Actually I just realized I’m subscribed to both of y’all 😂 gotta love the phams!

  • louisissmolbean

    Ah...yes when human interaction was still a thing.

  • Fatou Diallo
    Fatou Diallo

    it says " *outro hakey* " im dying😂😂

  • my_life_full_of_adventures

    I’m Canadian too

  • Mirna

    And it's really weird that i like you both even before i know that you are long lost sisters😂

  • • S k y •
    • S k y •

    Triplets? Jay Pham!!!!

  • Sarah Bogush
    Sarah Bogush

    She didn’t leave a link to the metal straws :/

  • riley keegan
    riley keegan

    When mai is done moving into her house Haley should go to Canada and visit her so we can get this iconic duo again

  • Dalatonia /
    Dalatonia /

    You have the same nose

  • Gaming with Jess
    Gaming with Jess

    Is that necklace honeybylex?

  • Aruvi X BTS
    Aruvi X BTS

    Waaaaita minute. I live in Canada and there's a target 5 minutes from my house lol...

  • Lucy Farrington
    Lucy Farrington

    Ohhh myyyyy its 5:53 where I am and I just laughed so loud if I woke up my mum my ass is gonna get kicked

  • Adiyah Crenshaw
    Adiyah Crenshaw

    Ummmm we do have “TAP” in America 💀

  • MK Tech
    MK Tech

    We have tap pay in England if its less than £30 but we call it contactless and if it’s over thirty pounds you have to put it in and do the pin and everything

  • Syddney leighh
    Syddney leighh

    I love how organized and all the planning haley does!!!

  • Syddney leighh
    Syddney leighh

    mai is literally me omfg

  • Patrycja Matyjasik
    Patrycja Matyjasik

    Why do u use duck tape in your car

  • goodnessgraciousgrace


  • Ryllee Russell
    Ryllee Russell

    I love how Haley hearts like everyone ❤️

  • Ava Jette
    Ava Jette

    Someone please tell me why she has ducktape in her car ? lol

  • Nowelia Blake
    Nowelia Blake

    Hey everybody please read: 👑JESUS👑 loves you You are amazing Never give up on yourself and never give up on 👑GOD👑 because 👑HE👑 has a plan for you❤️❤️

  • Elayne Nauss
    Elayne Nauss

    I live in the same place as her

  • Cherie Moncur
    Cherie Moncur

    who shops at walmart?!!!!

  • Cherie Moncur
    Cherie Moncur

    they don’t have TARGET WTF

  • bea fayee
    bea fayee

    you put outro hakey😂

  • Hermana OGC
    Hermana OGC

    I lovvvveee her. Y’all are so funny lol

  • Eva Woodcock
    Eva Woodcock

    You can tap your phone to pay... Idk if that's similar or what

  • Jayden Mandau
    Jayden Mandau

    in st. catharines we had a target but it didn’t even last a year. rip

  • Marie Skarpeid
    Marie Skarpeid

    Outro hakey??

  • Jelisa Alexander
    Jelisa Alexander

    soooo when did she say if they are sisters or not ?

  • Naachan

    haley is so annoyed lol

  • Abigail Reeder
    Abigail Reeder

    “It doesn’t make me different” ... *long pause* “Well I guess it does” 😂

  • Kitty Jade
    Kitty Jade

    In England we just hover the card over the machine thingy

  • That tall girl Amanda
    That tall girl Amanda

    Bro we don’t TAP our credit cards. It’s debit cards

  • cherrymilk mp4
    cherrymilk mp4

    wait you don't tap in america??

  • Kati G Avery
    Kati G Avery

    What does she use the duct tape for when she is in the car?

  • princesseof2g

    Anybody else remember LazyTown

  • ZIA

    What's the tape for 1:22

  • Audrey Marie
    Audrey Marie

    Pham squared!

  • Ayo


  • EllaNora

    We even have tap in the UK 😂

  • Emily Keith
    Emily Keith

    lmfao we can tap, swipe aNd iNsErT in Australia

  • hannah Wilson
    hannah Wilson

    I remember the ducktape from one of your first videos

  • Alyssa Prince
    Alyssa Prince

    Why do you have duct tape in your car?🤷‍♀️

  • yo itz imani
    yo itz imani

    7:17 i physically CANNOT

  • Cheryl Shelton
    Cheryl Shelton

    Ok so i know this is old but, we do have the option to tap not everywhere but there are places where you can. Its more of a option for us

  • y3nevii sanchez
    y3nevii sanchez

    my teacher's last name is pham!!💖💖

  • Ellie Cubitt
    Ellie Cubitt

    We dont have a Target in Canada, we have a Target and Walmart in America, gurll in England we have neither

  • Kelis Hood
    Kelis Hood

    I live in the same city as mai :p

  • Paige Holt
    Paige Holt

    300 sub in 40 min

  • Nilima S
    Nilima S

    *Mai annoying Haley for 12 minutes straight*

  • Nilima S
    Nilima S

    Opposite attracts lol

  • Szucs Lili
    Szucs Lili

    Haley looks sooo upset by that girl😂

  • jhopeful flower
    jhopeful flower

    *in australia we have tap OR swipe*

  • Daisy Birch
    Daisy Birch

    bro, they don't have tap in the US??

  • Notterma d
    Notterma d

    I found it hilarious that she kept saying "let's go to Target" and they didn't go for like 10 minutes. 10 minutes in RSloft time = 2 years in real time 😂😂😂

  • parvin hossain
    parvin hossain

    thats ur sister? i like litterally saw her video before watching urs me going to have a heart attack

  • Kendra Gross
    Kendra Gross

    Australia also has tap and go lol.

  • シエラ

    I used to watch my phammy all the time

  • Amy Wattenbarger
    Amy Wattenbarger


  • Jaime Madam
    Jaime Madam

    We have tap and swipe in aus

  • Kaitlin Wright
    Kaitlin Wright

    i have the same rainbow lights I'm happy

  • cass morgan
    cass morgan

    Haley looks so annoyed...just me?

  • shae

    The difference between a type a and a type b personality

  • Beth M
    Beth M

    I didn't know Americans didn't have tap??

  • Grade -A- Weirdo
    Grade -A- Weirdo

    I LOVE this vlog lmao 😂😂😂

  • Grade -A- Weirdo
    Grade -A- Weirdo

    Lmao we do have tap though just not everyone

  • help

    you shouldve made it say "Pham Fam"

  • pine apple
    pine apple

    Mai..u good babe?

  • Sunflow -Blooming
    Sunflow -Blooming

    She’s so hypeee but I’m for itt

  • jasmine magallano
    jasmine magallano

    Damn the U.S is so different from Canada

  • Bree Simulated
    Bree Simulated

    We have paywave in Australia too haha

  • Luna Roja
    Luna Roja

    What is the tape for? This is the second time I have seen it haha

  • Nadine M
    Nadine M

    U twins for real wtf

  • Aksa George
    Aksa George

    Wait, people in America Don't Tap?!!?1?

  • Let’s sacrifice Toby Marshall
    Let’s sacrifice Toby Marshall

    Wait you don’t have contactless in America?? Wtfff

  • Yeetis

    Only if finding my dad was this easy....😭

  • Shreeshree 345
    Shreeshree 345

    When she’s in the car what’s the duct tape for?

  • Ashmita Gurung
    Ashmita Gurung

    We have the same thing with our cards in England, we have contactless cards so we just need to tap. I really thought America would have to same, you guys need to shape up!

  • angelbri379

    Honestly really happy to see Mai and Haley laughing and having fun in this vid. The crazy rich Asians transformation vid was low-key concerning just cause it seemed like Haley was v annoyed by Mai. 😂 Love them both ❤️

  • Tessa Apperley
    Tessa Apperley

    You can't use tap with certain cards but for like 95% you can ( edit: I'm Canadian)

  • hamiltrash Hamgelica
    hamiltrash Hamgelica

    I think that she is so environmentally friemdly because of her bf

  • Katie B
    Katie B

    omG CANADA DOESN'T HAVE TAP??? cmon us even australia has that gOSH

  • Red. Dragon
    Red. Dragon

    I love them together 😂😂

  • Lila Prince
    Lila Prince

    Your eyelashes 😍

  • Sarah Faith
    Sarah Faith

    Such an inconvenience to your tongue. -Haley 2019

  • no

    Outro hakey

  • azza

    in the uk u tap as well😂

  • peaceout

    they didn’t say if they were related😪

  • Elly Scheer
    Elly Scheer

    yo haley if u still want a hot pink lipstick to match ur nails and scrunchie, check out the By Terry lip expert in Pink Pong or Pink Party :) these colors reminded me of u hehe

  • a

    What's Mai's channel called?