high school girls unsupervised *irresponsible*
~G I R L Y P O P A P P A R E L~
my outfit:
The boots I always wear: rstyle.me/cz-n/dgea27cj387

things get a lil irresponsible in this video. ya know, just an event where a bunch of high school girls are let loose. it gets wild. how could it not? im sick and loopy so if you're reading this comment boo boo bear. ok bye
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  • Maya's Mischief
    Maya's Mischief

    Omggg I loveeee your channel!! Just started watching u a week ago and I am subbed to ur main, vlog, and traphamily!! 😆

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    Amit Friedman

    yee yee brother

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    Rosie Logan

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    julie heilmann

    Boo boo bear

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    Sarah Bronstein

    Yee yee brother and boo boo bear XD only TRUE fans will understand

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    L a n a

    Yee yee brother ... One year later

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    Rose Over

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    b e t s y

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    Ezra Robles

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  • Ezra Robles
    Ezra Robles

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  • TaroMilkTea

    *haley hangs out with Hannah and Ellie* WhEN wOrLDs cOLlIde

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    S S

    Yeye brother

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    Yee yee brotherrr x

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    Brooke Stanley

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    Grace Koralewski

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    DJ Makhaye

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  • Evangelista Dafna Mackliff
    Evangelista Dafna Mackliff

    where are her boots from, the link doesnt work anymore

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    What is more satisfying than watching the world burn? Realizing that at the end of the day, after the world burns, the fire is calm. You're more stale than dried pizza crust in the winter. Call me when I care about your feelings, which will be never. Hey, wait; stop looking dumb, oh I'm sorry that is not possible. Wow, I'm so happy, you finally got a personality. Grass grows faster in the winter than your relationships progressing.

    • Christopher Smith
      Christopher Smith

      ok seriously, I am just kidding and messing around. I got bored while working a 12 hour shift as a security officer and decided to write what was on my mind. Anyway keep up the good work.

  • Ava Couture
    Ava Couture

    yee yee brother

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    Kelsey Gregson

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    Bethy K

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    Isabelle Bennett

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  • Maddy J
    Maddy J

    and your advice on social anxiety is literally TRASH

  • Maddy J
    Maddy J

    that guy gave a talk about not losing yourself and now look at you... LOL! completely full of yourself and a joke

  • Julia Bates
    Julia Bates

    Yeeyee brother 😘😘

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    sasha_ 67

    Ye ye bruh

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    *_*sunflower sam*_*

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  • Sam Plautz
    Sam Plautz

    And people think that girls only scream like this on tv....

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    Ellie Kjeldsen

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    Ya Yeet

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    Yeet Queen

    Bro is that hannah, vereena, and haley

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    kim trang

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    Juliana L

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    moca takahashi

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    Sydney Harmon

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    Audrey Marie

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    Ella Grace Grandgenett

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    Rhyan Daniels

    Your soooo pretty

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    Piper Warfield

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    Emalee Craig

    Boo Boo Bear and Yee Yes Brother! Iykyk😂

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    Izabel Waters

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  • Mr Fluthy
    Mr Fluthy

    2:38 remember the time when she got kicked out of this honor club for making this video joking about cheating

  • chloé rio
    chloé rio

    How tall r u ??

  • Jazmyn Gregory
    Jazmyn Gregory

    Yee yee brotherrrr

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    Sally Ariana

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    Libby Burr


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    Gigi Bernett-weiland

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    Vale Rojas F

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    Tik Tok

    I m not a robot but I stil love and u r so like just idk ur awsome

  • Clara Rogus
    Clara Rogus

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  • Cecilia Radney
    Cecilia Radney

    Avery and Ellie could be twins!!!

  • Cecilia Radney
    Cecilia Radney

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    Taylee Clare

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    Galilea Aguirre

    What does Hakey mean?

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    All of you are so pretty wth >_

  • Moira Davis
    Moira Davis

    @Haley Pham What program do you use to edit? You said you enjoy editing but I hate the program I use so so much it's so over complicated and I am so dumb please help. I really want to start a channel just to try to get my life together but editing succ.

  • Tara -Jane Mc Glynn
    Tara -Jane Mc Glynn

    She was beside vereena omg my too fave creators in one place eeeee

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    Kylie Rose

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    alex the Dude

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    Polly Cheer

    I am so sad I didn’t get to meet you it’s my dream I love you so much “yee yee brother” 😆xxxxxxxxxx

    • Mr Fluthy
      Mr Fluthy

      I'm sure there will be other chances

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    Alexandra Eq

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    June Watters

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    Riley France

    Yee Yee brother hehehe i just wanna say i love your vids and your aesthetic and you're my favorite youtuber love youuuu

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    Chinenye Uzoh

    This sucks ack

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