Hermitcraft 8: Episode 24 - CHEST MONSTER
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 8, Mumbo works on the gigantic automatic storage system on the inside of the Mumbo Hermitcraft mega base. This auto sorter is centre of my Big Minecraft base, so the decoration is very important. We also join up with Grian with some Grian AFK fun, and join up with Zedaph to test his new automatic potion brewing station!
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  • ZedaphPlays

    Thanks so much for visiting The Combrewter 2.0 Mumbo! It meant a lot to get your redstone stamp of approval! Visit anytime!

    • Сева Снеговой
      Сева Снеговой

      It's just WICKED

    • InflatableMan

      Might be the coolest redstone contraption I’ve seen in a while. Taking advantage of a trapdoor to stop select items cycling through the air in a select order while being able to watch it all is just ridiculous

    • Gabriel Morgan
      Gabriel Morgan


    • Tom Samodolski
      Tom Samodolski

      @ToastIsToasty AJ more

    • Dennis Wijker
      Dennis Wijker

      I'm still pretty new to MC, and having seen some... interesting redstone contraptions (like flying machines that drop TNT, or walking robots) this thing takes the ABSOLUTE CAKE. My mind can literally not understand how you got this to work 0.0 MIND FULLY BLOWN. Also it looks cool. so... props.

  • Jordan Little
    Jordan Little

    I love how Mumbo complimented Grian's night sky, when Grian took the suggestion from Mumbo's comments section

    • Jordan Little
      Jordan Little

      @Teertha Vyas oops

    • Teertha Vyas
      Teertha Vyas


  • Hyper Malware
    Hyper Malware

    The moment Mumbo does officially kill anything, he will just go on a killing spree

    • Garrett Carr
      Garrett Carr

      Yeah lol...

    • Saikrishnan Fun World
      Saikrishnan Fun World

      @JeremyParker kinda it’s supposed to be peace love and plants but he found ways to get around with end crystals boom boom

    • Error Glitchsteam
      Error Glitchsteam

      @I like Portal 2 Indeed he did. I can't believe I watched insanity grow before my very eyes

    • I like Portal 2
      I like Portal 2

      @Error Glitchsteam he- he did


      Omg ends up he did not

  • Calvin Stepp
    Calvin Stepp

    The space In-between Grian's and Mumbo's base should be an arch with a river/lake where a ship is docked

    • Psyche

      I was thinking of one of those really ancient Egyptian ships for some reason?

    • aiimen

      Yes oml such a good idea

    • Nerveus


    • Purrpy


    • Eric Praline
      Eric Praline

      Good idea

  • OopstheTurkey

    Imagine Mumbo goes from being the peace love and plants guy to being Mumbo the Murderer in the next season.

    • squiffy_student

      Jason Jumbo? Mumbo Vorheese?

    • Steinimc_Twitch

      hes just a vegan

    • TF Ayush Mc
      TF Ayush Mc

      @Michael Cherokee the longest was s6 18 months

    • Michael Cherokee
      Michael Cherokee

      @TF Ayush Mc The average length of a Hermitcraft season is 1.3 something years. The longest was I believe Season 7 at one year and seven months. This has been going for around four or five months, so, not a chance of it ending any time soon. I for one am thoroughly enjoying it, and am fine with it going on for a good long time more. If you want to see murderer Mumbo, just go watch Last Life.

    • OopstheTurkey

      @Vince Emery lol sorry I typed that fast, thank you for correcting my spelling!

  • akumabito2008

    Round of applause for Zedaph's brewing magic show.

    • RifzzJr

      really magic

    • BarryTheBlue

      Standing ovation

    • IronFist56

      Applause has been rounded

    • Aaron .S
      Aaron .S


    • JoShoe Productions
      JoShoe Productions


  • IAmADolphinYay

    Man, these hermitcraft people upload so much and STILL have time to make the content amazing! Bravo! AND he still has time to bike 100 kilometres in a day! Edit: Wow lots of likes!

    • IAmADolphinYay

      @M N Thank you!

    • M N
      M N

      @IAmADolphinYay you're so sweet lol

    • IAmADolphinYay

      @LaTasca0 I subbed 2 u :)

    • IAmADolphinYay

      @LaTasca0 Thanks!

    • LaTasca0

      I love your name bro

  • Hannah Bowman
    Hannah Bowman

    A dragon would be a cool use of that ceiling space, like a beast guarding the lush cavern of your build :)

  • Alex

    Mumbo: "If I do have one regret-" Ad: "IT'S TOTINOS"

    • John Nimmo
      John Nimmo

      IDK what it was but I got an ad at that exact time too.

    • ShibuNub 犬
      ShibuNub 犬

      Sonic fans get it

    • s4rl3j

      imagine having ads on youtube smh

    • Kraken9D5 Unknown
      Kraken9D5 Unknown

      I didn't get an add

    • Orcus_ØP

      Got the Pokemon Unite ad

  • Kai

    I think the Hanging Gardens of Babylon would be a great aesthetic to take inspiration from. Looks really cool!

  • Sincognito

    Mumbo: Me and Grian came up with the idea independently of each other. Grian: Yeah, I took this idea from Mumbo's comments. *edit: it was taken from Mumbo's Reddit, please forgive me, internet

    • Just A v1nce Troll
      Just A v1nce Troll

      @Vasu Cochi Mumbai goes to dubai

    • Vasu Cochi
      Vasu Cochi

      @Leo Horner ah yes Mumbai. My favorite mc RSloftr

    • Signpost

      You are forgiven by the almighty internet

    • Leo Horner
      Leo Horner

      He had the idea before he saw Reddit like Mumbai mentioned they had the same idea grian just stole the method from Reddit

    • Vasu Cochi
      Vasu Cochi

      @Bobert Jefferson mambo riding a lambo

  • mcballs

    "I am blitzed with joy" there you go mumbo, a new expression of satisfaction for your ever decreasing realm of possible positive emotions towards your accomplishment

  • Graham Cutler
    Graham Cutler

    Mumbo, you need to add a balcony around your storage room instead of a wall. On the far side wall, I would either place a grand staircase leading to the balcony, or an aquarium

    • Boomo Uno
      Boomo Uno

      @RGBable Yes my friend, we got the special gunpowder shipment this morning, much bigger explosion now my friend. Also, since you are my friend, you dont have to pay now.

    • RGBable

      @Boomo Uno wait WHAT

    • Boomo Uno
      Boomo Uno

      @RGBable Ok, I will call my friends, mohammad, ali, mustafa. And we will come and blow it up, no worries.

    • RGBable

      blow this up

  • undefinedGalaxy

    Mumbo: why does Grian look so bad with a mustache? Auto-gen captions: Why does it look so horrendous on Korean’s face?

  • Mr. Pigeon
    Mr. Pigeon

    Mumbo: thats the first time i killed anything with an anvil Also mumbo: *Peace love and plants*

  • ManagerOfWar

    Mumbo: Grian and I, Independently, came up with the same idea Grian: I heard this idea on Mumbo's video and I'm stealing it

    • Nguyễn Minh Quang
      Nguyễn Minh Quang

      No, Mumbo thought of the idea of the night sky, then the people on reddit reccomended some ideas, grian saw it and stole it LoL. But if they are having fun together, it's fine.

    • Autumn Schmidt
      Autumn Schmidt

      @NeonOtterPop! 🤣🤣🤣 That's so true

    • ReznoV Vazileski
      ReznoV Vazileski

      @DM602 cReddit where it's due :') I'll show myself out.

    • DM602

      It actually came from a Reddit post

    • Ardithya Shaktivel
      Ardithya Shaktivel

      @NeonOtterPop! 😂😂😂😂 something weiiird is going on

  • Green_ Zip1
    Green_ Zip1

    Love how 60% of minecraft players are like: cant wait for part 2 so we can have new mob generation. Myself cant wait for it cause nothing is more annoying than playing bedrock and not being able to tell where the bloody skeleton spawned from

  • Rowan Lindholm
    Rowan Lindholm

    I wonder if and when Mumbo gets his first kill he’s going to switch into a killing machine

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    I like how mumbo always adds for scale when comparing his character with something massive 😂

  • PuppyCity

    When Grian logged on with the mustache on his face Mumbo should have added a mustache to that Grian face on the wall.


    I was completely expecting for the flying ingredients to just be aesthetic, but then the iron trapdoor caught one, and that was just insane

    • Malokey The All Around
      Malokey The All Around

      @Benji why did I laugh

    • Benji

      This sentence makes literally no sense whatsoever until u get to that part in the video, then it all comes together haha

    • Caleb Wilcox
      Caleb Wilcox


    • Hisyam Hasbi Ahmadinnahar
      Hisyam Hasbi Ahmadinnahar

      Zedaph has always been a master at weird crafts and unique contraption. He has the best green screen time lapse and easy to understand redstone if u want to check out his creative brain! His jokes are actually funny and i love him the most :D i mean i love etho too but still

  • Just A Random Space Enthusiast
    Just A Random Space Enthusiast

    It took me to this episode to realize that the thing carved into the back of Mumbo’s storage room is Grian’s face.

  • Clover Arcondas
    Clover Arcondas

    "me and Grian, independently of one another..." Grian: so someone left a suggestion for mumbo and i stole it

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir

      Mumbo, you need to add a balcony around your storage room instead of a wall. On the far side wall, I would either place a grand staircase leading to the balcony, or an aquari

  • Hazel Joy
    Hazel Joy

    Mumbo, I feel so proud of you for how you've come out of your comfort zone this season and very much developed your skills as a builder. You truly have come a long way in building technique, it's like you're practically a whole new builder this season (in the best possible way!)

  • Roverman

    Mumbo, you literally said, ‘that’s the first time I’ve “killed” something with a anvil’ 😆

  • BritishWeirdo

    I love it when Mumbo casually forgets he's supposed to be a potato and he returns to normal Mumbo for a few moments.

    • Just_Hage

      He randomly switches skins sometimes

    • benfll

      I think he forgot to change his skin back after recording Last Life

    • nom noom
      nom noom

      @SameForYou wat no he was ther before bumbo was born

    • BritishWeirdo

      @SameForYou lol

    • SameForYou

      I never saw you in mumbo jumbos comments lol

  • alpacaofthemountain

    Cheers to Zedaph for that awesome build, love the idea for the interior of the base

  • Agamvir mandair
    Agamvir mandair

    tbh a whole aquarium in the whole level above his chests would look sickkkkkkkk

  • Alisa Purcella
    Alisa Purcella

    The room looks so good! You can make it even more grand by adding a mustache in the back of the room!

  • Galaxy-starheart

    I think vines on the walls would be really awesome! Also that room is so impressive

  • Spencer Polak
    Spencer Polak

    It would be really cool to have a giant plant-like structure hang from the ceiling and come to a point which then merges with your garden in the storage room. Almost like a giant stalactite made of plants

    • Link_R6

      maybe some big roots

    • Margonite

      @Spencer Polak Cool, it's easily remembered: the hanging ones have a 3-letter combination word to remember, inside itself 🙃

    • Unknown1122001

      @FRANCIS KURIAN is it mk kto um my m I’m more more m I’m so m I I’m more mm m

    • Unknown1122001

      @FRANCIS KURIAN is mom Me my man m I’m okie mom my m Mom I’m mom

    • Unknown1122001


  • Kaiden Mumper
    Kaiden Mumper

    Soooo, Mumbo is making a hanging Garden? That's sick, this is giving me ideas. Best of luck!

  • Lee

    for that back wall, how about adding a waterfall? what you've built looks great! but when you were first wondering what to put there, all i could think was 'waterfall,' and maybe it would look neat in front of some of what you built back there. depending on how the air garden gets built, maybe having it spill down from WAY above to even more closely mirror the waterfall outside?

  • ReznoV Vazileski
    ReznoV Vazileski

    Zedaphs brewing build there makes me long back to the good old overengineered useless machine days :')

  • Zenith

    BUILD IDEA: on the second level, you can have the rooms be zoos for animal, e.g pandas and parrots and more, you can also make like a balcony around on that level so you can over see your storage room

  • アレックスAlexander

    When they end this season, they should end it with Mumbo killing everyone off one by one. And those are his only kills for the entire season

    • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
      Rudrodeep Chatterjee

      @DPK every time a dragon is killed, a gateway portal appears. These portals spawn in a ring like formation, generally equidistant from 0,0. That is also a reason why dragon's can only spawn a couple of times.

    • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
      Rudrodeep Chatterjee

      @DPK there is a cap on how many times the dragon can be respawned, as it drops a lot of XP. That is why Ender dragon farms are not a thing. For people saying there are, it is actually resetting the dragon's kill animation making infinite XP.

    • DPK

      @Rudrodeep Chatterjee can't you revive it infinite times and get the achievement for killing the dragon every time if you haven't already?

    • Rudrodeep Chatterjee
      Rudrodeep Chatterjee

      @DPK too late the Ender dragon has been defeated 20 times. I think

    • DPK

      Maybe he should get 'free the end' achievement and 'monster hunter' at the same time😂

  • Drew Vonilten
    Drew Vonilten

    I have a suggestion for those empty squares above your storage walls, you could add some pixel art there and really add to the grandiose feel of the Hall.

  • AWESOMEPingu

    There a potential for a big piston stair in that back wall Mumbo! I dont really know that much about redstone, but could it be possible?

  • chriscreeper85

    It's amazing that you cycle that far, and have energy to make THIS

  • TastyBacon20

    You're positivity about your base makes me want to attempt a big build!

  • RadicalElder

    LOVE seeing Zedaph make an appearance here. As much as I love the stuff you, Grain and the Boatem do together, Zed is one of my favourite hermits and soooooooo funny. Glad to see him hitting the wider audience sometimes. :)

    • mads vigan
      mads vigan

      He is like an easter egg when showing up. Where he is doing something weird, like meeting grian with a diamond on his head. And tfc being big foot he is rarely seen by other hermits

    • Jaydan jm
      Jaydan jm


    • RadicalElder

      @HPSmash77 Dang, the bot got 32 likes, too! 😂Thanks for pointing it out - that's quite the laugh.

    • HPSmash77

      a bot copied your comment dude lol

    • Evan

      Yes! More Zed!

  • Alis

    I think you should build a flush piston feed tape on the back wall, functioning like a clock. i think that'd be pretty cool, maybe even grand

  • Fukasaku

    I'd love to see a custom tree by gem in the middle of that storage room :o

  • Hellp me rech 2k subbs witout any videoos
    Hellp me rech 2k subbs witout any videoos

    I tried to play a realm/server with my friends ages ago, and it was so much fun! We got half the inspiration from HC, and also from The DSMP

  • michelle auch
    michelle auch

    MUMBO! That room looks fantastic!! I think, though, that the wall opposite your giant door should have a waterfall down the center. Mirroring the one outside you just flew through to get in. Maybe have it pool a little at the bottom and make it into some sort of "wishing well" ... you know... red stone stuff! lol

  • Nyah Addicott
    Nyah Addicott

    I feel like with a reverse garden mumbo could do some really cool experiments, like upside down mega trees and such :)

    • Nyah Addicott
      Nyah Addicott

      @Cyprian Perisee-Johns yeah totally! I like how he's experimenting more with using natural world aspects this season :) very cool

    • Orphanzaxe


    • Cyprian Perisee-Johns
      Cyprian Perisee-Johns

      Didn’t he technically do a lush mega base last season? You know, with the ruined temple. I think he is just building off of last season and I absolutely love this!

  • Yanni_X

    Idea for the side opposite of the door: a big elevator to get you to the next floors

  • VL R
    VL R

    The back section could use an aquarium in my eyes, but the entire build is gorgeous!

  • Flames Of Games
    Flames Of Games

    You could add iron golems so that they remove the slimes.

  • Burinir

    Love the build! You could give the upper floor some more life by adding contraptions or art exhibits etc in every square of the wall... Maybe that could look cool. Loved the video, have a great cycling time!

  • Atom Kuehne
    Atom Kuehne

    Zedaph's potion brewing machine is absolutely breath-taking I was NOT prepared for the trapdoor to stop specific items as they flew over

    • Greg Anderson
      Greg Anderson

      I saw the hopper standing by itself and deduced it, but I’m still completely shocked

  • Bluecool97

    That was by far the coolest automatic brewing machine I've ever seen

  • Spiked

    I feel like Mumbos base would be pulled together very well with some large trees mixed in with the houses…only a few but it seems slightly bare!

  • Souper Trooper
    Souper Trooper

    the hall looks great! really liked the texturing you did there. i would suggest that you might have some orange in the ceiling and possibly the walls, and maybe a little green! with your herby ceiling idea, the green will certainly come in and it might be interesting if you added something with glow berries for the more orangeish parts. not quite sure if you want the inside of your base to match the outside greenery or how much greenery you could be adding to the ceiling, my suggestions are suggestions and nothing more! interested to see what redstone you'll be doing next episode, it does certainly feel nice to go back to.... your.... *.......roots,* may I say! have a good one!

  • Zero Salacup
    Zero Salacup

    Hey Mumbo! I really think for the back of your chest room you can design a tree light mural or make a physical tree with lights on it to support your love for plants! Just a suggestion!

  • dn a
    dn a

    funny how mumbo doesn't realize that grian "independently" stole the night sky idea from mumbo's subreddit lmao

    • Bananas Are Blue!
      Bananas Are Blue!

      @S.L.F. ahh i get where you're coming from and eh dont be sorry its finee But to answer your first question, yes and no??? I watched some of xisuma's season 1 then season 6 to now but eh i won't count watching x's season 1, so no But yeah, i can actually tell the difference with how they act in s6(even s7) compared to s8, i assume its because of the mods that they're just trying out for only this season(some might stay in the future tho) since most wanna play with it while still being or trying to be casual and also probably because their viewers are youngsters Also yeah, im still waiting for when xisuma explains how he is basing the currency for derp coins and what it is backed by, seeing his latest vid, he still hasn't said anything but i can tell he's being cautious and he's sharing stuff that he wouldn't normally share since it happens off cam, like how he said that he asked permission to scar if he could pay using derpcoins and how he talked with cub to visit his place, he seemed a bit to wary about what he does, i get him tho, he did receive a lot of backlash Btw i completely agree with you i just want them to be spontaneous but eh, i guess they need to be entertaining for the majority of their viewers, which are kids Hope they go back to doing what they did before tho!

    • S.L.F.

      @Bananas Are Blue! Yeah no you are right, I did not mean the whole season. BUT its FAR from what it was! Did you watch from season 3 and to today as I did? Im sorry but please understand, Im old, and this series reminded me of good ol gaming when we played together just for fun! When it was free and random, to me that randomness was the fun. So the scripting feels really bad. And they try to act like it is not scripted, they somewhere along the timeline became dishonest and fake! To me thats a deal breaker. Thanks for your answer, and Im sorry, I got to be honest. I KNOW they got a talk from Microsoft for one thing.... And it hurts me to know so many youths are being deceived, even if they do a good job at it. But look at how they divide into "gangs" -its not only in game, they are not agreeing! X may be the one who is most honest, he does not hide anything, but he uses his position to even create new blocks and plays cartoon with all this evilX sht. And he is the oldest of hermits... And then there is DocM, he is the one most for mods, as we can kind of see. He creates books that can not work in vanilla and then cartoons from it. Still he really is a genius, but now, who can know where his genius begins... like was it only mods and BS?... i could go on forever..... sry, thanks for reading

    • Bananas Are Blue!
      Bananas Are Blue!

      @S.L.F. you don't just plan a whole season gosh While yes, a bit of what you said is true but not fully Usually when the hermits "randomly" meet up with eachother, they actually have a rendezvous, but pretty sure they wouldnt waste time scripting it. It's planned but not scripted, just like a meeting in boatem

    • Brendan Sherman
      Brendan Sherman

      xD yes!!

    • KarmaStrikesXD

      It lagged into his grain brain

  • Jimmy Hawks
    Jimmy Hawks

    a huge tree or golden statue on the back wall would be amazing. a center piece of some sorts

  • Sterling

    Here's an Idea for the wall: multiple piston elevators that go up, starting with the ones on the outside and moving inward.

  • Ryo Poto
    Ryo Poto

    For someone who know nothing about flying machine, I'm deeply impressed by Mumbo reverse engineering that jet, literally. Like, Grian just suggest something random as usual. Then he just say, yeah, I can. And made jet fly backward... 🔥*WITH A F-ING TORCH!!!*🔥

    • Willem Cahill-Chiaroni
      Willem Cahill-Chiaroni

      All the torch did was update the observer lol

  • ThatGirl5arah

    a giant tree in the middle of the chest room holding up the luscious ceiling would be cool. or maybe the giant tree’s leaves is the ceiling!

  • Duvaughn Weir
    Duvaughn Weir

    mumbo: "Me and grian share the same braincell." mumbo's braincells: *has a good idea* Grian's braincells: 'Write that down! Write that down!"

    • Duvaughn Weir
      Duvaughn Weir

      @Isla Shaykewich It took me a while to comment it because I thought it would just be another comment that barely got 20 likes. I'm glad I could make you laugh.

    • Isla Shaykewich
      Isla Shaykewich

      @Duvaughn Weir Very rarely do I read comments that actually make me laugh out loud, so ty for that.

    • SS9424

      @alexander crook yeah he did but he had the idea of making a night sky but didn't know how so he got the idea for using glass fog trick to make the night sky from reddit

    • alexander crook
      alexander crook

      @SS9424 i thought he found it on reddit aimed at mumbo

    • SS9424

      @Budderguy21 not fully he said he had the idea of night sky but didn't know how to implement it but yeah he technically stole the method lol

  • Seidlitz

    Hey Mumbo! Storage looks amazing ! I really like the orange floor with the pattern. Would it maybe look good to being the orange color into the back wall? :) Either side of the green wood stairs in the middle? Anyway! It looks amazing :)

  • UncleTater

    Love the cycling fundraiser your doing I love it when people do huge things for other people the base looks amazing and I enjoyed the episode have a great day and peace love and plants

  • Vincent Hos
    Vincent Hos

    Awesome vid! Try to change the iron bars to wooden fences of the same green color as the rest :)

  • Ender Kakker
    Ender Kakker

    You’re a maniac! Cycling and still creating quality content! Impressive Mumbo🥔

  • Austin Hill
    Austin Hill

    20:20 Mumbo: "We both independently came up with the same idea!" Grian: "Yeah someone left a comment about Mumbo on Reddit about making a night sky so I stole it lol"

    • o _p0tterhead
      o _p0tterhead

      @kaspz_ I agree. I'm sure both bases will look amazing, though;

    • kaspz_

      I always thought it would suit Mumbo's base better, but looking forward to what it will look like!

    • BloxMan

      Noo that idea was for Mumbo K. Jumbo Grian: haha night sky goes brrrrr

    • LeQuassler_lp


  • Monbo_YT

    Just imagine that the middle of the back wall opens up like a secret door, and leads into a new not so in a corner office

  • Lauren

    I love how mumbo just is building the inside of his bas while he still has the rest of the path to finish on the outside

  • Alexander Wagstaff
    Alexander Wagstaff

    It would be cool if there was a tower on the top of the chair and maybe make a throne room inside of it. Good builds btw

  • Thibault Morin
    Thibault Morin

    Hey mumbo, love the content keep the great job! How about a charged creeper shot for your next business ? We spent a bunch of hours with a friend messing around with the lighting rods it is very funny!

  • EthanSky7

    Suggestion: Maybe add a mini waterfall in the back to add to the garden theme and to also spice up the back a bit!

    • Jack Is Hot
      Jack Is Hot

      Or he could make an circular aquarium with tropical fish in the back wall

    • Dylan Morse
      Dylan Morse

      Yeah that’s a great idea, I was thinking he could fill the blue parts on the sides of the garden with water

    • purpleheart3000

      I was thinking maybe a big tree in an alcove at the back. It would go well with the peace, live, and plants theme, and maybe it could be Treesa's child tree.

    • Greg Anderson
      Greg Anderson

      Yeah, I thought that would be the obvious choice.

    • B

      yeah I had a similar idea but a bubble elevator to go up to whatever hes gonna put on the next level

  • Sunfish

    Suggestion: Make overgrown trees at the top that when u look at from the bottom its like ur in a forest, looking at the night sky, that will be cool!

  • Cohen Graham
    Cohen Graham

    I think it would look so nice to add some white splash on the waterfall to make it look more realistic! Keep up the good work love the project :)

  • Harman Ghuman
    Harman Ghuman

    put a waterfall at the end of the room where the stairs are, and make it flow under the elevated floor, i think it would look sickkk

  • [Insert name here]
    [Insert name here]

    I questioned which season I was in for a second there... I remember this at the brewing machine at the bottom of a cave. Oh, maybe during the base swap, grian got his base?

  • GamerParker123

    Mumbo: “Me and Grian share the same two brain cells” Grian: *Steals Mumbo’s idea from Reddit*

    • a squished bug
      a squished bug

      Sometime early in his mountain build he talked about building a solarium which is what I thought might have trigger3d the suggestion Grian ended up using. Still hope to see the solarium

    • Raphael Ayes
      Raphael Ayes

      I think mumbo had an idea to make the top part of the mountain glass to see the night sky but his fans suggested build the night sky instead so it was still a partial steal

    • JayPlusForerunner

      @Drasticbubble12 Yup. It "lagged"

    • Its Mango
      Its Mango

      @Drasticbubble12 exactly

    • Drasticbubble12

      he didnt steal it, it lagged into his brain

  • Lila.midnight

    Just imagine him having his full itembar full with glow lichen after the store scene 😂😂

  • IanBluethorn

    Mumbo, you should turn that back wall into your office! I think it would fit quite well :)

  • Marcus Wesley
    Marcus Wesley

    Could you make a big tree on top of your mountain and have giant roots coming from the top on the inside, kinda holding up the roof? :D

  • Tanish Prajapati
    Tanish Prajapati

    U should add thorns on your armor, so u can still hit who hit you with break your laws