Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker...
Mumbo Jumbo
Inspired by my hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base video, today I am building a hidden bunker in a hidden bunker in a bunker in a... you get the picture. This redstone video is all about hidden entrances in minecraft, hidden redstone in minecraft, and hidden bunkers in Minecraft. If you want to make a hidden base in Minecraft, then this could be the perfect video for you. However Grian if you're watching this, don't get any ideas... I wouldn't want a Secret base in Minecraft appearing in my Hermitcraft base!
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  • Guy Ochakovsky
    Guy Ochakovsky

    Using an ender pearl stasis chamber is actually probably the most secure, because only the person who threw the ender pearl can get in

    • -_ItzAlexi_-

      @bernardo nope wouldn’t work

    • bernardo

      Chorus fruit

    • -_ItzAlexi_-

      @Mason Hilton it’s like the create mod and sculk sensors don’t exist

    • -_ItzAlexi_-

      @MERCENARY-HKR why do kids like such crappy videos in the first place

    • -_ItzAlexi_-

      @InsertFolder :o it’s like 1.16 doesn’t exist

  • Mario Stickers
    Mario Stickers

    "I'm definitely thinking some form of armory" The Four Netherite Armor Stands in the Previous Room: *"Am I a joke to you?"*

    • Mason Morgan
      Mason Morgan

      No they’re just a decoy

    • Doomerang Gamer
      Doomerang Gamer

      Its a library... But true

    • fives ARC - 5555
      fives ARC - 5555


    • Ultraxshock (pit of heck maker)
      Ultraxshock (pit of heck maker)

      @Christine Geadah yes

    • Christine Geadah
      Christine Geadah


  • toxel56

    If I had a dime for every time Mumbo said bunker, I would be Jeff Bezos.

    • Franko Does Stuff
      Franko Does Stuff

      He said bunker/bunkers a total of 51 times which would give you $5 and 1 cents

    • -_ItzAlexi_-

      @McPeanut so that they wouldn’t get their notifs spammed with r/wooosh

    • McPeanut

      @Steve what's the point of saying not really, the saying yeah yeah, i know it's a joke? How old are you?

    • Lucas Lindgren
      Lucas Lindgren

      I'd be Elon Musk, because he's richer 😎

    • eli tores
      eli tores

      no no no, you should ask for a dime for every time he says red stone. you'd make Jeff Bezos look like an average person in new york

  • Codenoak

    Challenge: Do a push-up every time he says the word “bunker”

    • Aidan Heckathorn
      Aidan Heckathorn

      I'ma be ripped

    • Rocket J. Sykes
      Rocket J. Sykes

      at that rate i would become the late Rich Pianna

    • Agastya Anchan
      Agastya Anchan

      My hand is broken

    • Ries fox
      Ries fox

      Oh God no

  • Kai Dos Santos
    Kai Dos Santos

    “Reinforced reinforcements which are reinforcing” -Mumbo Jumbo, 2021

  • Noah M
    Noah M

    Imagine if you just randomly mined into the last bunker.

    • Ben Woroniuk
      Ben Woroniuk


    • Shamrock_gaming24

      @venomouscarnage lol

    • クマだー

      Probably the best bunker

    • venomouscarnage

      @Luca the one where his luck was impossible was most likely fake because statistics don't lie.

    • BrianComics

      @Luca The top comment basically sums up everything.

  • Shaun Moore
    Shaun Moore

    Teacher: the test isn't that complicated The test:

    • Medium Jimmy
      Medium Jimmy

      @SaBji ManDilp

    • Medium Jimmy
      Medium Jimmy

      @SaBji ManDi pol l

    • Medium Jimmy
      Medium Jimmy


    • Medium Jimmy
      Medium Jimmy


    • Noffy

      bro stop always commenting that on every vidéo of mumbo jumbo

  • MouthyDoor69

    I wish he'd put a tutorial, because I really like the hidden staircase

  • Crosbyman64

    Wow, that’s impressive! I only managed to build a secret entrance inside of a secret entrance inside of a secret entrance.

  • ehx

    One thing for the second bunker: You could actually have one of the buttons unlock a repeater going out of the other button, and then have a trail of locked repeaters each bound to another button.

  • right easy
    right easy

    Petition for Mumbo to make a giant bunker network as his hermitcraft season 8 base

    • Franta Bechnik
      Franta Bechnik


    • Emerald Emperor
      Emerald Emperor

      maybe season 9

    • Finn Gtv
      Finn Gtv


    • Mr Meme
      Mr Meme

      Ffs it didnt happen

    • jack


  • JellyMelon

    Respect to Mumbo. A man of style and engineering

  • B̴o̵n̷n̴ie 2.0
    B̴o̵n̷n̴ie 2.0

    I love how with bunkers you can solve them by waffling around.

  • wow im a person
    wow im a person

    You need to make this a map! Everyone wouod love it!

  • ducky the death star
    ducky the death star

    me breaks redstone* my Machine: still works* me: wait thats illegal

    • Mr Meme
      Mr Meme

      You wanna break redstone Use water *Flashbacks*

    • TheGamingCow507

      The thing is, for the entrance, that's what happened. There were 2 Redstone dusts on the floor

  • MrCombat

    Whenever you do this I like to imagine that all of the bunkers are owned by separate people. This first bunker doesn’t know about the second, the second doesn’t know about the third, etc.

  • Hungry Sleepy Su
    Hungry Sleepy Su

    I needs me a tutorial for all the redstone contraptions in this video! This looks awesome!! I wanna build it!

  • Francesco Vitturi
    Francesco Vitturi

    When you do this type of video, I would love to see other people trying to access the bunkers

  • Brandon Roque
    Brandon Roque

    Can I get a tutorial on that first door. Love that concept of the ground just opening out of nowhere. Super sick.

  • Gabby1176

    Grian and Impulse: *”Write that down, write that down!”*

    • Angry Ghiacchio
      Angry Ghiacchio

      Haha ive broken the 69 replies, suffer.

    • what on earth
      what on earth

      69th reply, had to do it

    • PurplePerson

      O lol

    • Nick Banet
      Nick Banet

      @Panda wait why?

    • Panda

      @Nick Banet it would have been better if you were 64

  • Gaarik Hamr
    Gaarik Hamr

    Watching this over a year later when 1.18 has come out, I have to say: Next bunker should take you all the way down to deepslate and back up again. If anyone could get it done, Mumbo could.

  • HzKid

    Alternative title: Mumbo makes everybody super confused

  • B̴o̵n̷n̴ie 2.0
    B̴o̵n̷n̴ie 2.0

    That moment when someone accidentally uses the hoe in between the chests and they see the piston very confused, as you suddenly teleport into your vault, groaning that it happened again and you have to use up another enderpearl.

  • Scaredy Ottah
    Scaredy Ottah

    You are an absolute legend, an incredible mastermind, you are one of the most creative and intelligent persons I have ever seen

  • Egg

    My friend: “mind if I smelt some redstone?” Me: **sweats**

    • the_ puzzlax
      the_ puzzlax

      First of all: who tf smelts red stone?

    • Shellrockguy

      Two thing wrong with this. “Smelt red stone”

    • ScorpionHD Kid
      ScorpionHD Kid

      What if u can smelt with lava which will than trigger a dropper with lava in it

    • CallMeNugget!


    • Ink Fazkitty
      Ink Fazkitty

      Question: who the hell would casually smelt redstone? Answer: Satan

  • Bob Rhys-Davies
    Bob Rhys-Davies

    When I see the staircase inside a staircase: It’s beautiful. I’ve looked at it for 5 hours now.

  • Krocodile55

    Note to self: always carry redstone ore when looking for hidden bases and rooms. Also: press every button in quick succession.

  • Cory The Coder
    Cory The Coder

    This is so amazing. Map download? Your redstone testing world download would be interesting too. I mean honestly literally for every redstone creation featured in a video a map download would be really cool.

  • Kiara Todd
    Kiara Todd

    you have really inspiring videos that's the main reason I watch them and I think your buildings are awesome! your probably one of the best youtubers I've ever seen!

  • Leo ;-;
    Leo ;-;

    As soon as I see the title: “He’s gone bunkers”

    • Sumayyah Khan
      Sumayyah Khan


    • holly cox
      holly cox

      I made this joke, then I saw you did it first

    • Zachary Helms
      Zachary Helms

      Lmfao hillarios

  • DaMegaTaco LilSeaDog
    DaMegaTaco LilSeaDog

    I think the hoe switch in the farming room would be a bit obvious since it would be the only dirt block without grass... Also it probably would've been better to do the 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th target if not doing 3 or even 4 of the targets to activate the door to make it more secure. That's just my opinion though while in general the base is pretty cool

  • Flip Floop
    Flip Floop

    Dude I was proud of myself when I made my own 3x3 piston door and then I see this. btw love your videos they inspired me to start doing red stone and it’s been loads of fun :)

  • Lainey Wright
    Lainey Wright

    Damn! Are you serious? I could never do that... not even one base secret entrance, let alone secession of bases or bunkers. WOW! I'm stunned by your skills.

  • Claire vonLindenberg
    Claire vonLindenberg

    And here we have a quadruple piston extender that shall hopefully extend these 30 pistons, making a chain reaction. [Button on an observer]

  • NinjaBearFilms

    You know… mumbo always under estimates his build and design skills. But he’s better for his failures.

  • BadMonkey20

    0:00 Intro 0:30 The Hidden Bunker 3:09 The Hidden Bunker Completed (The Futuristic Bunker) 3:14 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker 5:59 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker Completed (The Harry Potter Bunker) 6:33 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker 8:22 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker Completed (The Armory) 9:30 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker 12:48 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker Completed (The Farming Room) 13:05 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker 14:33 The Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker in a Hidden Bunker Completed (The Diamond Vault) 14:44 The Exit 15:03 All of the Hidden Bunkers in a Row 16:35 Outro

  • Unicorn Youtube
    Unicorn Youtube

    "So we're gonna go from the future world to the Harry Potter world" Me: "Thank J. K. Rowling for That."

  • Claw v.s. Doge
    Claw v.s. Doge

    ‘My little brain is overflowing with joy’ -Mumbo Jumbo 2021 Legit him just being excited about making multiple bunkers gives me serotonin. This is why I watch this channel.

  • Unnamed

    Whenever Mumbo does anything else than Hermitcraft, I strangely feel like he's avoiding doing something.

    • Redstones Lover
      Redstones Lover

      @Some Raw Lime its hermitcraft rickroll

    • Some Raw Lime
      Some Raw Lime

      @Yellow Kantaron I’ve been on the internet too long to believe that

    • Yellow Kantaron
      Yellow Kantaron

      @Some Raw Lime okk rsloft.info/loft/video/kZmSsmrP0XSVp5g

    • Some Raw Lime
      Some Raw Lime

      Can you think of anything,,, pacifically?

    • MiniKipp

      @Kris Woods luckily grian’s got his back

  • Spoof Fanoon
    Spoof Fanoon

    Mumbo I absolutely love your videos. I definitely think you should build a bunker in your bunker on the Last Life server. We’ve already had problems with people stealing things

  • BrianDMS

    This is basically what I always do whenever I build any base lmao

  • Mason Reno
    Mason Reno

    Has he made a survival world where he rebuilds these awesome redstone things? That would be an awesome series.

  • peyton1803

    I wish there was a video for a tutorial about how to do the staircase redstone. I am completely useless when it comes to Redstone contraptions.

  • Nathan Lund
    Nathan Lund

    As soon as I see the title: “Well, he’s done it again”

    • hotcakes0576

      @OwO's Grandpa *Tons! Hello. . _. 👋*

    • Michelle Amato
      Michelle Amato

      @Ryan Williams ‘’ I played with your heart!’’

    • Amanda Rockhold
      Amanda Rockhold

      @OwO's Grandpa go to any of stanboos videos of dsmp clips videos and you’ll find him

    • The DMG Gang
      The DMG Gang

      mumbo, as hes uploading: oops, i did it again

    • PopMasterAlan

      @Ryan Williams another mate ded misplaced head oh

  • Gypsi Rondo
    Gypsi Rondo

    You can hear his smile in the whole video, my mood just gets so much better from this

    • Ryan Minecraft_boy
      Ryan Minecraft_boy

      *emotional ears*

  • Dark Scorpion
    Dark Scorpion

    Mumbo isn't just a redstone god He's a good builder too

  • Yash Jhaveri
    Yash Jhaveri

    I am worried for mumbo's sanity at this point, he's totally going crazy evil scientist mode atm

  • Kerstin Koeningsfeld
    Kerstin Koeningsfeld

    Mumbo: Yes easy Redstone Me: WTF HOW?

  • Budget transformer
    Budget transformer

    Only issue is the second I see the second bunker I will go “what if there’s a third” and proceed to dig straight down and find every bunker bellow.

    • Marcia Vasquez
      Marcia Vasquez

      Easy, each bunker is randonly diagonal, so digging straight now dont cut it, they will have complete the puzzles.

    • Slightly Distressed Slug
      Slightly Distressed Slug

      In the world of bunkers, digging is cheating. You have to find the red stone entrances, otherwise you might as well use a spectator account :P it’s still true that once you see the second, you know about all the rest though

    • BluTen

      but then you can make an entrance from the side instead of just underneath

    • no name
      no name

      @BITTU ya in redstone he is good but in building he is decent

    • BITTU

      @no name in what way, if it is in redstone rhan i accept it but not in all way

  • FinalFantasyBehemoth

    What would have been neat is if you set up one of the armor stands to open the door if you put a sword into it's hand.

  • Sans undertale
    Sans undertale

    My first ever redstone build was a hidden bookshelf wall, but it was really hard bc i dont know how to use complex redstone and… i wanna make that a challenge so you can make ANYTHING without a complex redstone like repeaters, observers, targets, and anything else like that

  • Pabs

    Mumbo: “ My tiny little brain is overflowed with joy” Me: “ Ur brain is Small????”

  • Scottish Gonk
    Scottish Gonk

    "Hey dude, where's your house?" "Down here." "Damn, cool dude!" "Not there yet." "Sheesh, hidden bunker in a hidden bunker?" "Not there yet." "Jeez, cool dude.. this it, right?" "Not there yet." "......" "Not there yet." "OKAY YOU LITTLE SHI-"

  • LeOneAndOnly-Gamer

    “Shouldn’t be too complicated” Next scene: like a million comparators and repeaters-

    • wheatley

      I mean you just have to start a time paradox and sacrifice everything you love

    • Lucian Minarapa
      Lucian Minarapa

      that's our test🎓

    • EliTheArtist

      It’s expensive, not complicated

    • Jude Lee
      Jude Lee

      Even if you place a lot of repeaters and comparators

    • Dakota LeGuen
      Dakota LeGuen

      @GabiMusolino109 how

  • SnowyFrost

    The thing that is crazy is that these 5 bunkers don't have to be the end. using stasis chambers, you don't have to be underground.. meaning it can technically last forever

  • Cloud Striker
    Cloud Striker

    Would be awesome to have world downloads for all those wacky experiments.

  • Gameknight Games
    Gameknight Games

    Honestly I think mumbo just comes up with really weird redstone builds just so he can flex his big brain

  • Jumpcutjack

    How did you make it so that it had to be red stone that was smelted in the first bunker? I would assume all smeltable blocks would work

  • Emperor Thybal
    Emperor Thybal

    The four horsemen of the Bunker counter: The smelter The button addict The marksman The farmer

    • Juwayriyyah Khan
      Juwayriyyah Khan

      Real: Card guy Control guy Spy guy Hypnotist guy Bird gurl

  • Tai

    is there anyone who knows how to make the staircase hidden in the staircase? I was able to recreate the circuit right before the second half of the swapper, but then i don't understand how to build the rest

  • 67 67
    67 67

    Viewer: OK so how much bunkers are there really? Mumbo: Yes

  • Badd Juju
    Badd Juju

    I recently found you n I swear you are absolutely top tier creator. 🔥🔥

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos

    you should include world downloads so we can see the redstone to use the ideas.

  • PrototypePlatform

    "day 6, the last of the arrows have broken, we're trying to use other things around the base to hit the target in the bullseye, but none of us have strength anymore. *why did our bunker designer lock the food behind the accuracy tests when none of us have good aim* "

    • Andr Pratt
      Andr Pratt

      ah found a vault tec bunker

    • Ninjycoon

      Until somebody malnourished and about dead has an epiphany and crawls over to the target and try's to stick an arrow in the target by hand but alas, they are too weak. One flash back later they become empowered and bust the arrow through. Everyone cheers. They all sit down to eat, but as the hero brings the food to their lips, yet before it can every reach them, they die. RIP Jerry. Not the sharpest aim but truly the sharpest brain.

    • Loyis Binnell
      Loyis Binnell

      If you want to pass the test don’t be a stormtrooper

    • Glow Squid
      Glow Squid

      Bruh use buttons to power target blocks

    • TheGameMatt

      @Maeric Bell it’s at 67 I think

  • Mr. bendy
    Mr. bendy

    I found a flaw with bunker 1 when you place the redstone block to smelt it then is there 1 or 2 different shorting systems because if you use just one then when you put redstone in it your ride to bunker 2 will be visible. Also i mess around with everything in a bunker and if i cant find anything to hard way i go the easy way and just minecart nuke style of finding it out.

  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen

    In order to prevent people from shooting arrows at the target blocks from close by, you could place a pressure plate behind the fence.

  • Unchained Defender
    Unchained Defender

    6:50 the only problem with that, is if I stumbled into a room with a bunch of buttons, the first thing I would do is press ALL of them

  • Giraffeforu88

    Thanks, I'll be looking for concrete powder, bookshelves, and cauldrons now.

  • Kai Christensen
    Kai Christensen

    mumbo: "it's not *_particularly traditional_* but that seems like a lot of fun!" mumbo literally immediately after: "and as is *_tradition_* with anything futuristic..."

    • Redstones Lover
      Redstones Lover

      @Black Hole ikrrsloft.info/loft/video/gJSCm6-6mGK0eaQ

    • Black Hole
      Black Hole

      he means that with a futuristic build its traditional to build with those blocks.

    • nika andriadze
      nika andriadze

      lol :D. . !

    • Cayo-Kun

      i didnt understand anything

  • Bread Crumm
    Bread Crumm

    What a compelling thumbnail! Really explains the video.

  • The Wock
    The Wock

    Mumbo: builds a bunker within a bunker with ten thousand redstone circuits Also Mumbo: “simple redstone”

  • Lina

    This guy is a good builder AND red stone engineer.

  • Thegrumreaperwalkthroughs

    the problem with these hidden bunkers is if the player breaking in has a pickaxe all your Redstone goes to waste and they get in anyway

  • Sophia Campbell
    Sophia Campbell

    Imagine this: 'You are exploring in a world that Mumbo Jumbo has already visited, you see a random patch of dirt in a land full of grass... "Hrm"

    • Amaterasu

      And this would be the worst. Ever.

    • A. Wright
      A. Wright

      @MaxLton _ And then the lava trap repeats, making them think that lag is the issue, and ultimately making them disconnect.

    • MaxLton _
      MaxLton _

      @Arnav Vyas And if they escape it leads to another secret bunker which then leads to the copy of the main base bunker making it look like they have gone crazy

    • Arnav Vyas
      Arnav Vyas

      @cartoon fantasty except it is not the actual main base bunker, it is a copy of it that leads to another secret bunker that traps them forever in 20 layers of obsidian surrounded by lava

    • cartoon fantasty
      cartoon fantasty

      @Tegshbal and the bunker is connected to the main base bunker

  • Catalina Park
    Catalina Park

    This is one of my favorite of your videos. Love it!

  • ehx

    I was convinced that stair was intentional and the staircase was going to make a corner.

  • Mythic

    Me: I can make a two by two Mumbo:I made a bunker inside a bunker inside a bunker inside a bunker inside a bunker using redstone door Me: why do I even try.

  • KitsuneMp9

    There’s two reasons someone would build something like this in their Minecraft world: 1. It’s cool 2. They have stage 50 paranoia

  • Wrench Clips
    Wrench Clips

    Petition for Mumbo to build one of his hidden bunkers in a hidden bunker on Hermitcraft

  • Diamond Boi
    Diamond Boi

    Imagine someone build a house in that spot and build a basement