Home Alone (1990) Battle Plan with healthbars (Christmas Day Special)
Kevin returns home and rigs the house with booby traps to take on the burglars. Harry and Marv break in, spring the traps, and suffer various injuries. While the duo pursues Kevin around the house, he calls the police and flees, then lures Harry and Marv into a neighboring home which they previously broke into. They ambush him and prepare to get their revenge, but Marley intervenes and knocks them unconscious with his snow shovel. The police arrive and arrest Harry and Marv, having identified all the houses that they broke into due to Marv's destructive characteristic of flooding them.

  • Kobe W
    Kobe W

    For all those complaining about the healthbar damages, there is no point because this video was done 5 months ago and your all just now getting it recommended to you I don't see this channel remaking this at all.

    • livingroom TV
      livingroom TV

      How does a little kid do all this damage 🤣😂😂😂😂😅👍

    • TheAustrianAnimations87

      You're right, this video got recommended right to me.

    • Uzainisnot Genius
      Uzainisnot Genius


    • Darkoofy

      It’s is copy right with health bars tho

    • TheSMM2Lord

      Uh Huh Sure

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    The Official Bronze Channel - Brawl Stars


  • irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria
    irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria

    0:17 - He kinda sounds like Risitas!

  • Pusheen the Cat
    Pusheen the Cat

    0:35 I like how loud they are talking to give Kevin a heads up on their plan.

  • Not Cake
    Not Cake

    I cant stop laughping

  • Mathleys Gaming
    Mathleys Gaming

    3:00 I laughed so hard

  • Tom Ritchey
    Tom Ritchey

    At 0:50 dude be sounding like spongebob squarepants

  • KeVonn Cooks
    KeVonn Cooks

    😂🤣😂🤣😂 So funny hahaha

  • Official Axel
    Official Axel

    Marv gets the most xd

  • MB

    love the vids pls make more

  • tjfranck6

    Go Kevin Go You’re Gonna Win

  • Matias Mendoza
    Matias Mendoza

    1:45 make a ten hour version of that

  • Armando Rodriguez
    Armando Rodriguez


  • rocker handsome
    rocker handsome

    One word: Nostalgic!

  • Dream Fan
    Dream Fan

    Why is it like Matilda 😂

  • Dream Fan
    Dream Fan


  • QuAsar CODM
    QuAsar CODM

    It's funny how 2 dangerous adults get decimated by a kid with a non-lethal gun

  • Gruu Pumb
    Gruu Pumb

    1:10 ummm why didn’t he just walk around the stairs?

    • ♡Tari♡

      Bc he can't

  • ♡Tari♡

    Marv: He'll call the cops!! Harry: he's not gonna call the cops-FROM A TREEHOUSE?!

  • ThatMinecraftKid

    This was the funniest montage I have ever seen when I watched the movie itself, they are stupid dummies who don’t know when to quit

  • Christinay Xu
    Christinay Xu

    00:27 I love it when he says hello then shoots! 🤣

  • StevePig

    On The 0:01 Kevin Has A GUN

  • Denied The Lizard
    Denied The Lizard

    3:00 Greatest scream in movie history.

    • superwhy767

      This will be a meme in he future

  • Marilyn

    Why why you put you face not go in the house say hi can we fix this way’s I know why you talk that way’s.

  • Michael Christidis
    Michael Christidis

    this movie is still something that I watch with my family every year...it basically has become a tradition...the first time I watched this I could not breath when I was like 6

  • Angel play
    Angel play


  • Sky 257 Utgk
    Sky 257 Utgk

    0:26 This is why this my favourite Christmas movie

  • Lucky Adi
    Lucky Adi

    It was very funny Home Alone movie


    How come both never broke a bone?

  • Shanekia Lowe
    Shanekia Lowe

    I was laughing so hard after I heard marv scream like a little girl 😂😂😂😂😂

  • gojira 2020
    gojira 2020

    2:59 literally me I see a spider in my thoughts🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    • Tom Ritchey
      Tom Ritchey

      U could make a meme out of that

  • John Pickard
    John Pickard

    Kevin wins flawless Victory 😊👍🏽

  • ijike Gaming
    ijike Gaming

    These guys are actually super durable

  • Hs Hd
    Hs Hd


  • Genesius

    Kevin is so op that he is untouchable

  • Vinette Huggins
    Vinette Huggins

    When Harry touched the door and it burned his hand I laugh sooo hard!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • Billy Stanback
    Billy Stanback

    Kevin wins, flawless victory.

  • Blanca Bonilla
    Blanca Bonilla

    The most funny of is the tarantula on marvs face.

  • Reyna Vega
    Reyna Vega

    This is the funniest video

  • Tompach 77
    Tompach 77

    Harry i’m gonna bite these fingers instead he got whacked from s shovel 4:23

  • 動揺エイムくんch


  • チョールヌイオリョール


  • Austin Kent
    Austin Kent

    I just love it when marv says whoop when he falls

  • Ivo Cicis
    Ivo Cicis

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the loud and clear

  • Ansh Gaming
    Ansh Gaming

    So funny

  • Gaurdian 360
    Gaurdian 360

    how it sounds to be zelda LOL

  • PS2player 24
    PS2player 24

    3:00 How Marv is screaming like a Girl when the Spider is on his Face I laugh so much 😂😂😂😂

  • Cynthia Mansuy
    Cynthia Mansuy

    Haha so funny

  • Kd Lentorio
    Kd Lentorio

    Kevin you get the shot gun me build something Me ok Marv and Harry hey kids you alone Me and Kevin go Hurt them

  • Aleccyo Morais
    Aleccyo Morais

    2:58 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 杉本祐介

  • Taylor Underwood
    Taylor Underwood

    Wait, their last names are Lime and Merchants!?

    • SuperCryOfficial

      I guess

  • Lionel Chandra Widjaja 1926036
    Lionel Chandra Widjaja 1926036

    that is funny

  • brawl stars kralı
    brawl stars kralı

    what is the movie name

    • Tony parra
      Tony parra

      Home Alone

  • Francis Esquilon
    Francis Esquilon

    🤣😂😂🤣🤣 that was funny

  • Kiev Charles
    Kiev Charles

    I like that movie

  • Megan Knox
    Megan Knox

    Marv is always gets hurt the most

  • Connor Gauld
    Connor Gauld

    0:26 to be continued

  • DinoMan


  • kenzie asarel775
    kenzie asarel775

    i very laugh🤣🤣

  • Arlene Pulmano
    Arlene Pulmano

    when harry lime sliped

  • Zeroe

    how are they not dead because of all of that

    • Tony parra
      Tony parra

      They're immortal


    This is best movies to watch on Christmas

  • The Halloween and Christmas fan
    The Halloween and Christmas fan

    Right this gone a little bit to far with health bar since just getting recommend now


    POV: You Clicked Most Popular Video In This Channel, SpongeBob Came, You Can't Comment There, You Came Here!!! Right? :D

  • Nathalie Estorcien
    Nathalie Estorcien

    1:41 that’s really painful

    • Cameron Meer
      Cameron Meer

      Lucky he didn't step on a Lego


    Old Man Marley was a very nice guy

  • Jacob And More
    Jacob And More

    1:53-1:58 BEST PART!

  • Clifford Moffitt
    Clifford Moffitt

    I like Kevin and harry and marv and bloodtraps scene

  • Angelina Wang
    Angelina Wang


  • Neveah Pilone
    Neveah Pilone

    I love this movie

  • Jamal

    When Harry falls: Pop Smoke - Whoo. When Marv Falls: SpongeBob Laugh.

  • Baraa Deif
    Baraa Deif


  • KoZ1

    0:16 FATALITY, 0:28 DOBLE KILL

  • Akshin Barathi
    Akshin Barathi

    bruh they got so much damage health bar should go in negative

  • It Is Cool
    It Is Cool

    3:27 - What if he calls the cop ? - He's not ca....FROM A TREEHOUSE!!!?? Hahahahaha so funny Im crying

  • It Is Cool
    It Is Cool

    This is pure gold! I died laughing for straight 5 minutes

  • Kd Lentorio
    Kd Lentorio

    Kevin's job is so good

    • Kiev Charles
      Kiev Charles

      Kevin didn't get hit

  • Mark Fox
    Mark Fox


  • fabio maccatrozzo
    fabio maccatrozzo

    That fucking spider would be full bar to me

  • Tom Gudino
    Tom Gudino

    Harry: why did you take you're shoes off? Marv: why do you dress like a chicken?

  • Taylor Pineda
    Taylor Pineda

    Marv got damaged the most than Harry

  • Kim Jin Hoo
    Kim Jin Hoo

    Hahahaha sooooo funny and hillarious

  • Fausta Figar yulianti pausit
    Fausta Figar yulianti pausit


  • Mcdonalds wifi
    Mcdonalds wifi

    Ha ha mark merchant almost ded

  • James Smothers
    James Smothers

    Two boards trying to get Calvin

  • Loli pop
    Loli pop

    1:25 (I like your cut g)

  • Ytb koray halil
    Ytb koray halil

    Hh marv

  • Yin Ying Ho
    Yin Ying Ho


  • Max Sonic Mix
    Max Sonic Mix


  • °DaVe El PuLpO°
    °DaVe El PuLpO°

    Tis kid is a pro gamer

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming


    • Cameron Meer
      Cameron Meer

      It sounded like a tire screech

  • courtney petty
    courtney petty

    Hey bad guys you are dumb and don’t learn

  • Not Heat Lowkey
    Not Heat Lowkey

    And Kevin lost no health LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆

  • Ferdian Sumanto
    Ferdian Sumanto

    Marv Harry are wet bandits

  • A50ftfall

    1:41 I know they're burglars but I wouldn't wish that on anybody cuz I've been through that I stepped on a nail at my nana's house in the damn thing nearly went through my f****** foot

  • Omni Man
    Omni Man

    Kevin, john kramer McCallister Alias: the "Jigsaw" killer

  • Carson Wise
    Carson Wise

    How are they even alive??????

  • Gema Diaz
    Gema Diaz

    home alon is very funy

  • sochu bbq
    sochu bbq

    harry 25 marv 1