HIGHLIGHTS: Nikola Jokić drops 43 points in loss to Boston Celtics (02/16/2021)
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  • Božidar Jovanović
    Božidar Jovanović

    Jokić SuperStar!

  • mat dulnuan
    mat dulnuan

    im a fan jokic not to the trashy teammates and nuggets.... Frustrating team...

  • Blagi

    Where is foul at 2:42 ? Some others players dont have contact and they called a foul but Thompson with elbow push Jokic and doesnt get a call... NBA and refs these days

  • Branko Kockica
    Branko Kockica

    So, it is all over again... Over 30 defeat, when 12 against Sacramento then Denver wins with 40 points diff... Something is really wrong with Nuggets. Jokic is playing too much, he averages like 40 minutes, I do not understand what is wrong with this coach

  • Aleksandar Ristic
    Aleksandar Ristic

    Sprdao se

  • Zydrunas Tzulikatis
    Zydrunas Tzulikatis

    Jokic is new Nowitzki

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez

    Nikola Bradley Beal should just come to la

  • M M
    M M

    Nikola, it's time to look for a more serious club if you want to win the title. This has become ridiculous and sad. You drag the whole team for the third season, they pat you on the back, they tell you that you are the best, and they bring mediocre players to play with you.

  • Superior Intelligence 122
    Superior Intelligence 122

    Guy is a superstar

  • Hallo Hallo
    Hallo Hallo

    Trade Jokic to help him

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    Greg Popovic said,he is real reincarnation of Lary Bird

  • QuarkGluon Plasma
    QuarkGluon Plasma

    Jokic is worth all Bitcoins of the world.

  • Chip Chamberlain
    Chip Chamberlain

    Bro watch bostons bench and assistant coaches...everytime jokic scores theyre like wtf mate

  • Cameron Luerssen
    Cameron Luerssen

    I am so glad these stupid nugget fans don't run the team.

  • ski jeti
    ski jeti

    Nikola, brate, it's time for you to leave Denver. You tried your best but, realistically, you are just wasting your career there. Any club would be thrilled to have you, just take a pick. You need those rings, on your fingers, so that people, long time from now, don't forget who was the greatest! Srecno i sto pre bezi iz Denvera.

  • Childe Harold
    Childe Harold

    If I hear one more analyst say, about Jokic (or, for that matter, Doncic), “He’s not athletic, is slow, can’t jump, but he makes up for it with intelligence. . . “ and so on, I’ll scream. (I’m tired of hearing that Doncic is this good because he’s been a pro since he was a kid. Be real. That’s significant but is only part of the story.) Jokic is *plenty athletic*, as is Doncic. It’s just not a type of athleticism we’re all that used to in the States. It’s not a jump through the roof athleticism, which many gifted, mostly black athletes have and which is also impressive, to say the least. (Yet some black athletes are slow and can’t jump, and some whites are fast and can jump, e.g., Tom Chambers awhile back and the current Bucks guard whose name escapes me.) So enough cliches already! There’s more than one kind of athleticism! I love watching Russ, the greatest athlete in the NBA in our time, and I love watching Jokic too. Both are walking triple doubles, though their games are very different.

  • Fantomas646


  • RedWhite Star83
    RedWhite Star83

    Bring Beal to Denver! Get rid of Porter and Barton

  • Stefan C
    Stefan C

    Nikola Jokic was once pulled over for speeding - he let the officer go with a warning.

  • Marko R
    Marko R

    Nikola is gonna leave in free agency when his contract is up, book it.

    • Cameron Luerssen
      Cameron Luerssen

      I am taking away your basketball card... Oh wait you never were given one

  • Zoran dimitrijevic
    Zoran dimitrijevic


  • mighty_object


  • Orhan Milanovic
    Orhan Milanovic

    "Jokic is MVP" rest of Denver team "Not if we have something to say about it"

  • Nikola Milovanovic
    Nikola Milovanovic

    First 18 points - Jokic 15 ,Marey 3. Wake up All, Denver Nuggets!!? Let's go 🙏💕💕💕💕💕

  • First Last
    First Last

    Jokic to the Raptors please!

  • Nikola Milovanovic
    Nikola Milovanovic

    My man🧠 🙆 ♂️👌🥇

  • dragan zivkovic
    dragan zivkovic

    Malone kills Jokic. I'm sorry Jokic. Without Jokic, Denver would lose 30+ every game.

  • pera detlić
    pera detlić

    Jokić , Djoković ,change the games

  • Brush 'n Roller
    Brush 'n Roller

    So his team-mates cost him a double-double. What a bunch of useless players they are!

  • daniel oliveira
    daniel oliveira

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  • 7shelties

    Jamal Murray has been a real disappointment so far this season. I thought he might have taken the next step during the playoffs last season but apparently that was just a hot stretch for him. It is beginning to look like he may never be the reliable second option the Nuggets need. So, Denver needs to gather together some trade assets and try to find a reliable Robin for Jokic’s Batman.

    • Marko R
      Marko R

      Nobody is gonna take murray with that kind of production and a max contract

  • Youtubefan2017

    Jokic = Heart/Hype

  • angah Bg
    angah Bg

    I really dont want Jokic and Luka on the same team because both of them have the same strength. Guys like Capella. Or Myles Turner would be better to cover Jokic on defense.

  • Darko

    Poor man...

  • Owen Sunuwar
    Owen Sunuwar

    Jokic needs a good Chiropractor. His back must be killing him

    • Khárn Betrayer
      Khárn Betrayer

      Coz he's carrying his teammates whole season

    • Djovak

      how do you know?

  • KingSerbon7

    Jokara brat!!! MVP!!!

  • PukovnikS - No Puko, No Party
    PukovnikS - No Puko, No Party

    Jokic demand trade. Immediately!

  • Bata Batica
    Bata Batica

    Everyone understands situation with injuries but Nikola needs help! Murray isn't calibre for ring... Soon,Nikola will be injured because of supid teammates

  • Aleksandar Jankovic
    Aleksandar Jankovic

    Ne znam da li moze bolje od ovog da se igra..covek kao da u bazen baca iz svih pozicija,iz svih polozaja.asistira na tacni.biju ga svako vece,najsnazniji igraci,taktike,provokacije.Da li je pistojao bolji igrac.svako vece tripl,dabldabl.sve ima za deset sem malo eksplozivnosti,ne brzine.alal ti jokicu.ti si tesla za kosarku

    • M M
      M M

      Kada si isao na casove Srpskog jezika da li si cuo za VELIKO slovo? Obicno se sa njim pocinje recenica, ime i posle tacke rec se pise VELIKIM slovom.

  • 31orka

    Bravo Jokara, MVP

  • Marko Rapaić
    Marko Rapaić


    • Filip Tot
      Filip Tot


  • Marko Botic
    Marko Botic

    A superstar with the worst teammates in the NBA.

  • Stefan Zlatanović
    Stefan Zlatanović

    Porter Junior should be traded IMO. 0 points on 24 minutes in the game, son go play golf or something. You are not cut for this.

    • Shiljamannn

      @Nemanja Pepić Ipak bih vise voelo da ga vidim u San Antoniu ili Dallasu, ali isto verujem da bi sa Igracima koje Heat poseduje imao odlicne rezultate.

    • Stefan Zlatanović
      Stefan Zlatanović

      @Nemanja Pepić legendoooo! Pozdrav najveći za Pepiće! Trebalo bi trejdovati i Jokaru. Slažem se, iako su izgradili tim oko njegove igre, sve asistencije padaju u vodu kad saigrači pojma nemaju. Mnogo jadan tim Denvera.

    • Nemanja Pepić
      Nemanja Pepić

      Pozdrav Zlatane, Porter treba da bude trajdovan to stoji, ali ono sto je main cinjenica sto Jokic treba da se treduje. I to najbolji klub koji mu moze odgovarati je Miami Heats. Btw ja sam Slavicin brat, pozz!!


    HE CANT DO IT ALONE!43 poin end loos.Without him,Denver would be at the botton of the table

    • Cameron Luerssen
      Cameron Luerssen

      The nuggets had 3 starters out that account for 31 points on average, please stop watching casual 🤦‍♂️

  • Danijela Jungić
    Danijela Jungić

    It is difficult to play with frozen nuggets teammates..Jokic is too calm, to patient with them. This is so frustrating and painfull to watch..As soon as possible he need to leave Denver. It seems to me that the coach and the other players have no respect for him and makes joke with him. It is so sad...

  • Djuran Nebojsa
    Djuran Nebojsa

    jokic go to dallas

  • Milan Zivkovic
    Milan Zivkovic

    Green, Howard and Porter 1/19 -- terrible

  • Red Bird
    Red Bird

    Jokic,, Campazzo, and Murray Impressive o_o ^_^

    • Nikola Medic
      Nikola Medic

      Jokic only!! Others didnt earned ther salaries

    • Shiljamannn

      Only 3 players that played this game....

    • Petar Nenchev
      Petar Nenchev

      Murray 9 TO..

  • Vendetta

    This is not funny anymore, do something.

    • Vendetta

      @Cameron Luerssen Don't take it to your heart salty boy.

    • Cameron Luerssen
      Cameron Luerssen

      If the nuggets had you as GM they would be the worst team in basketball.

  • Rüdiger Weissmann
    Rüdiger Weissmann

    Where is the rest

    • Jun Nayra
      Jun Nayra

      After work man...there's job to be done...just crazy talking bout rest when ur losing....

  • Sergio Jokanov
    Sergio Jokanov

    MPJ fucking sucks now, if he doesn't get better in a month or two I say trade his ass.

  • Sir John
    Sir John


  • L D
    L D

    Call Bulls for And get this man Zac Lavin....

    • Rednec joe
      Rednec joe

      @Shiljamannn beal then and trade mpj and gary harris

    • Shiljamannn

      He is great, but kind of injury prone.

    • 01ment

      That would be a great fit for Jokic...

  • Pabli rom
    Pabli rom

    Una verdadera bestia

  • no one
    no one

    The tragedy here is his teammates not scoring when given the ball.

    • Optimus Prime
      Optimus Prime

      Trade Jamal and bring Jokic real help..

    • Childe Harold
      Childe Harold

      Porter a bust? Trade him? He’s talented, but I don’t know if he works all that hard. Nuggets need a solid #3. Millsap may have filled the bill a few years ago. He’s past him prime tho.

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack

    Jokic lost to Boston!

  • Neka Dalabu
    Neka Dalabu


  • Basil Carpenter jr
    Basil Carpenter jr

    Denver needs a number 2 Murry a number 3

  • Stefan M
    Stefan M

    Tako je brate, pokazi im !

  • Nenad Stevanovic
    Nenad Stevanovic

    MPJ is useless 🤦‍♀️

  • A D
    A D

    Starters Porter and Green 1/15.

    • CCDSY -
      CCDSY -

      If you add Howard and Hampton you have 3/25...and between 6 players they made 0/15 of 3 point attempts

  • Una Lipa
    Una Lipa


  • Raul Laranga
    Raul Laranga

    Meanwhile Michael Porter Junior 0/8...How good Denver would look like if they bring him some good teammate.

    • Vladimir Cordas
      Vladimir Cordas

      @darko99x not bad for two starters, almost shot 50% too.

    • darko99x

      MPJ and NJ had 43-13-8 combined! Not bad 😁

    • de Cugnot Detailing
      de Cugnot Detailing

      Nikola must give him "burek" to eat before game 😂

  • Yabas

    MPJ lost them this game

  • Moon SKeetz
    Moon SKeetz

    Greatest #15 to play for Nuggets. PERIOD.

  • Trieu Nguyen
    Trieu Nguyen

    Man Jokic and Luka would fit each other perfectly but that wont happen.

    • Basil Carpenter jr
      Basil Carpenter jr

      @MakiTakiLebt who wants a cheap as ring I rather win the right way I got mote respect for them that a guy that goes to stacked team or join great players that's bullshit LeBron and kd done that shit twice

    • MakiTakiLebt

      @Basil Carpenter jr Why the fuck should you do that? You don't earn more, you don't get more rewards, you won't end up in history. NOTHING! This is for sure not in the minds of great players. Maybe for their home country, because that has something to do with nostalgia and patriotism, but not for a team.

    • Basil Carpenter jr
      Basil Carpenter jr

      @MakiTakiLebt because u work and build and try win in Denver u don't just go to join other great players like LeBron and kd did

    • mat dulnuan
      mat dulnuan

      I hope it will happen

    • MakiTakiLebt

      @Basil Carpenter jr I'm new to watching the NBA (huge fan of Jokic) but is there a reason to stay in Denver? The Nuggets haven't provided him with a top teammate from what I see tbh. If I look at other teams like the Lakers, Lebron also has much help from Davis so there has to be a second. Why should he stay in Denver if he can't win trophies?

  • Gg Hh
    Gg Hh

    Free jokic

  • AlexandreG

    I can't even imagine the amount of meds this man is in to ease his ravaging back pain

  • 24

    Tnx for fast upload Admin

  • 24

    Must have a shit feeling just like B.Beal both dropping 30+ but still losing. If Denver dont strenghten next season he Jokic needs to trade to Dallas probably

    • guitarprodigy100

      @Gadjiglo Znone The better city and state is subjective. I’ve lived in Dallas the past 2 years. It’s meh.

    • 24

      @Gadjiglo Znone exactly why players superstars will choose them over Denver. City of Denver isnt anything special

    • Gadjiglo Znone
      Gadjiglo Znone

      @guitarprodigy100 Dallas is a better franchise in bigger and better city and state and they have very motivated owner.

    • guitarprodigy100

      @Basil Carpenter jr I know I was sarcastic.

    • bobby smurda
      bobby smurda

      Luka and Jokic must be on same team in the future its destiny idc what team it is

  • Djuro Galic
    Djuro Galic

    Dominant! Makes it look so easy!

    • bobby smurda
      bobby smurda

      Footwork+IQ is off the charts!

  • Liew Wai Hins
    Liew Wai Hins

    Get him some help pls

Valentino - AI MAMI
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Valentino - AI MAMI
1,2 мил