History of Villagers in Minecraft
The history of villagers in Minecraft, what if Minecraft had a history?
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This video shows real life history combined with Minecraft. To create a backstory for villagers and the villages you come across while playing the game. The story is made up, but still includes a lot of our own history, because Minecraft does not have a clear history itself.

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  • Smart Hydra
    Smart Hydra

    This actually seems like it could have happened. It's kinda scary how real this seems. I actually love it.

  • bootleg_youtube1

    i love the fact that those prehistoric villagers survived 10.000+ years just to get captured, forced to be zombified and then forced to sell a mending book for the lowest price

  • Khanh Vu Jade
    Khanh Vu Jade

    Why all the actual good content creators just like miserably disappeared? Jeez I miss you Teakay

  • VP Plants
    VP Plants

    i miss this guy i really want him to give us a sign he is still working on stuff, or at least doing good

  • Average forza player
    Average forza player

    “When the world needed him, he vanished”

  • Noobified

    He may have dissepeared, but his masterpiece will never be forgotten.

  • Sorcerons

    THIS WAS AMAZING! I love the improvisation and techniques used to make this look like an actual documentary. I would recommend this to everyone! 10/10, would watch again.

  • 2woHappy

    When this man gonna come back, he was like the only good content creator I found

  • sGamer

    "When the world needed him the most.

  • Rayan 318
    Rayan 318

    i miss this guy his videos are lit, i hope he comes back :(

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean

    One of the most enjoyable documentaries I’ve ever watched

  • Fish_slapper

    Question everyone asks: can villagers kill?

  • Axoyz

    “Everything seemed to be normal. Until, something strange happened.”

  • Meme buddy
    Meme buddy

    This actually makes sense we see the villagers still living in villages and not cities

  • Quiet Observer
    Quiet Observer

    This man made insane progress, and just disappeared.

  • Yugoslavian

    Rest in piece to all villagers that are unfortunate enough to spawn in the same seed as pewdiepie…

  • Alish Twanabasu
    Alish Twanabasu

    "Huge spiders most likely from Australia." - best line of the story.

  • kayotic

    in a simple way, the evil villagers just hit puberty.

  • MadStellar

    I love how he is a genius, he drank invisibility potions so we don’t see him building the villagers houses

  • nevermind

    I remember when this guy only had 2k he defiantly deserves 500k though this is the definition of quality.