Hermitcraft Season 8 - The Moon Rock Incident - #24
Hermitcraft Season 8 starting in Minecraft 1.17, the Caves and Cliffs Update has arrived.
Doc competes in the Grand Hermitcraft Leaf Spleef Tournament organized by Cubfan. He bets a whole Shulker Box of Copper, so the stakes are very high! After that, Ren's Chicken Farm gets reverted to entity form by a mysterious Moon Rock. Scared, Doc goes back to what he knows best, and creates and insane Piglin Bartering machine that is based on a brand new item sorting concept.
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Коментара: 3 364
  • docm77

    What is going on? The madness continues!!

  • Cryptonic

    "Boatem is only a stack of diamonds ahead of us..."

  • The Catlike
    The Catlike

    Returning most of the copper is a super classy move, and what's more, Grian didn't even show it on his video so he wasn't doing it to look good, good job G man

  • Jordan Lilly
    Jordan Lilly

    Grian shows such an evil side in his videos with the pranks and such😂 but when you watch other people's videos you see how considerate he is like bringing tnt and helping tango take down the giant boat and giving back a bunch of copper to doc when he could have easily restocked his own shop with it

  • David Wooldridge
    David Wooldridge

    The shopping trip was hilarious. It’s like me stopping at the store after work when I’m hungry, “just to pick up milk and eggs”, complete with the umming and humming.

  • Abid Mohamed
    Abid Mohamed

    "Back in Hell where it's safe" ~ Doc

  • Andrew Schoenecke
    Andrew Schoenecke

    My Theory:

  • drbleblo

    Grian: Wins 1st place

  • George Willcox
    George Willcox

    I did not know that falling anvils destroyed items, one of those things that very rarely comes up I imagine.

  • Lapis Septo Flufftail
    Lapis Septo Flufftail

    Doc: Finally, i've set up my ultimate redstone machine!

  • Peeekaaay

    I love how much love each of the hermits are giving each other this season. Such a great community.

  • Patrick Shannon
    Patrick Shannon

    At this point, I almost expect Zloy to fall from the sky.

  • Dr. Florida Man; PhD
    Dr. Florida Man; PhD

    “Now I’m already regretting I didn’t bomb the whole place.”

  • Strange Stories with Phillip Carter
    Strange Stories with Phillip Carter

    Relationship advice: get you a partner who looks at you like Doc looks at observers in Grian's store

  • (Mister Leigh) - MR13IGH
    (Mister Leigh) - MR13IGH

    Another great episode, loving the hermatrix stuff! Also what a mega farm!

  • Jason Sneed
    Jason Sneed

    I Love how small everyone's builds look with the moon in the background. Lmao

  • Rytel_75

    Its crazy seeing all the things Doc has been bringing to the Hermitcraft server to break the game, keep it up, Its amazing!

  • mercotui

    "when hear tens of thousands of items what do you think?"

  • TheAverageChelios

    Its so funny, I respect what you said coming into the video. I think season 7 for a lot of people were some of the most amazing unfinished products, but were some realy cool collaborations that drew a whole new group of eyes

  • Jasmine