how did i get paid for this??
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  • Ella Humphrey
    Ella Humphrey

    She missed the chance to call the haul a "Haullister" 😋

  • Iona Clarke
    Iona Clarke

    i went to the pig island... it is not what it seems.. it was the most stressful time with 50+ people int he ocean will a bunch of models catching the pigs getting pictures while the big pigs were attacking each other. if your going to do it... make sure its in a good place

  • Catherine Jones
    Catherine Jones

    We love Editing Hakey :)

  • Katie Martin
    Katie Martin


  • grace

    hailey are pork chops in a recent video 🐷

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    madelyn grace

    who’s here after her and ryan are engaged!?

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      Maja Dolenc

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    Kria Dutta

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    Sarah Galicia

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    Grace Tapply

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    Moon Girl

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    Patrick Star

    Why didn't u call the haul Haullister?

  • nathan

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  • Bloom Carrera
    Bloom Carrera

    Hollister sucks

  • gracie r
    gracie r

    8:27 ur welcome!

  • Hi I'm Jawon
    Hi I'm Jawon

    It probaby because of the L-theanine in the drink. its an amino-acid a substitute for caffeine.

  • Cami Bece
    Cami Bece

    why ur hair always greasy

  • Paula

    i saw you in a hollister store ❤️❤️❤️

  • alina Gb
    alina Gb

    How do I join sign me up no for real

  • Midori Schultz
    Midori Schultz

    Literally my dream job

  • tenoch sanchez
    tenoch sanchez

    Honestly setting a goal right now, I aspire to be at that level one day😊😌

  • EmSweet


  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson

    So it makes ur butt look so cute Hehe my butt isn’t cute 😑😑😑

  • Courtney Walbridge
    Courtney Walbridge

    I am from the Bahamas and I have jumped off the same bridge!!!

  • Lily Oulton
    Lily Oulton

    omggggg on that same island i have a cottage. i live in canada and my family owns a cottage down on spanish wells. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤯🤯🤯

  • Jessie Louis
    Jessie Louis

    I work at hollister in Indiana you should come by and do a meet and greet. It’s so amazing to see a young woman my age make it big.

  • Tik Tok
    Tik Tok

    Why r u pretty in every angle no fair

  • morgan_reilly

    wait is it still up?!? i wanna see it!?!?!?!

  • Mia Shsgsg
    Mia Shsgsg

    12:50 omg i would feel pretty uncomfortable if someone did that to me lol

  • CameronChernoff

    17:24 really shows how short Haley really is lmao

  • Chloe Richardson
    Chloe Richardson

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    ines v

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  • Morgan Selena
    Morgan Selena

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  • Jade

    the girl next to you(african american) she has a really pretty bathing suit

  • zoe. richards
    zoe. richards

    pleaseee can you make a vid on how to like ukulele or something cause i have a ukulele but i still don't know how to like tune it and i saw your vid where you were learning a sam smith song and i was like OMG she's so good at playing the ukulele and singing

  • Mia Liana
    Mia Liana

    damn looking back on this there was a hint of shade towards dote... ok tea

  • Katelyn Donahue
    Katelyn Donahue

    12:54 would’ve made me sooo uncomfortable ahaha

  • ellie hagen
    ellie hagen


  • Morgan Sales
    Morgan Sales

    Would’ve rather seen a real vlog, instead of explaining everything.. still a great video though

    • Violet Davis
      Violet Davis

      Morgan Sales she has a vlog up on her vlog channel, Haley Pham Vlogs, and I loved that video too 💛

  • Camila Chaves
    Camila Chaves

    pigs are herbivores so hopefully, those were vegan hotdogs lol. I'm so happy that you're considering to stop eating pigs!

  • Maddy Matthews
    Maddy Matthews

    Omg I was at hollister in Southampton, UK and I was like to my friend “there’s Haley Pham “ and you were in like 5 pictures 😂❤️

  • Darren Davis
    Darren Davis

    just subscribed!!!! I love this video it's so full of helpful information! I work for Hollister and was wondering where I can get more info about becoming a swim rep for next season!!!

  • Julia Etter
    Julia Etter

    Watch Haley complain about working with Hollister in the Bahamas for 20 minutes.

  • aapierce


  • Mk k
    Mk k

    Little did haley know few months later Hollister got sued for discrimination against people that arent skinny

  • Mahsima Amini
    Mahsima Amini

    She kinda looks like nina dobrev 🙃

  • Jenna Carlson
    Jenna Carlson

    I went to Hollister the other week for a bathing suit and I thought they were all very cute and tried on so many, but none of them supported my boobs. I think they need to have so more options with underwire or something for the larger cup sizes. I know they had this one green bikini that was underwired but it was also very revealing which I didn’t like and while I’m usually a size 34 C, sometimes D, I was supposedly a 38 DD... which was weird, because I’m pretty small around. But it sounds like the experience was fun and I do like that they’re trying to be inclusive? It’s definitely nice to hear.

  • Reagan Jae Hall
    Reagan Jae Hall

    I think a Q&A with your manager would be cool

  • Ellie Bennett
    Ellie Bennett

    i yawned when you did on cam. thanks for that😂

  • Linda Dubsky
    Linda Dubsky

    I actually saw you and I was like omg 🌝

  • addison marie
    addison marie

    hakey I’m rewatching this video bc I went yesterday, saw your face, *aND FELT LIKE A PROUD MOM*

  • jam potolollly
    jam potolollly

    Body goals

  • Cortisol Incorporated
    Cortisol Incorporated

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  • Abigail Johnston
    Abigail Johnston

    I was just looking through holister and was like wait is that Haley

  • Acelynn Amundson
    Acelynn Amundson

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  • Ravneet Sehmbi
    Ravneet Sehmbi

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    Jennifer Rose

    I want to start a channel but I’m super nervous and insecure if you see this could you respond with advice

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    Courtney Handschug

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  • Italia Kropp
    Italia Kropp

    whoa, i just now realized how much she looks like demi lavato.

  • Gabriela Moreno
    Gabriela Moreno

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  • Rose Chaput
    Rose Chaput

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    Gabriela Wai Lahn Mak

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  • Adrieanne Stephens
    Adrieanne Stephens

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  • LittleMissHailey

    This honestly looks like sooooo much fun I would love to model and go on trips and stuff

  • maggalolG

    Idk how I feel about Hollister, like personally everything fits me cause I'm 14, 5'6, and I'm skinny; I can find my sizes and everything's perfect. However, some of my friends can't find their sizes, either they're too short and everything is long for them or nothing fits their body type... But yea. In fact RN I'm wearing a red waffle pattern Hollister crop... 😆😆😆 it's sooooooooooooo comfy

  • Shannon

    okay so did your manager get you this job? like how would a normal person get to do something like this? Do you have to be a youtuber to have a chance to do stuff like this?

  • Wadadli Tee
    Wadadli Tee

    You are so young. Yet so successful

  • Chungle and the Bims
    Chungle and the Bims

    haley you missed the opportunity to call it a haulister

  • appleschloss


  • Mila Woods
    Mila Woods

    Hollister would pay for a whole trip for models but hardly give their associates a good amount of hours 🤷🏽‍♀️ sad

  • Marianne A
    Marianne A

    don’t get me wrong i love haley but hollister is the most homophobic, racist store because their owner (also owner of abercrombie) said a lot of things against many people that were extremely offensive. sorry for the rant guys but idk about hollister anymore

  • Twinklera B
    Twinklera B

    Is no one going to talk about 12:50? He did not have to touch her like that, especially in that area. He could have easily used words to tell Haley to fix her bottoms, and she could probably feel that they were messed up. I understand that this a professional situation and that that is what that man is here to do, but that's too far. Haley can't even say anything about it without risking losing her position in the group thingy or possibly getting sued, depending on what exactly she signed.

    • Violet Davis
      Violet Davis

      Twinklera B I would have been super uncomfortable, but I really think he was trying to help. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what people mean when they want you to fix something, but I think that he definitely could have tried to use his words too

  • Sisi Obel
    Sisi Obel

    I love that you went on this trip! I just wish they were more diverse....but nice job anyways! Have a great day!

  • Patsy Kiniry
    Patsy Kiniry

    the girl at 14:02 in the striped one piece (next to haley) is my mom's model kylie lol

  • Callaghan Mayo
    Callaghan Mayo

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    amelia j

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  • Sammy Johnson
    Sammy Johnson

    I saw your picture on a holister ad on Facebook! But there’s literally so many perverts commenting nasty things it makes me sick

  • CayMACC

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    I would have loved to see some one piece swimsuits for us more modest subscribers

  • Tara N
    Tara N

    I love hollistermbut I kind of wish their sizing was a bit more large because atm I only buy the fragrances and trousers and joggers but I just wish they would come out with a plus sized collection where I live because I’d love to wear their clothes but I can’t and trying to get in shape is tough! But great vid x

  • Ellen Donovan
    Ellen Donovan

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    Lillie MacNeice

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    Dinosoo :3

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    bruises on my scalp

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    Addison Icelake

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    this probably isnt that big of a deal and i know you're totally joking but can you not use the word "traumatized" to describe a funny little anecdote that happened to you on a free vacation to the bahamas? :/

  • Jessica Stephens
    Jessica Stephens

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  • JMC TV
    JMC TV

    congrats on working with holister that’s amazing!!👏🏻great video lots of detail, loved it!! (Also if anyone’s reading this I’m a small youtuber)😉

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    mylie kamdyn

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